Laying Hands On The Preacher’s Wife


She is my biggest fantasy—the love of my life. Mrs. Nita is my pastor’s wife and also the mom of my two friends, Bill and Don.My name is Randy. I love this woman with all my heart. I’m twenty-two years old and a student at the local Junior College. Mrs. Nita is such a beautiful woman. she is about five foot and seven inches, with a beautiful figure with 34C- breasts, a gorgeous ass, and the most fantastic long, legs. She’s forty-eight years old. Her short blonde hair frames a very beautiful face that appears to be twenty years younger than her actual age.I look forward to every Sunday, just to be able to see her. When I’m not with her, she occupies my thoughts and fantasies. I constantly masturbate just thinking about her.I’m not an overly attractive man. I’ve never been very popular with women. I’m just a regular guy, but I have a cock of about seven inches. Mrs. Nita plays the organ at our Church. From my seat in the choir, I have a great view of her. Often I catch myself staring at her and losing track of the sermon.On a particular Sunday, she was wearing a blue dress that emphasized her body, especially her rear end. She had on nude stockings and silver heels. Just sitting there looking at her had my cock getting hard. I was fantasizing about running my hands over her body and ass. Feeling those legs and caressing her breasts.Our church hosted a banquet, honoring the graduates for the end of the school Manisa Escort year. Bill was graduating from the local high school and I was graduating from junior college. So, he and I were sitting side by side for the festivities. Bro. Ed and Mrs. Nita we’re hosting the banquet. Mrs. Nita was wearing a beautiful formal dress. She looked like a sexy princess.Bill and I talked and laughed through the steak dinner. We sat through the guest speaker, and then it was time for Bro. Ed and Mrs. Nita to honor each graduate. Bro. Ed would call the name of each person and give a brief bio. The honoree would walk up to the podium to the applause of the crowd. Mrs. Nita would shake the hand of each guy or girl, hand them a small gift, and kiss the person on his or her cheek.When my name was called, I was walking up to the podium, looking Mrs. Nita in the eye as she smiled at me. When she held out her hand to me, I took her in my arms, bent her slightly backward, and kissed her fully on the mouth. I kissed her lips, just feeling the softness of her mouth. My tongue found hers in a long and passionate kiss.She didn’t fight me off as I kissed her. Actually, she seemed to be kissing me back. Her tongue and mine entertained in such a way that she actually seemed to be enjoying it. My cock was rock-hard as it pressed against her hip. My hand did from her lower back to the base of her ass. While Manisa Escort Bayan we kissed, there was shocked applause and wolf whistles from the crowd.When I released her, she just looked at me. She then kept her classy composure and smiled at the crowd. I had a raging boner as I went back to my seat. I looked at her son. He just had a very puzzled expression on his face.Later that night, once I got home, I went directly to my bedroom, took off my clothes, and started jerking my cock. I thought about how her body felt in my arms. The feeling of her soft lips on mine, and the taste of her sweet mouth. I thought about how her dress made her look so sexy. These thoughts of her caused me to jerk my cock harder until II blew a huge load. The memory of what just happened at the banquet had my entire body tingling with my love for her.A few days later, I went to their home to see if Bill and Don would like to hang out. Mrs. Nita answered the door and invited me in. She told me that her sons were at baseball practice and Bro. Ed was at the church, working on his sermon. She was wearing an oversized button-down shirt, and denim shorts, and was barefoot. I let my eyes take in her body as she walked ahead of me.She poured me a glass of iced tea. We made small talk, never mentioning what had transpired at the banquet. As we talked, she would look at me with that sweet smile that would Escort Manisa drive any man wild with lust.I couldn’t help my next move. Overwhelmed with desire, I leaned in and kissed her on her soft cheek. She had a concerned look on her face. She dropped her eyes as she took a step back from me. I could read the conflict in her movements. She was a devoted wife and loving mom to her two sons. Yet, I knew that she was wanting to give in to her building sexual desires.“Randy, I think that maybe you should leave now.” She looked at me with the need to dismiss the situation that she found herself in. I reached out and took her by the arm. I pulled her to me, took her in my arms, and kissed her. She returned my kiss like she was submitting to her feelings of lustful desires. The taboo of a wife and mother and the advances of a younger man.As we kissed, she put her arms around me. She pulled away and said, “We really shouldn’t be doing this.”I pulled her to me and we started kissing again. I pinned her against the sink, pressing my body against hers. My cock was pressed hard against her body. I know that she was able to feel it as it throbbed against her. I let her body slide between my thighs and started dry-humping against her. I started kissing her along her long neck. I picked her up and carried her to the bedroom. I sat Mrs. Nita on the bed. She leaned back on her elbows and watched as I undid my belt and slid off my pants and underwear exposing myself to her.She looked directly at my cock. All this time, she was shaking her head no. She slid back away from me. My naked cock pointed at her, hard as I had ever been. I loved the fact that she was seeing it for the very first time.

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