My First Time Being Black Owned Ch. 03


(This is the third part of my story, please check out the other parts if you’re interested.)

I walked down the street in a daze. It was almost midnight now, and a bit chilly. I was well used, I could feel my asshole leak with each step I took. The slight pain I was feeling served to remind me what a dirty slut I was. Jim had ruined me with his huge cock, my ass would never be the same.

As the high of being a slut wore off, again the shame set in. Did I really just let a big black man who’s old enough to be my dad use me like a slut and fuck me with no condom? What’s wrong with me?

What would people think if they knew? My head flashed to the pictures Jim took when he thought I was asleep. What would he do with them? Would they end up posted on the internet somewhere? The shame and regret briefly took hold but the more I thought about what I’d done just led back to me thinking about his cock and getting horny again.

I took out my phone to call an Uber, I saw the message notifications in the dating app and opened them hoping Jim reached out again. No such luck. There were other men who reached out, but I felt like I belonged to Jim now, at least until I left the city.. I was Jim’s property, his little white boy. He marked me with his cum and I would be forever in love with him.

I called the Uber and headed back to my aunt’s. I felt my wet asshole dripping daddy’s cum, I tried to clench to keep it all inside of me but it was no use, my ass had just been pounded on and it was loose and worn out. I thought about how hot it would be to let another daddy use me right now and how easy they could slide their cock right into me.. I even wondered if the Uber driver would want to fuck me, I was sure if he saw my ass he would.. But he wasn’t my type anyway and I could only think about my new daddy.

When I got to my aunts I locked myself in the bathroom and peeled off my sweat pants. I set up my phone with a timer and took pictures of my ass in panties with cum dripping out of the sides. I took more pictures of my bare ass, then spread it to show it used and dripping cum. I felt proud that I had submitted to a black man and I got so horny seeing my used ass and body.

It was late and all I could think about was Jim and his cock. I was feeling so gay for him, I felt so lucky and special because I was able to please him and fulfill his needs. I felt like I wanted to be cuddled and spooned by him all night long. I pictured myself in panties wearing one of Jim’s shirts. Cuddled up next to him just waiting to service his cock. I wished I could wake up next to him and service him in the morning. I even had gay thoughts about cooking him breakfast while I wore something skimpy. I just wanted to be his bitch. The morning couldn’t come fast enough. I jerked my little cock off a bunch of times and fell asleep dreaming about being daddy’s little girlfriend.

I was up the next morning at 7 am. I woke up with a hard cock knowing what I was going to be doing in just a few hours. I must have jerked my little cock 20 times between taking a shower and getting back into the bedroom. I wanted my little cock to be limp and worthless when I was with daddy, like a clit, so I drained myself and fingered my ass in the shower multiple times. I used the dating app to look at cock pics occasionally responding to a few messages but with no intention of meeting. I loved how much the black men wanted my ass. It didn’t matter though, I was owned by Jim now and he was my priority. I was in heat for my new daddy. I would do anything for him, the more I thought about him the more I started to feel like I was in love.

I was like a drug addict, but it was Jim’s big dick I was addicted to. I was completely willing to throw my life away for his black cock at this point. I’d have let daddy fuck me in public, in the middle of the street, or in front of my family, I’d do anything he wanted. I Beylikdüzü Escort felt completely owned by him, physically and mentally.

It was 8:30 am and I was rubbing my little cock flirting with black men on the app when a message popped up from Jim. He sent a photo – one of my used ass, it must have been one of the pictures he took when I was “sleeping”. I loved seeing myself from that angle, as a little slut with a big ass, the way Jim sees me. I quickly sent him back one of the photos I took in the bathroom yesterday, of my used ass in panties, cum leaking down my thighs. The emoji he sent me back let me know he liked what he was seeing.

I got up and slipped on a nice g-string pair of panties I had found in the dirty laundry in the bathroom. Turns out my aunts underwear fit me well. I threw on sweat pants that looked really good on my ass, a tight little T-shirt and slides. I called an Uber as I went to leave the apartment. My aunt had left me a note by the front door about possibly meeting for a late lunch. I thought to myself that if she only knew her nephew was a gay cock slut for an old black man, she probably wouldn’t want anything to do with me.

I walked out the door to meet the Uber. Once in the car I started to get really excited, my little prick got hard and I was rubbing my balls and asshole gently the whole drive. I was feeling so slutty and horny, I felt like I needed black cock. I got out of the car and walked toward Jim’s building. I signed in with the receptionist, luckily it wasn’t the same lady from the night before. I made my way to Jim’s door, nervous and excited.

