“Crete” – Chapter 2:- “Anklet”


The door opened and there stood a fairly tall lady with glasses, her black hair cut into a pixie bob. I didn’t know why, but in my mind, I expected someone quite different as the lady in front of us was attractive… and feminine.“Hello Clare, I am Paula… Brenda’s Personal Assistant, we have both been expecting you… Please come in.” Paula spoke as if she was going to start to recite a monologue, but also with a whiff of a foreign accent, one which I could not place.But… there was one thing for sure. Paula put out that vibe that she was one hundred per cent a lesbian, not that I had any experience with lesbians or what they should look like. The only ones I had knowingly ever met were my older second cousin and her partner.We all stepped through the front door and as we did so, I had a chance to take in Paula; she was slim, small-chested and maybe in her mid-thirties. She was also dressed efficiently in a smart top and trousers. It was the sort of thing you might wear to the office.“You must be David and Sarah,” Paula remarked as she shook both our hands. “Please, will you all follow me?”Paula’s greeting had been a little more formal than I expected and made me wonder if she was currently working rather than this being a casual get-to-know-you meeting.We walk down a mirrored corridor, leaving our jackets in a cloakroom on our right; it was as large as my bedroom back home.With me at the rear, we walked through a grey, extra-wide door at the end of the corridor into a very large open room as previously described to me by Clare, but Sarah had little idea as to what to expect. She only knew the room was large and extravagant, but little more.When the door opened, Sarah was not expecting the sight that lay before us and, though better prepared; neither was I.“Wow!” Sarah exclaimed. It was the same word that Clare had used when she first walked into Brenda’s home. I have to admit, even with the luxury of being forewarned by Clare; I was not far behind Sarah… Author’s Note: – “Bonding – Chapter 6 for full apartment description.”Wow, was the best word to describe what we were seeing. I had never seen a lounge area so large, and that included commercial venues. I glanced at the ornate sunken settees; then the unmanned bar, complete with beer pumps and optics before my eyes came to rest on someone more important.    Standing in the middle of the room was a tall, fairly big-framed lady with chin-length, dark coppery brown hair. She wore a loose blue tee shirt with the French City Nice written on it, in clear, glitzy gold letters. On her bottom half, she wore dark blue baggy denim jeans.  It could only be one person … Brenda.“Darlings,” she said with her hands outstretched… “Welcome to my humble abode.”It was all very overdramatic. Her abode was anything but humble, but I couldn’t help smiling, before walking over to her and shaking her hand and then giving her two slightly over-the-top air Bodrum Escort kisses.“And you must be the lovely Sarah,” Brenda announced, turning towards her and then giving Sarah two air kisses and then a firm hug before stepping back. Brenda was playing to the crowd, all four of us, but whatever the crowd size, it didn’t matter… she had my and everyone else’s full attention.I had only just met Brenda, but I had already realised she was very… unique.“Sarah, you’re absolutely fucking gorgeous. You must model for me, give us a twirl.”Sarah blushed, but smiled. Then slowly did as requested, her yellow summer dress lifting, giving us all a brief glimpse of her long legs and upper thighs. It was enough to make my cock stir.It was only then, with that movement that I realised that the loose showy dress, lack of bra and the increased amount of make-up she was wearing today were not all done for my benefit. Sarah had wanted to model, too.It was an action which made me realise once again how much Sarah had changed since Majorca and the arrival of Clare. I smiled at Sarah and she instantly knew that I had just got it, as she grinned back at me.Sarah had always been hoping to join Clare in her nude modelling shoot; that is why she had been nervous in the car. I knew it wouldn’t have taken much persuasion from Brenda to model with Clare; after all, a private top-shelf magazine photoshoot was very high on Sarah’s sexual fantasy list.  With Sarah’s twirl now finished and her wide smile enough of an agreement to say she was very keen to model for her… Brenda’s attention was drawn back to Clare, her potential new girlfriend.“My dear, you look fucking lovely. Come here,” Clare and Brenda air-kissed before they pecked each other fully on the lips. It was an action that I was fully expecting, but watching them kiss felt different to me than watching Sarah and Clare kiss. This was more serious, and it reminded me that they were not just friends; they were also potentially long-term lovers.Brenda then addressed us all; she had controlled the room ever since our arrival.“It’s good to meet you, David and the lovely Sarah.” Brenda smiled, her eyes temporarily captured by Sarah’s beauty and maybe her breasts that lay tantalising, behind the almost translucent material of the yellow dress.“I want to hear all about both of you as I show you around my home. You met the exquisite Paula,” our eyes turned in her direction. “She will take Clare away and prepare her for our first private photo shoot and I stress private. These photos will never leave my studio without your written agreement.”I looked over to Clare. She looked worried, and it was something which Brenda picked up on.