College Jock Sneaks Through Window


Avery — 19

Jake — 21

This story was inspired by a porn scene I liked.

The breath of the night air over Jake’s swollen body felt invigorating. College friends cheered and hollered from the street as Jake and his fellow football teammates walked down the sidewalk with a jaunt.

“We were so close to flubbing that game!” Andrew said.

“Nah, impossible,” Rex said. “Can’t lose when Jake isn’t sitting on the bench.” He jabbed Jake in the arm. Pain surged through his muscles, but Jake wouldn’t show that on his face.

Andrew stepped in front of them and walked backward, letting the moonlight shine off his teeth. “Well, get some rest, boys. Training bright and early to get ready for the Cornwall game.”

The three of them went their separate ways, with Jake making his way down a dirt walkway and into the college apartments. Jake barely heard a sound except for the distant hooting from the fans–which he was surprised he could make out given his hearing aid wasn’t turned up all the way.

He made his usual way through the bushes across from the Apartment B building, which was always the fastest. But doing this always felt a little awkward because that pushed him close to the first-floor windows. Not that anyone ever left their blinds open.

At least not until this night.

Jake caught a glimpse of a college boy leaving his bedroom. He looked shirtless, but Jake couldn’t tell because of how blindingly bright the lights were. The college skimped on good water heaters in the apartments, but not a dime was missed for those lights.

Jake almost focused back on his way home when the boy reentered his bedroom. He wasn’t only shirtless but stripped down to his blue underwear. The kind that looked made of silky-like texture, and a pocket for his bulge to sit in. The boy flicked his lights off, making it easier for Jake to peer through the blinds.

This was stupid and wrong on so many levels, but he couldn’t look away. He knew that boy from his introduction to Psychology. He was a sophomore… what was his name? Jake could hardly focus on those unimportant details, but then it hit him. Avery. He was an average-height boy, with a tight body and amateurish muscles. The kind of guys Jake would see trying out for high school football and barely making the cut.

Avery ran his hands through his brown hair and crawled into bed. He reached for some headphones in his drawer and plugged them into his phone and plopped the earbuds in.

The younger boy draped his right arm over his eyes and laid still with his legs spread apart. Jake swore he saw his pocketed bulge bounce. He must’ve been fantasizing. Probably about another boy. It wasn’t hard for Jake to sniff out the closeted guys, especially since he was one of them.

The bulge jumped again.

Avery never touched himself. He just lay there.

Jake felt his crouch swell in his gym shorts. His body was still burning from the adrenaline of the game that night, and even though the breeze blew cold that night, he found himself sweating.

Jake told himself to just turn around. But he couldn’t. His mind commanded his eyes to watch.

And then it happened. Jake found himself reaching for the window and gently sliding it open. What was he thinking? Not only could he get in trouble for this, but if Avery saw him and told others about it, he’d be so dead.

It didn’t matter.

He crawled inside, not making a noise.

Jake was now standing in the boy’s room. Standing in Avery’s room! He just watched as Avery moved his hips ever so slightly, pushing his cock against his silky underwear. Without thinking, Jake reached down and pulled his shirt off.

An electric beat bubbled in Avery’s ears, sending him into a floaty trance. Sound of Walking Away by Illenium. It was Mersin Escort Avery’s habit to listen to this song before bed. Something about it just sent him.

He had a sudden urge to slip his body under the covers and warm up, but then the music hit the chorus and distracted Avery from the new chill. Then, just as the song was about to hit the euphoric bridge, he felt his bed cave, as if his legs turned to lead.

Avery pulled his arm back from his eyes and opened them.

His eyes bugged. Avery slid up in his bed and yanked the earbuds out. “Who are–what–“

His heart pounded in his chest. Was this intruder trying to rob him, or worse, cause him harm?

The mysterious person was in his bed and on all fours. He looked up and pressed a finger to his lips as if to politely quiet Avery. Which was stupid. With one loud shout, Avery could wake up his roommate across the hall and get help. But something about this boy’s face felt familiar to Avery.

The boy’s blond hair fell to one side over his forehead, tight around the sides and back, and his eyes flickered green from the moonlight sneaking through the open window. His skin looked tough over his muscles like a baseball.

Then it hit Avery–this was Jake, one of the football players for his school. What the hell was going on?

Jake pulled his finger away from his lips and placed his hand over Avery’s ankle. It was like a powerline fell out of the sky and landed on his foot. The touch was enough to take Avery to where the song was about to.

Jake ran his fingers up Avery’s shin, his nails scratching through Avery’s light leg hair.

