Doctor Please


I sat in the doctor’s office, feeling a bit awkward about what I was here to discuss. Most men avoid seeing a urologist unless absolutely necessary. I was here for two reasons. First I wanted harder erections and secondly more semen and sperm when I cum. I probably should add that I enjoy sex and am a bisexual. My doctor is aware that I enjoy sex with woman and men. I refuse any suggestion of using a condom. I also have sex at least three times per week minimum.

The doctor gave me an overall health examination. He asked why I was there, I told him about my desire to have harder erections and more cum. He said he could quickly fix the erection problem without medication. It involves a therapy that restores blood flow. The other question of volume was a different story.

It was late I was his final patient of the day. He told his staff that it was already after 6:00 pm and that he would close the office after my visit was complete. Off went his staff, the doctor walked down the hall turned off some lights and came back in the large examining room where I was seated.

“Dan he said you can call me Bill from now on.” I said that’s nice of you. He said how about we take care of you needs today. Responding yes I said that would be great. He asked that I remove my clothes Denizli Escort and put on a gown as he left the room. Returning he said let’s go to the next room to begin the treatment. We went to the treatment room and I sat on the examination table. He took my cock in his hand and it became very hard.

He said my cock was very hard but he would treat a minor blood flow issue with a laser. The treatment opens damaged blood vessels allowing greater blood flow. Quickly he used his machine to treat the condition. Almost immediately I felt my cock get extremely hard. Bill said how is that, better? I answered in a resounding yes. He smiled and said this problem is solved, now onto the other. Bill said how about you take off that gown? I said sure thing. Describing myself I’m five foot nine inches tall and weigh one fourty-five, tan and fit.

My erection was incredibly hard. My lean fit body was now sexually charged and excited. Bill said what I’d suspected for some time that he was gay. He said If I didn’t mind he’d like to explore the amount of cum I was shooting during ejaculation. How I asked? He said how about we move to the sofa in his office, I said, “your the doctor” and we walked down the hall.

Bill started removing his tie, shirt, pants Denizli Escort Bayan and the rest of his clothes. His body was incredible. Five eleven, probably one hundred seventy pounds, tan fit muscular and handsome. His erection was as incredible as his body, seven plus inches, shaved cock and balls perhaps six inches around. My six inch by five inch shaved cock and balls were looking good too.

He suggested I recline on the sofa after he had placed a paper sheet on it. I noted two vials on the lamp table next to the sofa. Lay on your back he said. I laid on my back as instructed. Bill began to slowly stroke my cock. I reached down and began stroking his amazingly hard cock. Bill continued slow and steady up then down on my cock. My cock head was almost purple in color as Bill took it in his mouth. Bill sucked my cock mercilessly, then he began licking it up and down. I said “I’m cumming!” Bill reached for the vial and pumped my cock furiously.

The semen and sperm that rushed out of me began filling the vial. Bill kept pumping as I had an incredible brain spinning orgasm. As I finished I laid back catching my breath. I was sweating but the extacy continued. Smiling Bill examined the vial and reading the marking on the side, said this was Escort Denizli a very large amount of semen and sperm.

Most men produce about a teaspoon of cum, I’d produced 1.7 teaspoons, impressive he said. As my erection subsided, his did not. Taking a cue I stood, got on my knees and began to suck his big hairless cock. His cockhead was enormous. Then as my own erection returned I began teabagging his balls. Bill’s excitement was very evident by his body movements. Back on his cock I continued sucking. Bill said that he would tell me when he was cumming. Bill earlier said he’d fill the other vial as a comparison.

Holding the vial Bill withdrew from my mouth and shot hot white cum into the vial. Semen and sperm filling the vial as he orgasmed. When he finished, he sat on the sofa resting, I joined him but for a few minutes we didn’t speak. Holding the two vials side by side the scientist in Bill emerged.

He explained that as I could see my output was considerably larger than his. He said that I had absolutely nothing to worry about. He did recommend daily sex or masturbation. He gave me a lot of valuable information about the benefits of daily sex.

Offering me the use of his private shower we both showered together. Getting dressed we walked back to his office. Looking at his desk clock it was now almost 8:00 pm. Bill asked if I was hungry? Saying yes he suggested I join him at his house for something to eat. He gave his home address saying tomorrow was Wednesday his day off, he invited me to spend the night. My answer was a definite YES.

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