The Record Store Ch. 02


The next day Noah was starting to get the hang of his new job at the record store. He was comfortable with the cash register, quickly becoming familiar with the inventory, and grateful to Robert for giving him the opportunity. But he was nervous every time a customer came in, knowing that it was only a matter of time before one of them would expect a level of service from Noah that he didn’t want to provide.

Noah was standing behind the counter when the wooden door creaked open, revealing an imposing figure wearing a leather jacket.

Robert strode over to greet the man. “Dan! Good to see you again.”

Dan was a solid bull of a man, with broad shoulders and a thick neck. His head was closely shaved and his rough, calloused hands looked like they could crush a beer can with ease. Something in his face changed when he spotted Noah. Noah’s heart began to race as Dan’s eyes traveled across his body.

Robert walked the man to the counter and joined Noah behind it, placing a hand on Noah’s shoulder reassuringly. “Dan, this is Noah. He’ll be taking care of you today. He’s still in training, so help him out a bit, will ya?” Robert said, his voice calm and steady.

Dan’s lips curled. “Sure thing, Robert. I’m happy to help.”

Robert gave Noah a gentle push towards Dan. “Dan’s one of our best customers,” Robert explained. “He gets the VIP treatment. I trust you’ll take good care of him.”

Noah knew what was expected of him, but he wasn’t sure if he was ready for it. He glanced back at his boss, hoping for some guidance, but Robert just smiled and gave him an encouraging nod.

“You got this, kiddo,” Robert said, before turning Bolu Escort to leave.

“So, you’re the new boy,” Dan said, his voice rough.

Noah nodded, his throat suddenly dry. “Y-yes. I’m still in training.”

Dan walked behind the counter and Noah took a reflexive step back. “You gonna take good care of me?” He asked.

Noah’s stomach twisted with nerves, but he forced a smile. “Yes, sir,” he said, trying to keep his voice steady.

Dan chuckled, his meaty hand coming down on Noah’s shoulder. “I bet you will. Come on, let’s go to the back.”

Noah’s legs were jelly as he escorted Dan to the back room. When the door closed, Dan grabbed Noah by the waist and pulled him in close, his thick fingers digging into Noah’s flesh. “So, boy,” he growled, “you know what you’re supposed to do for me, right?”

Noah’s body stiffened. “Y-yes, sir,” he stammered.

“Good,” Dan said, sizing him up. “Let’s see what you got.”

The air was thick with tension as Noah nervously fumbled with the man’s belt, trying to steady his shaking hands. Dan wasted no time in taking control. He backed Noah against the wall and gripped the boy’s shoulders, lowering him to his knees.

Noah hesitated for a moment, steeled himself, then slipped his hands into Dan’s waistband, unbuttoning his jeans before pulling down the zipper. To his surprise, he discovered that Dan wasn’t wearing underwear. The denim slid over Dan’s hips and pooled at his feet. Noah’s eyes widened at the size of Dan’s cock. It was thick and veiny, with a bulbous head that looked like it would split him in two.

Noah looked up at Dan, who was smirking down at him. Bolu Escort Bayan “Don’t be shy, boy. Give it a good lick.”

Noah’s heart was pounding. He felt like he was in a trance as he reached for the monster before him. Noah took a deep breath and tentatively ran his tongue over the tip.

Dan let out a low growl. “That’s it, son. Show me what you got.” Dan’s eyes bore down on Noah, watching his every move as he ran his tongue along the length of the man’s cock.

“Take it in your mouth, boy,” Dan ordered, pulling Noah’s head forward.

Noah felt Dan’s rough, calloused hands on his skin, and he shuddered as he felt the man’s hardening flesh press against his lips. Noah was intimidated, but the urgency in Dan’s voice compelled him comply. He opened his mouth and took Dan’s cock in as deep as he could, feeling it hit the back of his throat.

“That’s right,” Dan grunted, thrusting his hips forward. “Suck it good.”

Noah’s heart raced as he looked up at the man towering over him. Dan was rough and aggressive, clutching Noah by the hair and thrusting into his mouth. Noah gagged and choked, but Dan didn’t let up. The taste of Dan’s musky sweat filled Noah’s mouth as fear and arousal coursed through his body.

Noah did his best to follow Robert’s instructions, using his tongue and his mouth to pleasure Dan. He tried to keep up with Dan’s rough pace, but he struggled to put his gag reflex in check. Tears welled in Noah’s eyes as Dan used him, but he didn’t give up.

As Noah worked, he felt his own cock starting to harden in his pants. He wanted to make Dan come, to prove that he was a good employee, that Escort Bolu he could provide the level of service that Robert’s special customers expected. Dan’s grunts and moans filled the room, and Noah could feel his own arousal building as he continued to suck the man off.

Dan kept a tight hold on Noah’s head, pushing his cock deeper into the boy’s throat. Noah gagged and coughed, tears stinging his eyes, but Dan didn’t care. He kept thrusting into his mouth, telling him to take it like a good boy. Noah’s own cock throbbed.

Dan’s fingers dug into the sides of Noah’s head as he neared climax. With a roughness that bordered on violence, Dan began to fuck Noah’s mouth brutally, forcing himself deeper and deeper inside of him.

Noah was trapped by the weight of Dan’s body pressing him against the wall, trapped by the grip of his hands on his head. He choked and sputtered, but Dan was relentless. Noah wondered how much worse it was going to get. And how many more men like Dan he would have to service? Was he really willing to go through with it just to keep his job?

Finally, Dan let out a deep groan as hot spurts of cum filled Noah’s mouth. He swallowed, trying to keep up with the sudden rush of fluid. When Dan was finished, he looked down at Noah with a satisfied grin as he pulled out of the boy’s mouth. Noah gasped for air.

Noah rose to his feet, confused by his body’s response to the man. He felt used, humiliated, and hard. Sticky-faced, he raised his eyes defiantly to meet Dan’s smirking gaze.

“See you next time, little fella,” Dan said, then turned and sauntered out of the room.

Noah wiped his face with his shirt. He took a deep shuddering breath and began to compose himself. As his arousal dissipated a deep sense of shame took its place. What was he doing? Who was he becoming? With great determination he pushed it all out of his mind and walked back to the counter.

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