Fantasy Encounter


Recently I have been taking an interest in female fantasies, and have discovered that they are much richer than anything most men can think up. This was just a brief forum post of about a hundred words. I took the bare bones of the fantasy and turned it into a short story.


It had been one of those months, most days filled with dealing with stressful stuff at work. But now I had a week to myself with nothing to do but enjoy myself in whatever way I thought appropriate. It was also the knowing that when I went back to work I would be away from all of the stressful stuff as I had taken on a new role. No, stop that, no thinking about work this week. Sitting here in a post-breakfast haze, Pete gone to work, the only thing to think about being what to do with the day ahead. Then the thought crossed my mind, ‘did I actually need to work, could I not retire’, hmm, might be worth doing the sums.

There’s a knock at the door bringing me out of my reverie, who the hell is calling at this time of the morning. I slowly make my way to the door, realising that I don’t look my best before I am showered and dressed. Bollocks, whoever it is will have to accept me in my dressing gown. I run my hands through my hair and tidy it a little, pull my gown closer around me, and tie it a little more tightly. Anyway, whoever it is probably won’t even notice.

As always I put the chain on the door and looked through the security lens in the door. I see a youngish man, maybe mid-thirties, standing there with some sort of bag over his shoulder. I open the door to the extent of the chain


I can see now that he is rather a handsome figure with the sort of bag that a technical guy would have over his shoulder.

‘I’ve come to sort out your broadband madam.’

‘Oh, bugger, I’d forgotten that was today. You’d better come in.’

I released the chain and opened the door for him to enter.

‘It really is annoying when it drops out when you’re in the middle of something.’

‘Yes, I can imagine. I’ve checked the cabinet and there’s no problem there, and I suspect it’s the router, I noted that it is quite old.’

‘Yes, we got it when we moved in years ago now.’

‘If it is the router I have brought a replacement and we will have you up and running in no time.’

I was impressed with this young man, ‘if only I were twenty years younger’, I thought.

I show him to the living room and where the phone socket and router are and leave him to get on with whatever needs doing, at the same time offering him a coffee, which he accepts. It takes Afyon Escort me no more than a few minutes to brew a fresh pot of coffee as I was in the process already. I consider going and getting properly dressed but think that there’s not point as he has already seen me at my morning worst. Believe me it doesn’t get much worse that being in a tatty (but I love it) old dressing gown with untidy hair and no makeup. I take his coffee through and he is putting stuff back in his bag.

‘Finished then?’

‘Not quite, it was your router on the blink, probably a loose connection in there somewhere.’

‘Here’s your coffee, do you mind if I sit here with mine.’

‘Thanks, I don’t mind. I am just about to change the password on the new router to the one set on the old one. That way you won’t have to change all your devices.’

‘Thanks, that would be a real bonus.’

I am not sure what it is, but there is something about watching an efficient workman doing his stuff that is a real turn on. I look at my watch and realise that he has only been in the house twenty minutes and I am already starting to get wet thanks to his efficiency.

There is no doubt that I am beginning to fancy him, ‘c’mon Katy, he must be at least fifteen years younger than you, why would he be interested’. It was putting his cup on the table that brought me out of my head and back to the present.

‘That’s it, I’ll be off then, and thanks for the coffee, any more trouble just ask for Jonny.’

‘Thank you, and you’re welcome, oh, I will.’

The ‘I will’ said with a definite/deliberate sexy overtone that was not lost on him. I stand to show him out. This is the first time our eyes meet, his deep hazel eyes meet mine, it is as if I am immobilised, a rabbit in the headlights of an oncoming car, riveted by his eyes. For what seems an eternity neither of us speaks or moves, but it could be no more than a few seconds. It is as if he is looking deep into my soul. I desperately want to break the spell he has cast, but can’t seem to find the words, or my voice. My reaction is primal, something in that ancient part of my brain doesn’t want me to move. Something in me has been unleashed, I am aware of the deep ache in my womb that says ‘you want this man Katy’. I stand there afraid, afraid of myself not him, and unmoving, scared to make a move.

