Gorilla and the Metalhead Pt. 09

Big Tits

Author’s note: I’ve been using the term ‘Sleep Inn’ to describe the chain of shitty two-star motels Gorilla stays at when he’s on the road. I picked this term because I genuinely thought it was way too stupid a name for any hotel company to use in real life. I googled it while I was halfway through this chapter, just to make sure it didn’t really exist, and I found I was wrong — there IS a company somewhere that’s that stupid. I literally had no idea someone was insane enough to think that this ridiculously braindead name for accommodation was a good idea. I’ll keep using the term throughout this chapter and subsequent ones; just know that it isn’t a plug for the ‘real’ Sleep Inn, and that I’m laughing on the inside.

Next, I’ll probably discover there’s really a band called Ass To Mouth. If there is, please don’t tell me 🙂

Anyway, back to the story.


Monday morning arrived.

“Get up, lazy cunt.”

Carlos groaned. “Too early. Fuck off.”

“We have to get going.”

“Fuck this shit,” Carlos yawned. “Don’t wanna.”

“I don’t either,” Gorilla sympathised, “but come on, man, you know the drill by now. I gotta get to the warehouse. There’s a few pallets of crap waiting for me to take to Nashville, and if I don’t do it, I don’t get paid.” He paused. “The alternative is I leave you here, but you don’t want to have to get the bus back to Atlanta, do you?”

“No fuckin’ way that’s gonna happen.” Reluctantly, Carlos stretched and got up. Gorilla had already made him a cup of shitty motel-room instant coffee.

Carlos took a sip. “Thanks, man. I needed that.” It tasted faintly bitter, but he didn’t mind — the first coffee of the day is all about absorbing caffeine.

Gorilla was already dressed to go, and Carlos sleepily threw some clothes on while he consumed his morning jolt.

“OK, Indianapolis to Nashville,” said Carlos. “How long is it?”

Gorilla laughed. “You already know how long it is.”

Carlos grinned. “And I know how thick it is, too. But you know what I mean. How long is the journey?”

“It’ll take us about 5 hours travel time, but I need to get the rig ready when we get to the warehouse, and there’ll be paperwork when we arrive, so I don’t expect us to get to our digs until about an hour before sunset.”

“Long day, huh?” whistled Carlos.

“It’s about average for me,” Gorilla replied. “I’ve spent 12 hours at the wheel before, and when you consider the pre and post journey tasks, it’s a fuckin’ long day.” He noticed Carlos was ready. “OK, dude, grab your shit and let’s go.”


They arrived at the warehouse and grabbed a quick bite to eat. Pre-made sandwiches were available, and Carlos nabbed the one and only egg salad sandwich. Gorilla ate a beef and cheese sandwich while taking the opportunity to drink a second coffee. His truck was already loaded, and they departed on time.

The two men chatted as Gorilla piloted his wheels toward the interstate. Carlos looked across at the sexy trucker behind the wheel. One of Gorilla’s hands rested lazily on the steering wheel while his other arm was nonchalantly propped up against the window. He looked so natural; almost like he’d been born driving a truck. Carlos wanted nothing more than to lean across and suck a fat load out of him, but he knew Gorilla was concentrating. He’d wait until they were out on the open road.

Gorilla loaded a podcast. “Hey, you know how we were talking about baseball a few weeks ago? This is about the game the British countries play with a bat and ball. It’s called cricket.”

Carlos listened attentively, trying to learn, but when he found out that a cricket game lasts five days, and at the end of it, there still might not be a winner, he tapped out. “Did you fucking hear that? Is that true?”

“Yeah, I know. This is the type of mystifying shit I learn when I’m out on the road,” Gorilla replied. “It doesn’t make much sense to me either. I mean, why would people want to play a game that goes for almost a week? And why would anyone want to watch it?” He shrugged. “I’ll take baseball any day of the week.”

Gorilla launched his wheels onto the interstate. They sat quietly for a few minutes as the rig got up to speed. Gorilla’s cricket podcast droned on.

“This podcast is boring as fuck. Want a blowjob?” offered Carlos.

Gorilla glanced across. “It’s all yours, dude.” He turned the podcast off.

The road opened wide as Carlos unbuckled his seat belt, leaned across and unzipped Gorilla’s jeans. Gorilla’s cock head popped out, and Carlos’s mouth formed a tight, wet seal around his head and shaft. “Keep your eyes on the road, man,” advised Carlos.

“It won’t be easy.” Gorilla wanted nothing more than to close his eyes so he could focus on the blowjob, but if they wanted to stay alive, this was out of the question.

Carlos spat on his hand and drooled onto Gorilla’s cock. He got his shaft nice and sloppy wet, and he heard Gorilla exhale in pleasure as he bobbed up and down. They both felt the heavy Tokat Escort rumble of the engine and the roughness of the pavement beneath them.

