A New Office Jade Ch. 04


This is the fourth chapter of the series. It would be a very good idea to read the previous chapters for the full story. Everyone is over 18 and clean.

As always, constructive criticism is welcome. I would like to provide the best written stories possible so your advice can help.


“Bernard, Dahlia,” Dana began easily with a slight hint of trouble in her eyes, “I’d like to sweeten the deal with you.”

“And what would that be Dana?” Dahlia’s face excited but became a little wary.

“My daughter, you know her as she works for you, Dahlia,” began Dana dismissively, “Lisa Sherrell said that Bernard here is an excellent lover. I’ll give your company an extra million in sales if Bernard sleeps with me for a night.”

Bernard, who wasn’t even holding a drink, dropped something. He thought it might have been his jaw but he wasn’t sure. Lisa Sherrell talked to her mother about their one time with sex? Who didn’t she tell?

“That little bitch,” Dahlia screamed.

Dahlia’s face was red and livid. Dana’s face went white with surprise and indignation. Bernard still hadn’t quite picked up his jaw.

Dana recovered first and asked, “What the hell did my daughter do?” To Bernard she was in a state of heavy counter, about to retaliate with the same strength, but something inside her mind changed and she closed her mouth.

“Your daughter,” Dahlia began with severe ire in her voice, articulating the word daughter with derision, “can’t seem to keep her damn mouth shut. First she was supposed to only make sure that Bern made it home safely. Then she slept with him. The story was pretty amazing but now she appears to have told everyone in the office and now they all want him.” Dahlia was breathing hard and never taking her eyes from Dana and finished with, “And now her mother wants to fuck him!”

Dana looked as though this was all a shock that someone could be harsh to her daughter for any reason and that it was probably normal that anyone would take a million dollars to sleep with her, so what is this nonsense all about? A little put off by Dahlia’s hysterics Dana harrumphed and said, with a severely indignant tone, “Well, I thought business was business and this is not professional at all. I may as well take my business elsewhere, even if the clothes are the best of the season.”

“What the…,” Dahlia began, raising an arm as if she was going to swing.

Bernard stepped in just then, getting right in front of Dahlia and her target. “Dana, what say you and I take a small walk and talk about this?” Bern held out his arm and without even a second look at Dahlia sauntered off with the woman who offered a million dollars in sales for a night with him.

Out the front door of the hotel they walked, arm in arm, with no speed to get anywhere. Despite the suit Dana wore and the less than professional clothing Bernard was in they still seemed to fit well together.

As Bern looked at the woman making this incredible offer – her hair was silvered at the temples but was a salt and pepper short number over the rest of her balanced head. Dana’s eyes were a hazel with some kind of red in them where when the light caught them in a certain way they looked like the devil was coming from them. A short nose over pouty lips with a slight cleft in her chin – all of these just exuded a type of power.

“So, is my daughter telling the truth, Bernard?” The question was not laced with anything untoward, just interest.

“Telling the truth about what, Ms. Harrington?” Bernard felt like he knew what the question was trying to open but he tried to drag it out.

“Dana, please.”

“Alright, Dana. What truth are you looking for? Did I have sex with your daughter? Yes.” Bernard said the statements in calm conversation; no trying to save himself from a mother’s wrath or sell himself higher.

“Did it really last for four hours,” Dana asked with some hope in her voice.

Bernard stopped walking, looked at Dana without moving his body, only his head, and said, “No. To be honest that’s the second time I’ve heard that statement but, unfortunately, it isn’t true.”

“Well, that’s too bad,” said Dana. “What happened with the other person who told you that?”

“I fucked them for four hours,” Bernard returned with a smile on his face. He was trying to loosen up the situation so that he might be able to calm down Dahlia. He had a date with her on Monday and he really did not want her flying off the handle.

Dana covered her mouth trying to hide a wide smile with eyes burning with desire. “Oh my,” she said quietly.

Bernard wasn’t certain he should have used such profanity but the older woman on his arm only seemed to be more entranced by it. His intent was not to lead her on directly but to open her up for a conversation that they might have about the deal she requested and how to actually make it work. If he could get another million dollars in sales for Bettison’s Better Designs then he would were it in his power. This was, so, why not?

