The Lakehouse Ch. 01


All characters in this story are over 18

When I first heard that my sister would be bringing four friends with her on our trip, I was horrified. They were all new friends she had met in college, and I hadn’t met them, but if they were anything like the friends she had in high school, I would be having a very bad week. Amy had always been friends with the most popular girls, and they had all hated me. Honestly my life has been a lot better since Amy and her friends graduated two years ago. Since then I have taken a lot less abuse, even though I’m still not very popular. Although I hope that can change now that I’m in college too, or will be when the fall semester starts.

This is the fourteenth year in a row we have gone on this trip to the lake. We’ve gone with different people in the past, but the last three years we went with my aunt and cousins. My aunt Jenny and uncle Ron would still be coming this year, but my cousins were both busy. For some reason this gave my mom the bright idea of inviting my sister’s new friends. The whole ride up I was just going over all the mean things her friends had done to me in the past, and hoped these girls might be different.

Amy had been at college for two years now, and was a member of a notoriously popular sorority. It was known as the hot girl sorority, so I knew the girls were likely going to be pretty, but I just hoped they wouldn’t be mean.

When we arrived at our old family cabin on the lake, I started unpacking the car while my parents began setting up inside. About an hour after we arrived, aunt Jenny and uncle Ron showed up. I helped unload their car, and then we all went down to have dinner on the deck out back. My dad and uncle Ron were on the grill, and my mom and aunt Jenny were sitting on the dock talking, and I was sitting in the shade reading, when we all heard the girls pull up.

My mouth slowly dropped open as I watched the five girls get out of the car. They were all five wearing bikinis, and they all had amazing bodies. They didn’t even bother unpacking the car, they all just grabbed a towel and started running towards the water. I just stared in fascination as they ran. They were all beautiful, but one of the girls had an especially large set of tits, and I locked in on them as they bounced around in her tiny bra. They all five ran onto the dock, and then took turns swan diving into the water. I could no longer focus on my book, so I just pretended to read while I watched the girls splash around in the water.

They swam for about a half an hour before Ron shouted that dinner was ready. I didn’t want anyone to see the hard on I had, so I jumped up and made sure I was the first to the table. A minute later dad and Ron were piling food onto the table. Mom and Jenny walked up causally and sat down, and then I saw the girls coming up. They were all still soaking wet, with water dripping off of their perfect bodies.

“Wow, this smells really good Mr. Steward,” a very attractive brunette said as they reached the table.

“Why thank you,” dad said cheerily, “but it was more Ron than me.”

“Ok then, dig in ladies,” Ron said exuberantly, “and you too Kyle.” Everyone started grabbing food, and once we were all seated and eating, Amy began introducing her friends.

“Everyone, this is Kelly,” Amy said, pointing at the brunette who had complimented the food, “she’s my roommate.” Kelly was stunning. She was at least 5’8, and had long brown hair, that at the moment was slung in a wet tangle over her left shoulder. She Balıkesir Escort had big bright blue eyes, and a very pretty smile. Her tits weren’t huge, but they were very nice and very round. She had to be some kind of athlete, because she was in amazing shape. She had better abs than me, and I took pride in my abs. I couldn’t see it now, but I had gotten a glimpse of her ass earlier, and it was truly something special; big and round and muscular.

“And this is Jessica, and Hannah,” Amy said, “they are in the room directly across from us.”

Jessica was also a beautiful brunette, but totally different than Kelly. She was the shortest of the bunch by far, probably only 5 feet at most. She had pretty brown eyes, not like the stunners Kelly had. She had a cute little button nose, and a bit pudgy cheeks. She had big pouty red lips that made it impossible not to think about her sucking dick. Her tits weren’t huge, but they looked huge on her little frame. She was thin, and also in good shape, so her tits looked a lot bigger than they were. She also had a very nice ass; tight and petite though instead of big like Kelly’s.

