Cindy: My Partner’s Wife Pt. 02


I had just finished my most recent ‘date’ with my law enforcement partner’s wife. We had more been fucking for several months. It had been one of the best, if not the best, sexual experiences of my life. Just saying it straight out, Cindy was the fuck of a lifetime.

After spending the first night with Cindy, I was anxious to see how her husband would act while we were on duty. When I saw him he thanked me for “taking care of Cindy” while he was working.

“Joe, I have to ask, were you watching us the whole time?”

“Yes, I was. I’m glad you two hit it off so well. She told me she enjoyed you.”

I was a little shocked, but also relieved that nothing seemed to have changed with my partner. That is, except for the fact I spent the night with her in his bed. This was a clear signal that I had his permission to keep bedding his wife.

I called Cindy a few days later.

“Hi, may I speak to the woman that makes me hard just thinking about her?”

“Speaking. Do I really turn you on? Do you want to fuck more?”

“Absolutely, but I have a question that I haven’t wanted to ask Joe. I know he likes to watch, but do you think he’ll be okay if I want you more than occasionally?”

“Yes, I think so, but if we have sex, he’ll want to see it happen. If we’re at your place maybe we could stream it using my phone. Worst case, you’ll have to fuck me in my house.”

We quickly planned to go out, with my partner, her husband’s, permission. Our alternative would be as before, we would hookup at her house. But I knew we wanted actual ‘alone time’ away from him watching.

The next day, right after our patrol meeting, Joe Afyon Escort and I were walking in to our squad car.

“I’ll cut to the chase before we start work, Cindy told me you two want to go out on a date. I’m okay with that, but thats not the norm, okay? If you’re going to romp, keep it at our house, I’ll make sure the kids are gone and we’re all happy.”

I was actually shocked at how normal my open affair with his wife Cindy was going. He was content to let me fuck his wife as long as it happened in his house on the bed they shared. It was crazy, but I wanted to spend time with Cindy, so who was I to complain? Other than this strange situation, nothing changed in our working relationship or our friendship.

We had a break in our routine that day, Joe had to testify in traffic court, and I took a half day of vacation, so I called Cindy.

“Let’s plan on dinner Saturday night. I’llpick you up at 7:00 p.m and go to a club for a while, then we can go to your house.”

“That sounds good, I’ll let Joe know tonight and make arrangements. How do you want me to dress?”

“Your choice, I’ll have slacks and a jacket. Just leave your panty or thong at home.”

“I know just what to pick, but just so you know, I wasn’t planning to wear panties…and, I hope you don’t mind, but I’m going to shave my pussy,”

The thought of sucking on her bald cunt immediately made me grow a rock hard dick.

“Are you home right now?”

“Yes, and the kids won’t be home for a few hours. Can you come and fuck me? Now?”

“I’m on my way, leave your garage door open.”

Twenty minutes later I pulled into her Afyon Escort Bayan garage. As entered her house I found her sitting on her living room couch wearing a pair of her signature heels, a black thong and black bra.

“You’re late. Bring yourself over here so I can suck your cock.”

I needed no more prompting, as I walked towards her I unbuckled belt, unbutton my jeans and pulled out my cock. Cindy took over by grasping by engorged penis and licking the head like a Tootsie Pop. She licked my entire length and then started sucking.

I wanted to enter her, love her, fuck her. I wanted to pump my cum inside her steamy pussy, but she didn’t stop sucking me. I wanted to pull out of her mouth and spread her legs apart and fuck her, but she didn’t stop sucking me.

So I did what any man would do with a beautiful woman, on her knees, naked, wearing black lingerie, sucking the life out of his dick. I started face-fucking Cindy. I grasped a handful of her hair and almost violently pushed and pulled my cock in and out of her beautiful mouth.

I exploded and my cum filled her mouth. As I shot my streams, she struggled to drink me all down, but she did. She continued to suck me, although more gently, keeping me semi hard.

Suddenly she stopped and asked, “Do you like sex with a pregnant woman?”

“Absolutely, do you have a friend that needs my help?”

“Maybe that’s me, I’m late. And I think you’re the one that got me pregnant.”

I can’t say I was exactly shocked, but I wrongly assumed she was using birth control.

“Does your husband know?”

“No, not yet.”

“Are the cameras Escort Afyon still taping everything we do?”

“Yes, he’d rather watch you fucking me than do it himself.”

The whole time we were talking Cindy had held onto my resurgent cock and I was hard again. I couldn’t get enough of her love-making. I walked her to her bedroom, after shedding my clothes and, as she laid on her back, spread her legs and returned the favor she had provided giving me her world class blowjob by focusing on eating her cunt.

As promised she had shaved her pussy bald and it glistened from the moisture oozing from her. Her black thong was no obstacle as I pushed my tongue as deep as I could inside of her. She moaned and I felt her hands pull my head into her. She was now humping her crotch against my face as a mighty orgasm hit her.

“Stop, stop! I need your cock inside of me! Fuck me, fuck my pussy!” Cindy ordered.

I immediately stood and pointed my hard cock at the entrance of her sopping cunt and slowly jammed myself into her until I had my presumed baby making dick buried jn her.

“Fuck me baby, load your baby sperm inside me. Fuck me!!! Oh god you feel so hard and good…Honey?” she cried out to a camera, “Are you watching your partner fuck me? Do like watching as much as I love fucking him?”

Her talk only made me work harder and as I fucked Cindy I knew I wanted to fuck her with a pregnant belly.”

I felt the vibrations that came just before Cindy would orgasm and that triggered my cumming. We both exploded in our climax almost simultaneously and I felt her kegels sucking my sperm into her body. If she wasn’t pregnant it wasn’t for the lack of trying.

We collapsed in a sweat and I kissed her as I slowly shrank inside of her.

“I want to have your baby, will you promise to fuck me even when my belly is big and round?”

“I will, I love pregnancy sex.”

[To Be Continued…]

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