A Night to Remember


You open the door. There she stands, wet and cold, arms crossed in front of her. You are confused, why is she here? She looks up at you. “Can I come in?” Her voice is her normal wispy whisper that turns you on, but is shaky. Not like her normal self confidence that she normally projects. You step aside and she walks in. She is soaked, way to wet to just be a walk from her car. You look out the front door, but her car isn’t in your driveway. She must have walked the three miles it takes to get from her house to yours.

You turn to look at her. She is just standing there, her normal blonde flowing hair is stringy and wet, and pieces of it are stuck to her cheek. Her white shirt is clinging to her skin and you can see straight through it.

Damn, she has a nice body. Curved just where you like it. Her breasts are blocked from your view by her pink bra that you can make out through the wet material. Her jeans are wet and heavy, slipping off her hips from the weight of them being wet. Her pale skin glistens from the rain. Her feet are adorned in her every day flip-flops, something you have never seen her without. Today her toes are painted pink to match her bra and you assuming her panties. She once told you she always wants to match…panties, bra, and toes, because she never knows when she will be naked.

She looks at you with her large grey eyes. Black make-up is smeared under her eyes which makes her grey eyes darker than usual.

“What’s going on? Why are you all wet?” You ask her while you walk towards the closet. You pull out a large towel.

“I got caught in the rain,” she tells you as you hand her the towel, “And I wanted to spend some time with you tonight. Can I stay here, just for tonight?” You try not to act shocked, but you are sure she can see it all over your face.

“Yeah, sure.” You try to act calm about it. She smiles and continues to rub her clothes. “Why don’t you grab one of my shirts and I will dry your clothes for you.”

“Thanks, James. You are the best! I know where your shirts are, I’ll be down in a minute. K?” And she darts up the stairs to your room.

What just happened? You have known Sarah for almost a year now. You fell in love with her the first day you met her. You had walked into an intro to psychology class and took the seat next to her. A few people said hi to you. You turned to her and since y’all were sharing a table, you figured you should at least know her name. “Hi, I’m James.”

She responded with, “Hi James, I’m Sarah.” She leaned close and whispered in your ear, “Are you a good kisser?” She timed it perfectly because right at that moment the teacher walked in and started class. You didn’t hear much of that lecture because you couldn’t get what she said out of your head. Are you a good kisser? This girl didn’t know you; you have never had someone so blunt and sexy right to start off with.

That was the beginning of your friendship. She was nothing like anybody you had ever met. She was confident, sexy, and so much fun! But all she has ever wanted to be is your friend. So for her to ask to spend the night is totally unexpected.

“Where should I put my clothes?” You turn around. She is standing in front of you in one of your t-shirts. In only your t-shirt. Her long legs are bare; you guess she didn’t want to borrow any of your sweats. The shirt is long enough to cover her just enough so you cannot see if she is still wearing her panties, but you imagine that she isn’t. You know she isn’t wearing her bra because it is in her hand.

“James!” Her voice brings you back to reality. “Clothes… where should I put them?” “I’ll take them.” You answer her and reach for her clothes. She smiles warmly and hands them to you. You walk into the laundry room and open the dryer. You throw in her clothes and something falls on the floor. It’s her panties. Dear God! She isn’t wearing them! “Find Rize Escort something you like?” You spin around with her panties still in your hand.

“Um… I dropped these. I was just putting them in the dryer to dry. So they aren’t wet…” God, you are a moron! You are blushing, but that only makes Sarah smile widen.

She walks towards you, leans hard against your chest, and takes the panties from your hands. She gets close to you, very close.

“Let me help you.” She slowly leans down and throws them in the dryer. With a flick of her wrist, she slams the door, turns on her heals, and walks away. Her hair flings over her shoulder and she looks back at you through the doorway. “Come on James. Are you going to stay in the laundry room or are you going to come out and talk with me?”

She sprints through the kitchen to the couch and flops down. “What do you want to do?” She yells back at you. You walk out and stand in the doorway. She flips around on the couch to look at you. “Where’s Rich?”

“He’s at work, Nate is with him. They won’t be back until tomorrow. But Earl might stop by.” Rich was your roommate, Nate was his dog, and Earl was your friend, who didn’t really get along with Sarah ever since she told him he was too ugly to just kiss, and it didn’t matter how drunk she got, he was always going to be ugly.

