The Birthday Boys Ch. 02


Chapter 2: The First Two Days

*** JOHN — On The Road ***

They say that leaving your hometown is one of the hardest things that you can ever do. That is a sentiment that I can relate to heavily as I put my last piece of luggage into the backseat of my 1994 Mercedes-Benz S500.

“Are you sure you don’t need a co-pilot, son?” my father asks as he and my mother stand side by side, teary eyed and watching me leave.

I shake my head. “Nah, Dad,” I say as I pull him in for a hug. “But thank you,” I say, in my heart I am thanking him for everything, but don’t quite want to say it out loud. My father pats me on the shoulder after I pull out of the hug and turn to do that same to my mother.

“Don’t get into any trouble down there,” she says and then whispers. “Maybe some trouble is okay, but nothing you can’t get out of.”

I pull away from her and smile at the two of them. “I guess I better hit the road,” I say as I take one last look (until Thanksgiving) at my family. It’s not the entire family, my three older brothers and my two older sisters are nowhere to be seen; I am the youngest in the family after all.

“Good luck, son,” my Dad says as I climb into the driver’s seat, give them a nod and pull out of the drive way, making my way for the highway and the two day trip to South Desert Tech.

It’s the longest car trip I’ve ever taken alone, but the road is supposed to be safe, and as a graduation present, my father fixed my car up and installed some modern safety features, so the only thing I have to be nervous about is what exactly my first week at college is going to be like. I know that I will surely spend a lot of it at basketball practice; I am on a sports scholarship after all, but the scholarship was boosted by my high grade point average.

As much as I love basketball, I love playing the game and I love the sense of community you get from being on a team more. I don’t want to be defined by a career in basketball. I am not interested in joining the NBA or anything like that, my older brother recently got drafted into the NBA and that’s his thing. The only trouble is, though I know I want to do something academic, I have no actual idea what. I guess with this two-day long car trip, I’m gonna have a lot of time to think about everything.

It’s hard to believe that last night I was banging Mike’s aunt and now I’m driving along a highway, watching the greenery of the suburbs turn into the yellow, desert sand. The city fades out of view and I look up, seeing a plane flying overhead going north; I wonder if that’s the same plane that Alex and Paul are taking together. It dawns on me that at some point, I’m going to have to apologize to her, and I am probably also going to have to come clean to Mike about what happened; he is my best friend after all and it’s not healthy to keep secrets.

I am thinking about this as I pull into an abandoned truck stop. It’s not literally abandoned, but because I chose to take a more scenic route that goes through a small town so that I can stay the night somewhere, it’s a truck stop that clearly only gets one or two customers a day. I stand and watch the machine as it tells me how much fuel I’m putting into my car until finally it’s full.

I don’t bother to lock my car as there isn’t another car for miles, so I don’t feel like someone is about to break into my car and steal my stuff any time soon.

“Just the gas?” an attendant asks as he stands up straight behind the counter. I’m clearly the first customer he’s had in a while.

I grab an energy bar and place it on the counter. “I’ll take one of these too,” I say as I take my card from my wallet and tap it against the EFTPOS machine.

“Have a blessed day,” the clerk says as I grab my bar and walk back out of the truck stop, heading right to my car and getting in.

I breathe out, preparing for the rest of my trip.

“Just wait one minute before you leave,” a voice says from the side of me.

I turn in shock to see a blonde-haired woman with a drop dead gorgeous face and a very trashy sense of style crouching on the floor of the back seat of my car. “What the fuck?” I exclaim loudly.

“Just wait a darn minute,” she says, speaking with a southern drawl and a voice that I can’t help but be turned on by. “Just let those cop cars pass us by.”

A group of police cruisers drive right past the truck stop in hot pursuit of someone and one of them pulls into the stop with us. “Are they after you?” I ask.

She just smiles. “Don’t worry about it, just stay calm,” she soothes as I watch one of the cops get out of the cruiser and head into the truck stop while another one gets out of his car and approaches my window.

I wind it down. “Good afternoon officer,” I say with a false smile.

He looks down at me. “You see a blonde-haired woman come through here, kid?”

I give him a look like I don’t know what he’s talking about. “No sir,” I lie, wondering if he can see the woman in the back seat or if she’s smart enough to have used my bed sheets and pillows to hide herself.

