Sarah’s First Day At School Part III


In the dim morning light, Sarah and Mark lay entwined in their shared bed, the cotton sheets twisted around their legs. Sarah’s hand, warm and soft, gently wrapped around Mark’s hardening cock, her fingers teasing him with slow, deliberate strokes.”Mark,” she whispered, a mischievous glint in her eyes, “I must tell you something. When Sandra wore that short skirt to school yesterday, I took a leather strap to her bottom.” She licked her lips as Mark’s breath hitched, his curiosity piqued.”Really?” Mark asked, trying to keep his voice steady.Sarah nodded, taking pleasure in seeing his reaction. “Mmm, yes. Her skirt was so short that it offered no protection when I had her across my knee. Every time I spanked her, my hand hitting her bare skin filled the room.” She watched as Mark’s cock grew harder in her palm, and she tightened her grip ever so slightly.”Tell me more,” he murmured, his cheeks flushing excitedly.”Her panties were skimpy too, barely covering her bottom,” Sarah continued, a wicked smile on her lips. “I made her touch her toes and spread her legs wide for the strapping, exposing her completely. The welts from the leather strap left her bottom red and welted, visible even through her thin panties.”As Sarah spoke, emphasizing the word “spanking” throughout her story, she felt Mark’s erection grow increasingly rigid in her hand. She revelled in her power over him, knowing how much he loved being dominated by her.”Mark, I really enjoyed spanking and strapping Sandra’s bare bottom,” she confessed, giving his cock a firm tug with each mention of “spanking”. Unable to resist longer, she straddled him, guiding his throbbing length inside her as they both moaned in pleasure.”Before I go to work today,” Sarah panted, her hips grinding against his, “I want to take the leather strap to your bare bottom too.” She rode him harder and faster until they both reached their peaks, their bodies shuddering together in ecstasy.Flushed and breathless, Mark sheepishly agreed to be strapped just like Sandra, bending over the bedroom chair as Sarah dressed for work. She strapped his panty-covered bottom before pulling down his pants, instructing him to open his legs just as Sandra had. With every crack of the leather on his skin, Mark couldn’t help but feel a mixture of humiliation and arousal at the thought of Sandra coming to spank him on Saturday.Later that day, Sarah excitedly shared her morning escapade with Sandra, knowing how much she would appreciate the intimate details. The two women chatted animatedly, Sandra asking questions about the strapping while Sarah admired her friend’s knee-length skirt.”Is your bottom still sore from yesterday?” Malatya Escort Sarah teased, raising an eyebrow.Sandra giggled, touching her skirt playfully. “A little, but it was worth it. And I’m really looking forward to spanking Mark this weekend.”As they continued talking, Sarah felt a thrill run through her – a secret shared between friends, a power dynamic that made her heart race. The anticipation of what was to come only heightened her desire, and she knew that Saturday couldn’t come soon enough.———————Sarah found herself in Sandra’s study after lunch, watching with amused curiosity as Sandra took Thomas, an eighteen-year-old student, across her knee. With a firm hand, Sandra spanked the boy’s panty-covered bottom, each slap echoing through the room.”Is this how you’re going to behave at school?” Sandra scolded him, her voice stern but with a hint of playful satisfaction. She continued spanking Thomas’s bottom, the fabric of his pants stretched tight over his reddening cheeks.Thomas whimpered, squirming under Sandra’s punishing hand. “No, Miss,” he muttered, embarrassed by the situation.”Good,” she replied, yanking down his pants to expose his bare bottom. Thomas gasped, instinctively trying to cover himself, but Sandra held him firmly. Sarah watched, captivated by the raw power dynamics playing out before her.With renewed vigour, Sandra spanked Thomas’s bare bottom until it glowed a bright red. Eventually, she stopped and made him stand facing the corner of the room, his sore backside on display for both ladies to observe.”Stay there and think about your actions,” Sandra commanded, winking at Sarah as if to say, ‘Look what I can do.’ A thrill ran through Sarah – a secret shared between friends, a power dynamic that made her heart race.After a few minutes of corner time, Sandra approached Thomas to pull up his pants. To her surprise and anger, she discovered the boy’s erect cock. “You shouldn’t be enjoying this, Thomas!” she snapped, her face flushed with indignation.In response, Sandra gave him another swift spanking, then retrieved a cane from the cupboard. She delivered six sharp strokes with stern efficiency, leaving Thomas sobbing and begging for mercy. Satisfied that his arousal had subsided, Sandra ordered him to stand and show both ladies his now-flaccid cock before dismissing him.”Phew, that was intense,” Sandra confessed to Sarah once Thomas had left, her eyes sparkling with satisfaction. “I needed some practice before dealing with Mark this weekend.”Sarah couldn’t help but feel sympathy for the young schoolboy, who had been unknowingly chosen as Sandra’s guinea pig. But the anticipation Malatya Escort Bayan of what was to come only heightened her desire, and she knew that Saturday couldn’t come soon enough.