A Night in the Elysian Fields Pt. 01


Aurelia watched the three men sitting nervously in her receiving room. The room, decked out in soft blues and greens did much to give a feeling of comfort and ease. It gave no indication of the activities that occurred within. There was also a small mirror, framed in silver, on the wall opposite of the quiet men. Of course, it was one-way; Aurelia always liked to observe her guests before saying hello. It gave her a chance to think about her approach beforehand…because few people knew what Aurelia’s business was. She preferred it this way. It was how her little enterprise, called Elysian Fields, survived. As she considered them, each man fidgeted and looked around, curious and disconcerted at their surroundings. Aurelia decided to give them a few more minutes to ponder before beginning.

She motioned her second-in-command, a young woman named Flora, over without looking in her direction.

“Yes, Aurelia?” Flora asked. Aurelia always needed something done, whether it was help serving customers or tasks that required a more discreet touch. Flora reveled in the confidence Aurelia had in her.

“Please go upstairs and see that our gods start preparing the lady for her night,” Aurelia directed. “I need to give her chosen gentlemen their instructions.”

Flora nodded and hurried away. Aurelia took one last silent look at the men and opened the door connecting her office to the receiving room. All three men looked up in unison at her. Questions were in their eyes but none of them spoke. Aurelia saw a hint of interest in at least one man’s eyes; she hoped he wouldn’t be too disappointed that she wasn’t the lady of honor tonight. The lady who had invited him hoped for his undivided attention later. Oh well, if he became a problem, one of her gods could escort him out.

“Good evening, gentlemen. My name is Aurelia and I’m your hostess this evening. I know you must be very confused as to why you’re here. However, I must remind you that we have done what we can to inform you of that very reason before your arrival. Though I could not give you specifics, the information sent to each of you should have given you some idea. Before you could even set foot in here, I needed you to complete a full profile including an STD check. I do not let just anyone in here, gentlemen. I can only assume that, since you all completed my paperwork and showed up, that you are interested in what awaits you.”

The men didn’t nod right away but nod they did after a few moments. Aurelia wasn’t telling them that she knew much more about them than they thought. Thanks to the questions on the profile she sent them, she was able to do a thorough check on each. She knew one was a soldier who was often away from home. Another was a man in a throuple that was quickly unraveling due to jealousy. Finally, the last was a doctor in a nearby city who had recently divorced. It was amazing what people would post on social media. Aurelia was thankful that she could be informed about her guests without bringing in private investigators.

“Excellent. Gentlemen, I welcome you to Elysian Fields. Our time is short as the entertainment is set to begin soon. I do have some final instructions for you before we go inside. First, you have been invited here not by me but by a woman who knows all of you. You may determine who our mystery woman is yet I ask you keep it to yourself if you do. Frankly, I caution you to not think about it too hard; the lady has gone to great lengths to conceal her identity.”

“I still don’t understand why we’re here. What does this woman want?” one man asked. Aurelia knew the man to be the soldier thanks to a little system she created to ensure anonymity. Each man had a colored band around his wrist – a color that was paired with each man’s profile in Aurelia’s office. The soldier wore red; the polyamorous man wore green, and the doctor wore blue.

“I agree. How do we know that this woman isn’t trying to blackmail us or hurt us in other ways? Without knowing who she is, we can’t be sure of her motives.” The question from the doctor was logical; Aurelia would have expected no less.

“Patience, my dears. All will be revealed. However, to answer the kind doctor’s question, I do not accept clients with a criminal background; they also must provide a psychological evaluation escort vip from the therapist I have on my staff. Refusal to submit to the evaluation results in banishment from my club. Also, gentlemen, rest assured that, if I discovered such a crime within my client network, I would bring down the full force of the law. The men nodded, a sense of relief permeating the thick air.

“In the meantime, let me explain your wristbands. The meaning of those bands are known only to myself and you. By the various colors, I know your name and the pertinent information provided to me by you. Beyond that, my staff will only identify you by your bands and your given names for the night.”

Aurelia turned to the soldier who was standing in the at-ease position, though it was very clear he was anything but. He was tall, blonde-haired and blue eyed. His body was lean and corded – the proverbial caged tiger. He wore a conservative blue button-down shirt. Also, to Aurelia’s delight, he wore form-fitting jeans that revealed a nicely sized bulge. Aurelia could only wonder at the size of the man when he was aroused. “Sir, your name for the night is Mars. I’m sure, if you have any knowledge of Roman mythology, you can figure out why.” He shifted his feet but he didn’t ask. Aurelia could swear though that his posture became straighter and more proud as he thought. That was a good sign. Used to taking orders, this man would follow her rules, even if he didn’t like them.

