The Unexpected Benefits Of Skywalking [part two]


[continued from part one]It must have been 8:00 or even 9:00 PM at this point; I wasn’t even sure.Melissa said, “Josh?”I released her breast and sat up; she sat up too. For some reason, I was afraid she was about to tell me to go home, that I’d worn out my welcome.She sat looking at me, her pretty face with a sweet smile, her hair sort of messed up, ringlets and curls hanging over her flushed cheeks. Her bare chest had patches of redness, too. Her breasts stood out, nipples large, knotty, red, and wet. She was absolutely beautiful at that moment.Right then I realized, again, what an idiot I’d been. Here was this pretty, smart girl, and she’d been right here this whole time—she was my friend—and I just hadn’t gotten it. I understood it now: what a fuckwit I had been. She was wonderful.Also: why hadn’t I ever really noticed her body before? I’d looked but I’d never really seen.”I—” I faltered and stopped.”What?” she said, looking suddenly concerned.”Oh, I … I’ll tell you later.””No, tell me now,” she said.A pause. “I just can’t believe that, you know, that I never tried, with you—”She held up a hand to stop me. “It’s OK,” she said. She smiled. And everything really was OK.”I just think maybe I wasn’t ready—””You weren’t.” She shrugged. “I knew it. I waited. It’s OK, so shut up.” She meant it kindly, but she meant it.There was a pause. “So,” Melissa said. “Listen, is there any way that you might want to, um, maybe go in the bedroom with me?”I didn’t bother answering. I stood, scooped her up like a baby, and started toward the door.She giggled. “That’s the laundry room,” she told me.”Oh. Well, big apartment.””Big apartment,” she said. She pointed to the right. “It’s this way.”I carried her in and set her gently down on her bed. The lights weren’t on, but between the glow of her clock and her computer, I could see her pretty well.She pulled me down on top of her, and we lay there and kissed for a minute. Then, she made a frustrated grunt and started trying to pull my clothes off. She was working on my jeans, and I pulled my shirt off, and used my toes to get my socks off. Melissa pulled my underwear down, and my cock sprang up, long and thick.”Oooo!” she cooed, and she leaned down quickly and put her lips around the head. Her mouth felt soft and cool-wet, and I about came right then and there. While she sucked and tongued me playfully, I diverted my attention by trying to get her more naked.I was unfastening her slacks and pulling them down; when I managed to get them down to her ankles, she stopped kissing my penis and shucked them off. I pushed her onto her back and pulled her panties—soaking wet at the crotch—down and away.Her pubic hair, dark brown, was shaved and trimmed into a large square patch on top; small trails of hair lightly framed her vulva, too. Both sets of lips were big and quite thick, and she was completely wet; the perfume of her vagina filled the air. I stared for a second.Melissa sounded impatient: “Get on top of me and fuck me. I’ve wanted you inside me for months. So get inside me.” I remember thinking: what, she doesn’t want foreplay? Then I remembered what we’d just Denizli Escort been doing. Um, duh.She was tugging at me, pulling me on top of her. Her legs spread around me, her arms splayed, her hair framing her head like a halo. Her naked body was beautiful, soft, dramatically curved, and sensual. I kissed her lips, and our tongues met again for a moment, but then she was telling me, again, to get inside her. So I did.I hovered my hips above hers, guiding my cock between her legs. Melissa spread her thighs apart wide, and I found the entrance to her vagina and started to try and push inside. I’d just put the head into her, and was surprised to feel how hot she felt. Also, she was kind of tight; it wasn’t hard to slide in—she was really wet—but I knew from past experience that I should try to go a little slow the first time.Melissa was sighing and making soft groans as I entered her. I took my time. As I neared the hilt, the heat and grip were almost overwhelming; I had to fight not to come. I stopped and kissed her, then whispered, “OK, I’m all the way inside you now.””Thank god,” she moaned at me. “It’s about time.” Then, she started undulating her hips at me.I had no choice but to pull out and start thrusting back at her. I held my breath and concentrated—do not come!—and pumped. Soon enough, I had control; I’d gotten somewhat used to the heat, and the tightness, and was in that zone I get into when I’m fucking, where I can be turned on and enjoying it but am sort of in a holding pattern. I’d developed this when I was with Mary, because I had to. If I could hold on for long enough, Mary would have five orgasms or maybe more, and I hadn’t wanted to deprive her of that much pleasure.I was laying on Melissa, her wet nipples poking into my chest, listening to her breathing quicken. She’d whisper things to me here and there; sometimes I’d actually understand them, like “god I love this,” or “Oh, you’re gonna make me come.” Most of the time it sounded like she was just mumbling.I felt her arm sliding between our bodies, and I pushed myself up to let her put her hand between her legs. Her fingers were making tiny circles around her clit, which was sticking up noticeably from between her plump lips. She had another hand on her boob, squeezing her areola, tiny droplets occasionally leaking out. I took this as a cue to start pumping faster, holding my breath again, trying to stay focused, and pushing into her as deeply as I could. The air was filled with the soft scents of our sweat and of Melissa’s vagina. I pumped and pumped, giving her long, fast strokes. Her face rose to meet mine, and we kissed as we fucked. Sometimes she’d break the kiss to gasp and moan, breathing in my face, but then our kiss would start again.”Oh, I’m coming,” she said urgently, her lips brushing mine. She let out a long, low moan, and her face went flush.Me, I slowed my thrusting for a few seconds, waiting until Melissa’s orgasm seemed like it was subsiding. Then, I suddenly started pumping with abandon, fast and hard, propping myself up on my arms for leverage.She howled in surprise Denizli Escort Bayan and shut her eyes, and she went flush again: either I’d made her orgasm last longer, or I’d