“W-what are you doing?” Avery asked his classmate.

“I saw you through the window.” Jake stopped before reaching past his knee. Feelings of disappointment and fear swelled into a smoothie of confusion. “It was hot watching you jive to music in here. And, well, after a big game, it’s hard not to focus on…”

Avery followed Jake’s glance down at his crotch bulging in his underwear.

Avery shook his head. “No–no way.” What was wrong with this guy? He just walked up to his window and crawled in and thought that was okay? Plus… “I’ve never done this before.”

Jake cocked his head, his eyes shined with either confusion or excitement by what Avery just said. “With a guy?” He swirled his fingers around Avery’s shin, making Avery melt.

Avery shook his head. “With no one.”

With both hands, Jake squeezed Avery’s legs and slid them up, past the knees, and stopped at his thighs before the bottom of his underwear. Avery’s mouth was agape and he let out a breath that felt like he held in since seeing the intruder. His body slipped, and Avery found his head back on the pillowing–leaning up just enough to watch the boy.

Jake wrapped his arms around Avery’s left leg and hugged it. It was just then that Avery noticed how huge Jake’s muscles were. His blond-haired arms flexed, and his torso enlarged. It was all Avery could do not to pass out from how sexy Jake was.

The green eyes disappeared from the light as the boy lowered his head down to Avery’s leg. Avery felt something soft and wet run up his leg. It swiveled along the backside of his knee, the skin sensitive. The silky tongue traveled up Avery’s thigh, where Jake took residence. He pushed his lips into the thigh and nibbled. Avery wanted to scream but didn’t. It felt so good. He’d never felt something like that before–something only in his dreams.

Avery’s body quivered just thinking about what Jake would do next. And it wouldn’t take long to find out.

Jake detached from his leg and slowly moved his head up Avery’s legs and over his crotch. He flew over it and crawled closer to Avery’s face. They stared at each other for what felt like an eternity, and just when Avery Mersin Escort Bayan thought the football player would kiss him, his lips lowered down onto Avery’s collarbone. Jake kissed it and moved down to his erect nipples.

His warm mouth sucked on Avery’s nipples, flicking his tongue over them, and lightly nibbling. Avery read about some boys having sensitive nipples, but he always thought that was overexaggerating. But it wasn’t. Chills prickled all over Avery’s body from the sensation. He’d be lying if he said it didn’t feel as good as an orgasm.

But Jake didn’t linger long. He disappeared back down to his underwear. Jake’s hands ran over his silky underwear, being sure to slide his fingers around the bulge but never touching it.

Jake glanced up at Avery as if looking for approval. It didn’t take much for Jake to find it and pull Avery’s underwear down his legs.

And there he was. Lying in bed, completely naked from head to toe, with an impossibly beautiful boy mere inches away from his cock. Only, his cock laid flat over his balls.

Avery winced. He was so nervous. So embarrassed. He’d dreamed of a night like this, but when the time finally came, his body refused to cooperate.

Somehow, it didn’t phase Jake. He smiled, and his face beat red with lust just staring at Avery. “Don’t worry,” he said. “After tonight, you’ll be so hard that you’ll be begging me to finish you.”

Avery’s heart pounded twice as hard. His thoughts went from his flaccid cock to the boy’s soft face.

Jake licked his lips for effect and lowed his head. He first pressed his face into the side of Avery’s crotch. He forcibly drew his tongue along Avery’s taint and up. Avery felt his dick head rest against the boy’s cheek. It was such a surreal sight.

Then Jake flicked his tongue over Avery’s balls. That sent Avery over. His head fell back at the sensation. He felt Jake’s tongue dance over his balls, a feeling Avery couldn’t imagine in his wildest dreams. But it was useless. Avery kept glancing at his cock against Jake’s nose. He hadn’t grown an inch, no matter how he willed it. Avery just wanted everything to go away.

And then it happened.

Without warning, Avery felt intense heat swirl over his cock. It was wet and soft. It was the most amazing feeling in the world. He looked down and saw Jake with his cocking in his mouth. His cock in Jake’s mouth!

Jake sucked hard and Avery’s cock popped out like a lollipop, this time a little bigger. Jake didn’t stop. He went back in and engulfed Avery’s dick in his mouth.

It was sublime. Avery felt his dick grow bigger and bigger inside this boy’s mouth until Jake could barely fit it inside. He gripped Avery’s rod and swirled his lips around the head, sending Avery over the edge.

“Oh, God,” Avery sighed.

