Slave Shorts: Auction Frenzy


It was all over social media. The most beautiful male slave you could imagine was coming up for auction. Its body was ripped with muscle, running from the broad shoulders down to the slim waist. It had chunky pecs and large swollen nipples, its biceps were muscular with veins protruding, and it even had an eight-pack glistening with oil. Its legs were beefy, and though sturdy looking, it also looked nimble and agile in a way. Its skin was white with a slight tinge of pink. My first comparison upon seeing the slave was of Michelangelo’s David. However, this slave had a much smaller dick. On the website it said 3 inches, soft, and was still not much bigger when hard. Reading some of the comments, people suspected chemical interaction. Often slaves of this calibre have a purpose, and it isn’t to do with its dick. Its face was squarish, and it had cheekbones that could cut glass. Curly blond hair like Michelangelo’s David framed its beautiful face.

Every single social media site went into meltdown. The interest was raised further by the fact that the slave was formally on a daytime soap. The auction house responded by using an upmarket hotel for the sale, inviting elite buyers. The TV channel that it formally worked for did an hour long special on the slave and its former life. It revealed everything, and showed pictures of the slaves’ arsehole and small cock. There was plenty of teasing about how, if clothed, the slave looked beautiful and with a big member, but in reality, it had a useless and pathetic little dick. The humiliation was intense. The TV channel made it bend over a fucking bench that makes an ass protrude upwards. They shackled its feet wide apart and made it pull it’s ass cheeks apart, showing it’s twitching slave hole to the camera. Its hole was practically perfect, no pink ring around the pussy, it was nice and hairless, and it looked completely edible. It’s body was bent in a position that it’s face could be seen from the camera angle at the same time. It begged to be fucked, for a big man cock in its hole under the direction of a camera man it often insulted in its former life as a minor celebrity. His little cock pulled over the bench in a way it strained backwards, whilst throbbing in desperation of its first fucking. What made many laugh was every so often it pushed its ass backwards, as though its little fuck hole had been ploughed before and was wanting more.

The clip of it begging like a bitch in heat went viral. The truth was it had been given a formula that made naturally submissive faggots give to their true nature. All night in its cell it screamed for cock, to be fucked by every guard that passed by. It couldn’t help itself. It couldn’t help its true nature. It outed itself as a submissive fag. With concerns that it wasn’t a virgin, the day after it was broadcast requesting cock, the duty guards entered its cell and tortured it until Bodrum Escort it told the truth about its sexuality. The footage made the evening’s news. He confessed “I’m a faggot but I’ve never been fucked or sucked cock. I’ve craved cock for so long. I want your cock, man”. He also begged further in a whine. “I fingered myself every night in bed. I’m so desperate I got myself enslaved. I had no choice. I needed to be fucked and owned”.

The nation mocked. The world howled in laughter at this beefy man showing its true colours of being a pathetic cock-loving faggot.

The entire events of the week had been dubbed the most humiliation a slave had ever received prior to auction. This in itself ensured the price of the slave would sky rocket. Only the richest people in the world and a consortium of brothel owners who vowed to move it from one brothel to the next like a valuable art collection on display were eligible to bid on such a fine slave specimen.

It was decided by the auction house to make the auction into a show on the TV channel that had exposed the former employee, now slave. It enabled them to cash in on slave companies to use the auction as a great opportunity for exposure through advertising.

The first of the evening was from the Pony Boy Company. They displayed a great show of pony boy dressage. Then the world renowned The Torture Rooms: The Alps showed a demonstration of slaves available for torture and fucking in their location in the Alps, with their tag line at the end of the demo: “No one can hear their screams”.

It was announced after the main event another 15 slaves would be auctioned. Having such prestigious clientele meant an opportunity shouldn’t be missed for selling the auction houses best pieces of slave meat. The backstage of the convention suite in the hotel housed the cages for the lucky slaves of varying tastes. A set of twins and a slave with a penis so small it could hardly be seen were two of the biggest highlights. The other highlights included an extremely fit Asian hunk with a juicy and perky bubble butt, and a wide-eyed yet square-jawed Spanish boy also up for purchase.

The TV channel made a small fortune by selling the viewing rights internationally, but keeping filming only by their station. Viewing was available for all eligible buyers who were allowed to view the other slaves on offer.

The hotel insisted the slaves wear silk Shillong’s when escorted through the hotel. On entrance to the convention suite, they were stripped and oiled up for the cameras by the station’s slave crew who were skinny twinky slaves with locked cocks that could only ever dream of having such marvellous muscle like the ones they were oiling up.