She curls her nose while she says, “Earl…” she sighs and continues, “When is he going to be here? Maybe I’ll go home when my clothes are dry.” Shit! NO! That is not what you want.

“Well, you probably won’t see him.” You quickly let her know, “He is just coming here after work, which is normally like at 2am and he will just crash on the couch. He is usually gone by the time I get up anyway.” You turn and walk back to the fridge, but you keep talking.

“So, if you are going to stay the night, you’ll have to sleep in my room, if that doesn’t bother you.” Please God, say it doesn’t bother you… you think in your head.

“Well, if I didn’t sleep with you,” she calls through the house, “What fun would it be staying here?”

A few hours later, Sarah’s clothes are dry, but she hasn’t asked for them. Y’all were focused at the task at hand, beating each other at Madden. Sarah, unlike most girls you know, loves football. If she can’t watch it, she wants to be playing, and if she cannot play the actual sport, she wants to play the video game. It was kinda this thing that you, her and Rich do every Monday. Since there is no Monday night football going on right now, y’all get together and play it on PS2. You have had a couple of beers and she has had her normal Raspberry Schnapps and sprite.

She is her normal self, jumping up and down, yelling and cussing, and always touching you. Suddenly, she lays down on the couch and stretches. As she lifts her arms above her head, your t-shirt rises and you can see her pussy. She is shaved and you can see two dark circles on either side of her pussy lips. She has those same marks behind her ears; she calls then her matching birthmarks. She had always told you that she had them in other places and you had always assumed that they were on her ass.

She leans up and rests her head on your chest. “I’m tired,” she says as she nuzzles you with her head. You take the hint.

“Yeah, I’m tired too. Let’s go to bed.” You say as calmly as you can. She isn’t making this a big deal and neither should you. She takes you by the hand and tugs on you to get up. She stumbles a little bit, thanks to the schnapps. She giggles and you wrap your arm around her waist so she doesn’t fall down the stairs, again. Then you remember, “You want your clothes?”

“Nah, I’ll get ’em tomorrow. Let’s go, I’m tired!”

You half walk, half drag her up to your room. She sloshed over to your CD player and fingers through your CDs. She pulls one out and slides it in. The voice from Rize Escort Bayan the lead singer of LIVE fills your room, a bit loudly. She covers her ears with one hand and turns down the volume with the other. She bends over to flip through the tracks. To keep herself steady, her legs are spread apart, far apart. From your view in the doorway, you have a great view of her soft, round, ass, and an even better view of her pussy. It is pink, really pink. As she looks for the track she wants, she sways back and forth. Something between her legs catches your eye. It’s sliver and it shines. You think it is a pussy ring, but you cannot ask her or she will know you were looking at her.

She has found her song, Turn my Head, and has it on repeat. She turns down the volume until you can barely hear it. She turns and looks at your bed, looks around your room, and then looks at you. “Where’s my bed?” she asks. Ut oh, doesn’t she remember you told her she would have to sleep with you?

“Umm…well,” you start out.

She just giggles. “I’m kidding James!” She keeps giggling. “You should have seen how white your face got!”

“Yeah Sarah, very funny!” You try to play it off, even though your stomach had dropped to the floor. She has climbed into your bed and moved over so there is a place for you. You aren’t really sure what to do. She is drunk so she isn’t herself. And what happens tonight could mess things up with her. But then again, it could make things better.

“What, are you scared of me.” She giggles again, “I don’t bite! At least hard.” And then as if she could read your mind, “Don’t worry Sweets, this will not change anything. This is what I wanted. Promise.”

With that okay, you climb into bed wit her, clothes and all. She looks at you weird and smiles. You feel her slip her hands beneath the covers and her fingers fiddle around with the button to your pants.

“You don’t sleep with your clothes on!” She informs you. “I remember, remember?” She had once taken care of you when you were sick and no, you don’t sleep in your clothes. You normally sleep naked, and she knows that.

“Well,” you explain, “I didn’t want you to think I expected anything.”

“Oh, how sweet.” She says in a mocking voice. “But maybe I do expect something… is that okay with you?” By this time she has unbuttoned and unzipped your pants and is wrestling them off with her legs.

When she has your pants off in a pile to on the floor, she quickly adds your shirt to the pile. She nudges you and you roll on your back. She straddles you and her hips start to slowly grind into yours. She runs her fingers up your chest and start to circle your nipples with her fingertips.