For another Zonguldak Escort few minutes Bernard put an open ended plan into action, allowing for Dana to be able to help out where she thought she could. They walked back and forth across the veranda of the hotel’s large statue spitting water for an uncounted number of minutes before heading back.

When they reentered the bar they saw Dahlia sitting dejectedly by herself at her table covered with several empty glasses of something alcoholic. As they approached both Dana and Bernard could see that dealing with the boss of the BBD would be right next to worthless.

“Whe’re dah helluh you two been?” Dahlia’s voice was slurred heavily and Bern was interestingly surprised he understood any of the words. Her eyelids were almost closed, lowered more than halfway down her eyes and they barely reopened following a slow blink.

Bernard looked at Dana and apologized. He didn’t explain why she was acting this way, she’d been wanting to have sex with him since Lisa did and now several other women have – but Dana didn’t need to know that. The two sober people of the threesome promised to talk again next week if the sales bids went well tomorrow. If they didn’t go well, well, maybe they would still talk.

Dana Harrington and Bernard Lampson gave one another a quick hug and kiss on the cheek and then Dana walked out of the bar.

Bernard turned to look at his boss. She was mumbling something but Bern couldn’t hear so he figured he’d just get her a hotel room and let her sleep it off. He didn’t think he and Dana were gone for very long but it looked like they had been. Nothing to do about it but react at the moment thought Bernard.

Letting his boss lay in her drool for a moment Bern went to the front desk and after a few moments of consternation about there not being any rooms available the desk clerk was nice enough to help determine that Dahlia Bettison already had a room. Bern talked the clerk into seeing his boss nearly passed out and was able to convince him of Dahlia’s identity and give him a room key.

Without much fanfare or hoopla Bernard was able to half carry half guide his boss to the elevator and up to her room. Bernard was wistful for just a moment remembering he had only just come down from here a little bit ago. While the floor Dahlia was in wasn’t as high as Jennifer’s had been it was a way up there. Getting off the elevator was also an exercise in fundamental engineering as Bern tried his best to help Dahlia stay sort of upright but in the end just decided that decency was not called for in this situation and he wrapped his arms around her from behind, using her large breasts as balance lifts and just picked her up. It was awkward as Dahlia was taller than Bernard but he managed to get her to her room, open the door and roughly carry her in.

The room was a general hotel room but this one had a front room which led to the bedroom. Still guiding her Bernard stumbled through the lee way and when the bed was close he dropped her on it, face down. Her feet hung off the edge so figured he got lucky.


Standing back up Bern knew he couldn’t leave Dahlia face first into the covers as she’d probably suffocate or something. He reached down and removed her shoes and then leaned with one knee onto the bed and rolled the dead weight body over onto her back.

When he stood Bernard took a moment to look at his boss and decided that if there was one woman he would give anything and everything for it would be her. Oh, not because they were an item but because she had given him nothing but support and chances and believed in him and what he did for the company. While they’d never really hung out together outside of work they fed off of one another and that seemed to be a nice balance. Bernard determined that was the kind of person he could brave a great many things for and, considering he probably wouldn’t be in another relationship for some time, he’d give all of his strength to Dahlia.

A little silly Bernard figured. To put all of his anything into a woman who was just cool to him. Ah well.

“Wha’d’r’you doin’, Bern?” The voice was garbled and full of tongue but for reasons he didn’t know Bern understood it, sort of.

“Putting you to bed, Dahlia. You’re upset and drunk and the rest of the evening would’ve been terrible for you,” Bernard replied. He looked at his watch and saw that it was only five o’clock. How long had he and Dana been walking and planning? No wonder Dahlia could drink herself silly.

“‘M serry, Bern,” his boss said. The distinction of the word ‘sorry’ was almost lost to Bernard.

“It’s okay. Get some rest and I’ll see you in the morning,” Bern said with a little bit of melancholy. He didn’t like seeing her like this.

“Hey, b’fore you go cn yuh hepp muh pee?” Bernard thought the speech was getting worse but it could have been because she was about to fall asleep.

Bern watched her try to scoot herself on her back to edge of the bed only to make it as Zonguldak Escort Bayan far as her butt falling off and then there was no traction for her. He caught her before she slid off completely and as she wasn’t really using her legs he wrapped his arms around hers from under armpits, lifted poorly, felt it in his back, got her sort of standing and then began talking to her to get her legs working.

