Third Cuckold Dance


My husband and I (Mandy and Phil) had never had a sex partner before, but things were about to change in a BIG way. We are in our early forties and a great-looking couple for our age. We have had a great sex life and turn each other on, but deep down I miss being filled by a big cock from a strong, rugged man. While my husband is manly, he is average in size and doesn’t have much stamina in bed and physically doesn’t measure up to some of my past lovers.I always kept those thoughts to myself, but one night while at a club with Phil and some friends, I guess too many drinks got the best of me. Out on the crowded dance floor was a good-looking guy about my age and he was giving me sexy looks and smiles. He had a muscular build with broad shoulders and piercing eyes that saw right through me.Phil was busy talking to friends and the next thing I knew, I was dancing with this stranger and acting like I was single and in my twenties again. I backed my ass into his crotch and ground against him to the beat of the music. I felt his strong hands on my waist as he pulled me in tighter and I could feel a bulge in his jeans as we danced and he swayed his hips in rhythm with mine. I felt myself getting wet and then I felt him reach from behind and grasp my boobs and pinch my hard nipples. A jolt of electricity shot through my body and made my knees weak. I spun around and pushed my throbbing pussy into his bulge when Phil’s stare caught my eye.I knew it was time for me to go so I told my dance partner I enjoyed the music but maybe we’d run into each other again sometime. He slipped me his business card and said let me know if I can ever be of service.We all loaded up and headed home as it was 1 am, which is late for us, and most of us were pretty buzzed. I didn’t know what to expect from Phil but was relieved when he just asked who I was dancing with and it looked like a good time. I told him I didn’t know but gave him his card that said his name was Benji and that he was a landscape architect. No more was said and we went home and crashed hard after Phil kissed me and told me sweet dreams.The next morning, I was awakened by Phil’s mouth nibbling at my mound and his tongue flicking at my clit. I moaned and spread my legs to give him better access and he fingered and ate me until I was on the verge of cumming. Malatya Escort He then pushed my legs up and back and slid his hardness into my quivering pussy. He pounded me hard and fast and I came quickly and I felt him tense up and moan and pump me full of his seed.As I slowly began remembering the dance from the night before, the next thing that happened took me totally by surprise, because Phil had never done this before in our many years together. He went back down on me and lapped his cum from my drenched cunt and kept licking and fingering me until I came again. When we caught our breath, I asked Phil what got into him and he said we’d talk about it later. I drifted off to sleep, still a little hungover, while thinking about the night before.The next day was uneventful and that night when we went to bed, Phil was very amorous and was all over me with his hands and kissing my neck. I asked what was going on and that I was expecting him to be upset about my dirty dancing with that Benji guy I’d met. He confided that he was upset and a little hurt at first, but the longer he watched, the more he realized he was turned on by the scene. He said that Benji was a good-looking hunk of a man and that it was obvious that I was into him. I said I would’ve never done it if I wasn’t so drunk and that I certainly would never hurt him on purpose. Phil assured me that he knows I love him, but wondered how much I’d enjoy having a good fucking from such a handsome man, especially if he had a long thick cock and could go all night.I was speechless and a scene of Benji ripping my blouse off and sucking my breasts flashed in my head. The suggestion stayed in the air for a bit with no response from me, but when Phil reached down and touched my silky wet pussy lips, he got his answer.Phil kissed me deeply and started whispering in my ear about how he thought he’d love to watch me get fucked deep and hard by a strong hard cock and watch me go crazy on it. The more he talked, the wetter I got and Phil mounted me and was grinding me and kept talking about Benji filling my pussy with cum until we both came together loud and hard. Phil immediately went down on me and once again ate his cream pie like there was no tomorrow.For the next several days our sex was hot and the fantasies played in our Malatya Escort Bayan minds, and eventually, I started whispering about Benji fucking me while Phil watched and I was amazed