The Wild Side


Gram was sitting at his computer when his sister walked into the living room with her best friend Maria. Maria was a small Latina girl, with nice tits and a great ass. She was barely five feet tall, but size didn’t matter to Gram, the fucking girl looked hot. She had curly black hair, a soft smile and a mole on her right cheek.

“What are you doing?” his sister asked him, “are you writing another one of your scary stories.”

“No,” he said quickly. As matter of fact he was. The Vampire Master. A crazy horror story about a girl who feasted on unsuspecting men. He shut off his computer and got up from his seat.

“So what are you two doing here?”

“It’s raining outside,” Maria said. Her voice brought music to his ears and stiffness to his penis. God, if he could only have her.

“We’ll stay for just a while, then we’ll get the fuck back out of your way, okay little Stephen King.”

“Little, I’m older then you.”

But Maria and his sister were walking away from him. Gram watched Maria’s ass worked her magic until she was out of eyesight. When she was gone he felt empty. His penis was shrinking back to its normal size, his beat at its regular pace.

No longer interested in writing his stupid horror vampire story, Gram walked back to his room. He had thoughts of putting on a porno, but with his sister and Maria in the kitchen, that would be too much of a risk. There was nothing at all to do. It all seemed so empty. He had to have Maria to get rid of this emptiness.

Outside the thunder shook the world.

What was it about his sister’s friends that turned him on. Bonnie, Cleo, Tiana, Shelley. He’d gone and fucked them all. He was attracted to every female she brought home. Sure they were all sluts with great bodies, but he could go out and get his own…

…then it hit him. He couldn’t go out and get his own. He was to scared to communicate in a world with other men. Women were his fascinations and his sister was the bringer of his fantasies come true. Other men represented a challenge he was not willing to meet. When his sister brought the sluts home, there was no competition. He’d when them over and bend them over without a threat to take place.

He smiled a little. He would have Maria, there was very little doubt in that. She would spend the night, they would talk, his sister would fall into her dead sleep and bang. It always worked out this way. He was cute and equipped for the situation and Maria was a horny slut just like all his sister’s friends. He laid back and went to sleep.

An hour later the voices of his sister and Maria woke him up from a dreamless sleep.

“GRAM, GRAM, GRAM,” they repeated.

“What do you want?” Gram asked. His eyes remained closed.

“I’m going to Jason’s house.” Jason was her new boyfriend.

“So what?”

“Well I’m coming back in about an hour, do you mind if Maria stays here. I swear she won’t get in the way of your writing.”

His heart was racing again. This was better than the usual fuck before his sister woke up.

“Sure, sure,” he played off as uninterested. “Uh, what time is it?”

“Going on nine,” Maria said. “Is your nap over?”

“It is now.”

“I’m going Gram.”

Finally Gram opened his eyes. His sister was wearing her usually leather outfit, probably with the panties that showed off her nasty vagina. These thoughts did not turn on Gram at all, the thought of incest revolted him. The thought of Maria made him horny though.

“Show him a lovely time,” Gram said as he yawned. His sister and Maria walked out of his room. When the kitchen door slammed, Gram got out of bed and headed for the kitchen.

She was sitting at the table, hands folded, an empty bowl in front of her, watching the news.

“Left you here with me, huh.”

“She always leaves me alone.” Their eyes locked for a moment, then Maria looked away from him.

Gram walked to the refrigerator. His nap was over and it was late. Gram was starving. He hadn’t a bite to eat all day. He wrote for over seven hours and then his sister came, and he napped. His stomach was growling. He fixed himself a ham and cheese sandwich.

“Like sandwiches, do you?” Maria said.

Gram never looked in her direction, but he said he did.

“Your sister made me her chili.”

“Did she? That stuff makes me want to gag.”

“It sure is horrible.”

“Why did you eat it?”

“Want to play my role konak escort as your sister’s best friend to perfection. She knows a lot a modeling agents and other important people.”

She sure does. She fucks everyone of them and she get forgotten the next day. Gram didn’t say this though.

“Want to be a model, huh? You sure do look good enough to do that.”


“What’s uh-oh mean? I’m just complementing you on your beauty.”

She started laughing real loudly. “You don’t have a chance in hell of fucking me.” She stuck her tongue out at him.

Gram’s heart sank a bit. He was feeling empty again, but also surprised. As if he had been caught robbing a bank surprised.

“What makes you think-“

“Your sister told me about you. She brings her friends over and you fuck them. Sorry, but you don’t have what it takes to screw me writer boy. Sure, your cute and you have a decent body, but you don’t have what it takes. I’m into danger. I like to walk on the wildside.”

Suddenly Gram remembered who Maria was. He had overheard a conversation on the phone.

“You’re that girl who was caught eating out that one bitch, Cindy, behind the garbage can.”

Maria blushed. “How do you know that?”

“I overheard it.”

“I am that girl so. I ate her out in the middle of the alley. I also fucked her in the ass with a dildo in the middle of the swimming pool.”

“You like getting wet?” Gram said.

