Sexy Outfit Week – Day 01


This story, by its very nature, is a bit of a slow build, but hopefully the journey is fun too.

Comments and feedback are always welcome. Everyone is fictional and over 18.

Ashley slowed down the pace as she rode her boyfriend Jordan’s cock. She wanted to come again and wanted to control his impending orgasm in order to give herself enough time to peak. She also really enjoyed being in control of his pleasure.

“I was close,” Jordan moaned up at her.

“I know,” she replied with a wicked grin. “I wasn’t ready for you to cum yet.”

“You’re in charge?” Jordan picked up his pace, lifting his hips higher and thrusting into Ashley’s wet pussy but she flexed her thighs and raised herself up higher — even with his extra effort, only about half his hard length could reach her from below.

“Oh, I’m in charge,” Ashley responded. With that, she pulled herself off of Jordan’s cock entirely; his throbbing erection made a wet splat against his stomach. “You cum when I say.”

Suddenly, Jordan made his move — he grabbed Ashley by the waist and flipped her over onto her back on the bed. He paused over her, his hard cock poised at her entrance. She squealed and giggled delightedly. “No, I’m in charge!” she insisted helplessly.

Jordan very slowly pushed the head of his cock past her opening, then paused. “You want to come again?” he asked.

“Just hold it like that,” Ashley responded. “That’s nice.”

Jordan leaned down on his elbows and kissed Ashley gently, then very slowly moved his entire length into her. When she was completely full, he paused and kissed her again. “You’re just so hot you make me impatient.”

“What if I were to teach you patience?” Ashley asked curiously as she rotated her hips under Jordan’s body. “Would you play along?”

“What do you mean by patience?”

“I mean like you learn to slow down and appreciate the journey and not just the destination,” she explained.

Jordan picked up his pace, his cock moving just to the edge of Ashley’s vagina before bottoming out again. “This sounds like me not cumming is what this sounds like. I’m not into some kind of No Nut November thing.”

Ashley moved her hand down to her clitoris; her index finger circled it. “Not exactly,” she said with a laugh. “But maybe?”

“I guess I just don’t get the point.”

“It’s the buildup, the tease, the anticipation,” Ashley replied. Her own orgasm was approaching rapidly. “Don’t you find delayed gratification so much more satisfying?”

Ashley rolled on top of him again, leaned back and put her hands on his thighs and began circling her hips in earnest, grinding her clit down on his pubic bone. “You’d never last a month,” she teased him. “Hell, you can barely last 48 hours. You’re always grabbing at me for at least a quickie if it’s been longer than a day.”

He gripped her ass with both hands and began thrusting deeply into her, ready to burst himself. “You’re one to talk,” he said playfully. “Look how worked up you are just talking about it.”

“I could still last longer than you,” Ashley continued. “You have no willpower when it comes to MEEEEEE–” Ashley’s orgasm overtook her and she thrashed on Jordan’s cock. His own orgasm followed immediately and he shot jet after jet of semen into her pussy.

After a few minutes of post-coital breath-catching and the cooing of romantic feelings, Ashley got into the shower and thought about how hard she’d orgasmed talking about not letting Jordan cum. Controlling her sexual partners was one of Ashley’s kinks — not in a BDSM kinda way, although she’d spent some playtime in that sandbox occasionally — but she loved controlling their desire, and most excitedly, their release.

She and Jordan had played some sexy games before — pretending to be strangers meeting at a bar, for example, and then having a hot fuck in a dirty bathroom ten minutes later, or a little teacher/student roleplay in which Ashley particularly relished giving detention, drawing out Jordan’s desire and then finally granting his orgasm.

She was absentmindedly touching herself when she had a brainstorm on how to teach Jordan a lesson about restraint and delayed gratification.

“I wanna propose a little game,” she offered, coming out of the shower naked with a towel on her head. She was a beautiful young woman with pert, C-cup breasts, strong legs and a prominent, muscular butt from years of high school sports.

Jordan was still lying naked on the bed; he was instantly skeptical, given that they’d just been talking about denial. “This is gonna involve me not cumming isn’t it?” he asked.

Ashley laughed — he knew her pretty well. “Well, that’s up to you,” she explained. “You’ll be in full control of the situation.”

Jordan doubted that was true. “Go on…” he said cautiously.