I watch helplessly as he puts his bag on the floor, and his hands come up to my face pulling me into a kiss. Slowly his hands slide down and find the tie of my gown, he grips the cord and pulls. My dressing gown falls open, he Afyon Escort Bayan couldn’t have known that I was naked underneath it. He slowly pushes the garment from my shoulders, it falls in a heap on the floor leaving me standing there naked. Still not a word is spoken, I feel my knees turning to jelly, and wonder if they are going to continue to support me. His hands return to my shoulders and gently turn me with my back to him. He slides his hands to my hips, one moving to my belly and pulling me back into him. This hand seems to grasp the fire in my womb and spread it upwards seeking my now erect nipples. All of my will to resist, not that I had any, has disappeared, I know I want him, I know I want his cock deep inside me.

He steps back, I feel bereft at the lack of contact, but I know it will return. I look over my shoulder and he is almost naked. I feel something almost primeval when I see his erect cock, something as ancient as humanity itself, a need, a desire, call it what you will. He once more moves behind me and pulls me to him, I feel his nakedness, I feel his cock between my buttocks twitching gently, knowing that shortly it will be being thrust into my by now very wet cunt. In one swift, fluid movement he picks me up carries me over and lays me on the sofa. For the first time I he his hard muscular body, along with a closer look at his rigid cock. I almost gasp when I see how long and thick it is, at least compared to any erect cock I have ever seen.

I turn and place my feet on the floor, and my arse on the edge of the seat, hoping he will get the message. He does. He starts running his hands all over, paying particular attention to my tits and nipples, fuck, I want to come. Next I feel his hand over my groin, he must be able to feel the waves of my desire coursing through my belly, wanting, needing release. Suddenly a finger finds my slit and slips between the lips curving into my vulva and teasing around my cunt entrance. He is obviously aware of what he is doing as the next moment the finger finds my clit and starts to work it in earnest. This is all just too much. I come instantly screaming as the orgasm hits me, and then another following hard on its heels. I close my eyes giving myself over completely to this all-encompassing sensation.

There is a moment of disappointment when he stops to move between my legs, I am not sure what is coming next. Before I can open my eyes I feel his warm breath, and his tongue searching for my eager love tunnel, tongue fucking it for a few moments before running the flat of it over Escort Afyon my clit. To say I am moaning would be an understatement. He starts to flick it with the tip of his tongue, I feel the contractions in my womb begin again. He sucks my clit between his teeth, gently nibbling, all too much as I howl out with another overwhelming orgasm. Fuck, how I want him now, and am screaming for him to ‘fuck me’ and ‘fuck me good’

He is a gentleman and positions himself for action, I feel the tip of his cock parting my cunt lips. I am expecting him to ram it deep into me, but he doesn’t. He finds my clit with the tip and starts fucking his cock with my clit in his hole. Ye gods this is so sensual I am coming to the point once more. He realises this and as I am about to come he pushes his cock down and rams it into me very hard and very deep. I don’t think I have ever had an orgasm like it. He holds there for a minute allowing me to come back down. The he begins to stroke rhythmically with long slow strokes both of us revelling in the waves of pleasure encompassing us. Each thrust buries that wondrous cock deep into my body poking at my womb entrance. I lose all sense of time and place being joined to this man by virtue of his rigid cock.

We are not making love, not fucking, it’s more ancient than that, it is almost that primeval instinct for the survival of humankind that has taken over, man and woman fornicating, but for no end result other than the ecstasy, the sensuality, the spiritual enjoyment of a good overwhelming fuck. I can feel the tightness of his body as he is driving his glorious cock into my hot wet cunt over and over making me come almost continuously. Our grunts groans and moans are by now more primitive than before. I only know one thing now, that is that, more than anything else, I want his come. I want him shooting his spunk into my womb, filling my cunt to overflowing. I am feeling this need, yes, it’s something I need not want, with every primitive red hot thrust he makes. My need is now such that I start to fuck him back as vigorously as he is fucking me arching up to meet every delicious thrust of his cock into my wanton cunt. I know he’s close, I can feel his cock beginning to swell to an orgasmic state, I grab his buttocks and pull making him fuck harder. Suddenly he’s there and with a final massive hard deep thrust his cock is exploding inside me filling me up with his delicious come juice, shooting spunk at the entrance to my womb. I come with him one final time.

Instinct makes me contract all of my muscles, holding him in place for as long as possible. Eventually he beings to shrink and his cock slides out. Not a word is said as he dresses, picks up his bag and quietly leaves. I am brought back to reality by the doorbell, shit, I had forgotten Laura was coming for coffee this morning when I got the vibrator out.

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