“Damn, Bolu Escort then you missed out,” he says with a laugh. “She’s got a spankable ass and a perfect rack,” he says with a grin. “Not to mention that mouth.”

“Talking about Joy?” the other cop calls out as he heads toward us, gripping a bag full of candy bars and soft drinks.

“Talking about that big mouth of hers,” the cop at my window says.

“What I wouldn’t give to shut that bitch up with my hog,” the guy with the food says.

The cop at my window looks down at me. “Well, if you see her fine ass around here, be sure to let us know. She’s gone ahead and taken something that don’t belong to her,” he says before patting my car and walking to his cruiser.

I watch them get inside and drive away, making sure they’re gone before I dare look in the backseat at the woman I assume to be Joy.

“Thanks for that sugar,” she says as she pushes my pillows off herself and climbs into the front seat, giving me a great view of that spankable ass the cop mentioned, and a thong poking out of her daisy dukes.

“What did I just help you get away with?” I ask as she sits herself upright in my passenger seat.

She adjusts my review mirror and looks at herself in it, admiring her hair, done up in a top but with a blonde mess that goes down to her shoulders. She’s not wearing much besides the thong and daisy dukes except a short singlet with an American flag over it that shows off her navel, and you can clearly see she’s wearing an American flag themed bikini underneath.

“Think you could be a darling and drive me into town?” she asks as she turns to me with a big smile. It’s true what they said about her mouth; all I can think about is putting my ten inch cock between those lips.

“You didn’t hurt anyone, did you?” I ask.

She shakes her head. “All I did was mess with them. Around here, pulling pranks on police is the only thing we can do to entertain ourselves,” she explains.

I think about this for a moment. This is exactly the trouble my mother probably wouldn’t want me to get into, yet, on the other hand, I have spent the last four years of my life having no life. Is this fates way of giving me a chance to catch up on lost time?

“How about this,” she says. “I was gonna give y’all a blowjob on the drive over and if I like what I suck, I was gonna let y’all fuck my brains out in my trailer until my dumb-ass husband and his brother get home.”

A blowjob and potential sex is all I need to say yes. “Then what the hell are we waiting for?” I laugh as I turn the ignition and pull the car into gear. “Let’s go.”

As stupid as it all sounds, I hadn’t expected that dedicating every waking moment to working on my body and mind would make me irresistible to the ladies. It sounds obvious, but when I was doing these things, I wasn’t thinking about the potential bonuses; all I was thinking about was being the best in both categories. But I have to say, the fact that women are throwing themselves at me when I have all the time in the world to enjoy it is a good benefit..

“Let’s get that pecker out,” Joy says as she undoes my fly and yanks my cock out of my underwear. “God damn boy, that is one big dong!” she lets out the moment it comes into view. It’s already hard from just the thought of what is about to come. “I guess it is true what they say about black guys.”

“Am I your first?” I ask as I keep one hand on the wheel and place another in her top bun, gripping it like a handle.

“Of course you ain’t, you’re my second, and you both have had huge cocks!” she explains.

“I’ve seen some other guys’ cocks in the locker room, they ain’t all like this.” I laugh as she grips my cock and jerks it into her lips.

“Maybe I’m just lucky,” she says as she runs her wet tongue along the shaft of my cock, licking it from tip to base and then base to tip.

“Sure,” I say sarcastically as I push her head down a little so that she takes my cock head into her giant mouth. “You’re the lucky one.” I laugh, hard to believe a sex bomb like this would consider herself lucky to be with me.

“Young man, I don’t know if I’m gonna be able to fit this whole thing in my mouth,” she admits. “But I can damn well try,” she continues.

And try she does. I nearly lose control of the wheel from pleasure as she slides her thick lips down my shaft. “Uh…” I let out; her bottom lip is a little thicker and it rubs gently against my thick dick.

Her tongue glides down with it. I can’t help but constantly look down at her mess of blonde hair. She’s looking up at me and I wonder if she is scared to see my eyes making contact with hers rather than with the road. But something tells me this woman doesn’t get scared of much.

Her bottom lip reaches the base of my cock; her plan to deep throat me is a complete success and it doesn’t seem like it’s much of a challenge for her like she said it might. As slowly as she slid down is as slowly as she slides up, bringing my cock completely out of her mouth and kissing the tip. “Mmm…” Bolu Escort Bayan she moans. “Guess I’m better at taking big dick than I remember,” she says.