“Well, I was thinking about how fun delayed gratification can be,” she started. “But I don’t want to just cut off contact or not give you any agency.” She paused and looked into his eyes, trying to gauge his reaction.

“This Bodrum Escort still sounds like I’m not cumming,” Jordan said. “Why is this fun again?”

“Because I’ll be sexy for you!” Ashley responded. “Let me explain.”

Ashley outlined her idea for Jordan, which she dubbed “Sexy Outfit Week.” (Ambitious to think he’ll last a week, she thought to herself.) Every day for a week, when they were finished with work, she would change into a sexy outfit for him. Each day’s outfit would get sexier than the previous one.

“Okay this sounds great, but what’s the catch?” Jordan asked.

“If you cum, sexy outfit week is over,” she replied with a naughty giggle.

When they fell into each other’s arms, sleep came quickly.


The next morning over breakfast, Jordan had questions. Ashley worked as an interior designer, but her mom was a lawyer and attention to detail ran in the family.

“I would like to clarify the rules for Sexy Outfit Week.” Jordan handed Ashley her coffee.

“Okay sure,” she said excitedly. “Important to have ground rules.”

“You’re gonna wear a sexy outfit every day.” Jordan felt like this was suspicious even as he started. He didn’t suspect anything malicious, just playfully devious.

“Yes, every day for a week, I will wear a progressively sexier outfit. Each day, sexier than the last.”

“But we don’t get to fuck,” Jordan said.

Ashley smiled to herself at the use of “we” in that sentence. “To clarify,” she responded, “what I propose is that you don’t get to cum.”

“So we can fuck?”

“I’m gonna say that the issue of penetration will be decided on by the committee later, but the definite rule is that if you cum, sexy outfit week ends.”

“What about you?” Jordan asked.

“What about me?” Ashley responded with faux innocence.

“What if you cum?”

“Oh sweetie,” Ashley laughed at his naivete. “No one said anything about me. I’m gonna be cumming like crazy this week, are you kidding? I’m wet already this morning just thinking about it. I’ve started planning outfits — this whole idea has me so hot. I’m thinking about props, special guest stars…”

“Special guest stars?” Jordan hadn’t considered it, although they’d shared friends in their bed on a handful of occasions.

“Don’t get too excited,” Ashley chided him, “nothing’s been decided. Besides, you’ll need to make it that far right?” There was a naughty twinkle in her eye.

Jordan’s cock stiffened at the thought of Ashley being so worked up by the idea; he knew he was all in.

“Okay what about touching?”

“Me touching you is fair game,” Ashley said. “You touching me requires explicit permission.”

“So you can grab my cock at the dinner table but I have to ask permission to gently caress the nape of my beautiful girlfriend’s neck?” Ashley’s desire was evident on her face; her breath was short and she was fidgeting in her chair, gripping her coffee with both hands. Jordan was excited at how into this idea Ashley was getting and her desire fueled his. He wanted to play along, to make this as exciting for her as he could. “This doesn’t seem fair.”

“Babe,” Ashley responded playfully. “You need to get the notion of fairness out of your head!”

“What about masturbating?” He already knew the answer.

“For me? Compulsory,” Ashley said. “For you? I imagine it’ll be frustrating, considering you can’t cum, but if you want to you can go ahead. And before you ask, it’s an honor system — although I can’t imagine you giving in and ruining the fun without me.”

“Okay, so I can jerk off but don’t get to cum, and I can’t touch my beautiful girlfriend while you get to indulge any carnal desire you want, do I have that right?”

“You can touch your beautiful girlfriend Jordan,” Ashley said soothingly. “You should just ask first before you get to any seriously intimate touching.” She put her hand on the erection that strained against his boxers. “You can jerk off and you can cum too. You’re totally in charge. You just won’t get to find out what could have been.”

“One week,” Jordan said. “Starting tonight.”

“As many as seven days, starting tonight,” Ashley said.

She vowed to herself he wouldn’t last more than four.


Ashley had two client meetings that afternoon so she was dressed a bit more formally than usual when she arrived home — a white blouse and black mini-skirt with black tights and heels.

“Damn that does look sexy,” Jordan greeted her as she walked in the door. He gave her a kiss and grabbed her ass. “Is this new? You look really hot. I have to admit I wasn’t expecting ‘business professional’ as one of our options but I’m into it!”

“Oh my god Jordan this is work stuff,” Ashley replied with a laugh. “If you think this is part of it, you’re seriously not gonna last till this evening, much less a week!”

