Letter # 9: From the Lost Letter Bin in Everheart North Dakota


Agnes MooreheadBox 26Flavor RoadEverheart, NDDear Agnes:You said if I wanted to see you anymore I had to send you flowers and write you a love letter. I sent Clyde Wormin over with some flowers I picked and I ain’t much of a writer but this is my best try at a love letter.Agnes, I been smitten with you since the first time I seen you. I remember it like yesterday. Your daddy hired me to come to the farm and do day labor and when I went behind the barn to get a pitchfork you was squatted down taking a piss. You yelled at me to look away, but before I did, I seen your womanly charms and I thought to myself I ought to go courtin’ that girl ’cause she is the most beautiful girl I ever seen.I asked your daddy if I could go walking with Manisa Escort you down in the orchard and he said he didn’t mind but I ought to be careful ’cause you wasn’t right in the head. I didn’t know what he meant, though now I do, and I don’t care one bit. You was the apple of my eye, only five foot two and barely two-hundred pounds, with those big brown eyes and tits like watermelons, I got boners just thinking about you.When I asked you to go walkin’ with me in the apple orchard you said okay as long as I didn’t try nothin’ ’cause you weren’t no slut-whore like them townie girls. I promised to be a gentleman and we held hands and walked through the orchard talking about how we grew up and what we Manisa Escort Bayan wanted to do in the future, and then you said that I’d been a gentleman just like I promised so as a reward you showed me your tits and let me feel ’em. And then when we was walking back toward the farm, you waited ’till I was turned away from you and you hit me in the back of the head with a tree branch sayin’ that when you showed me your tits it was a test and if I was a gentleman I wouldn’t squeezed ’em or even looked at ’em, but instead I would have looked away to protect your honor. I knew that day you wasn’t like no other woman I ever met.So let me tell you about all the things about you I love. I still love your Escort Manisa big brown eyes and every time I touch that scar on my head that you gave me down in the orchard I am reminded how when I look deep into those eyes I never know whether you are thinking to kiss me or hit me with a shovel. I love your lips and your mouth. I love how sometimes when you are sucking my dick your face turns all blushed and you suck so hard that it’s like you want to suck all the insides right out of me, and then I cum in your mouth and my stuff shoots out your nose mixed with snot. Then you lay your head in my lap and lick my balls and sob and tell me if you’d been born a Russian princess like you wanted, then you’d be sucking on the dick of a handsome prince, and his stuff would taste like vanilla pudding, and you’d be doing it in a beautiful golden carriage, but instead you’re up in the hayloft with a day laborer, which is me, and it is sort of insulting but I feel so tender for you, I don’t care and nearly cry myself.

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