“You’re gonna make me crash this car,” I say to her.

“Then pull this son of a bitch over and show me what for,” she says, taking my cock back into her mouth, deep throating me again but this time sliding down at three times the speed.

I pull the car off the side of the desert road. We’re in the middle of nowhere and I am hoping that the cops aren’t planning on doubling back any time soon. I turn the car off and place both hands on the back of her head, gripping her skull like a basketball and bouncing her mouth on my rod.

“Uugh, ugh, uughhh, yes, daddy,” she chokes out, roughly sucking my cock.

The idea of her calling me Daddy when she’s probably about ten years my senior is laughable, yet it’s hard to ignore the fact that it’s hot as hell. “Who’s your daddy?” I ask as I buck up with my hips, my cock hitting the back of her throat; it feels wet and rough at the same time.

“You are daddy!” she manages through sloppy sucking noises.

I pull her head off my cock and let her breathe. “What do you say?” I ask her as I keep gripping her blonde hair. “Do you like my cock?”

“I love it,” she says as she sits up and straddles me, leaning down to adjust the backrest so it goes back about forty-five degrees.

I grip her perfect ass tight as she kisses me passionately on the mouth, shoving her tongue into my throat and then sucking on mine. “You really are fucking crazy huh?” I say.

She pulls up her shirt to show her U.S. flag bikini. “Yup, you better strap in hun,” she says as she shoves her tits in my face and motorboats me.

“Thank you God,” I let out as my cock rubs against her navel.

“Gimme one second, sugar,” she says, lifting herself up and maneuvering her denim shorts and bikini bottoms off.

“Fuck me,” I say as I grab her completely hairless snatch.

“That’s the plan, daddy,” she says as I slide my large thumb into her cooch, feeling the folds against my skin.

She lowers herself back onto my cock. It’s tight; the warmth of her pussy, the wetness as it clings to my dick feels even better than her mouth, and her mouth felt damn good. Two days ago, I was a virgin and I’m already having my second time with a completely different woman than my first, and on the side of a desert road, no less.

“Shit, this dick feels bigger in my cooch than in my mouth,” she grunts.

She’s right, it was easy to shove my dick deep into that giant mouth of hers, but her pussy is so tight and my cock is so big but that makes it all feel so much better when I finally fill her to the hilt. “Snug fit,” I let out, grabbing her ass cheeks again. “Girl, you got a nice fucking ass.”

“Ain’t no man fucking this ass,” she states, sliding herself up and down on my cock, going a little bit higher and coming down a little bit faster every time.

“That’s a damn shame,” I say as I spank her ass and squeeze it.

“Well maybe if I ever get married for love instead of money… or if I find a man with a lot of money,” she states, riding on my cock now a little wild, both of us finally getting used to how the other fits.

“If I was a millionaire, you’d let me fuck your ass?” I ask as I give her ass a good slap for emphasis.

“Shit, for one million dollars, you can have my ass ten times a day,” she admits through hard moans. “But your perfect body is making me think money ain’t all there is in life.”

“Turn around,” I tell her.

She does as she’s told, spinning her body around so she’s facing the window and I am facing that perfect ass while I continue to thrust up into her tight pussy. “You keep that up Daddy and I’m gonna cum!”

“Yeah you are,” I let out as I spank her ass hard, thrusting up hard. All that cardio and those sit ups have paid off because I don’t feel tired at all. “Tell me, you close?”

“Oh daddy, I’m so close but don’t forget to pull out because I don’t need no other kid,” she lets out as I grip her waist and lift my body up so my ass isn’t touching the seat anymore, I am now bouncing her smaller body on my cock. “Or maybe I don’t give a fuck!” she screams out, this appears to be the trigger for her because I can hear her cumming, in fact I’m sure the guy at the gas station can hear her cumming, because she is screaming so loud that I am sure the windows might shatter.

“You’re this tight with a kid?” I ask, pumping faster, she’s too far gone into her orgasm to respond.

It doesn’t matter because within moments I am cumming hard, pulling out just in time to spray down her ass cheeks with my first shot and then her back with my second.

“God damn,” she says as she turns her head back to look at me. “Good thing I took my shirt off,” she grins before getting on her knees in the passenger seat, grabbing the blanket and wiping the cum off her back with it.

“Still need that ride?” I laugh as I readjust my seat back to normal.