given her a second one right as the first one ended. I couldn’t really tell, and it didn’t matter. Melissa was moaning for half a minute or so, her body shuddering a little, and I actually thought I could feel the pulsing of her vagina around my cock sometimes. I noticed tiny drops coming out of her nipples. I opened my mouth and leaned down to capture some of it.At the end of her orgasm, Melissa was panting, trying to catch her breath. She opened her eyes and looked right at me and smiled, weakly.”More,” she breathed.I started pumping, and I don’t think it was even a minute later when she started coming again. Tiny droplets drooled from her nipples; I collected them again with my tongue. She seemed to notice that I was doing that, even mid-orgasm, and her moaning got louder, and her arm wrapped around my head, pulling me.When this one ended, she looked at me, panting a little, and said in a breathy voice, “Talk about marathon sex. What are you, super-human?”I grinned. “I’ve had some practice.” Also, I’d jacked off that morning.She pushed me over; I felt my penis slip out of her. Melissa mounted me, grabbed my dick, and guided it back inside. It went in easily, but she still felt tight as hell as she slid down onto me.Now she started bucking her hips, fucking me. I pushed back, but she was doing most of the work. Her hands grabbed her breasts and squeezed her nipples, and tiny droplets appeared there, then dripped onto me. My hands were on the cheeks of her ass, cupping the soft roundness as she bucked up and down on me. It felt incredible, and again I had to curb my enthusiasm and stay in the zone. I wanted to come in her so badly.Within a couple more minutes, she told me she was going to come again. Her whole chest went flush, and she was shuddering visibly. It was beautiful to watch the orgasm affect her; I could only imagine how much pleasure she was feeling. I knew I couldn’t hold out much longer.As it ended, she put a hand between her legs and jiggled wildly, and another orgasm seemed to start immediately; she howled and bucked, her breasts bobbing.It was too late for me now; I felt a huge swelling of pressure between my legs, and then the buildup burst into a wave of pleasure, and I felt the throbbing pulse of ejaculation. Coming inside her felt very, very satisfying, but my orgasm lasted only a few seconds, and sex was over for me now.I let out a big breath. “Fuck.”Melissa caught her breath: “What?””Oh, I fucking came.””Oh, honey.” She brushed at my hair with her fingers. She was still breathing hard.”I’m sorry, I really tried, but you’re just so hot.”She gave a breathy giggle. Then: “I’ve had enough for now. Let’s just go to sleep, and we can do more later. OK?”I had already settled in, holding her naked body to mine, and we were both asleep in minutes.—It was really late when I woke up, maybe 3:00 AM or so. I realized, quickly, where I was, and whom I was with. The odd Escort Denizli thing was that it felt right; I didn’t have any sense of awkwardness or regret. The bed felt comfortable and warm. I didn’t even have to pee.Melissa was facing away from me. I touched her naked back, grazing gently. She rolled over immediately and then smiled. “Mmm,” she purred, “I woke up a little while ago, fucking alcohol.” She pushed herself over toward me and fastened her lips to mine. She smelled and tasted good.Then: “Do you think you’d like some more?” She indicated her bare breasts, which stood away from her chest, invitingly. “Thirsty, maybe?”I was sort of speechless at this moment, but I managed to whisper, “Yeah,” as we snuggled our bodies closer together.Melissa, laying on her side, took a breast and guided it toward my mouth. I scooted down, and she pulled my head close with her other hand. She pushed the nipple to my mouth, and I opened wide around the areola, sealing my lips to it, nice and tight.She let out a delighted sigh, and then her hand went to work, massaging and stroking herself. “It might take me a minute,” she whispered.I suckled, pulling her hard, bulbous nipple toward the back of my mouth, then releasing, then pulling again. My hand grazed lightly over her soft, flat tummy.”Mmm-hmm!” she let out, somewhat excitedly.At first, I’d thought she was ticklish, but then I realized I was tasting her again. I felt her milk collecting in my mouth, and I swallowed, making a quiet, satisfied groan as I did.”Josh,” she whispered to me. “I love to hear that. It’s so nice. You feel so good.”I was sucking firmly now, and she was letting down even more. Melissa was no longer massaging her breast, but she kept her hold on it, holding it to my mouth, while her other hand held onto the back of my head. (This is Melissa’s preferred position for nursing.)I felt intimate with her all over again, and I was definitely aroused. She pulled herself even closer to me; my head was covered with a curtain of her hair, making me feel like I was in a secret hideout. My cock was stiffening, and, unfettered by clothes, it grew until it brushed her leg.Melissa whispered, “Something has arisen,” as if I hadn’t noticed I had a hard-on. Then: “Try to put it in me.”She arched her leg to give me access to her vagina. I really wasn’t sure if I could pull off the yoga moves I’d need to stay at her breast and push my hips into hers, but somehow I managed to do it without too much contortion. I guided my penis between her legs and found the hot, wet area, then pushed until I felt it start to slip inside her.Melissa moaned, loudly.I entered her slowly; she was already very wet but felt tight. After a few seconds, I’d pushed all the way inside her, opening her up.She was breathing heavily, already. Her hips started to thrust back and forth, primally, and I joined her in rhythm. I could feel her getting even wetter; the inside of her vagina felt wonderful: very hot, and amazingly soft, with a powerful grip.Melissa’s hand left the back of my neck and was stroking my cheeks. Long curls of her hair brushed my face.I thought about trying to reach her clit with my fingers, assuming that it would help her come, but she didn’t need help. I was giving her long strokes, and suddenly she stopped thrusting at me and froze. She let out a long, intense breath. I was still suckling, and I thought I felt her milk flow increase.

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