Hannah was the one I had been watching as she ran. The first thing you had to notice about her was her tits. She was only 5’3 or so, and her tits looked absurdly large. I could tell they were real, but they looked much rounder and perkier than any tits that big. She had nice blonde hair, and a pretty face with big green eyes. She had a nice body all around, but it was hard to see anything but her whoppers.

“And this is Sara,” Amy finished, pointing to the final girl, “she was in our sorority last year, but she dropped out to become a model.” I could believe it. Sara was gorgeous. Her face was much more of a typical model face, even though I still thought Kelly was the hottest. Sara had sexy green eyes, and a perfect facial structure. She also had big pouty red lips that made me think of oral. She also had huge tits, though not like Hannah’s. Sara tits were big and round and perfect on her tall slender frame. She had to be at least 5’10, maybe a little taller, and her long tanned legs were amazing. She also had an absolutely perfect ass. It was the biggest by far, and the roundest, but I liked Kelly’s muscular ass better.

“Girls, this is my dad John, and my mom Lucy, and my uncle Ron and aunt Jenny, and my brother Kyle,” Amy said, introducing us all to her friends. We all ate and talked and laughed, getting to know each other. The table was long, so we wound up splitting into different conversations. I was sitting next to Jessica and Hannah, and we started talking about college life. They seemed totally nice, and I started to relax a bit. After dinner we all helped clean up, and then started settling in. It was already after ten, and I was planning on jet skiing in the morning, so I headed off to bed. I told everyone that if they wanted to join me, they would have to be ready to go at six.

I woke up expecting to go out alone, but when I went downstairs, I found Jessica waiting for me. She was wearing a sexy little two piece that really showed off her awesome body. She asked if it was okay that she come, and I said of course. We chatted pleasantly on our walk down to the docks, and then I sat down on the ski. A moment later I helped her down behind me, and then pushed us off. I could feel her soft hands around my waist, and started getting a little nervous that I might embarrass myself.

As I picked up speed, and the ride got a little bumpier, Jessica Balıkesir Escort Bayan moved forward, and hugged her arms around my chest. We weren’t wearing life vests like we were supposed to, so I could feel her body press up tight against mine. Her arms wrapped around my chest, and her tits pressed into my back. They felt soft and jiggly as we bounced along the waves. It didn’t take long for me to get a hard on, and I hoped she wouldn’t notice. And then she asked if she could drive for a while. I didn’t know how to say no without being a dick, but I didn’t know how to say yes without her seeing my dick.

I said yes, and we carefully switched positions on the ski. I made sure to bend down overly far to make sure she couldn’t see the tent in my shorts. As I sat down behind her, I reached down and pushed my dick to the side. I placed my hands on her hips, trying not to touch her where I shouldn’t. As she began picking up speed again, I realized I was going to have to press against her eventually. I tried my best to hang on without having to hug her, and then we hit a big wave. She let go of the gas as we landed, and the ski stopped abruptly.

I went flying into her, and in a moment of horror I felt my hard cock press hard against her juicy ass. I quickly pushed myself back, but I knew she must have felt it. She didn’t say anything, and a moment later we started moving again. She started picking up a lot of speed again, and I held onto her hips as hard as I could without hurting her.

“You should get closer,” she called out over the noise of the engine, “you’re going to fall off.” I couldn’t quite believe it. I knew she had to have felt my dick before, and now she was asking me to get closer. Did she actually want to feel it again? I had gotten compliments on my cock from several girls, but never a babe like this.

I decided to see where it might go. I slid forward a bit, and wrapped my arm around her stomach, just under her tits. I kept my waist back a few inches, so she didn’t have to feel my dick, but I pressed my chest against her back. To my utter surprise, she actually backed herself up against me. Her ass pressed up against my cock, and then she actually started grinding her hips into me.

Once I was sure that she really was grinding herself against me, I pushed forward a bit. I decided to take a risk, and brought my arm slowly up, until it was pressing up on her tits. I then slowly let my left arm move across her stomach, and then hug her tight. As I did this, she pressed even harder against my dick, and I felt her flexing her ass muscles on me. It was just then that I noticed we had left the main part of the lake, and were slowly riding into a hidden cove.

