Tuesday Morning…My blouse was un-buttoned and my bra undone. I hadn’t said no to any of that. I didn’t say no now as Tom pushed my bra cups up and away to bare my breasts. In fact, since last Friday night when I’d let Tom under my shirt for the first time, I’d thought of hardly anything else except how it had felt to have my nipples sucked on. Something like an electric shock ran through me at the first contact of Tom’s sucking mouth on my hard nipple. Mmm, Tom’s mouth sucked hard on my nipple as his hand cupped and molded my tit. The more my tit was played with, the harder Tom sucked on my nipple, the greater was the pleasure I felt.I’d let Tom go this far in his car last Friday on our second date. After all, Tom was a Senior. My big tits were the only reason a Senior would want to date me. I was too tall, too skinny, and too ugly. My mom said my figure and face would fill out as I got older. I hoped she was right but for now, all I had going for me were my 33Ds. Tom sure did seem to like them.Tonight was our third date and I was wondering if Tom would try to get into my pants again. Last Friday night I’d stopped him from un-doing my jeans. Tonight I wasn’t sure I’d stop him. Masturbating late at night during the week, I’d wondered what it would have felt like if I hadn’t stopped him. What would it feel like to have a boy touching me between my legs?When Tom’s hand stopped playing with my tits and began sliding down my clenching stomach muscles, I knew I’d let him. Tonight, in the passenger seat of his car with a gear shift between us, I was horny and curious to see what it would feel like. Tonight, I didn’t stop him from opening my jeans enough for his fingers to slip inside.I was nervous as Tom’s fingers slid over my panties. There wasn’t much room in my tight jeans but with perseverance, Tom’s fingers pushed past my mound and pressed into the fleshy lips over my clitoris… WOW, all thought was put on hold as pleasurable sensations between my legs increased more and more the more Tom rubbed. God, I’m such a slut, I thought as my hips began to move to press my pussy against Tom’s fingers.I gasped and pulled Tom’s mouth harder to my nipple as a finger slipped under the side of my panties and into my oily slit to touch my clitoris. I’d touched myself before, but this first time as another’s finger explored… Wow! Oh, fuck it felt so good. Tom’s mouth left my nipple and at the first kiss and breath of hot air on my neck, I couldn’t even remember the word ‘no’ when Tom’s hand moved from between my legs to the sides of my jeans. Pushing on the waist of my jeans… Wanting more, I didn’t stop Tom and even lifted my hips up to help him ease my jeans past my butt. I couldn’t stop my legs from shaking as Tom manuevered my jeans down almost to my knees. I’d never felt so exposed and vulnerable as Tom’s hand moved slowly up my bare inner thigh. His hand continued up and over my mound. But this time when his hand moved to explore between my legs, it moved under my panties. Sliding over the hair on my mound and lips. Unconsciously my legs opened to give Tom free use of my pussy. With the added freedom, fingers went further down my slit until I felt pressure…My hand gripped Tom’s wrist, “No. I… I’m a virgin.””I’ll be careful,” Tom replied. I felt his lips move on my sensitive neck and his hot breath. Oh, my God… Did I really want to stop Tom? My hand lost its grip on Tom’s wrist but the pressure did ease as fingers retreated to move upwards to concentrate around my clitoris. Oh, my God, I was so wet! I could hear the moist sounds Tom’s fingers made moving in and around my slit. Fingers slid easily up and down between and over my lips, pulling more of my wetness up to let fingertips slide frictionlessly over and around my clitoris. Touching, pressing, circling… The kisses and hot breath on my neck never stopped…Feelings I’d only experienced when I’d touched myself began to build and build as my thighs began to tremble. Moans I couldn’t control sounded loud in the car. For the first time, I felt the beginnings of an orgasm caused Burdur Escort by another person. As my moans changed to a litany of soft, breathy Oh,GodOh,GodOh,GodOh,Gods, my legs drew together to trap Tom’s hand between my thighs. Deep abdominal muscles began to clench. My neck began bending backwards as I gasped and my breathing became ragged. My hand moved and my fingers joined Tom’s to press and move ‘just so’ to add that little something extra I needed… Ohhhh, fuuuuckkkkkk I was gonna…**********’I’m gonna ram that damned alarm clock up Danny’s ass’, was my first thought when the radio alarm went off. Seconds later a body on top of me pressed me into the mattress while an arm reached over to hit the Off Button. Christ! I hadn’t had so vivid a wet dream in months. I hadn’t even thought of Tom in years! To have a wet dream while I was on my period was practically unknown. To have a wet dream interrupted was goddamn frustrating!Poor Tom, I thought, remembering him with a smile. He’d tried so hard in the three months we’d dated and never got beyond third base, some hand jobs, and a very few amateurish blow jobs. My time of going all the way would be with another guy, in a different car on some other night.I wondered what would have happened if the alarm had waited a few more minutes before going off. I’d never know now! So I was justifiably irked at being woken up. Damn it! Danny wakes me up at dawn! He changes my apartment’s