at how much it turned him on. One mention of Benji making me beg for his big cock would make Phil so hard and when I told him I wanted to suck Benji’s dick while looking him in the eyes, he moaned and filled me with cum again. I pushed his head down to my creamy snatch and told him to clean me up and he obediently obliged. I never knew what a turn-on it was to have my creamed cunt eaten out, but it gave me a sense of empowerment!Over the next week, I researched Benji’s company and found him on social media and he was even better looking than I remembered. I found myself rubbing my clit under my shorts and fingering myself to climax while envisioning his hands on my hips again while sliding into me from behind. I couldn’t stop thinking about being fucked by this stud and was making myself crazy! The fact that my husband was encouraging it made it even hotter because I would never cheat on him and now I had his permission!On Friday afternoon I ran some errands and stopped by the liquor store to restock our supply of bourbon and vodka, but when I pulled into our driveway, I was surprised to see Phil’s car and a truck I didn’t recognize. I parked beside the mystery truck and read the logo. It was Benji’s company! My heart started pounding and I could barely get out of my car and carry my bags in. I went inside calling for Phil to no avail, only to look out by the pool and see the two of them looking at the hot tub, deck, and pool. Phil saw me and waved me outside and said grab some beers. Oh my God, I was sweating and no makeup, and wearing shorts and a tank top and flip flops and what the hell was Benji doing here?! I pulled myself together and went out back with the beers.“Mandy, remember Benji from the bar the other week, your dance partner?” “Sure, I mean barely,” I stammered. “I was pretty lit as I’m sure y’all remember!” I laughed.“Nice to see you again Mandy, I never got your name that night. Phil called me to come look at your backyard since you’re wanting to add some water features and new plantings and such. I’m glad you kept my card.”I told him I was glad too and gave them Escort Malatya the beers and quickly went to fix myself a drink. I looked back and saw Phil wink as I turned away. I can’t believe he did this without telling me, somewhat aggravated, but totally excited too, and I could feel myself getting wet. The drink hit me fast and as they talked shop, I changed into my white bikini and took my next drink out to the pool. I knew I still looked good for my age and my bigger-than-average boobs were hard not to look at. I only wished I’d been for a waxing more recently, but it wasn’t bad…. but I was getting ahead of myself!Phil said the water looked inviting and that the two of them should join me since it was Benji’s last job of the day. Benji looked at me and smiled and said he had no place to be and that he kept a pair of trunks in his gym bag. He left to get them and I asked Phil what the hell was going on.“Just getting a landscape bid and maybe testing the water, baby,” he laughed.“What does he know?” I asked, and Phil told me Benji was oblivious to anything and let’s just see what happens. Phil and Benji went to change and came out with cocktails instead of beer, and when I saw Benji, I was floored. My jaw dropped as I feasted my eyes on his chiseled physique, especially his abs, and there was no doubt he worked out and spent time outside in the sun. His trunks were loose fitting, but I could tell he had a nice package and I remembered grinding on it on the dance floor.We were all in the pool and chit-chatted about our lives, football, music, and bourbon. Eventually, Phil slipped in behind me. He pulled my ass against him and I could feel he was hard. He quietly asked if I was wet and I whispered for him to see for himself. He rubbed my pussy from behind and slid a finger inside my suit and into my slick, warm lips. I just smiled while Benji was telling us about his girlfriend breaking up with him because he didn’t want to get too serious, and I could tell he was admiring my hard nipples in my white top. My God, his shoulders were to die for, and his eyes were mesmerizing.Phil suggested we get some food on our stomachs, so we headed for the back porch loungers and outdoor kitchen. I could feel both men staring at my bubble ass and I wondered if Benji knew how horny I was. We wrapped up in our towels and turned some music on while munching some bar snacks, when Phil asked Benji why he didn’t want to get serious with a girl.Benji said, “Honestly, I love to play the field too much and love new adventures. Being here today with you two seems like an adventure. What’s the end game?”

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