———————Mark awoke beside Sarah on Saturday morning, anxious about Sandra’s impending visit. He tried to change Sarah’s mind one last time as they lay in bed together.”Please, do we really have to go through with this?” he pleaded, looking into her eyes with fear and desperation.”Mark, don’t be such a baby,” Sarah chided, rolling her eyes. “You’re getting your bottom smacked by Sandra today, and that’s final.”As his situation settled in, Mark couldn’t help but feel a strange mix of apprehension and arousal at the thought of Sandra soon arriving to spank him.”By the way, Mark,” Sarah said with a wicked grin, “once Sandra’s done spanking you, I might just have you lick her pussy. How does that sound?”Mark’s face turned bright red as he stammered, “Wh-what? You can’t be serious…””Of course I’m serious,” Sarah replied playfully, enjoying the look of shock on her husband’s face. “I bet you’d love to taste her while she’s still all worked up from spanking your naughty bottom.””Sarah, please…” Mark pleaded, but Sarah merely raised an eyebrow in response.”Get used to it, Mark. Today will be quite an experience for both of us,” she said firmly, leaving no room for negotiation.Before Mark could muster any further protest, Sarah left the room, returning moments later with a bundle of clothing in her arms. She unfolded the garments and held them up for Mark to see – a schoolboy uniform complete with a white button-up shirt, tie, and a pair of very short shorts that would expose his bottom cheeks.”Remember this?” Sarah asked teasingly, recalling their previous role-playing adventures. “Today, you’re going to wear this for Sandra. And I have another little surprise for you, too.”Mark gulped as Sarah produced a pair of silky men’s bikini panties, holding them up with a smirk. “You’ll be wearing these under your shorts. I don’t want your little uniform or underwear offering any protection when Sandra spanks you.””Sarah, do we really have to–” Mark began but was silenced by Sarah’s stern gaze.”Enough, Mark. Get dressed. Sandra will be here soon, and I expect you to be ready.”With a heavy sigh, Mark reluctantly took the uniform and panties from Sarah, feeling a mixture of dread and excitement coursing through him as he imagined what the day had in store.As he changed into the outfit, Sarah couldn’t help but admire her handiwork. The short shorts and silky panties would undoubtedly provide the perfect canvas for Sandra’s Escort Malatya disciplinary attention. And as much as she knew Mark was nervous, Sarah could see that deep down, he, too, was eager to experience the thrill of submitting to both women.Mark, now dressed in the schoolboy uniform and the silky bikini panties, fidgeted nervously as Sarah paced around the room, deep in thought.”Where should you be when Sandra arrives?” she asked, tapping her chin. “I could have you across my lap with the door open, but I think that might be too obvious.”Mark’s heart raced at the image of being found in such a vulnerable position, but he remained silent, not wanting to incite Sarah’s ire.”Ah, I’ve got it!” Sarah exclaimed suddenly, snapping her fingers. “You’ll stand in the corner, shorts pulled up tight, like a naughty boy awaiting his punishment.”As Mark reluctantly shuffled towards the corner, Sarah adjusted his shorts, pulling them up snugly to emphasize his exposed bottom cheeks. She then stepped back, admiring her handiwork before turning her attention to preparing herself for Sandra’s arrival.”Bend forward and push out your bottom. Stay right there,” Sarah ordered, leaving Mark anxiously waiting in anticipation.The minutes felt like hours as Mark stood in the corner, the tension building within him until he heard the sound of the front door opening and Sandra’s voice floating through the house.”Sarah, darling, I’m here!” she called out, excitement evident in her tone.”Come on in, Sandra!” Sarah replied, her own enthusiasm matching Sandra’s. “You’re just in time.”Sandra entered the room, dressed in a daringly short dress that barely covered her thighs, and smirked when she saw Mark in the corner. “My, my, isn’t this quite the sight? It seems someone’s been very naughty.””Indeed,” Sarah said, lifting her dress to reveal her black lace panties. Positioning herself on the edge of the bed. “Now, let’s begin, shall we?”Sarah guided Mark across her bare thighs and began spanking him across his shorts. “You’ve been a bad boy, haven’t you, Mark?” she scolded as her hand connected with his exposed flesh.”Y-yes,” he stammered, his face flushing with embarrassment.”Across Miss Sandra’s lap, young man,” Sarah said sternly.”Good,” Sandra chimed in, stepping closer. “Now, let’s see what’s underneath these shorts.”Lowering Mark’s shorts, Sandra revealed the silky panties that barely covered his bottom. She could feel his erection pressing against her thigh as she led him over her lap and started spanking him, each smack sending shivers down his spine.”Such a naughty boy,” Sandra taunted. “I can’t believe your wife has to call me to deal with you.”Mark squirmed under their combined gazes, unable to find the words to respond. His mind was a whirlwind of conflicting emotions – humiliation, arousal, and something else he couldn’t quite place. He wondered if Sarah could see this turmoil within him or if she was simply focused on the task.

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