Good Neighbors Pt. 02


Wednesday, about two weeks after they had hooked up, Zack noticed a “Sold” sign on the realtor sign in the front yard of Melissa’s house. He saw Melissa out the following Thursday and asked her about it. She said, “Yep, I got an offer about 2 weeks ago for list price and cash for a quick close. A couple bought it for their parents to retire in, they liked the one floor lay out. I’m moving in with my sister Monday for a few weeks until the house I bought is closed on.”

Zack smiled and said, “Well that’s great. It’ll suck not having you in the neighborhood and to look at as you mow, but it’s great it was fast and easy.”

They both laughed and he told Melissa, “We should get together and hang out one more time before you move.”

She smiled and said, “That would be really nice, are you taking the boat out anytime soon?” He told her that they could take it out that Sunday since it was going to be nice, and she smiled and said, “That sounds great, I don’t work Saturday night, I can catch some sleep when I get off Sunday morning then we can go out. Does 3 work?”

Zack agreed and they parted ways, Melissa to go to work and Zack to prepare for the weekend and finish getting his boat prepped.

Saturday rolled around and Zack texted Melissa about 2 and confirmed they were still good. Right at 3 there was a knock on his garage door and an announcement of “Ready to go?”

He laughed and said, “Yes ma’am, just waiting on you.” They loaded into his truck and headed down to the river. With the two of them, they got the boat in easily, parked the truck and headed out. The spent the first few hours just cruising up and down the river, around the few islands, and just talking and hanging out before pulling into a local place on the river for beer and dinner.

While they were eating, Zack noticed guys glancing at Melissa; she was wearing a pair of jean shorts that weren’t buttoned, showing a little bit of her bikini bottom and just her red bikini top. Today was a great example of Melissa being in her 40’s, but looking like she was in her 30’s, and in great shape, showing off her toned body and her smaller C-cup breasts. As they finished up, he paid, and they headed back down to the boat. After pulling away from the dock, Zack commented, “Man you were really the center of attention up there tonight.”

Melissa laughed and said, “Well, they can look, but not touch.” Zack laughed and as he slowed down to cross another boat’s wake, Melissa looked at him from her seat on the bow and said, “You can touch though.”

He had been enjoying the view down at her cleavage most of the day as she had stayed seated right in front of him in the open bow. He just smiled at her comment and said, “I would like that a lot, you want to head back in?”

Melissa stood up, walking to him, and said while stroking the front of his swim trunks, “No, find somewhere secluded.”

As he sped the boat up, Melissa untied his swim trunks and got down on her knees, freeing his cock which had gone from soft to hard faster than he had ever seen it. He glanced down at her to see her slightly stroking his cock; he looked back up, just in time to steer around a stick rather abruptly causing Melissa to slightly lose her balance and tilt into his crotch.

He immediately apologized to which she responded, “Mmmm, oh no apology necessary.” She then proceeded to take his cock into her mouth, gently sucking and causing Zack to let out a gentle moan. They came around the end of one of the many islands and found the small cove where people usually swim and grill was empty. Zack struggled to focus as he pulled the boat close enough to the island to be out of sight of the main channels, but not run aground, all the while Melissa kept sucking his cock.

As he got to a place he was comfortable with, he told her, “Hold on, I have to throw out the anchor.” He waddled forward to retrieve the anchor from under the seat and threw it over the side.

As he turned around, Melissa was right in front of him and said, “Sit down.” He did as she said and she immediately got back down on her knees and took his cock back into her mouth, working the shaft with her lips, tongue, and hand, occasionally deep throating him, causing him to groan.

This went on for about 5 minutes before he said, “Oh god, I’m gonna cum.” She proceeded to speed up her mouth as he began to cum, taking his entire load in her mouth, before swallowing it.

As his orgasm subsided, Melissa softly licked his cock, getting Balıkesir Escort the rest of the cum from the head and shaft before looking at him and saying, “That’s a good boy, your cum tastes so good.”

He smiled and said, “I’m glad you like it, you’re very good with that mouth; Now let me show you what I can do with mine. Move to one of the rear seats.”

As Melissa moved to the rear of the boat, Zack pulled his trunks up and followed her. Before she could sit down, he said, “Pull your shorts down.

She pulled her shorts down and kicked them off, but left her bottoms on and said, “You can deal with these.”

As she sat down, he was confronted with plain white bottoms that he could tell were starting to develop a bit of a wet spot. He got down on his knees in front of her and slid her bottoms down revealing a shaved pussy that was obviously very wet. He then parted her legs enough and began to kiss up her thighs before kissing around her clit, but never actually touching it.

Melissa began to moan softly as he got closer and closer to her clit with his tongue and lips; right before he began to lick it, he slid two fingers all the way into her wet pussy. This caused her to open her eyes huge and moan. He slowly began to finger her pussy while licking as much of her pussy as he could with long firm strokes. This went on for about 2 minutes and just as his jaw was starting to get sore from the repetitive motion, Melissa moaned and clenched his head with her legs and his fingers with her pussy as she orgasmed with quick contractions around his fingers.

As she came down, he pulled away and said, “Told you my mouth was good too.”

