Grindr Fantasies


It’s not like I set out to get fucked that day. At least not consciously. I mostly wanted something to write about later; something I could record for the spank bank on days when I felt like reminiscing. It had been at least five years since I even attempted to take a cock in my ass, which my then-virgin unstretched hole struggled with despite the ginger twink’s modest five inches. Since then, I had been through a moderate spectrum of plugs and dildos, culminating in my current favorite black stretcher. Despite my ability to take the full six inches of length and four inches of width, I was still scared of letting a stranger plumb my depths.

That doesn’t mean I wasn’t trying out cocks, though. In the intervening half-decade, I spent my fair share of time chasing the biggest cocks I could find on Grindr. Every couple of days I would redownload the discreet black-and-yellow app, loading my profile with the most suggestive photos I could under the app’s ever-changing Terms the meeting place inside agreed upon ahead of time. Entering the moonlit house scared me a little, but that only added to my aroused excitement. I was never afraid of getting raped because Burdur Escort the thought honestly turned me on too much. Abandoning these darker thoughts, I could usually find my caller posted up in the living room, bottomless legs spread wide across from a TV playing reruns of Family Guy (I knew it was going to be good if there was porn on, instead). With minimal words being exchanged, I undressed in the corner and flung myself to the ground in front of the man. If his penis was soft, I would swallow the whole thing into my mouth and eagerly coax it to life. Feeling the limp sausage throb and grow in my mouth was almost enough to make me bust then and there. Only once the stranger’s cock achieved its full, throbbing, leaking erection would I get started.

Reaching down between my legs, I make one sweeping motion over my throbbing erection, over my tight, smooth balls, and massage the jelly-like surface of the glimmering plug in my ass. Then, I close my eyes and throat the cock as far as I can while pulling the plug out of my well-oiled hole. Pressing down harder and harder, I crave filling myself with cock as I empty my hungry hole. Only Burdur Escort Bayan once I start truly choking on the cock do I pull off, simultaneously refilling my empty, gaping hole with the plug. In my mind I imagine two hung frat bros sending me back and forth over their engorged cocks. Wanting to be a cock sleeve, I start sliding myself between the cock and plug faster and faster. My free hand roams from my balls to his, sliding up the veiny shaft in an open fist, meeting my lips as I bob up and down. With the extra suction, I start twisting and sucking, gagging and moaning as the stranger grunts with approval. This is when I truly lose myself.

In my mind, the other frat bros are all standing around stroking their hefty endowments waiting their turn for the cum dumpster. The man in my mouth grabs the back of my head and uses my mouth like a fleshlight. At this point, I’ve stopped sliding back and forth and start rapidly fucking my ass with the plug. Seven inches of meat are fired like a piston down my throat; two sweaty balls smack my chin with an increased ferocity. I can’t breathe anymore, but I don’t really care. I’m in heaven. Escort Burdur I open my eyes and all I see is a forest of public hair slamming against my nose; my asshole squelching from the lube and cream I’ve worked up. Just as I start to black out, the cock pulls out and fires load after steamy, thick load over my face. Gasping for air, a couple ropes shoot straight into my mouth, and I hold it there, savoring the salty taste.

Once the stranger is settled from his pelvis-breaking orgasm, I collapse on the floor to catch my breath. With the cum still in my mouth, I carefully spit it out into my hand and reach for my diamond-stiff erection. The mixture of spit and cum create a thick lube over my dwarfed cock, and I start jacking off furiously at the feet of the stranger. Usually disinterested from their post-nut clarity, they hardly notice as my cock-craving reaches a fever pitch. Finishing my fantasy of being gangbanged by his cock, I explode cum all over my chest, neck, and face. My cum mixes with the streaks left on my face, and I greedily scoop it all into my hungry mouth. Swallowing the combined loads, I happily get dressed, give a few conclusory grunts to the man, and walk shakily back out to my car. Satisfied and exhausted, I pull up Grindr and delete the app in front of the stranger’s house until the next bout of horniness overtakes me.

That was all that I had envisioned when I left my house that day…

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