Jessica drove us slowly into a shady corner, and then turned off the engine. When she turned around to look at me, her eyes were full of lust. She leaned forward and kissed me, and I kissed her back. We hugged our bodies close, and made out for a few minutes. When she pulled back, she quickly started moving around me. I turned with her, and she shoved me against the handlebars. Without either of us saying anything, she reached for my shorts, and I lifted myself to help her. She pulled them down, and my rock hard cock sprang up.

“Wow, you have a really nice cock,” Jessica said with a smile, and then leaned forward and took it in her mouth. It was even sexier than I imagined. Her big red lips wrapped around my whole cock, and she slid it in and out of her mouth. I could feel her doing something Escort Balıkesir with her tongue, and I knew I wouldn’t last long. I had gotten blowjobs before, but nothing like this. Jessica was gorgeous, and a real professional cock sucker to boot. I knew I was going to blow a monster load, and I tried to give her fair warning.

Like I said, she was a real pro, because somehow she managed to suck me until the very moment I started cumming. She pulled my cock out of her mouth just as I shot a huge blast well over her head. A lot of it landed on her back and ass, but most of it shot into the water. My second shot was just as powerful, shooting just as far. The next three shots covered her back and ass. As I was finishing up, she took me into her mouth and swallowed the rest.

“Holy shit,” Jessica said as my cock popped out of her mouth, “I think that’s the biggest load I’ve ever seen. It shot out like a missile.”

“Ya,” I panted, “that was amazing.”

“I feel like I have a gallon of cum on my back,” she laughed, and then jumped into the water. I just watched, in total ecstasy as she cleaned my cum off her back. A minute later she climbed back on, and then looked back down at my dick.

“What the fuck,” she said as she saw it, “how are you still hard after shooting a load like that?”

“You’re really hot,” I answered back.

“Mmm, I want to feel that big cock inside me,” Jessica purred, and then slowly slid out of her wet panties. Her pussy was shaved bare, and glistening from the water, and I just had to lean in and get a taste. She was basically in the same position I was as she blew me, with her back against the handlebars. She started moaning as I flicked my tongue across her clit. She let out a little yelp, and pushed me back away from her.

“Enough, I need you to fuck me,” she said seriously, and turned around and bent over the bars. I didn’t need to be told twice. I got behind her, and grabbed her hips firmly. I slid inside of her easily, and she let out a soft moan. I gave her a minute to get used to my size, and then I started pounding away. As I started to really fuck her, she started moaning really loud, and I began to worry that someone would hear us. I felt her pussy start to tighten, and she started getting even louder, so I pounded away hard. She came with a shriek, and started convulsing hard on the handlebars. For a moment I thought I might have hurt her, but then she turned around and shoved my cock down her throat.

She slobbered and gagged on my cock even harder than before, and I felt myself getting close again. This time I didn’t warn her. I shot a big load into her mouth, and she let out a surprised noise, but kept on sucking. She took two more loads, and then pulled back and let me finish on her tits. She opened her mouth, and showed me a true mouthful of cum, and then swallowed it and smiled up at me. It was so hot I thought I could even go again, but I decided to wait.

Jessica got back in the water, and cleaned herself off again, and then climbed up behind me. Our ride back was even more intimate than our ride there. She hugged her body tight against me, and let her hands run all over my chest and abs. At one point her hand dipped down to my crotch, and she rubbed my dick for a while. Once I started to get hard again, she stopped, and whispered in my ear that she wanted me for later.

When we got back to the cabin, Jessica went to be with the other girls, and I went to my room, to try and wrap my head around what had just happened. I heard the girls leave not long after. I spent the whole day just thinking about the incredible blowjob, and making Jessica cum like that. Every other girl I had ever been with had made me go slow the whole time. That was the first time I had ever really fucked someone, and it was incredible.

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