Jake stopped for a second and pressed his tongue against the tip of Avery’s dick and pulled his tongue back. A white string stretched off like a delicious web.

“I don’t know how much longer I can hold,” Avery said.

Like a curse, Jake’s lips left his cock. Was he done? Did Avery do something wrong? That loss of body warmth was more upsetting than losing any sexual encounter.

Jake crawled back and then stood on Avery’s bed, looming over Avery like an Adonis. He slipped off his shorts and underwear, revealing a massive cock, even longer than Avery’s. His balls dangled from above, begging to be slobbered on.

“Do you have any lube?” Jake asked.

Avery nodded and reached for the tube in his drawer and held it up. Jake grabbed it and twisted the top off, staring into Avery’s eyes.

He drizzled some on his dick and grabbed hold. That familiar sound of skin slapping up and down a shaft was more sensuous to hear on someone else. Jake stroked his dick and Escort Mersin stared at Avery. His fingers slipped up and over his head, and he traced around the mushroom and back down his dick.

Avery had seen this in porn a million times. The jock would lube his dick before forcing it inside the twink’s ass–the twink, in this case, being Avery. Just that image terrified Avery more than excited him. Would it hurt too much to enjoy?

But then Jake turned the lube bottle over in his hand and squeezed it. A tiny stream of glossy liquid fell from above and splashed against Avery’s throbbing cock. Jake didn’t stop. He kept squeezing, coating every inch of Avery’s cock and balls. By the end, Avery would have to throw the sheets away.


Jake shook his head. “Don’t get me wrong.” Jake licked his lips again, still squeezing and stroking his shaft. “What I first saw you in class, I knew I wanted to nestle my cock inside of your ass and feel you all over me. But now that I’ve seen this bulge of yours, there’s something else I want.”

Jake tossed the bottle over the side of the bed–either because he was tired of squeezing it or had finally run out of lube, with the latter being more likely. He walked forward on the bed, his huge balls swinging closer to me.

He lowered his body, folding his legs back and resting his knees on the bed. He used his hands to scoop up the excessive amounts of lube and rubbed it up and down Avery’s body, making sure to tease his nipples.

Jake leaned forward, pressing his chest against Avery’s. He rocked up and down, sliding their bodies together. Jake stretched his neck out and grabbed hold of Avery’s ear with his teeth. Nibbling and sucking, his hard body against Avery’s was too much. Avery then noticed the hearing device wrapped around Jake’s ear, which he hadn’t noticed before.

Avery didn’t have a chance to acknowledge it. He felt his slippery cock fling back and then slap Jake in the ass. Jake didn’t stop. He rocked back some more, grinding his silky ass cheeks against Avery’s head. He reached back and spread his cheeks apart, letting Avery’s cock move inside. Jake gyrated his hips, jerking off Avery’s dick with his ass cheeks.

“Holy fuck!” Avery screamed, nothing being one to curse. His dick was so hard, and so greased over that he didn’t know if what he felt was lube or precum.

Jake leaned forward and kissed Avery’s ear. “Are you ready?” he whispered.

Avery didn’t answer. And he knew Jake didn’t care what answer he got. Jake lurched forward and then pushed his ass back down. Avery felt the opening of a hole fight to stay closed but ultimately opened it to let his dick snake inside.

“Jake,” was all Avery could say. His face burned like a furnace.

Jake rode Avery. Moving up and down, Avery watched as his cock push inside and out of this jock’s ass. It felt like Jake had a million muscle arms hugging his dick and not letting go until it sucked out every ounce of precum.

His ass slapped Avery’s legs with each drop. The boy moaned and breathed heavily. He pushed his hands down on Avery’s tight pecs and bounced that ass.

Avery was so close. He was close the moment Jake crawled into his bed.

Jake sat up and then leaned back some. This new position was a whole new world. He felt new pressure squeezing around his cock. Jake reached for his own dick and pumped fast and hard. “I can’t hold it!” Jake said. “You feel so good inside of me, Avery.”

Jake let out one last massive moan, and his dick exploded, cum drenching Avery’s chest. The sudden heat from Jake’s load and his rectum tightening from the orgasm was just what Avery needed. He felt his dick spasm and unleash inside Jake’s ass. His dick throbbed as another rope of white-hot liquid filled the boy inside.

Jake fell back down onto Avery, both desperately trying to catch their breaths. Avery reached up for Jake’s earpiece and slipped it off. Avery then leaned forward and stuck the boy’s earlobe in his mouth and nibbled and kissed it. Jake sighed, his body deflating like a balloon and melting into Avery.

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