“It’s exciting. Something you ain’t. You’re the kind of guy a girl can call a friend. Reveal their secrets too, shit like that, but your not the kind of guy girl spends all night fucking.”

By the time Maria was done talking Gram was done eating his first sandwich and was making a second one.

“So speak to me,” Gram said. He was putting extra mustard on this sandwich. His heart was crushed but he was going to start removing the weight. “Do you like sandwiches?”

“When there is a black guy on top and white guy on the bottom. But you wouldn’t know anything about that would you?”

“You are on the wild side. Ever fuck a family member.”

“Hell no, you nasty bastard.”

Gram was just checking to make sure this slut was not too wild. “Why do you hate me?” Gram gave her a sad look.

“Don’t give me any puppy dog look. I don’t like you because you take advantage of your sister’s friends. You write the cruelest things about women in your story.”

Gram couldn’t believe this girl had read his work in progress. Gram didn’t allow anyone to read his stories when they were still being written.

“You read my story.”

“Damn right. All that murder and rape. All them vampires feasting on girls. And that slut you kills them guys, I mean, that’s rude. Why can’t a woman kill with brains and muscle instead of her tits and ass.”

“I think you liked my story. You like to walk on the wild side. I bet reading my stories makes your vagina get all wet in your panties. And I don’t even write erotic stories.”

“You’re an asshole.” Maria got up and tried to leave, but Gram grabbed her by the shoulder and turned her around. Gram looked down at Maria. The bulge in his pants couldn’t be hidden.

“What was your favorite part? And I know there is one. You enjoyed my story.”

She shook her head and smiled. “You’re right, I do enjoy your stories. They are a bit on the wild side. And my favorite part in the story was when Minnie, the male killer, and that professor guy, Mitch, went outside on the roof and fucked in the rain.” She paused for a moment. Maria had not gone the school since she was fifteen, she had never enjoyed reading and rarely remembered what she wrote, except when it came to Gram’s stories.

“Your sister has been sneaking stories over to my house for a couple of years now. I love reading them. They’re so wild. They’re the whole reason I changed my life. After I read Moon Man I went out and fucked three of the strongest guys I could find. I hung off of them while they fucked me in the ass. I wanted to have the sensation that I was soaring in the air while I was getting fucked. Just like Robin in Moon Man.”

Gram was honestly surprised. “You really have been reading my stories.”

“But your not that wild in real life Gram. You’re stories our fun, but you’re really, really boring. The kind of guy who sits around at his computer and dreams up fantasies all his life can’t be that güzelbahçe escort interesting.”

“My sister’s friends-“

“Are just looking for a dick. I could be the girl of your dreams, but you’ve got to learn to be more fun and wild. Like the guys in your stories. I’ve become the girl in your stories. And even though the girls in your stories have eaten out another girl, fucked thirty guys in a row or fuck their teacher for better grades, I’m sure they would’ve in an erotic story. Maybe you should try writing one. I’d read it.”

Gram finished his second sandwich while she spoke her almost hurtful words. But he discovered she was right and he began feeling love for her because of that.

“Why are you here?” he asked.

“To check you out. I wanted to see the kind of man you were. You looked everything like I thought you would, but I’m sorry to say I am dissapointed deeply. Maybe you should take my advice.”

“I have a better idea.” Gram took her by the hand and forced her to the area where he had made the sandwich. He picked up the mustard and squeezed some on his hands. Than he wiped it all over her neck.

“What the hell-“

Gram attacked neck like a vampire and ate at the mustard hungrily. Despite mixed emotions, Maria found herself turned on. She began putting her fingers through his hair as he licked and bit the mustard off of her neck.

He began pulling down her pants and rubbed her vagina through her panties. Maria’s eyes moved all around in her head. Gram took a knife from the sink and shredded her shirt off with it. He looked at the amazing titties of this five foor beauty. He took the knife and tore off the bra. He gave her nipples one quick bite each. He bit the first one so hard it started to bleed a little.

“Oh God,” Maria moaned. She was reaching into his pants to take hold of the seven inches of steel she felt throbbing against her leg.

They kissed each other hard. Their tongues tasted each other. But Gram wasn’t the kind of guy who liked kissing. And today it was really useless. He had Maria where he wanted her. He planned to give her a night she’d never forget.

Gram forced Maria out of her pants and pushed her away from him. “You want me to fuck you now, huh. Well I changed my mind.”

“NO,” she screamed. “I’ll do anything.”

“I knew you’d say that.” A smile took form on his face. “Cut your panties off your body with the knife.” Very carefully she did. “Good. Now, Missus Wild Girl. Stick the handle in your pussy.”


Maria looked confused at first, but she did guide the handle of the knife into her pussy. In and out she did it, at first slowly, but then she went faster. While she fucked herself with the knife handle, Gram undressed.

Standing here naked with a slut fucking herself with a knife, this was greater then the original plans. He watched, completely naked as the knife did his dirty work.