Ashley went to the bedroom to change out of her work attire. She carefully took off the blouse, the lacy white bra Bodrum Escort Bayan underneath it, then the skirt and tights. She admired her body in the full-length mirror. At 24, she’d softened from her teen years when she was a four-sport athlete, but she still maintained a flat stomach, strong toned legs and an incredible, firm ass. Her c-cup breasts sat high on her chest and her shoulders were broad from high school rowing. She looked good and she loved showing herself off.

She lay back on the bed thinking about tonight’s outfit and what she’d planned for the rest of the week and found herself wet again. She’d been percolating a low boil of arousal for most of the day in anticipation. She propped her legs up and let one finger play across her pussy, her other hand caressing a breast, while she wondered how far she could take things this week.

She didn’t want to plan too far ahead. Part of her wanted Jordan to not be able to resist even one night of denial from her, to give in and surrender immediately to her sexual power. Part of her wanted everything to last until the last possible second, to nearly die from the exertion of their withholding.

Not wanting to keep him waiting any longer, Ashley got dressed.

Perhaps he’d built up the anticipation too much, but when Ashley opened the door and emerged from the bedroom, Jordan was a little disappointed.

She was dressed in blue patterned leggings and a gray crop-top hoodie. It had long sleeves but only came down to just below her boobs, leaving her midriff and sexy flat stomach exposed. It wasn’t much different from what she might wear to the gym.

“Aw, are you disappointed?” Ashley said mockingly. “Is this not what you expected?” She stood on her tiptoes, flexing her calves and glutes, and slowly spun around. The leggings were very tight and in particular created a deep crevice in her ass. If it weren’t for the complicated pattern — and the fact that he’d seen them before — Jordan might have thought them painted on.

Above the deep canyon in her butt created by how tight the leggings were rose a red g-string. Normally Ashely would have gone without panties — especially given these particular tights — but since she didn’t expect Jordan to give in on night one, she loved the visual a g-string provided. She’d pulled the straps high up onto her hips, creating a whale tail that advertised that only a tiny patch of cloth covered her pussy.

Her hoodie zipper was open almost to the bottom and Ashley’s braless boobs floated in a gentle nest of fleece. They were cradled lovingly by the hoodie, yet were free enough to let some areola or even a nipple drift occasionally into view.

“Are those the ones from the–” Jordan’s cock suddenly responded at a flash of memory, of those patterned tights.

“The ski trip? Why yes they are!” Ashley feigned an innocent look as the memory overtook Jordan’s willpower. She’d worn them under her ski pants and when they’d had a few drinks at the lodge after a day on the slopes, Jordan couldn’t keep his eyes, his hands nor his cock off those leggings.

He’d practically humped her in them on that trip, as she recalled. She knew that he liked her in tight clothes — their runs together often ended in a hot late morning fuck and he’d pay particular attention to her tight athletic wear — but it was the ski trip and his reaction to these leggings that she made her think maybe the clothes were part of Jordan’s kink.

“I mean, you look good don’t get me wrong,” Jordan conceded. “I just thought — you know, you look every-day sexy.”

Ashley walked slowly over to where Jordan sat on the couch, leaned over and kissed him. She put one hand on the crotch of his jeans where his erection was evident. “You seem to like every-day sexy,” she whispered. He could see both breasts swinging freely in her top; her nipples were clearly rock hard. “Besides, we have to leave somewhere to go, right? There’s a whole week.”

“You are fucking sexy,” Jordan responded. He moved one hand up to cup her breast and started kissing her more passionately.

“Easy big boy,” Ashley pulled away. “We haven’t made it to dinner on night one!”

Ashley turned and walked slowly toward the kitchen, consciously moving and flexing her ass as she went. She knew how much work she’d put in and she could feel Jordan’s eyes on her. Damn, was this gonna be so easy that she’d not be able to enact all her plans? She hoped he’d have more stamina but this was an inauspicious start so far.

Jordan, for his part, was thinking about those tights and how often he’d fantasized about ripping them apart by the crotch and taking Ashley from behind.

While they cooked dinner together, Jordan couldn’t keep his hands to himself. He slipped one hand around Ashley’s waist when she stood by the stove, caressed her flat stomach and then moved up and caressed her breast and flicked her nipple between his fingers.