“Do not worry, my dear… We are all going to be naked when you go in front of the camera for the first time.” Brenda grinned as she looked at Sarah and me. “It would not be fucking fair to do anything else.”That surprised Bodrum Escort Bayan me, and I looked at Sarah. She was smiling and did not seem to be at all worried about being naked in front of two lesbians whom she had only just met.But I gulped quietly…All I hoped for was that all the girls did not mind seeing a man with a seven-and-a-half-inch erection! ***** Brenda had shown us the party area, the wet area, the chill-out zone and the coloured bedrooms. It was exactly as Clare had described. Actually, it was even better than what I expected. All the time Brenda was doing the talking, showing off her extraordinary home, and it was certainly impressive, but if I had to use one word to describe it, I would say… “Remarkable.”The whole place seemed to reflect Brenda. It was over the top, and I should cheekily add, Brenda’s humble abode could easily be used as a villain’s lair in any James Bond film, but one thing was for sure, Brenda loved showing her home off.  In her bedroom, she stopped talking to let us take in her collection. There were seventeen full-size, black-and-white photos of completely nude ladies that surrounded us. They covered more than three-quarters of the room’s walls. I noticed that the first photo showed a much younger Paula and, like all the girls in the photos, she was completely nude, facing forward, and her pussy was completely shaved. I knew it was one of Brenda’s official girlfriend rules, the shaven look. It was a look a preferred too.Brenda must have observed me looking.“Paula was my first girlfriend. She was nineteen when we got together and we were a couple for three years, which is the longest time I ever had a girlfriend. Even today when we are away working, we sometimes fuck.”Brenda sighed.“My problem is that I get bored. I need a change, a new younger girl,” Brenda, then pointed to the other girls on the wall before continuing…“These are my girls, all seventeen of them, and they are my family. Most of them were only with me for six months to a year, as I never look for long-term, emotional relationships. It is only the physical side that appeals to me.” Brenda then looked at us and took a step closer. “Yes, I like to fuck young girls with my piece.”She took my hand and placed it between her thighs and I felt her large plastic cock strapped to her left thigh. I pulled Sarah’s hand, and she felt it too, before blushing and quickly taking her hand away.I did not know what to say to Brenda about her piece, but the boy in me could not help thinking… When was the last time a man had touched her between the legs? I knew that it was wrong to think like that, but I couldn’t help it as a brief grin sneaked across my face.“David, what… has Clare… told you about me?” Brenda uncharacteristically stuttered. It felt like she was going to ask me something important, then changed her mind mid-sentence and went with a different question. Escort Bodrum I wanted to know what it might have been, though I chose to answer Brenda’s question.I went on to tell Brenda what I knew about her. Most of which, I assumed, was new to Sarah, who was standing by my side, her arm wrapped around me, holding me close.After I finished talking about Brenda, I went on to tell her everything that was not too personal about Sarah, Clare, and me. It took me a good ten minutes to complete our full (ish) history together. I had kept out about Sarah and Clare playing with each other in the car. Sarah would have to mention that as well as the other, more private stuff, including everything about Jerry.  Once I had finished, I asked Sarah, “Is there anything I missed out or that you want to say?”Sarah looked at me and squeezed me, her arm still around my waist. I believed the main reason she remained quiet so far was that she was still a little apprehensive of Brenda. I understood that feeling. After all, Brenda was a person who had an aura around them. She would always dominate a room just by her powerful personality, and I could see why she was special to Clare.To my surprise, it was at that moment Sarah found her voice…“I like Clare, believe it or not. If you had asked me that a month ago you would have got a different answer, but Clare is now my friend and, I know, also a rival for David’s attention.”Sarah paused; she was choosing her words carefully.“As David just said, I was the original girlfriend and yes, I could have left him when Clare arrived. But I have chosen to stay, because I love him and because I am happy, even if he now has two girlfriends.”Sarah looked at me, “Though there is one condition I have made, and this is very important to me.”She stopped speaking and turned to Brenda, I now knew exactly what she was going to mention.“My condition is my family must never know about Clare. They must think that she is just a friend and I am David’s girlfriend. His only girlfriend. That is all I have ever asked for and nothing more.”Sarah and I smiled at each other, and then we both looked at Brenda. It looked as if she was going to say something important. I just felt it and I was sure Sarah felt it, too.“Sarah, do you also like girls? I have that feeling…” Brenda left her question hanging as we both looked at Sarah. Her face was now red from a blush.“I prefer men, Brenda, but… you know… I am still young, and I do admit to being curious… Both David and Clare know that!”Sarah paused and then softly said, “Can we leave it at… that I may be bi-curious?”Brenda smiled but did not press as she let Sarah’s question wash by her as there was something important she wanted to say. I was sure it was the question that we had felt she was going to originally ask. The fact she had hesitated showed us that Brenda was also nervous and, more importantly, she cared about Clare.  “David, Sarah, I want to ask Clare to be my girlfriend and, as you both know, I have no problem sharing her with you both. My dear, the truth is I very much prefer sharing my girlfriends, but I have rules which I guess you know about.” … Author’s Note: – “Bonding – Chapter 2.”

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