Gorilla’s eyes remained fixed on the road. He waited until there was a long, straight stretch before resting one of his hands on the back of Carlos’s skull. His fingers ran through Carlos’s sexy hair. “Suck me … oh, that’s so fucking good, man …”

Carlos glanced up to make sure Gorilla was still watching the road. He ran his tongue across the slit, and as the intense sensation made its way from the tip of Gorilla’s dick to the depths of his brain, he felt the truck weave and buckle. “Fuck, man, don’t make me crash this thing!” Gorilla warned.

Carlos sensed Gorilla was close. His fist moved like lightning up and down his wet shaft, and within seconds, he roared. Gorilla’s load shot out of his cock, drenching Carlos’s face and neck, as well as his own shirt. Carlos began to slow down. “Don’t stop,” Gorilla pleaded. “Don’t stop. Please don’t stop. Keep stroking me. Keep sucking, dude. I think I’m gonna cum again.” Carlos put his mouth back onto Gorilla’s cock, and four or five more ropes of cum shot onto his tongue. “Oh my fucking god,” Gorilla exhaled.

Miraculously, the truck was still on the road and in the correct lane.

Gorilla’s breathing slowly returned to normal. “Can I stop now?” teased Carlos.

Gorilla kept his 42 wheels rumbling down the interstate, but he still couldn’t form coherent sentences. He breathed, concentrating on the road, before responding. He looked down at Carlos’s head lying in his lap. He noticed Carlos’s insanely kissable mouth and beautiful face, both absolutely soaked in his cum.

Carlos’s tongue teased the sensitive head of Gorilla’s cock, and the truck buckled again.

Gorilla’s brain eventually formed words. “You’re gonna fucking kill me one day.”

Carlos grinned. He sat up and planted a thick, cum-drenched kiss on Gorilla’s cheek. Gorilla felt semen smearing across his face. “Did you like it?” Carlos asked. His face was absolutely saturated.

Gorilla looked sideways at Carlos. “Let me put it this way. I’ve never cum twice like that in my life. Especially not while I’m at work.”

Carlos took a few deep swigs of water, washing the remaining sperm down into his stomach, and he wiped his face clean. He beamed with pride as they continued rolling towards Nashville. He was sure his face reeked of cum.

Halfway to their destination, Gorilla pulled into a roadhouse. “Lunchtime,” he announced, and he and his passenger disembarked. They walked into the dingy restaurant. Without reading the menu, Gorilla ordered a cheeseburger with fries.

Carlos assumed Gorilla had been here many times before. He scanned the menu and asked for a salad and a serve of fries. Options for vegetarians were thin on the ground.

Their food arrived and the men chowed down. Carlos finished first, and he was surprised at how fresh the salad was and how crispy and crunchy the fries were.

Gorilla was still halfway through his burger. His callused, manly hands were smeared with ketchup and grease.

Carlos leaned forward. “When you’re finished eating, come meet me in the bathroom. First cubicle.”

Gorilla’s eyes locked onto Carlos’s juicy ass as he casually sauntered away towards the bathroom. His cock immediately stood to attention. He couldn’t finish his fries fast enough.

Carlos waited silently inside the cubicle. Another man entered the bathroom to take a piss. Carlos listened quietly as a torrent of urine splashed into the receptacle. He peeked out through the crack in the door. He couldn’t see the man’s dick, but the top of his ass cheeks looked plump and inviting. The man zipped up, washed his hands, and left. Carlos never got a glimpse of his face. The bathroom fell silent again.

A few short minutes later, Gorilla arrived. He knocked quietly on the first stall door, and Carlos opened the door to let him in. Immediately, their tongues were inside each other’s mouths, fighting for dominance as their torsos bounced off the cubicle walls.

“I need you to fuck me,” Carlos pleaded. “I need your dick in me right now.”

Gorilla unbuckled Carlos’s belt, pulled his pants down to his ankles, and turned him around so he faced the door. Gorilla spat on his hand. He looked down at his palm and saw small particles of lunch. He didn’t care. His wet hand massaged Carlos’s tight hole and he heard a gentle whimper in response. Gorilla stuck one wet digit, then another, into Carlos’s desperately hungry hole. Carlos moaned, leaning back onto Gorilla’s hand to maximise penetration. “Your fingers feel so good inside my pussy,” he whispered.

Gorilla was about to kneel down to eat Carlos’s ass, but Carlos had other ideas. “Fuck me,” Carlos pleaded.

Gorilla unbuckled his own pants and spat on his hand again, this time to lube up his cock. “Here it comes,” he announced. He thrust into Carlos bareback. Carlos groaned as that sweet mixture of pleasure Tokat Escort Bayan and pain washed over him. He craned his neck around so his lips could meet Gorilla’s.