“Darn right and keep Escort Bolu that cock out, if it gets hard again I wanna suck you again before we get into town,” she says as she pulls her shirt back on.

*** PAUL — Flying With Alex ***

As much as I love my friends, the fact that I am boarding a plane up north to go to a school where all the smartest people in the world live makes me think that I won’t miss my hometown that much. There is something about the prospect of being surrounded by people not just as smart as me, but also as shamelessly nerdy as me, that fills me with such excitement.

“I’ll make sure to introduce you to everyone that’s important,” Alex says as we board the plane. The entire car trip and walk through airport security, all I’d been doing was asking her question after question about what campus life will be like. “You’ll want to stay away from the rich kids, though,” she explains as we both sit in our seats and buckle up.

“Rich kids, but isn’t that you?” I ask.

Alex laughs a little. “No, Paul, I wouldn’t say my family is rich; we’re wealthy but we’re not rich… you see, this school has two different types of students,” she explains. “There are the people like you and me who got in based on intelligence. Some of us like me have parents that can afford to pay, and then there’s some like you that either have scholarships or have a mountain of student debt,” she continues.

“And what is the other group?” I ask.

“People whose parents are rich enough that they can pay to have their kids get in, even though they are terrible students; they are idiots and mostly rich assholes who’ve never worked for anything in their lives,” she says. “So, you’ll want to keep your distance.”

“College life is going to be more complicated than I thought, isn’t it?” I ask as I think about all the future politics I’m going to have to deal with.

“Oh, and did I mention that there’s a small town just down the way? There is a community college where a lot of people who are too poor and too dumb to get into our school go, and there’s only one or two places to hang out in town, so everyone tends to be mixed together,” she states. “Those guys are mostly cool though.”

“As long as you make sure I meet who I need to meet.” I laugh. “Things should work out.”

A few minutes of idle chat go by and before we know it the plane is in the air and we’re well on our way to the Northern part of the state. With it being the largest state in America, the flight is actually quite consequential in length. The flight itself is quite empty which gives the cabin, lit with the warm pink glow of sunset, an intimate feeling.

“I have to say,” Alex says eventually; clearly something has been on her mind. “I talked to Devi.”

I look over at her. Even though we have an entire row to ourselves, Alex is still sitting right next to me. Her thick red lips are curled into a mischievous smile and her eyes are playful from behind those large black glasses.

“Yeah,” I say as a huge smile appears on my face. “What did she say?”

“She told me that you fucked her brains out last night,” Alex says excitedly. “She says she had no idea you had it in you, and frankly Paul, neither did I.”

“Thank you?” I say, though it doesn’t sound like much of a compliment.

“When we set you two up, I just figured you’d have some quick nerdy sex and it would get that whole virginity thing out of the way, but the way she tells it… you really railed her… she told me she came three times,” Alex says; clearly this conversation was starting to excite her as I can see that her nipples are starting to get hard to the point of poking through her tight green top.

I get more embarrassed the more she talks and as someone who is fresh into the world of sex, I am still not comfortable talking about it. “What about you?” I ask. “I couldn’t help but notice you and John left together, but he said nothing happened this morning, but I think he might have been trying to protect Mike’s feelings.”

Alex’s expression shifts from excited to annoyed. “No, he’s right… nothing happened between us… he’s an asshole.”

‘Asshole?’ I think to myself. That is not a word I’d ever heard used to describe a perennial nice guy like John.

“So, he really didn’t break the bro code after all,” I say out-loud, not realizing that it might hurt Alex’s feelings.

Alex laughs. “If you call what he did last night not breaking the bro code… some code…” she says.

“What exactly happened?” I ask.

“Nothing,” Alex says as she leans in a little closer. “Except him blowing his shot with his best friend’s hot, older sister.”

I can feel her tit rubbing against my bicep now and as I look down at her, I can see that she is definitely interested in whatever Devi told her about me. “You’re not gonna blow your chance, are you?” Alex asks as she brings her hand to my bulge, rubbing me through my jeans to get me hard.

“What if we get caught?” I whisper as she continues to rub me.

She pulls away and reaches into her bag and takes out a blanket, pulling it up so that it covers the two of us completely from the neck down. “Just hold still,” she whispers as I feel her hand come back to my crotch, this time unzipping my fly and pulling my underwear down just enough to let my cock pop out.

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