Melissa just looked at him and shook her head, then regaining her breath, “That was awesome.”

He slid his fingers back inside of her and began to give her the “come here” motion while softly licking and sucking gently on her clit, knowing that she would be sensitive. This caused her to gasp and go, “Oh fuck!” and began to moan again. He kept this up for another minute or two and once again he had Melissa cumming, this time feeling her legs shake around his head through her entire orgasm.

As she came down from her orgasm, she took a couple of deep breaths and goes, “God damn Zack, you know what to do with that mouth!”

He smiled and said, “I’m glad you liked it.”

She leaned forward and said, “I want you to fuck me, will you please fuck me?”

He looked down at his cock which had cum 10 minutes before and said, “I may need a little help.”

Melissa shrugged her shoulders and said, “That’s fine, swap me spots.”

As they swapped positions and he sat down, Melissa got back on her knees and began to sloppily suck his cock while cupping his balls. Even half hard, Zack felt pleasure that he had sorely missed due to single life. Just when he thought it was as good as it got, he felt the heel of Melissa hand pushing below his balls, applying indirect pressure and pleasure to his prostate, and he began to grow in her mouth. After about 5 more minutes of a blowjob, he said, “I’m definitely hard now!”

She giggled with his cock still in her mouth and then stood up. As she stood there facing him, he said, “I hoped this would happen, and I brought condoms.”

She grinned and said, “Fuck no, I’ve felt you raw. I’m not letting you use a condom the last time we fuck. Just pull out like last time.”

He nodded, grabbed her hips, and pulled her into his lap so she was straddling him. She reached down and guided his cock into her pussy and with no teasing, she slid down the length of his cock until her ass met his legs.

Melissa leaned forward, shoving his face into her tits and began to ride him while he bit and kissed her tits. As Melissa began to grind herself against him, he grabbed her ass and helped her set a rhythm and speed that worked for both of them. They kept this up for a couple of minutes when between moans Melissa said, “Untie my top and suck on my tits!”

He let go of her ass and untied her top from the middle of her back and pushed it to the side and immediately sucked one of her nipples into his mouth. The moment I bit down slightly, Melissa tensed up with a long moan began to cum. As she rode his cock harder through her orgasm, she moaned louder and louder. With her orgasm subsiding, she collapsed against him and caught her breath.

When she had recovered, Melissa said, “Fuck me from behind baby?” He just shook his head while Balıkesir Escort Bayan she stood up and bent over the engine cover, spreading her legs, and exposing her wet hole to him. Zack stood up and taking position behind her, shoved his cock all the way in, and grabbing her hips for leverage, began to fuck her with wild abandon. This caused her to moan and caused the boat to rock, increasing the feeling. He was able to fuck her like this for about 2 minutes before he felt his cum building, he slowed down and said, “Fuck I’m going to cum soon, where do you want me to cum?”

She turned her head, looking over her shoulder and said, “Cum all over my tits and face!”

He started to thrust again and when he couldn’t hold back any longer, he pulled his cock out of her pussy, pinching below the head, causing Melissa to turn and drop to her knees and with 3 strokes of his hand, his cock he erupted all over her face and tits.

Just as he finished cumming, Melissa buried her fingers in her pussy and quickly came herself.

As he leaned against the back of the captain’s chair to steady himself, Melissa rose and said, “I think that’s more cum than the other two times.” He just grinned stupidly and reached for a towel for her. She just shook her head and said, “No sense in ruining a towel.” before jumping over the side into the water leaving her untied top floating on the surface.

She popped back up a moment later and he flipped the ladder of the swim deck down for her. She climbed up and said, “Now I’ll take the towel.”

He pulled his swim trunks back up as she began to dry off and Zack moved around her to pull the anchor back up. Melissa reached into her bag and grabbed a different pair of shorts and a tee-shirt and pulled them on as Zack restarted the boat they headed back to the ramp, just as it was getting dark. They got the boat out of the water and headed towards their houses with just some basic conversation as they both enjoyed the ride back and the “just had sex” relaxation.

As he got boat backed into the garage and the truck unhooked from the boat, Melissa said, “Ya know, my things are all pretty much packed, want some company tonight?”

He told her sure, but then added, “You may have drained me completely.”

Melissa just giggled, and after digging through her purse, pulled out a small tin and said, “I was a bit worried about that.” She then shook out a small blue pill and said, “Take this, and drink two glasses of water, it’ll fix the issue.

“Viagra? I’ve never had an issue getting hard?”

“Oh, I know and have seen it firsthand, it’ll shorten your recovery time.”

He nodded and popped the pill into his mouth, while drinking a bottle of water.

“Now go on inside, I’m going to run over to my house, then I’ll be back.”

Zack headed inside and about ten minutes late, Melissa returned with her glasses and a small bag. After a quick tour, he showed her to the shower and gave her a shirt and some boxers of his to put on.

When she came out of the shower, she smiled and said, “Nice bathroom, your turn I guess since you didn’t join me.”

Zack laughed and added, “Well I didn’t want to be presumptuous.”

Melissa smiled and shook her head, “Go shower.”