temperature to ‘Icebox’! He never remembers to put the toilet seat down! He changed my radio alarm to music I didn’t like and… and… and that felt really nice as a mouth burrowed into my neck to leave a kiss under my ear. My irritation disappeared as, when I hummed in enjoyment, Danny took that as an invitation and a hand pulled my hair out of the way to expose more of my neck and throat for more kisses. Hot breath in my ear combined with a low, rumbling, “Good morning…” made me shiver. Scrunching my neck into my shoulders, I rolled away and almost rolled off my bed.I would have fallen if Danny’s hand hadn’t clasped my hip and pulled me back. That woke me up completely and I moved away from the edge as Danny gave me space. Wait a minute… I looked around… How?I looked at Danny’s back as he left the bed. Having tortured my neck with wonderful feelings, he was just gonna abandon me? I guessed so since he was already walking towards my bathroom for his shower and shave. “Hey,” I called after him. “I know that when we went to sleep, you were on this side! Now I wake up and you’re on that side. What gives?”Danny stopped to answer, “You were burning me up. I’m not used to sleeping under a sheet, two blankets, and a bedspread while a warm body tries to climb on top of me. Has anyone ever told you that you’re like some kind’a living, heat-seeking missile? I’d move away to try and cool off and even asleep, you’d move to follow me. Pretty soon I was on the side of the bed, so I just rolled off. I walked around to this side, tossed off everything but the sheet, and went to sleep. I guess your heat-seeking body sensors don’t work across three feet of empty bed.””But…” I started and stopped. I wasn’t sure how I felt about this. This situation had never occurred to me and I was at a loss for words. Danny waited and I changed tack as I climbed out of bed. “I need the bathroom for a few minutes before you take your shower.”I was only wearing my panties, so Danny’s eyes followed my every step as he moved out of the way. I shut the door and in the dim light, I sat on cold porcelain and my butt almost slipped into the water.”Put the damned seat down when you’re through,” I yelled at Danny. Again!I got an apologetic, “Sorry.”Oh, sure! Danny likes to look at me but doesn’t want to sleep with me, I thought as I let the seat down. I wasn’t sure how I felt about that as I peed and changed tampons. I let Danny have the bathroom. Deciding I was awake, I put my bunny slippers and house robe on for my trip to the kitchen. I turned up the thermostat that Danny had turned down and made coffee. I stayed Burdur Escort Bayan in the kitchen sipping coffee while munching my morning Pop Tarts and that’s where Danny found me. Dressed in work boots and a clean cover-all, all he needed was his hard hat to be a stand-in for a Village People music vid.Pouring coffee, Danny stood opposite me to sip. A minute later, Danny looked at me curiously and asked, “What’s wrong?”I shrugged, “Nothing. Why?””You’re quiet,” he answered. “You’re never quiet.”I shrugged.”Okay. Now you’re just plain creepy. What’s wrong? I remembered to lower the toilet seat this time.”I shrugged. “I just never… I never even thought that…”Danny waited and made a come-on gesture with a hand to prompt me.I shrugged. “I just never thought it would be an issue. I never thought that a guy wouldn’t want to sleep with me.””What? I like sleeping with you.””I don’t mean sex,” I hastened to add. “I mean sleep, sleep.””That’s what I meant.””Yeah, right,” I said not believing him. “You like sleeping with me so much you risked falling on your ass when you rolled off the edge of the bed to get away from me.””You were burning me up,” Danny explained. “I was sweating under all those covers. I’d try to move to get cool and you’d just slide over with me.””There! You see,” I said accusingly. “You don’t like to sleep with me.””I didn’t say that. I was smothering under all those blankets. I guess my body temperature is higher than yours.””But that’s what I like about you,” I explained. “You keep me warm.””Olivia, I’m not your personal heating blanket. Maybe, if you take off some blankets…””Maybe,” I said, shrugging. “Look, it’s mostly my fault you’re having to sleep here…””It’s all your fault,” Danny broke in to accuse.”Alright! It’s all my fault,” I shot back. I was miffed. Try to do something nice for a guy… “So, it’s up to me to figure out how to make you comfortable for a few more nights and then you can go sleep in your own bed!””Fine, you think about it. I need to leave for work,” Danny said after looking at the wall clock. I could tell he was irritated that I was making an issue of his simply changing the side of the bed he slept on. He left without even trying to kiss me goodbye. Which just ticked me off more!Won’t sleep with me. Won’t kiss me. What use is a boyfr… Nerd!