Dahlia was almost able to comply with the directions but Bern could see it was terribly difficult. How much did she have to drink? Would coffee help with this at all, just to get her adrenalin running from the caffeine? He didn’t know, better just get her in there.

With all of the grace of warfare Bernard got Dahlia into the bathroom and almost standing in front of the toilet. He didn’t think about what he was doing, he was just doing. He deftly reached behind Dahlia and unzipped her skirt, pulling it down over her hourglass hips and let it drop to the floor. Without another thought he thumbed her lace panties and ungently pulled them down passed her knees, bending a knee to get them down.

When he looked up Bern was staring at Dahlia’s pussy. A one inch landing strip of hair stopped at a closed outer labial covering. There was nothing to see save the fact that below the landing strip there wasn’t a single follicle of hair to be seen. The outer labia looked smooth and Bern thought that might be where he ends up going into on Monday night. Not a bad thought.

Catching himself Bern stood and guided Dahlia onto the seat and she just let go. Horses would’ve been impressed Bernard thought. He didn’t see anything but the stream went on for some time.

Shortly after it finished Bern reached over to the toilet paper and was going to have his boss stand so he could just take care of the business, get her clean and back in bed. Instead of even trying to get up Dahlia tried to say, “Bern, pea’se hepp get muh shit off.”

Her hands were trying unsuccessfully to get her blouse to lift from her waist. Bern rolled his eyes and took control by unbuttoning the blouse from the top down. When the buttons were clear he dragged the blouse from her shoulders and arms letting her large breasts partly out in the open. They were, of course, still held in place by a matching the lace panties bra.

As Dahlia realized her blouse was missing she tried reaching behind her to undo the bra. Bern saw this was going to fail since the clasp was sitting center stage of her ample cleavage. Without waiting for the command he undid the clasp with a quick twist and release and her breasts fell free. Bernard had to stop for a moment to stare at the large bosom and admire the beauty. His cock had been between them once while Dahlia was giving him a blowjob and he wanted to do it again. When Dahlia nearly fell from the toilet Bern decided now was not the time.

Bernard removed the bra from her shoulders and now looked at his boss completely naked for the first time. She was excitingly beautiful from the neck down; her face looked like it was trying to fall off which took away from her beauty.

Guiding his boss to stand Bern wiped her pussy clean and unceremoniously took her back to bed. When she was correctly positioned on the bed with her head on a pillow something happened for a minute as she seemed to wake up. Dahlia looked at Bern and said, rather clearly, “Thanks, Bern. If you get your dick out I’ll suck on it for a while.” The small smile on her face was confusing as Bernard wasn’t sure if she’d been faking the drunkenness all this time or not. She rolled onto her side and brought her hand to his pants, as he was standing by the edge of the bed, and found his cock through the pants material.

Bernard took half a step back and said, “Not tonight, Dahlia. You go ahead and get some sleep.”

“Will you stay with me tonight,” the oddly clear voice asked. “Please?”

Not having anything to change into that was clean nor his toothbrush Bernard paused for only a moment before saying, “Sure, but I’ll stay in the other room. You just get some sleep.”

“Thansh, Bunn. You so goo-hiccup-d to m…zzzzzzzz.”

Bern was even more confused now. It was like peeing took out some of the alcohol and she cleared up for a minute. As she was now silently sleeping with her hand still held to his pants Bern figured he’d never figure it out. He took her hand from his pants and placed it on the bed, bending the arm at the elbow. Since there weren’t any lights on as it was still early Bern closed the door to the bedroom and left.

Sitting on the couch in the front room Bern didn’t know what to do. The plan with Dana was to take place in the middle of this next week but he needed to get through this weekend. He’d had sex with three women today and was propositioned by a fourth for a million dollars in sales. Who could say they’ve done this? How could anyone say they’ve done this? “Hey guys, you’re not going to believe this but…”

Bernard sat in silence just thinking about the happenings of the Escort Zonguldak day for almost an hour. While he did have some lunch with Jennifer – she of the cum-condiment burger – he’d not eaten since then and he was hungry now. He looked at the room service menu again and noticed this time the cost of stuff and was outraged by it. There was probably an apology needed to Jennifer later but for now he’d just go pick something up.