“It hurts so much, please…let me stop.” She went a little faster and then sliced her thumb with the blade. Gram saw the blood spill with utter fascination. He walked to her. The knife handle was still lodged in her pussy, the blade hanging out like a violent enemy against invasion. He pulled the knife out and let drop to the floor. He took her thumb and put in his mouth. The salty taste of the girl’s blood made him harder then ever.

“You are wild,” she said. “I was wrong.” She was stroking his cock. She horribly wanted it in her mouth.

“You want my cock,” he said when he released her thumb. Maria shook her head yes and got on her knees. She attacked, sucking like a woman who had seen a cock in years, or a slut with the same problem. Gram grabbed her head with both hands and pulled her in for more of his cock. His dick was oozing with pre-cum, everytime she let out of her mouth to lick his balls it would get all over her lips. She spit on the head of his cock and start sucking it again. If she kept doing this we would cum and the night would be over.

She sucked him a little faster.

“God your good at this.”

She stopped, looked up at him and smiled. “Cum in my mouth,” she said. And then went back to work like she hadn’t said a word.

But he would not take her request. He took the cock out of her mouth, seconds before came. “I’m not done with you. I have to fufill your fantasy.”

She tried gaziemir escort to get more of his cock. She was denied again. He took her by the hand and led her out of the kitchen.

“We’re we going.”

“To the roof, we’re going to pull it off.”


“I’m going to fuck you on the roof.”

Lightning illuminated the windows. Thunder shook the house. Maria could hear how hard the rain was falling.

“Are you sure about this?”

“This is what your fantasy is.” He turned around and kissed for a long time. It was very passionate and caring. His way of saying for earlier. “Here’s the door. Stand against real quick.” She did.

“This the wildest thing I ever did.”

“You misjudged me.” We got on his knees. He had- felt it was right to repay for the blowjob from a few moments ago. While he was eating her out in the same fashion she showed Cindy, Gram realized he really did love her. That they were made for each other. And as he got up and looked down at her, face to face, he said it. “I really love you, even though we’ve only known each other for about an hour.”

“I’ve loved you longer. Ever since the first story I read that you wrote.”

“Are you ready?”

“Let’s go.”

Gram opened the door and led her to the roof. The rain immediately soaked their naked bodies. They held each other close because they couldn’t see in front of each other. Gram took Maria to the ground with him. They kissed again, then Gram inserted his penis inside her. Maria rode his cock as fast her body would move. The sensation she felt while riding was different from all the other guys. She really enjoyed Gram inside. She could feel his cock leaning against her stomach. She loved the feel of his hands on her breasts. She looked up into the sky and put her hands into the air as if she was reaching out for some unseen hand. Gram was holding her by the waste and humping in and out of her.

Maria leaned down and start kissing Gram all around his neck. His cock was moving in her a lot faster now. She was moaning with all her lungs but no sounds could be heard. The rain was going down faster too.

Gram picked Maria up without losing his pace. He put her on her back and lifted her legs into the air. He was holding her by the legs as rammed in and out of her some more. He kept stretching her legs farther back every second as well. Her hair was getting and muddy and for the first time it didn’t matter. When her legs met her shoulders she had her first orgasm, then a second, then a third. She was cumming everywhere. Despite the rain and the wind of the outside, she was blazing hot. And Gram continued the pace.

Gram stopped again. He whispered in her ear and by some miracle she heard him. He wanted to fuck her doggie style, but she didn’t know he was going to fuck her in the ass. She got on all four. Gram lifted her ass and rubbed cock up and down her butt cheek. Then he forced it in. Her asshole was not as tight as he wished, but still, he enjoyed. He grabbed her by the waste and pumped the life out of her. She was screaming so loudly that Gram could hear her through the rain. Harder and harder he moved. Maria was grabbing the back of his legs and pushing him in harder. She was also pushing her ass back into his cock. Gram felt he was going bust inside her. If he fucked any longer he thought his dick would just fall off inside her. His fingers made there way into her mouth and she was sucking and biting at them.

Still fucking, Gram lifted her for a second time. He left cock deep inside her ass as he walked her to the ledge of the roof. The rain had died down some so he could hear her talking.

“What are doing?”

“Fucking you while you fly, Moon Girl.”

She was hanging in the air and Gram was fucking her asshole once again. He was going surprisingly fast considering he was holding her up in the air. She looked down and saw puddles of water below the building. A guy riding his bike in the rain. He didn’t see her. She felt free. She put her hands in a superman position and let her man fuck the shit of her while she dangled in the air like laundry on a wire on a windy day.

“I’m gonna cum, Maria…oh God.” Then his balls exploded and cum shot deep inside her asshole. He stood there with Maria hanging from his cock and came for three minutes. When he was done, Maria got on her knees and licked him clean, then sucked him off until he came in her mouth. This was her other fantasy. A guy had never came in her mouth, no matter how much she begged. Now she had her man’s salty goodness in her mouth.

They walked back in the house, naked, hand in hand.

Their relationship ending three days later.

Gram discovered he could fulfill his fantasies with any girl he wanted too.

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