Gorilla ploughed Carlos’s sexy Mexican asshole like it was the last sex he’d ever have in his life.

“Give me your fingers,” Carlos said. Gorilla knew what he meant. As he fucked Carlos’s ass senseless, he put his hand in front of Carlos’s face. Carlos could smell the pungency of his own hole. He opened his mouth and Gorilla dropped two fingers onto his tongue — the same two fingers that had just been halfway up his guts. Carlos sucked on Gorilla’s fingers like he was sucking a cock. Gorilla’s free hand reached up to tease and pinch Carlos’s hard, sensitive nipples. Carlos moaned as he tasted his own asshole on Gorilla’s fat fingers.

Carlos’s dick was hard as a rock, and his breath caught as he reached down to grasp it. The taste and smell of Gorilla’s fingers in his mouth, almost choking him, was intoxicating. He focused on the thick, masculine hand rubbing his chest, the fat dick ploughing his juicy ass, and the sensation of a manly trucker completely owning him. He lost control, exploding all over the cubicle wall, moaning loudly.

Gorilla picked up the pace. He kissed and bit Carlos’s sexy neck as he fired his hot load into his tight pussy. Carlos held Gorilla inside him as he twitched and pulsed. Gorilla’s dick eventually flopped out, and wordlessly, he gathered some toilet paper and tidied up the situation as best he could — Carlos’s spent ass, and his own wet dick.

Carlos’s semen dribbled down the cubicle wall.

Carlos turned around and they faced each other. “Got a kink for public bathroom sex?” Gorilla inquired politely.

“Not until I met you, I didn’t. But maybe I do now. It’s so fucking hot.” He knew Gorilla’s load would slowly seep out of his ass as they advanced on Nashville.

“Sure is, buddy.” They kissed again. Gorilla looked at his watch. “Hey, we need to get back on the road.”

“OK. I’ll meet you at the truck in a second. Give me a quick minute.”

Gorilla grunted. He imagined Carlos would try to squeeze some of his load out before they resumed their journey.


They arrived at the warehouse a little ahead of schedule and Gorilla unloaded. Again, his colleagues asked him about his human traffic, and he explained that Carlos was a family friend that lived in Nashville and he was helping him to get home. The warehouse staff suspected this was an outright lie, or at best, a half-truth. There were streaks of what suspiciously looked like dried cum on Gorilla’s shirt, and they assumed Carlos’s hot, pouty mouth had coaxed it out of him. Besides, Carlos didn’t look like the Nashville type.

They walked away from the truck, knowing it’d be there waiting for them tomorrow morning for the drive to Atlanta. They hailed a taxi to take them to the Nashville Sleep Inn.

They sat in the back seat of the taxi. “I’ve never been to Nashville before,” stated Carlos matter-of-factly, “but I already hate it.”

Gorilla knew there wasn’t much to do here unless you were into guns, bluegrass music or fundamentalist Christianity. “Why’s that?”

“Two things,” Carlos continued. “Firstly, I fucking hate bluegrass. Other than opera, it’s the worst music in the world. A complete abuse of guitars. Fair warning, if I hear any bluegrass music while we’re here, I might lose my shit.”

Gorilla smiled. “And the other thing?”

Carlos glared at him. “The other thing is symbolic. It reminds me of the lack of imagination in the people who named American cities. Everything ends in a ‘ville’ or a ‘boro’ or a ‘burg’ or a ‘wood’. Like, it’s so monotonous, so predictable, so lacking in imagination, and it drives me fuckin’ nuts.” He paused for a second. “If you were going to name a city after yourself, what would you call it?”


Carlos doubled over with laughter.

The taxi pulled up outside the Sleep Inn, and Gorilla paid the driver with his company credit card. They went inside, checked in, and found their room. They embraced.

“Thanks for the ride, sexy,” sighed Carlos. “And thanks for the lunchtime pounding, too.”

“All part of the service.”

“You hungry, big guy?” Carlos asked.

“Only for you.”

Gorilla guided Carlos to the bed, unbuckled his pants and slid them down. “I can’t wait to get you into my mouth,” he breathed. Carlos’s fat brown dick was already at full mast, and as soon as Gorilla loosed it, it stood tall and proud. Gorilla licked his lips and impaled his throat upon it. Carlos moaned, putting both hands on the back of Gorilla’s skull. Gorilla’s throat pistoned up and down as his hands explored Carlos’s abdomen and torso. They found Carlos’s nipples, and as Gorilla pinched and tweaked them, he heard Carlos moan, and his cock stiffen further in his mouth.

Carlos reached down to tug his cock as it rested on Gorilla’s fat, wet tongue. He felt Gorilla’s mouth on his cock and Escort Tokat his fingers tweaking his sensitive nipples. “Dude, I’m gonna cum so fucking hard,” he warned.

“Give it to me.”