Much later that night, after his fourth check on his boss, Bernard removed his clothes, climbed into the sleeping ones he picked up from his apartment while he was out getting food, brushed his teeth and lay down on the couch in the front room. His thoughts meandered through the oddness over the last several weeks and how all of this happened because he’d been cheated on.

He was mean to Diane the last time he saw her and he did not feel bad about that but there was that arena of falling back to his teens and the poor temper he’d had then and the many fights he’d been part of. Bernard wasn’t ashamed of where he’d come from as it shaped who he was today but he didn’t like revisiting that type of person he was then. It was ugly and he didn’t want to be that person ever again.

With his thoughts transitioning from the then to the now and back Bernard fell asleep and dreams left him alone for the night.


Bernard woke with a glorious feeling surrounding his manhood. His awakening was slow and measured versus a sudden jolt of alertness and when he realized his cock was being sucked he let the awakening take its time.

When Bern finally opened his eyes he saw Dahlia staring at him, his cock deep in her mouth and her saliva running slowly down to his balls. To Bern, this morning blowjob was much better than the one his boss gave him in the office. It was slower, more fervent and a hell of a lot sexier with Dahlia still being totally naked.

Bern opened his mouth to speak but one of Dahlia’s hands shot up, palm out and she said, with cock still in her mouth, “Huh uh,” and she raised her index and waggled it at him in a stop gesture. Bernard closed his mouth and just enjoyed watching Dahlia suck his dick.


Dahlia may have been drunk yesterday, last night, whatever it was, but she had full memory of the entire event with Bern taking care of her. He was a gentlemen and took her integrity seriously. When she awoke naked, her clothes neatly set into a chair and the door to the room closed she knew Bern was probably still here. While her tongue had some issues with clarity she knew what she had tried to say and what she did say and she respected this man even more now.

The fact that he was sleeping on her couch gave her the opportunity to finally take care of him and herself.

When Dahlia walked into the front room, still completely nude she saw Bern laying on the couch, on his back, with the covers kicked off. She walked up to the side of him and without even pausing to think she gently worked his loose shorts from his hips revealing his flaccid member. What men don’t have morning wood, she thought. They usually have it because they have to pee so he obviously didn’t have to. He didn’t wake which surprised her but she was going to give him something nice to wake to for taking such good care of her.

Dahlia dropped to her knees beside the couch and took the flaccid member in her mouth and sucked on it like a lollipop, wetting her mouth and his cock at the same time. It only took a minute or so before his cock reacted to the stimuli and hardened in her mouth. That was one feeling she really enjoyed – feeling the growth caused by her within her. When the head of Bern’s cock reached the back of her throat she began the bobbing up and down, tongue wild on the underside of his shaft.

As she saw Bern’s eyes open she motioned for him to remain silent and went crazy with her tongue and mouth, stroking the shaft that wasn’t inside her oral cavity. Dahlia remembered the first time she gave Bern head and this was just as good. She remembered how long she sucked on his nice cock and was pleased that he might last for more than thirty seconds or so. She had no idea how long she’d been blowing him this morning but she didn’t really care.

What Dahlia cared about was that her pussy was about to get punctured by this nice piece of blood filled flesh.

For several more minutes Dahlia licked, sucked on, lapped at, tongued over, stroked and loved this man’s member and was having a bunch more fun doing it while naked. She figured it was almost time for her to slam her pussy onto this large meat stick so, with cock still in mouth, Dahlia stood. As she was bent well over halfway down her tits bumped into Bern’s leg and she felt him grab a hold of one and cup and give a gentle squeeze. Dahlia enjoyed the tactile response from Bern and she just closed her eyes for a moment and let the feeling wash over her. Then she froze.


Bernard really was enjoying this morning blowjob. Whether because it was from his boss, and that added a kind of taboo to it, or the fact that getting woken this way was simply fantastic he couldn’t say but he wanted more at the moment. When Dahlia stood and her large breasts hung down and bumped into his leg he brought a hand out and grabbed a firm hold and squeezed for a moment or two.

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