I knocked very gently and Jim came to the door. He had on just a robe, I assumed he was naked under the robe. He said “come in boy” and motioned me inside. I of course followed direction and went into his apartment.

I instinctively crawled onto the floor, sitting on his rug in front of the couch I took my sweatpants off and poked my butt out to catch Jim’s attention and show off. It must have worked because he sat directly in front of me on the couch and took out his growing cock. As he spread his robe I felt a rush go through me, I was so in love with my black daddy at this point I just wanted to live here with him and live my life to service him and his massive cock.

He slapped his big cock against my face as I leaned in to to kiss it. He kept this up and I could feel his cock get harder and harder with each smack. Finally he put it up to my lips and I quickly licked up the little dribble of precum as he pushed his cock into my mouth. I felt his hands on the back of my head at first softly rubbing my head, as his cock pushed it’s way further into my mouth his hand tightened on the back of my head, pulling my hair slightly. He was forcing his cock into my throat, little by little. I was trying to focus on breathing through my nose as I felt myself making noises “glugh, glugh, glugh” as Jim pushed in and out of my mouth, trying his best to stretch my throat.

This went on for a while as I did my best to not push him away even as I gagged and drooled on his cock. Being such a willing slut for him I let him push me to the point where I almost vomited, I gagged hard and I pushed away, his cock came out covered in thick spit. He pulled me toward him and up onto my feet.

My cock was at face level with Jim, he rubbed my balls and ran his fingers under them and back toward my little asshole. He was fingering me now like a girl. He circled his fingers against my little hole, before I knew it he was finger fucking me with two of his big thick fingers. I felt him pushing them deeper, I wasn’t properly lubed up so it hurt a little, I could feel my sphincter tight on his fingers. I was willing to endure pain if it meant pleasing daddy, pleasing him was my only concern. He popped his fingers out of me and pulled me one him, spreading my legs into a straddling Beylikdüzü Escort Bayan position.

I felt Jim’s huge dick between my cheeks and running up my back. Daddy lifted me by the hips and aligned his cock with my hole, then he slowly pushed me down onto his cock. Even though I had been so well used the day before, his cock didn’t want to go in. I spit onto my fingers and ran them across my hole, Jim pressed again and now he was slowly pushing into me. The only lube was the spit from the sloppy blowjob I had given him, so I could feel every single inch push into me, deeper and deeper. It hurt but I could tell how good it felt for my daddy and how much he loved it.

When he was content with how far he had pressed his big cock into me he stopped and held me there, arms wrapped around me. I whispered into his ear “I love you daddy”, and I felt his cock twitch a little. In that moment I think he loved me too. but really it didn’t matter, I loved him unconditionally even if I was just a dumb little white boy slut to him. I felt so grateful for daddy and his cock.

I started to slowly move my hips and gyrate my ass on his cock. His groans let me know he loved it. His eyes rolled back in his head as I tried my best to twerk like a girl, in a delicate way so that his cock stayed deep in me. This lasted for several minutes until he started mumbling swears under his breath and calling me degrading names. “You nasty little white bitch” was one of the things I heard him call me, I loved it. I could feel his cock twitching in rhythm with my movements. He was going to cum in me and I needed it bad.

Jim hugged me tight, I could feel the warmth of his body and the tickles from his hairy chest. He drove his cock into me, as deep as it would go. He let out a final groan and spoke into my ear “good boy”.. as I felt his cock spasm and spurt into my ass. His cum was hot and it felt soothing to be filled with his seed. He held me tight as his cock twitched in me, draining the last drops of his balls into my ass. I knew his cum would be in my body forever, and I loved it.

As I sat mounted on him like a slut, my soft little boy cock sandwiched between us like an oversized clit. I felt proud that I was with Jim. I thought about how I was able to suck his cock, then climb up on him and ride on his cock like a bitch. I was proud that I was sexy enough that daddy wanted to fuck me.. And that I could make him cum so hard. I wanted nothing more than to be his little bitch. I felt like he owned me.

He pushed me off of his cock and I flopped down on the couch next to him. I instinctually turned around and laid on my belly, taking his dirty cock in my mouth. I could taste and smell his cum mixed with my ass and I loved it. His now floppy but still huge cock now squeaky clean, I started kissing to balls with his cock flopped across the side of my face. It was so degrading and sexy to have daddy’s big dick on my face.

