Camping with my Muscleman Neighbor Pt. 03


The fire light created a nice warm glow inside our tent. It was so romantic, and Clark kept eating my ass like he’d been starving for it. I continued sitting on Clark’s face as his lustful lapping of my tight little asshole increased. I bent over even more into our 69 position so my nose was now touching his big smelly balls. I lightly rubbed it on them as I sniffed, and I couldn’t get enough of their heavy musky stud scent. He hadn’t showered for over three days now and got so sweaty hiking and exercising daily. He had the most manly smell that I’d ever experienced, and his giant cock and big balls were the most powerful of all. It made me so horny.

Clark kept lapping and even kissing and sucking my hole now, and I was on the edge of coming hard. A few more whiffs of his powerful balls would have done it. I pulled away from them just in time because I wanted to be super-horny when he mounted me. That’s when I sat straight up, rotated my ass into his face, and said…

“Please mount me Clark, I want you to really dominate me and open up my ass.”

Clark lifted me off him and I turned around and kissed his lips passionately. He tasted like ass, my ass. I liked how my ass tasted and said…

“Mmmmmmmmm, my girly ass scent tastes and smells so good on your face. You loved it didn’t you Clark?”

“Oh yeah, your ass tastes and smells so sexy.”

“I washed it good earlier today in the spring water, but then it got all sweaty and smelly from our hike and I knew you’d love that.”

“You’re driving me crazy Andy. I am going to stuff you’re tasty ass full of giant cock now, and bust it wide open.”

Clark moved me around easily with his incredible strength. I loved being man-handled like that. He got me on all fours and pushed my head down, which made my back automatically arch, exposing my tight ass for him. I felt so sexy showing him like that. It felt so relaxed and loose from his lips and tongue, and I said…

“Take my little virgin ass and change it forever with your big fat cock.”

Clark used his finger, then his thumb to relax and loosen it Bolu Escort up even further as I moaned and pleaded for giant cock. Then he got into position and I felt the biggest thing ever push up against my little hole. Clark massaged more pre-cum out of his giant cock head and covered my hole with it. I felt so slippery and he simultaneously kept pushing, little by little, with more force. I whimpered and knew he was close to penetrating because my asshole was loosening on its own, almost like it wanted to be blown open by a big cock.

Then I felt and heard an audible pop and his enormous cock head entered me. I screamed and buried my head into the sleeping bag. Clark reached over and quickly grabbed the little black bikini shorts he’d been wearing during most of the hikes and exercising. He placed it on the sleeping bag under my face. I rested my head on it and the strong smell of big sweaty cock excited me and made me seek more penetration. I regained my arch, signaling to Clark that I was willing to try and take more cock. I felt Clark carefully apply more pressure to my stretched out asshole. The pre-cum did its job and he started stuffing more cock into it.

It was so painful, but I kept my arch in place and gave my ass to Clark. He grabbed my hips and pulling my ass back into him, he pushed even more cock into me. He started pulling out and then back in, going deeper and deeper. But there was so much more to go as I only felt four to six inches of his big thick cock inside me…

“That’s it Andy, that’s it. You are taking big cock now, you really are. I’m pumping more and more cock into you.”

After struggling so hard it finally felt like almost all of his giant 12 inch cock was inside menow. He grabbed my hips harder and wanted it all. I put my life in his hands and kept trying to take it. I almost passed out a few times but hung tough for Clark. He was grunting loudly now, and said…

“Oh my god, look at it. It’s so stretched out and it’s getting all red and swollen. Now I’m gonna bury my giant cock into you fully, and pump like you Bolu Escort Bayan won’t believe.”

I couldn’t say a word and I was loosing touch with reality. I could feel full on pumping now, long 12-inch strokes of giant cock, filling me and then retreating, only to forcibly fill me with cock again, over and over.

At that point I transitioned into more pleasure than pain, and Clark could tell because I began to time his pumps and push back into him as he pumped big cock into me. We coordinated our movements and then I started really moaning and whimpering, and Clark said….

“I love hearing that. You see, now you’re really all mine.”

“I love you so much Clark. I am all yours. Now finish the job and open me forever.”

Encouraged, Clark started powerful pumping and his massive balls slapped up against me, and he spread my legs out more so his massive balls could swing between them and ram into my little testicles. Sometimes the impact hurt, but I loved it nonetheless. I was getting so turned on that I asked Clark…

“Before you breed me can I taste your giant cock now? I want to taste my ass on it, like I tasted ass on your lips and face earlier.”

Clark pulled out, leaving me completely gapping, and on his knees came around towards my head showing off his slick and wet looking giant cock. I went to work on it, licking my ass juices and whimpering. Clark was fighting not to cum from my slutty behavior. I loved tasting my ass like that. The only reason Clark pulled me off his cock was because he wanted to pump my ass wide open again and fill it with sperm. He went back into position and re-mounted me, inserting giant cock into my ass again. I loved it filling me back up, and Clark said…

“Andy, I want you to cum too, and I’m gonna pump you til you do, but don’t use your hand, I want you to cum from my giant cock blowing out your ass.”

“Oh Clark, I want to cum from my ass too, just keep pumping it, and I know I will.”

Clark got into a rhythmic pumping, methodically drilling me out. It didn’t take long before I Escort Bolu started entering my super lustful and nasty state of mind. I felt my asshole swell and it was wonderful. It was as though nerve endings were activated because of something so monstrous pumping it over and over again. I heard Clark say…

“Oh yeah, it’s coming alive now and I’ve changed it forever. Now let yourself go and embrace my giant cock.”

Two massive pumps later I came hard and spurted on the sleeping bag. My sphincter fluttered and clamped down, pulsing on Clark’s giant cock. It was all too much for Clark, and he buried everything he had into my ass and flooded me with his potent sperm. I could actually feel myself filling up with rope after rope of wad. I blurted out…

“Breed me Clark, I love you so much!”

Clark was still unloading and I patiently took more and more ropes. It was his longest orgasm by far. Afterwards, we both basically collapsed on the sleeping bag and I ended up resting on his big smelly muscle body, my head returned to his hairy stud chest. I glanced down and his giant cock was still twitching and leaking wad. It even flopped around several times up against me. The big head was right underneath my chin as my head rested on his manly chest. But now his cock smelled different, a combination of ass, and giant cock. Clark sighed and hugged me tight, saying…

“Andy, I can’t believe it. You took so much fucking cock.”

My ass felt wreaked and I reached down to assess the damage. My fingers felt the very large opening that used to be so very small and tight. It was all blown out, so swollen and contorted. I knew sacrifice was necessary if I was to continue to take on Clark’s giant cock and giving him what he desperately needed. Clark checked it out too and with an element of pride in his voice, he said…

“Oh fuck, I sure blew your ass up, it will never be the same. I’m gonna keep working on it though, keep pounding it into total submission.”

“Yes Clark, I want you to keep doing that.”

As we hugged tenderly we both understood that everything would be different from here on out. Clark was going to be fucking me with giant cock all the time now. I wanted that ore than I imagined. My ass was my new sex organ that would facilitate all my orgasms. Then Clark whispered…

“I love you Andy, I really do.”

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