Carlos felt the pressure building up, and seconds later, the contents of his nuts shot into Gorilla’s mouth like water from a firehose. Gorilla kept sucking and stroking until Carlos rested his hand on his forehead, pleading ‘please stop.’

Gorilla scooted up to face Carlos. “Open your mouth,” he said.

Carlos opened wide, and his load drooled down from Gorilla’s tongue into his own mouth. Gorilla watched it land on Carlos’s outstretched tongue and he swooped down for a deep, passionate kiss. “You taste good, man,” he said, sharing and savouring Carlos’s semen.

“Mmmmm,” Carlos agreed.

They lay down on the bed, side by side. Gorilla’s hand rested on Carlos’s flat stomach as they gazed into each other’s eyes. His hand moved south and began absent-mindedly playing with Carlos’s spent, soft penis. Carlos closed his eyes, enjoying the feeling. Gorilla’s hand drifted further south, intending to tickle Carlos’s ass, but he found something else.

“What’s this?” he asked.

“What do you think it is?” Carlos countered.

“A buttplug?”


“Fuck! When did you put this in?”

“After you ploughed me at lunch. I said I’d meet you at the truck, and … that’s when I put it in. I mean, I was already loose and wet, so why waste a good opportunity?”

Gorilla’s jaw fell open. “You were wearing this all afternoon?”

Carlos nodded. “Inspired by the band we watched the other night.”

Gorilla scrambled to remember their name. “‘Boipussy’, right?”

“Yeah,” said Carlos. “I wanted to feel something in my boipussy while you were driving this afternoon, to remind me what it felt like when you fucked me on your lunch break.”

They locked eyes. Gorilla drew breath, about to give voice to words that might change his life, but Carlos spoke first.

“I think I need to find the Boipussy band website. Wanna email them to see if we can tour together.”

Gorilla shook the thought, and the words that now wouldn’t fit, out of his head. “Uhh … yeah … good idea.”

Carlos rose from the bed. “Let’s go check out this shitty town.”

The words Gorilla wanted to say were still on his tongue, but he swallowed them. “Sure.”

Carlos went to the bathroom and extracted the buttplug with a pleasurable sigh. He cleaned it under the sink and left it on the shelf to dry.


They only walked a few blocks of the CBD, chatting aimlessly, but Carlos’s expectation was confirmed: Nashville was boring, just another bland, soulless American metropolis with nothing interesting to see or experience. Gorilla had been here a few times before and he knew a bar nearby that served a reasonable quality dinner. They ate well, and Carlos enjoyed a few beers.

“You full?” asked Gorilla.

Carlos spoke loudly. “My stomach is full, but my ass isn’t.” He burped.

Heads turned, but Gorilla was not embarrassed. “Wow, you get straight to the point, don’t you?”

Carlos burped. “Life’s too short, dude.”

Gorilla picked up the check and they headed back towards their motel room.


Gorilla closed the door behind them. Carlos took his shoes and pants off. He left his t-shirt on and lay down on the bed. He opened his legs, exposing his asshole. “You want some dessert, big guy?”

Gorilla’s mouth was already salivating.

“Get your fat tongue in there, dude. I want to feel you.”

Gorilla sank to his knees. He jammed his face into Carlos’s ass, savouring his sweaty, musky, masculine scent. His tongue delicately touched Carlos’s anus, and Carlos moaned.

“Go hard, man,” said Carlos. “Fucking eat me out good.”

Gorilla ate Carlos’s ass like he was possessed. His rough, fat tongue lapped hungrily at the puckered mancunt in front of him. Carlos reached around to grasp the back of Gorilla’s head to force it into him harder. Gorilla’s tongue stiffened as he tried to penetrate Carlos’s hole.

“That’s it, man. I fucking love feeling your face up in my ass.” Carlos’s dick was hard, and he began stroking it. He remembered the buttplug he’d left drying in the bathroom. “Wait a second, buddy. Just going to get something.”

Carlos bent over. Due to Gorilla’s work, the plug slipped in easily. He came back over to Gorilla, who was still on his knees.

Carlos looked down at Gorilla’s red, puffy face. “I put the plug back in, man. It felt so good wearing it while you sucked me off before dinner.” He waved his erect dick across Gorilla’s lips.

Gorilla took him into his mouth and Carlos sighed. Today was the first time he’d been blown while having something in his ass, and the feeling was absolutely sublime. He wanted to feel it again. As Gorilla sucked his dick, Carlos reached around and tried to fuck himself with the plug.

Carlos felt his orgasm beginning to build. “Dude, I’m gonna cum,” he announced, taking his dick out of Gorilla’s wet mouth.

He stood over Gorilla and jerked himself off onto his face. As his orgasm hit, his ass began to flex and twitch, a sensation which only deepened and elongated his orgasm. He came everywhere, and Gorilla’s face was an absolute mess.

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