My Last Day In Babylon


“MY LAST DAY IN BABYLON”Our little adventure takes place in Babylon Mesopotamia, 605 BCDarkness was descending upon Babylon and it was time to pick up Mylitta. We had been seeing each other for almost six weeks. My best friend introduced us. She was so hot! Long dark hair, a slender waist, plus unbelievable breasts for her size. I love to watch the way people stare at her. We found a romantic place to eat and I picked a table way in the back for some privacy.After dinner, Bolu Escort she was anxious to enjoy some intimate pleasure, so we found a nice grassy spot beside the river. Both of us removed our robes and spread them out to lie down on. Her naked beauty always takes my breath away. She said she had a surprise for me and handed me a brightly wrapped piece of candy. I offered to share it with her, but she said no, that it was just for me. It tasted wonderful. Bolu Escort Bayan We continued to frolic under the moonlight, but for some reason, it was becoming impossible to concentrate. Why did I feel so sleepy? She noticed I was having difficulty and began waving the candy wrapper in my face. That was the last thing I remembered.The next morning I woke up totally naked and found myself tied down to a freakin’ stone altar. I began to panic as I saw Escort Bolu a group of young women gathering around me. One of them stepped forward.”Good morning. I see the sedative has worn off. I hope we have made you comfortable.””What the hell is going on here? Where is my clothing and why am I tied down like this? How did I even get here?””Your girlfriend slipped you a little sleeping potion we provided. She was boasting about your size as we haggled over the price, and now I see you are worth every shekel we paid.””She sold me?? That BITCH!””You sound surprised. If someone had offered me that much money, I would have sold my boyfriend too. So to answer your question, we are here to pay tribute to Viagra, god of fertility.”

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