Zack showered and when he came out of the bathroom, he found Melissa lounging in his bed, flicking through the TV. As he approached the bed, she scooted over and made room for him as he jokingly said to her, “You make those clothes look far better than I do.”

She laughed and said, “Wait until you see them on the floor, I sleep nude.” They sat and talked for about two hours watching TV, cuddling a bit, and talking about her new place before they were both yawning and Melissa said, “I’m tired.”

Zack agreed and got up to turn the light off; as he turned back towards the bed, he could see by the glow of the TV that Melissa had removed the shirt and the boxers were halfway down her legs. He stripped his shorts and t-shirt off and slid into bed next to her. They laid in bed chatting for a little bit before Melissa rolled over and said, “Are you just going to lay there and talk or are you going to fuck me again?”

He rolled over and climbed on top of her, pinning her to the bed. She said, “Well then, guess we have an answer.”

She reached down and began to stroke his cock, causing it to get hard again. Noticing how hard it got, even after having cummed twice that day already, Zack laughed, “I guess Escort Balıkesir that little blue pill does work.”

Melissa smiled and then guided his cock it into her pussy which was already wet. She looked at him and said, “I told you, and I may have been touching myself a bit while we talked.”

Zack replied, “No complaints here” and began to thrust as he shifted his weight onto her.

As he thrusted, he became slightly mesmerized by Melissa’s tits bouncing in sync with his thrusts and it wasn’t long before Melissa was moaning and rubbing her clit. They kept this up for a few minutes before Melissa moaned loudly and he felt her pussy once again clench his cock in orgasm.

As her orgasm subsided, she softly pushed his chest, causing him to move and slip out of her as he lay by her side. She smiled and softly soaked his cock, using her juices for lubrication and said, “Since we are in bed, I don’t have to stand to get fucked from behind.”

She let go of his cock, rolled onto her stomach, stuck her ass in the air and said, “Fuck me Zack.”

Zack sat up and moving behind her, cupped her ass and then slid into her and began to thrust into her fully and hard. Over the next 5 minutes or so, Melissa had one orgasm after another, having at least three as Zack plowed into her with everything he had.

After her final orgasm, she collapsed in a heap on the bed, rolled to her side and said, “2 orgasms already and that little blue pill has left you with a ton of stamina.”

Zack smiled and said, “Well if we had kept that position up much longer, I was going to cum.” She smiled and he said, “What position would you like next?”

She grinned and said, “if you haven’t been able to tell, I love it deep. I’m flexible, how about I hug my knees?”

Zack responded, “I love that position.”

Melissa flipped onto her back, and before pulling her knees against her chest, stroked her pussy and looked at his cock and commented, “Damn I really am wet, your cock is soaked.” They both laughed and as he was lining up, she said, “Hold on a second, grab my bag.

Zack looked at her confused but grabbed her bag and handed it to her. She dug around a minute and pulled out a little white and purple box. She then said, “I had this box of Plan B, I would really like for you to give me a creampie if you’re up for it?”

Quickly thinking and seeing how Melissa was a nurse he quickly said, “Sure, I’d love to fill that cunt of yours up.”

She smiled, and as he slid his cock into her, Melissa said, “I was hoping you’d say that.”

As he bottomed out and paused, Melissa pulled her legs up to her chest and said, “Now fuck my pussy and give me that cum.” He leaned over and began to thrust into her, driving his cock as deep as he could, before pulling almost all the way out, and then driving it back in.

He fucked Melissa like this for about 2 minutes before he could feel his orgasm building. Mid thrust, he exclaimed, “l’m going cum.”

Between moans, Melissa was able to squeak out, “Yes fill me up!” With a few more thrusts, he erupted deep inside of her in what was the biggest orgasm of the day/night and possibly his life.

As he slowly thrusted, allowing her pussy to milk all his cum, Melissa began to grab and pinch her own nipples and then she suddenly tensed and came herself. They both lay there a moment before Zack collapsed beside her and they both tried to catch their breath.

After about five minutes of nothing but breathing, Melissa finally said, “Hand me a glass of water.” Zack did so and she opened the box of Plan B, popped the blister pack, and swallowed the pill. She laid back down and said, “I’m 40, and the chances are really low of me getting pregnant, but better safe than sorry, and that was totally worth it.” They lay in bed and chatted before Melissa drifted off to sleep.

The next morning, Zack woke up to find Melissa putting her bathing suit and clothes back on. She goes, “Shit I didn’t mean to wake you, but I need to run the first load of stuff to my sisters.”

Zack just nodded and said, “Do you need some help.”

She grinned and said, “No I’ve got it, don’t need her to see the guy that I told her about that fucks great, she might want a piece too.”

Zack laughed and said, “Well every guy dreams of sisters…”

She laughed and threw a shirt at him and said, “Fat Chance.”

She came over kissed him and said, “You are a great neighbor Jack, I’ll be sad to not have you around.”

He smiled and told her goodbye and said, “Wait where are you moving too?”

She smiled and said, “Oh, I’m moving to Tennessee, always wanted to move there and I’m not getting any younger.”

Zack nodded, “Maybe I can come see you sometime.”

Melissa walked out the door and simply said, “Maybe…”

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