I laid my head down on his cock with my hands on his thighs. He was feeling up my ass and rubbing my head lovingly. I was in heaven, in the arms of my black daddy. There was nowhere in the world I would rather be. I dozed off a little, in ecstasy from the feeling of being treated like a slutty girl and being with the man I was now in love with.

When daddy’s cock woke me up it was 12:30 and he was fingering my ass hard. It was so loose and used that I could have slept through the fingering, but his cock was growing hard under my face and it needed my attention. I took it in my mouth lovingly, he told me again that I was his good boy.

I sucked on his huge cock, using my hands to jerk him off. He had his two middle fingers in my ass, fingering it like a girls pussy. I sucked his cock lovingly for 20 minutes or so until I felt him push me up, and guide me up onto my feet. I was ready to straddle him again but he turned me around Escort Beylikdüzü and slapped my ass. He kissed each butt cheek then used his strong hands to spread my big ass. I could feel my used whole opened and exposed. He spit in it and pulled me toward his cock.. I slowly sat down onto his lap, his cock sinking into me.

I felt him bottom out in me, then he lifted his hips to push even harder and I felt him slip in a little more of his giant black cock. I couldn’t believe I was sitting on daddy’s lap with his cock in me, I loved it. It felt like it was in my stomach. I felt so full and complete with his huge black cock inside of me.

He started lifting me slowly and then lowering me back down onto his cock. He slammed into me deep, over and over. It hurt but felt good, it was what I needed and what daddy wanted. This went on for some time and my legs started to get sore from the position I was in, it didn’t matter though, id do my job and sit on his cock until he was finished, I was his dedicated slut. As he pounded me from beneath I could feel his cock stiffening and quivering. Finally he was going to cum in me again and I was so happy. He started really bouncing me on his cock then suddenly shot the biggest most powerful load into my ass that I’ve ever felt. I could feel it running out of my ass and onto his cock and groin area.

We were both breathing hard, he pushed me up off him and I got down on the ground. I crawled toward him to suck his cock clean but he got up and went to the bathroom. I was a little disappointed as all I wanted was more of daddy’s cock. I heard the shower turn on. I laid on my back and jerked my little boy prick and quickly came all over myself. I cleaned up most of my cum by licking it off my fingers, god I was such a slut now. I got up and started looking for the thong I had worn there. I put it on and got up on the couch and laid on my stomach. I wasn’t going to leave until he asked me to, and if he wanted to fuck me more after his shower I would happily let him.

I heard daddy walk get out of the shower and listened as he got dressed. He told me to get up and put some clothes on. I started to put my sweatpants on and found my t-shirt. I asked daddy if I could go pee and he motioned toward the bathroom. I went in and noticing the door was open and daddy could see me, I chose to sit down and pee, arching my back and imitating a girl. I was hoping daddy watched me. I wanted him to think of me as a girly slut.

When I looked in the mirror on my way out of the bathroom I noticed I look flustered and my hair was wild, like I’d just been fucked.. I turned around and looked at my ass in the reflection, my thong was showing in the back and it looked like the ass of a hot girl.. I felt good about how I looked and who I was. I was more of a sissy boy than a man, and now I was black owned, which is one of the most taboo and beautiful things I had ever been a part of.

I went back into the living room and Jim asked me if I was hungry. I didn’t hesitate to say yes, hoping he was going to feed me more of his huge cook.. instead he said “do you want to get something to eat boy”? I nodded my head yes. I felt like a girl being asked out on her first date. My heart was fluttering for daddy but I played it cool and stood there like a girl with my ass poked out, showing off my thong, watching daddy put his shoes on. I so badly just wanted to get on my knees and beg daddy to feed me his cock, but I could tell that’s not what he wanted right now.

I followed him out of his apartment door and toward the elevator. As I got into the elevator daddy held the doors and let me go first, guiding me in while gently caressing my lower back. His touch made me tingle. I was extremely turned on by the idea of venturing out into public with daddy, especially if he was going to be flirtatious with me and treat me like his girl.

What would people think of our “friendship”? Would it be obvious that I was his bottom boy? What would my excuse be for hanging out with an old black man I have nothing in common with? I didn’t care, I stood close to my black daddy while we rode in the elevator. I was ready to show my love to daddy, even out in public…

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