… If he won’t do a few simple things? I thought as I made my bed. I had nothing to do today except a few chores like getting a manicure/pedicure. I needed an inch or two cut off my hair. I’d made my appointment yesterday for today but it was way too early to leave yet.Instead, I opened the rolling suitcase I’d used over my weekend of ‘play acting’ as a French Maid. Ugh, the maid’s costume was a complete loss. As were the panties and hosiery. I put all the cum smelling mess into a plastic bag to throw away as I left later. What could be saved I tossed into the dirty clothes hamper. I rubbed down the inside of the suitcase with a rag damp with a lemony-scented cleaner and sprayed it down with air freshener.Setting the suitcase aside to dry, I carried the stuffed envelope that had been inside with me to my couch. Using my coffee table, I began sorting the ‘presents’ and tips the men I’d entertained had given me. Rich men trying to impress other rich men by giving me large ‘presents’ as the weekend ended had stuffed the envelope full. My ‘tips’ had overflowed the envelope. Many of the men had tipped me as I delivered drinks and sandwiches to the table or puffed cigars to life. Most by just slipping chips into my cleavage but some chips had been inserted somewhere lower down, especially as the weekend went on. Those chips I’d retrieved and rinsed off before adding them to my stash. After the game ended, I cashed my chips in. Since the lowest chip used was worth a hundred dollars, I had quite a stack of hundreds on my coffee table after sorting. It had been an exhausting weekend but extremely profitable! Not even counting what Marla would have deposited into my bank account by now, one weekend had paid my rent for Escort Burdur months.The hundreds went into the Flour tin on my kitchen counter. It was half full and I really should count what was there but I put off that chore for another day. I folded the lesser bills and put them in my purse. They’d pay for my spa day and lunch. Drinking coffee while cleaning my kitchen floor and counters pushed the hands of my wall clock from way-too-early to a-decent-time. After a shower, I tamed my hair into a ponytail and left for a better breakfast of more coffee and sugary pastries from the Coffee Clutch before catching the subway for my spa day.Remembering what Danny had said about my having no food in my kitchen except for Pop Tarts, I decided to go shopping afterwards. Tuesday Evening…Danny came back from work, showered and we left to go shopping for his new furniture. Sandra would meet us there. At the store, Danny went to look over the selection and moan in anguish at the price tags. Sandra and I ignored him while looking for a new lamp for Sandra’s living room. After a while, I wandered over to check out the couches.”Why are you looking at couches,” Sandra asked after joining me.”Didn’t see a lamp you liked?””Nope. You don’t need a new couch. The one you have is perfect for your space.””I was hoping to find a couch with a fold-out bed.””Why,” Sandra asked, bewildered. “You have a king-sized bed just a few feet away.””Danny doesn’t like sleeping with me. I thought that a fold-out bed…” I began to answer while looking at the selection. Then I shook my head, “But none of these would look good.””Wait… Wait… Back it up. Danny doesn’t like sleeping with you? No way!””Yes way. He says I smother him. Danny’s the first guy I’ve ever slept with… You know, as in sleep-sleep… And it turns out I’m a lousy bed partner. I’m a smotherer.””No way.””Yes way.”I related how Danny had rolled out of bed last night to get away from me. Danny was a couple of aisles over and Sandra raised her voice, “Danny! Are you serious? You don’t like to sleep with Tall-n-Luscious?”Danny went still like a deer caught in the headlights. Twisting his head about to see if anyone else had heard Sandra, which probably included half the store, he walked quickly over, “Hey! Lower your voice. And I never said that I don’t want to sleep with Olivia.””Oh, I see,” Sandra accused as she crossed her arms over her chest. “You like to sleep with her when there’s sex involved but when there’s no sex you abandon her. God! That is just so like a man!”Sandra looked at the nearby salesman who was eager for a nice commission for selling us lots of over-priced furniture and asked, “Isn’t that just like a man?” The salesman carefully backed away without answering.”I… Never… Said… That,” Danny hissed. “And would you lower your voice?”Sandra didn’t lower her voice, instead, she pointed at the still nearby salesman and summoned him over. “Tell the truth,” Sandra said and now pointed at me. “Would you complain if you had to sleep with my friend for the night?”Now the salesman looked like a deer in the headlights and Danny looked like he wanted to run. “Ahh, I’m married, Miss.””That’s never stopped any man I’ve ever met, but if you weren’t married, would you want to spend the night in her bed,” Sandra pressed for an answer.”Hell, yea,” the salesman answered.”What would you think of a guy who doesn’t want to sleep with my friend?”The salesman’s eyes cut to Danny and then back to Sandra, “Umm, he’s gay?””That’s what I thought, too,” Sandra crowed.Sandra sent the salesman away and considered Danny critically, “Wow, Danny. I thought I had pretty good gay-dar but you sure fooled me.””I’m not gay,” Danny hissed. “I’m out’a here.” Danny walked away and stopped just before leaving the store. After returning, “I have no money for a cab or a hotel room! Is my money locked away with my things, too?””No,” I answered. “It’s in my apartment.””Then why didn’t you tell me? All I’ve got is pocket change.”I shrugged, “You never asked for it.”Danny sat down heavily in the chair behind him and put his face in his hands. I think he mumbled something about somebody driving him crazy.I’d had all day to think and I suddenly had an epiphany. Pulling Sandra aside, I quickly whispered, “Find a way to make a bet that he sleep with both of us and tie it to a chess game.”

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