Aurelia turned to the polyamorous man. He was shorter than the soldier but not by much. He had broader shoulders, a flat stomach and muscles that proved he was just as strong. He also had blue eyes set underneath messy dark blonde hair. The graphic t-shirt with a large red “Transformers” logo and his dark jeans were a bit too casual for her liking but she had no control over that. Her job was to get clothes off, not put them on. She could, however, admire the biceps highlighted by the short sleeves. Casual he may be but he did wear it well.

“Sir, your name for the evening is Caelus. Admittedly, this is one of the lesser known Roman gods but, as my lady told me, you tend to be of a rather academic bent. When she knew you, you were very much into reading and philosophy. I suggested this name to fit her description of you.” Again, Aurelia saw the straightening of the spine and a quiet dignity settle on the man. It was a transformation she always loved to see. She suspected he was shy outside of the club but had a feeling that he’d be unrestrained when making love. The shy ones always were.

Finally, Aurelia approached the doctor. Again, the blonde hair and blue eyes, height to be envied, and a tight, powerful body defined this man. Obviously trying to hide within his clothes lest he be recognized (unlikely), the doctor wore a large orange hoodie and faded jeans. His only concession to vanity were the expensive white sneakers he wore – a status symbol if nothing else. A Syracuse University baseball cap sat on the table beside him. All he needed was a pair of sunglasses and one would think he was a celebrity dodging the paparazzi. He must have felt he had a lot to lose by coming, but he had nevertheless. The curiosity must have been too much.

“My lady certainly has a type,” Aurelia thought sardonically.

She continued, “Sir, you shall be known as Adonis for tonight. As I told Mars, if you have any background in mythology or even pop culture, you should know who he was and why you might have that name.” The man’s face, unlike the other two, flamed bright as he realized the connotations. He was no less pleased; his demeanor said as much. It was clear, however, that he was not as convinced of his appeal as the other two were. Aurelia thought it was an odd reaction but, then, she didn’t see many men blush these days.

“Now, gentlemen, we are going upstairs where our lady awaits. I will give you further details when we arrive.” Aurelia opened the door of the receiving room and ushered the men outside. They entered a corridor leading to a large ballroom, rich in color and design – subtle purples and stark black. However, the room was anything but refined as the men got their first eyeful of the patrons who usually came to Elysian Fields. Men and women in different states of undress wandered around escort rus as they observed. Some couples were quietly exploring each other in the shadows while other couples were loudly sporting in the center of the room. There were a few groups finding bliss together as well. It didn’t matter if it was couples or groups, single or married, straight or LGBTQ+ – all were welcome at Elysian Fields.

Aurelia crossed the room without paying much attention to the room; she’d seen it plenty of times. However, since her guests were new, she understood that she’d have to give them a little time to adjust to the sights. As they walked behind her, they stared, a little awed, but not immune to what they saw. Aurelia wasn’t sure, but she was sure she heard Mars growl. Aurelia turned to see what caused it and saw he was watching a MMF threesome to his left – the woman eagerly sucking one man off while the other fucked her hard.

“Oh Jesus, just like that,” groaned one of the men over the sounds of the woman enthusiastically swallowing his cock. The other man just grunted as he pounded away, causing the woman’s mouth to go ever deeper over the first man’s erection. In between them, blissfully filled on each side, the woman attempted to scream but could only garble her joy.

Just to the side, two women were oblivious to their environment as they gleefully shared a double-dildo. As they fucked the dildo between them, their hands were caressing breasts and clits with their mouths never leaving one another. A group of men were openly watching the women with one or two clearly jerking off at the sight. No one noticed. No one cared.

Finally, over in a side room discreetly tucked out of view, slaps and shrieks punctuated the air. While the men couldn’t see what was going on, they could surely imagine it. Not seeing the action almost made it better.

All three men remained quiet but, given the blown state of their pupils, they were just as affected. Caelus was watching the lesbian couple while Adonis’s ears perked up at the sounds of someone, likely with his partner over his lap, spanking them loudly. The variety of sexual pleasure had definitely worked its magic on the lady’s guests.

“Come, gentlemen. You may come back another time and watch to your heart’s content if you so choose. You may even participate. However, tonight, your time is spoken for,” Aurelia commanded as she reached another door leading to a large staircase. “Our destination is one of the private rooms upstairs.”

Once all four of them reached the second floor landing, Aurelia pointed to a dark wood door to her right. “Here we go, gentlemen. Onward!” They chuckled a little at her enthusiasm which helped to break some of the tension. “Good,” Aurelia thought, “the more they relax, the easier this will all go.”