The star boy wore an O-ring bit and pleaded to be fucked as it was taken from its cell. The drool and muffled cries of needing an 21 year old Concierge Bodrum Escort Bayan to fuck it could be heard by all the slaves in waiting.. The begging and moaning of the handsome slave made the 21 year old Concierge cum into his light-coloured and tight-fitting pants without touching himself. He had to hide his embarrassment of the ever-increasing dark stain developing on his uniform but all it did was make the previous soap opera star beg to suck the cum from his pants. Two Slave Police continued to escort the slave as the Concierge ran off to find a new uniform.

The slave was taken through to the events hall of the hotel which was previously used as a soap opera awards night months prior. A night the now slave had won an award for ‘Best Upcoming Talent’ as a Freeman.

The slave was to the stage as it saw silhouettes of people’s faces in the hall. They were all whispering amongst themselves, probably about how its dick was even smaller in real life.

The Slave Police moved the slave to face the bidders and attached its cuffs to a chain embedded in the stage, then stood back to allow the auctioneer to begin the auction. The man started by introducing himself, then introducing the stock and the itinerary of the night. He requested the Slave Police escort to remove the O-ring of the prized slave.

They did so and the moment it was free, the slave desperately shouted out “Gang rape me, please!”.

Its desperation for cock and sex heightened by the drugs and brainwashing it had received while in slave training. Its micro-cock bounced in front of it and dripped precum into a drip tray at its feet. The audience laughed at it crying out and begging for cock.

Both Slave Police escort and the audience laughed at the slave who continued to call out to be given the cock it so desired. It ordered the slave to turn around and bend over so they could show the audience its hole which was made to take dick. It told the audience how much it wanted it raw and how good it would feel to have something inside its hungry hole.

It moaned in delight and its micro-cock continued to dribble precum into the drip tray on the stage at the thought of knowing it won’t be long before its hole is fucked the way it should be.

Once the laughter settled and all that could be heard was the pleasurable moans of the slave, the introductions to it began, and finer points were exploited by the auctioneer. He giggled a few times and pointed out that he had never seen a case of cock-lusting like this in his life. It had a burning desire for cock, and its training had only helped him to overcome mental blocks that had prevented it in the past from shamelessly announcing its lust for dick..

The auction began in a flurry once the bidding opened, and then continued for a long while. The ex-soap opera star turned cock-hungry faggot soon surpassed Escort Bodrum the average cost for a slave and then went by the record almost, but not quite, twice over. Its little cock leaked as they announced the winner. Its new Master. Well, almost its Master.

The winner insisted that it was a gift for his 21-year-old grandson who was a fan of it when it was in a sci-fi show for two seasons that he loved. Despite the reasoning of the sale, it didn’t stop the old man feeling up the slave as he was interviewed by the press.

The grandson, Gerald, arrived at the hotel within the hour after a call from his grandfather. In the meantime a room was booked in the hotel for Gerald to have an overnight stay. The newly purchased slave was given more of the formula that made it cock-hungry and was escorted, with pleasure, by the Concierge, who hadn’t managed to find a new pair of uniform pants, and so had to continue to work with a large cum stain on the ones he wore. When Gerald got to the hotel, he was quickly engaged with signing papers and talking to the press. Two hours later he arrived at the hotel room and switched on the light.

As was tradition for a new slave boy who is traded to a new Master, the new Master would piss in its mouth and make them drink it. The slave was hoarse with screaming “someone fuck me”, although the walls were thick, and no one could hear him say a thing. It took the new Master’s cock in its mouth and moaned in pleasure as Gerald began to piss.

“Now shut the fuck up.” Gerald said firmly. “I don’t want to hear another word, you need to be quiet. For now, at least… I need to shower, so I am going to unlock you, and you are going to assist me like a good slave. When I’m done relaxing you need to shower and prepare yourself for the night. Then crawl back into the suite and beg me like you’re going to die if you’re not fucked all night”.

The slave nods its understanding when asked and both boys set about their tasks.

Gerald told the slave to get into the bed alongside him, he was already hard and ready to fuck his one-time hero. The slave positioned himself on his back and lifted its legs high grabbing them and showing its Master. Gerald looked at how the slave’s hole was slick already with his slave’s precum, and couldn’t resist letting out a gasp of desire to pound this tight hole. Gerald was a natural top, and the slave a natural bottom, and so Gerald pushed his throbbing cock into the tight hole and felt it stretch around his shaft. Once down to the hilt in his new toy’s hole, he fucked him like that for nearly an hour, applying more slave precum to lube him up. He eventually got the dirty fag begging on all fours. This time he increased his pace. Gerald came three times, but the slave kept coming all night, with a few short bursts here and there.

Once morning came the slave wasn’t begging anymore for cock, but still willing to be fucked. Gerald knew he had been given the perfect birthday gift and would be happy fucking his slave bitch for the rest of his life. He also knew the slave would love living this life.

Another successful auction, and another satisfied customer.

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