School Memories


Jack closed the front door as quietly as he could hoping Lucy wouldn’t realise the problem he had. He had been out for a so-called mate’s lunch although it had gone on for longer than he had expected. He had been due home at least two hours ago and wondered whether Lucy would be annoyed with him. However, that was the least of his worries given what had happened to him at the restaurant.Jack was thirty and married to Lucy who was twenty-six.Jack saw that Lucy was in the living room and was looking livid as he walked in, and she demanded, “Why didn’t you answer my messages?”Jack was thrown by that because he hadn’t looked at his phone since sitting down for lunch. He blushed as he got it out and checked and blushed an even deeper red when he saw five missed messages, all from Lucy.Jack was still blushing as he looked at Lucy and said, “Sorry.”Lucy seemed to relax a bit and said, “But at least you are home. So, how was the lunch?”Jack also relaxed a bit as he walked further into the living room and saw the inquisitive look on Lucy’s face, maybe because he was still walking awkwardly, even though he tried not to show the problem he was having but wasn’t surprised given what had happened to him. He wasn’t going to tell Lucy, though.Jack went and sat on the armchair thinking it was a soft cushion but grimaced as he sat down.Lucy spotted this and asked in what sounded a concerned tone of voice, “Come on, Jack, what’s up?”Jack again tried to convince Lucy there was nothing wrong. “Nothing Lucy, except I probably had a bit too much to drink.”As Jack described some of the things discussed during lunch, he was clearly still uncomfortable as he was sitting on the armchair.Eventually, Lucy pushed him with, “I don’t like the way that you are shuffling about, Jack. Maybe I should take a look so why don’t you drop your trousers and underpants and let me check.”Jack blushed at the request, swallowed hard, and replied, “Really, Lucy, there’s nothing to worry about.”Lucy pressed firmly with, “Look, Jack, I’m a GP so can tell when things are wrong. Now come here and let me check you over.”Jack’s problem was that he knew what was wrong with him and he also knew that Lucy would realise too just as soon as she saw his bare bottom. However, it was his own fault for not being more careful when he got home. Going upstairs first and applying some cold cream would’ve helped, for instance, but he supposed he was too overconfident. Now though, he had to stand up and walk across to Lucy who remained seated on her armchair but sat forward as Jack arrived in front of her.Lucy looked up at Jack and said sounding concerned as a wife should, “Go on, Jack, undo your trousers and push them down and then your underpants. Let’s have a look at the problem as you have got me worried.”Jack was reconciled to having to explain to Lucy more about what had happened at lunch, and in particular which restaurant he went to. However, first, he turned around as he undid the top of his trousers and then the zip, pushing the trousers down, catching his underpants on Beylikdüzü Escort the way, and pushing them both done to his knees.Lucy was wide-eyed as she saw that Jack’s bottom was bright red and with at least a dozen welts across both cheeks. She knew exactly what had caused it, but made a play of rubbing his bottom and running her fingers along some of the welts as though carrying out a proper GP-style inspection.Lucy continued her charade by asking, “So which restaurant did you go to Jack? It could be a health and safety issue here, you know.”Jack wondered if Lucy was playing with him and replied, “We went to School Memories, Lucy.”Lucy knew exactly which restaurant it was and what they did there, but asked, “Anything nice on the menu, Jack? “Jack replied, “I had cheese and tomato, to begin with, then stew and potatoes, followed by ice cream.”Lucy was still running her fingers along the welts as she replied, “So pretty much a typical school meal?”Jack was enjoying the feel of his wife’s fingers on his stinging bottom and was very relaxed as he replied, “I guess so.” Was it possible that she didn’t know what had caused his bottom to be coloured red nor what the welts meant, he wondered, as he sighed at the continuing caressing of his bottom?Lucy continued to play with Jack and said, “I had school dinners when at sixth form college. I remember that if we messed around, we got told off by the teachers, and then a second time would be sent to a side room and dealt with by one of the class assistants. I’m guessing from this that you misbehaved, you naughty boy.”With that Jack froze for a second and then was just beginning to turn around to explain as he felt a really hard smack on his bottom and that was followed by a second smack and then a third. Each time he gasped knowing that Lucy had smacked his bottom which really stung because of the spanking and caning he had received at the restaurant.Lucy said in a very stern tone, “Well of course I know where you went. Emma has already called me, laughing her head off, because she knew her Ted was with you and you both got your bottoms spanked and then caned. In fact, as I understand it, almost all of you were spanked and caned. Is that right Jack?”Before Jack could answer he gasped as Lucy smacked his bottom again and then a second time and again a third time and felt like the naughty college student that he felt he was whilst having lunch, and what happened there flashed through his mind.All the waiters and waitresses were in school uniform, and he particularly liked the girl’s uniform of a short-sleeved green and white gingham dress with a white belt but with a particularly short hem leaving most of the girls’ thighs bare as they all wore white ankle socks. Then, there were other staff dressed in schoolmistress and schoolmaster gowns, and they would be walking around the restaurant being directed to misbehaving diners by the waiters and waitresses, and they each carried a cane.As you entered the restaurant, they gave each diner a questionnaire Beylikdüzü Escort Bayan to fill in. It was quite a simple form. The first question was whether you would want to be disciplined. The