Thoughts: Leaving Scratches


I love the thought of leaving my mark on your body after we’ve fucked; long, hard, deep, meaningful fucking. Digging my nails into the skin of your thighs, arms, and back! The thought of them being seen and questioned makes me hot.Knowing that your friends, wife, fiancé, girlfriend, or even parents may see them and ask about what happened and how you got them; knowing you’ll lie and come up with some half-arsed excuse to cover up the fact that I left my mark on you after you fucked me until I saw stars Mersin Escort and rolled my pretty green eyes back, bit my lip and moaned “daddy” breathlessly as every light or rough stroke of your hard, bare cock inside my tight dripping cunt hit deep against my unprotected cervix… makes me hot and wet.You’ll want it again and again, won’t you?You can’t resist!Can’t resist my pussy, tight like a vice around your cock, oh-so wet and getting creamier with every thrust of your Mersin Escort Bayan cock inside me; my heavy chest, breathless and aching as you devour me, consume me; stealing me away from reality with every gasp, every moan; every little squeak that leaves my lips.Can’t resist my nails digging into you for dear life; my world closing in and opening wide all at once as if spinning on its axis.Can’t resist my orgasm ripping through me like a black hole, devouring me, and me Escort Mersin welcoming it with outstretched arms; embracing the destruction of my volcanic orgasm.Eyes roll, nails dig in, and the combination of a moan and a scream itches its way up my throat like a demon trying to claw its way out. Possessed and overcome with pleasure, my pussy clenches around you as my orgasm erupts like Mt Vesuvius, your cock and the sheets underneath us Pompeii; the destruction inevitable.That’s when I feel you slacken your thrusts, your own destructive orgasm rearing its head, pounding inside me slow but hard, signalling that you’re close to erupting and aching to fill my womb with your hot cum; neither of us caring for the risks of our night together.A thought and a dream; I wish were reality!

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