Aurelia opened the door and allowed the men to enter before her. The room itself was fairly plain compared to the other rooms they had been in. Illuminated in soft creamy light, it was painted an ecru color with a large set of closed red curtains adorning one wall. In the center of the room, three large black armchairs dominated the space, each sporting a stripe of color to match the men’s wristbands. Aurelia didn’t even need to tell them; they understood immediately where they were meant to go. Next to each chair was a small table holding a pitcher of water and a glass. Beyond this, there was nothing else.

“Gentlemen, I welcome you to our viewing room. Based on the display downstairs, I’m sure you have an idea of what you will be seeing. This is chance number one to leave. If you are uncomfortable with what you have seen so far, you are free, even encouraged, to leave. We need you to be open-minded and willing for what’s in store.”

At that moment, a tall man, built like a Mack truck, entered the room at the press of a button on the wall. Wearing only a pair of black jeans, he stood by the door with his hands clasped behind his back. Shirtless and barefoot, he seemed relaxed but his attitude screamed soldier. “If you choose to leave, Marcus here will escort you out.”

None of the men moved. Caelus even looked a little upset that she could think he would.

“All right then,” she said, “we shall proceed. In a few minutes I will open those curtains and you will have escort elit many answers to your questions answered. Before I do so, I will give you a bit of background on our lady. As I said downstairs, you all do know this woman though you may not recognize her now. You’ve had some kind of contact with her in the past. I don’t know exactly how each of you know her however I can say for sure that none of you have had a sexual relationship with her. This is one reason she chose each of you. In her mind, you three are, as the cliché goes, the ones who got away. Please understand, I don’t mean that in a romantic way; she is not looking for anything serious tonight. I mean simply that you are the men with whom she chose to share her ultimate fantasy.”

Now each man sat amazed. Aurelia could see that each were trying to puzzle out who the mystery lady was but she was confident they’d never figure it out. The lady said herself that she’d be very surprised if any of them even remembered her. The secrecy, however, didn’t seem to inhibit the men’s interest at all. If anything, it made them more excited.

“To continue, I offer you chance number two to leave. Our lady not only chose you for your presence in her fantasy but also because she asks for your help. You see, about ten years ago, our lady was raped while out with a man she had just started dating. Since then, she has been unable to see herself as anything more than an object of abuse – someone who deserves nothing but the dregs of society. Her mental health and self-image have taken a huge toll because of this and she’s decided she no longer wants to live like that. Therefore, she asks that you all help her regain some control and a sense of self-worth. Knowing that everything is at her direction tonight is going a long way to remind her that she is desirable and someone deserving of respect. Remember, our lady has been used roughly once without her consent; she is determined that it will never happen again.”

Aurelia inhaled deeply then continued, “The lady realizes this is a lot to ask of you, especially since you’re not altogether sure of who she is. It is, I believe, an honor that she entrusts to you. Knowing the weight this carries, I again offer you chance number two to leave. Marcus here awaits your decision.” Aurelia paused her speech.

The men, again, didn’t rise from their seats but their faces spoke volumes. They twitched, displaying concern and even some anger at what they heard. Aurelia knew from her searches that Adonis had two sisters while Caelus and Mars had several nieces. None had daughters that she could find but the presence of female family, regardless of the role, was usually enough. It was clear they considered her lady’s trauma no small thing. Mars clenched his fists, his coiled power coming to the fore. Caelus held his head in his hands. Adonis stared at the ceiling.

“I thank you all for staying. You are still free to leave in the course of the night but the mere fact that you haven’t left even after learning of our lady’s travails says much about each of you. I am grateful on her behalf.” Aurelia gave a small bow then moved to the curtains.

“This is chance number three to leave before the show begins. I need you to understand three things or you will not be allowed to stay regardless of your desires. As I said before, everything you will see is by the lady’s request. She is not doing anything she feels forced to do nor will anyone else in there push her to do so. Next, each of my “gods” are not only participants but they are all either former soldiers or law enforcement. Each has training in martial arts and are, at all times, prepared to bodily remove anyone from these premises. I will not have them underestimated due to their primary job. I employ them specifically for their prowess in and out of the bedroom. Am I understood?” All three men signaled their agreement. “Finally, if you personally are made uncomfortable by what you see, you are also not expected to stay. Our lady is adamant that none of you be forced any more than she is.”

Aurelia was already convinced that they weren’t going to leave for any reason. Mars and Adonis were now looking eagerly at the curtain while Caelus studied his hands. Aurelia guessed that he’d be the most reticent to participate but, since he was in the throuple, she still felt he’d probably be the most adventurous once his nerves settled.

Aurelia reached for the pull cord alongside the curtains. “Gentlemen, I give you the fantasy of my lady…Athena.”

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