second was, if so, are you happy to be spanked, and if so, on your bare bottom or over your clothes? The same question was asked regarding the cane. Finally, you were asked to state your preference for being dealt with by one of the female teachers or one of the male teachers.Jack remembered saying that he was happy to be spanked and caned on his bare bottom and that his preference was to be dealt with by a female teacher, and that is how it had worked out.In fact, the diner didn’t have to be rude or even misbehave as the waiters and waitresses knew the preference stated by each diner, and if a diner said they were happy to be spanked or caned, then the waiter or waitress would simply point out to one of the teachers that the particular diner needed to be dealt with.Jack and his friends on his table watched as several other diners on other tables were made to stand up and go across to the teachers sitting on a chair or a raised platform, were ordered to take down their trousers and underpants, or raise their skirts and lower than knickers, and then bend across the teachers’ lap. The spanking that took place wasn’t particularly hard and in most instances, the person being spanked ended up laughing with the teacher, and the same happened when any diner was caned.Jack noticed, though, that some of the diners weren’t spanked or caned in the restaurant but were taken through to a room at the back, and, when they came back, they weren’t smiling but were rubbing their bottoms and walking in the same agitated way that Jack did as he walked home. It interested him and as his main course was being served, he asked the waitress, pointing to a diner walking awkwardly back to his table, “So how come he looks like he has just received a punishment but not in here?”The waitress kept a stern look on her face as she replied, “The really naughty boys and girls have to go into the classroom at the back. They get spanked and caned rather harder than the naughty boys and girls do in here, but deserve to be, so let me know if you fit that category.”Jack didn’t have to think about it for very long because he had fantasied about being spanked and caned by Lucy, and when he thought that wouldn’t happen, he used to picture women that he saw on the bus or train taking him across their laps and giving him a bare bottom spanking right there on the bus or train. Of course, he knew he didn’t want to be spanked or caned that publicly, but it was part of the fantasy. This would be even better, though, because it would be in private and he would get the spanking and caning he so longed for. So, with only that moment’s thought, he said, “Sure thing, count me in.”The waitress continued to keep a stern look on her face as she got out a pad and put it on the table in front of Jack putting a pen on top of the pad. She then Escort Beylikdüzü said sternly, “You’ll need to complete the form.”With that, the waitress continued serving the others with their main course but when she was finished came back and stood behind Jack and saw that he had completed the form. She then picked it up giving Jack a, “You are a really naughty boy,” look and a couple of shakes of her head, but then a wink, as she walked away but Jack noticed she stopped to hand the form over to one of the teachers. The teacher looked at the form, had the waitress point out who signed it, nodded her head, and the waitress walked away.Others at the table noticed that Jack had completed another form and asked him what it was. When he explained, everyone looked at each other clearly thinking their own thoughts, and then, one by one, four of the others asked the waitress for the same form.Jack was constantly looking at the teachers to see if they were coming his way. It was when they had all finished their main course that the waitress came across to clear the table, and, as she picked up Jack’s plate, she said in a very stern tone of voice, “That is very naughty, young man, and so I will be calling one of the teachers across. “Jack knew he hadn’t done anything but realised this was all part of the plan as he watched the waitress go over to the teacher that she had given the form to and again pointed him out. As the waitress continued towards the kitchen, the teacher came across to the table swishing the cane in her hand, and, as she walked towards him, Jack did get excited and knew that he was suddenly getting an erection. The teacher looked as though she was in her late twenties, and, like the other female teachers, while she was wearing a gown, she was only wearing just a bra and knickers underneath and her blonde hair was tied into a bun and her eyes were blazing as she kept a stern look on her face.As the teacher arrived at the table she stood behind Jack and said, “I have received a punishment order for you, you naughty boy. So, get up and come with me.”Jack looked around the table with a smile as he got up and then obediently followed the teacher towards the back of the restaurant and out through the door into a corridor, passed two other doors, and then in through the third one. As Jack closed the door behind him, he quickly looked around and saw that it was rather like a classroom. There was a blackboard with chalk, a school desk with a chair, but then also two upright chairs, and, just as noticeable, hanging on the walls, a whole selection of canes. Jack was wide-eyed as he looked around because, in all of his fantasies, he had never quite pictured a classroom like this.The teacher waited for Jack to look around the room and then, when she caught his eye, glared at him and said, “You will refer to me as Miss Jones, or Miss, at all times. Understood?”Jack immediately replied, “Yes, Miss Jones.” He licked his lips as he watched the authoritative stance of Miss Jones who was probably five years younger than he was, but he didn’t worry about that. He did like how she looked with her gown but clearly only wearing the bra and knickers he saw outside in the restaurant, but now saw her full cleavage and that she was so much the sexy fantasy teacher, and he was getting a stiff erection just looking at her.

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