When she bent over to get a pan from the cupboard, he moved his Escort Bodrum crotch up behind her and poked her in the ass. He grabbed her hips and wiggled, rubbing her leggings against his jeans.

“Do you remember the boys night I came home and you were wearing these?” Jordan asked her as he caressed her ass while she chopped carrots.

She did remember and smiled to herself. Dummy, she thought, of course I remember. That’s why I’m wearing them, because of that night.

“Which boys night?” she asked.

“We’d gone out after hockey for drinks and when I came home you were on the couch watching Bridgerton or something. You were wearing these leggings.”

“Oh I vaguely remember something about you coming home drunk and horned up…” She kept chopping, letting him take his own journey down memory lane.

“Your ass looks so good in these,” he said, now turning his full attention — and both hands — to her backside. “I just want to rip them apart and fuck you in them.”

Jordan had mentioned this fantasy to Ashley a couple of times and she’d bought some super-cheap pantyhose and leggings once in a while for him to rip apart and ravage her in, but her proper expensive leggings were off limits to his lustful grip.

That night, he’d begged her to let him destroy both her leggings and her pussy. She’d pulled them down to her thighs and fucked him doggystyle on the couch, then taken him into the bedroom and stuck her leggings-clad legs in his face while they fucked in missionary, but she wouldn’t give in to his ultimate fantasy — to rip them open at the crotch and fuck her while she was still wearing them.

She put the knife down and turned to face Jordan. His erection pressed against her belly between them. She kissed him affectionately. “I’m starting to remember that night,” she admitted to him. “You had an idea about these leggings didn’t you?” She gave him her best innocent look.

He wrapped his arms around her ass and hoisted her up in his arms. They kissed as she wrapped her legs around his waist.

“I want to split them in two and you too,” Jordan said. “Lovingly of course.”

Ashley laughed — Jordan was a sweet and kind soul, so his occasionally aggressive dirty talk took her a little by surprise.

“Well, I’ll tell you what,” Ashley stuck her chest forward to make sure her boobs helped make her point. “If you really want to, you can rip my leggings tonight.”

“I–” Jordan paused to consider this offer.

“But only if you’re giving up,” she added. “If you can’t take another minute without, and you really want us to fuck tonight, you can indulge your pants-ripping desires.” She smiled at him, and with one hand, absentmindedly opened her top and started playing with an erect nipple.

Jordan stared at his incredibly hot girlfriend. Yesterday he would have been inside her on the kitchen table by now and they would fuck like the hot beautiful people they were. Now he stood with a raging erection and his half-naked girlfriend telling him she’ll indulge a long-standing fantasy and all he could think was “No.”

“No,” he said out loud, finally. “Let’s finish dinner.”

They finished making dinner and Jordan pondered how quickly things had escalated — he’d been so confident in his ability to maintain control, to indulge in Ashley’s teasing without going over the edge. He had underestimated how skilled Ashley was at edging, apparently.

He resolved to himself that he had to back off from touching and caressing and all that stuff — that was only going to lead him astray. Ashley was going to dress sexy and put on a show for him this week so he would just enjoy it as a show and store the visuals in the spank bank for later withdrawals.

By the time they’d finished eating and cleaning up, Ashley noticed that Jordan was backing off. When she waggled her ass against his crotch at the sink, he pulled back instead of what she knew he instinctively wanted to do: pull her into him by the waist and then slide his hands under her top and give her tits a good squeeze.

He loved seeing and touching her under clothes so she knew that he was deliberately putting his willpower into resisting her. “No problem,” she thought to herself. “Game on.”

One would think Jordan and Ashley lived in the most worst-organized apartment in history.

Over the next couple of hours, absolutely nothing that Ashley wanted seemed to be in a convenient location. High shelves required tip-toe dancing and big stretches to reach various items, exposing her breasts under her crop hoodie and flexing her thighs and calves, always in direct view of Jordan’s couch seat as he pretended to watch basketball.

If it wasn’t something on a tall shelf, it had somehow slid under the coffee table or the bookshelf, requiring in some cases a wide-legged stance with a full bend at the waist that popped Ashley’s ass directly in Jordan’s face, or found her on her hands and knees, moving rhythmically and occasionally looking up at him as she’d coincidentally end up squatting at his feet with her full cleavage on display.

“Is the sportball good this evening?” It was one of their running bits for her to pretend to know nothing about sports.

“They’re really balling the hell out of it,” Jordan responded without thinking about it.

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