A Night in Myrtle Beach


I enter the hotel room to find it empty. I search for you wondering where you are. I walk into the bedroom and find it empty as well. Then I look out the sliding glass doors to the balcony and see you standing at the railing gazing longingly out at the ocean…

You’ve left the door ajar so you do not hear me when I step quietly out onto the balcony. I step quietly behind you and you jump slightly as I put my arms around you and kiss the side of your neck, but then an aroused smile crosses your face as you place your hand on my cheek and turn your head to kiss me. As you turn your head your body slowly follows and you wrap your arms around my neck. We kiss passionately, exploring one another’s mouths with our tongues.

You break the kiss briefly and look at me with your deep brown eyes…as you gaze up at me you smile and whisper, “I missed you so!”

“I’m here,” I whisper soothingly as I bend slightly and slip my arm behind your knees deftly lifting you off the ground and carry you into the bedroom. I gently lay your sensual form on the bed and you watch as I strip my shirt from my body. I lie on the bed beside you and begin to caress your body through you clothes. I caress your breasts through the thin material of your tank top then slowly slide my hand down to the hem of the sheer garment.

I slide my hand underneath the thin material and slowly lift it up your body and over your head. We lay there side by side both topless as I begin to kiss your neck and caress your breasts as I slowly kiss down your neck to your collar bone. I gently kiss and suck all around your shoulders and move slowly down to your right breast. I gently suck your nipple into my mouth and roll it with my tongue. I use my hand on your other breast so that it will not feel neglected. My ministrations on your nipples become increasingly more insistent…I gently bite your nipple and tweak the other with my thumb and forefinger.

You begin to breathe heavier as I descend down your firm tummy to the waistline of your pants. I lick along the waistline as I slip my fingers underneath and slowly slide them off your hips. As I slide your pants over your Eskişehir Escort hips and down your legs, I gently kiss your toes and begin to move up your calves. I lift your leg a bit and kiss behind your knee giving you goose bumps. I continue kissing up your naked inner thighs toward your exposed mound. I kiss around your slit licking the joint where you legs meet your body, teasing you. Becoming quite aroused your outer lips, completely devoid of any hair, begin to part slightly. I then slide my tongue from the very bottom of your slit, opening you up with my tongue, clear up to your clit where I flick it gently with my tongue and suck it between my lips. I roll my lips back and forth twisting your clit and stimulating you to no end. Your juices begin to flow and trickle slowly out of you and down to your ass hole arousing you even more as you feel them evaporate giving you a cooling sensation on your ass hole. I carefully insert one finger then another and make the “come here” signal repeatedly inside of your hot wet pussy. Directly stimulating your G-spot and your clit in unison you quickly build toward climax. You begin to moan loudly as I fuck you with my fingers and tongue. Then, as you juices continue to drip out of you I stick a finger into your now wet ass hole and the new sensation sends you over the edge. You scream in ecstasy and wrap your firm strong legs around my head burying my face in your hole and not letting go as I inhale deeply from inside you and you shudder through the dramatic orgasm, the first of what will be many. You slowly relax and release me from your tight embrace. I lift my head and you see my face completely drenched in your juices.

You pull me up to you and hold me close as you help clean your love nectar off my face. I see that devilish look you get in your eye as you quickly throw me over onto my back. You slip down my chest and rip at my belt buckle staring at me as you remove my pants and boxers in one smooth quick motion. You slide back up my body and kiss me strongly on the lips as you grasp my rock hard cock. You then slide down to me chest and tease my nipples staring Eskişehir Escort Bayan at me the whole time. You then slip down and lick where my legs and crotch meet. Licking all around my balls you then run your tongue from the bottom of my sack along the underside of my shaft clear up to the head the looking at me with a twinkle in your eye you plunge down on me and swallow my whole cock. You stare at me intently as you slowly pull back and run circles around the head with your tongue then swallow me whole once more, repeating this several times. You then begin to bob rhythmically up and down on my hard shaft. You feel my balls tighten and sense my orgasm approaching. You slide to the tip of my cock and suck purposefully on the head as you quickly pump my shaft and open your mouth as I unload inside your mouth. I fill your mouth with my hot cum and a little dribbles out the edge down you chin and one stream strikes your cheek. You open your mouth and collect the cum off of your face with a finger then suck it from your fingers. You then deep throat me with your mouth still full of come and clean the excess off me. You then open you mouth and show me that my whole load is inside you sweet little mouth you then make a show of swallowing it all.

The show is so erotic that it forbids my dick to soften and I am still hard. You roll onto your back and pull me on top of you. You wrap your arms around my neck as earlier and whisper in my ear, “FUCK ME!” then stick your tongue inside my ear. You wrap your strong athletic legs around my waist and squeeze hard as I plunge my hard rod deep inside you and you scream in ecstasy at the intrusion. You throw your head back and scream a long loud obsinity and I’m sure the neighbors are shocked. I pump in and out of you hard, deep, and fast. You squeeze my hips with your strong legs as I fuck you hard and at the same time, your pussy contracts repeatedly around my cock jacking it off with your warm tight embrace.

You scream loudly, “OH! CHASE! YES YES YES!! FUCK ME HARD YES! MAKE ME CUM!!” then begin to pant as you begin your second orgasm of the night. As Escort Eskişehir I have already come I am still hard and ready to go on and continue to pump inside you. You convulse through your orgasm and another starts as soon as that ends. You scream out unable to form words or sentences anymore. As your third orgasm of the night subsides you feel another coming on and animalisticly you pop up throwing me on to my back. You begin to buck wildly as a fourth orgasm racks your body. You scream with delight. I grunt with pleasure. You quickly spin around on top of me with my dick still inside you so that you are now facing my feet. As your orgasm subsides you collapse forward between my legs. I take this opportunity and rise up never removing my cock from inside you. I pull you up with me so that we are now in a doggy style position with your face against the pillows. I begin to pound into you hard feeling that my orgasm is approaching yet again. I am pumping so hard and furiously that my cock gets completely removed from inside you and when I thrust back simply slides away between your ass cheeks. My cock is now resting there covered in your juices in between your cheeks like a taco. You seem to still bee feeling the effects of your multiple orgasms and push lightly back against me. I take this as the perfect opportunity. I grasp my hard shaft tightly and press it against your tight ass hole. There is resistance at first because you become tense and rigid then relax knowing I mean no harm. You relax all your muscles and let my hard cock penetrate your virgin ass hole. The sensation is new and arousing and you move a hand to your wet swollen pussy and finger your clit as I begin to slide deliberately in and out of your ass. You pump your fingers in and out of your pussy and finger your clit as I begin fucking you ass harder and faster. You start moaning again. Your moans turn to screams.

Your screams become words and you call out, “Oh, YES! FUCK MY TIGHT VIRGIN ASS YES FILL MY ASS WITH YOU HOT STICKY CUM!”


As we continue to scream we both climax at the same time you drench your hand with you lady juice as I fill you hot tight ass with my wet sticky cum. Completely spent, we both collapse beside one another, breathing heavily and hold one another close as we drift into a euphoric almost dreamlike state together embracing tightly and kissing gently…

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