She slides her head down your chest and lightly start to lick your nipple. You reach down and touch her back. Her skin is soft and warm. She lets out a moan when you touch her. She lets out a cold breath and you get instant chills. She giggles again and the motion of her stomach pushes against your hard dick, making you moan out. She starts to kiss down your stomach. As she kisses lower and lower, your breathing quickens. It is so sexy.

Sarah keeps kissing downward but stops at your inner thighs. While her lips are kissing your thighs, she slides her hands around your big hard dick. She pulls it out of your boxer shorts, which she left on you, and holds your dick still. She softly kisses up one side until she gets to the tip. Then she slides it into mouth. You feel her relax and try to slide the whole thing into her mouth but she can’t. It’s too big for her. When it does hit the back of her throat, you look down at her and notice how big her eyes are.

Thank God for the desk lamp that is still on. You can see that her eyes are no longer grey, but a soft shade of blue. She once told you that the more turned on she gets, the bluer her eyes go. She moans. The vibrations Escort Rize from her moaning tingles your cock and you can’t take anymore.

You try to lift her off your cock. You want to fuck her, but she push you back down with one hand and continue to suck your cock. “It’s still my turn.” she simply says. “I wanna play with you first.” She then adds, “You can play with me later.” You lay back down, not sure how much more you can take of this game. But your only choice it to lay there and watch her head go up and down on your dick.

She takes your dick out of her mouth and takes her tongue and run it up and down your long hard cock. You look down at her and notice she am watching you. “Why are you looking at me?” you ask.

She stops just long enough to say, “I like to see you smile.”

You are done. You want to show her how it feels to be teased. You lift her head up off your cock, role her over onto her back, and slide your hands between her legs. She is so wet that even her thighs are wet. You smile because your job just got a lot easier. Your fingers slip in and out of her. You run your fingers along every inch of the inside of her pussy. You find the pussy ring. You’ve never actually seen one in person so you slip under the covers to take a look.

As you pull her snatch lips apart, she moans and says, “Oh, my God. James that feels so good. Taste me.” You look at her pussy ring. It is just a small hoop, but damn is it cute. You nuzzle your nose into her wet twat, completely inhaling her smell. You take her clit ring and lick it.

“Oh my God!” She is getting louder. She grabs your head with both her hand and slightly pulls on your hair. You tug on the ring, move it, lick it. Each time, her reaction is fabulous. She moans, screams, and pulls and releases your hair. She is thrusting her hips into your chest and her legs sometimes wrap around you and sometimes let you go.

You move up and take one of her tits into each on of your hands. You notice that her nipples are pink. Pink nipples, pink pussy, everything about her is pink. Then you lean forward and take on in your mouth.

She breathes in sharply, “You make me feel so good.” She tugs on your arm, trying to pull your mouth up to hers, but you ignore her and keep sucking on my titty. “James, kiss me please…” she is begging. You smile up at her and let go of her tit. You slide up her body and as you do, your cock slip between her legs and into her pussy.

She tries to let out a scream of pleasure, but you have covered her mouth with yours. She screams into your mouth. It is so tight and you are so big in her. She can hardly take it. She rips her mouth from yours and screams, “Harder James, please! Fuck me harder!” You sit up on your knees, lift her hips and slam your cock into her pussy. You can feel all her hot wetness surround you and she screams out your name with every thrust. As she gets closer and closer to cumming, her nails dig into your shoulders. Her pussy is so tight around your cock you want to cum, but you wait for her.

Suddenly, you feel her whole body tighten, you look at her eyes. She looks back at you and her eyes are so dark they almost look black. She screams harder than ever as she starts to cum all over your fat dick. As she cum, her pussy clenches down on your dick and you start to cum with her.

“Cum with me James! Cum inside me. I want to feel you inside me!” She screams and pulls you forward so your chests are pressed against each other. You feel her suddenly relax under you and you fall on top of her. She nudges you off of her to one side and you watch as she slide her hand down her body and slip her fingers into her soaked pussy. She then slide them out, covered with your cum, and lick them off. “God, you taste so good.” she says and then she leans over you once more.

She kisses you softly. “Thanks James.” She says softly. “That is exactly what I wanted.” She rests her head on your chest and after a bit you feel her breathing become slow and rhythmic. She is asleep, but there is no way you will sleep tonight. Not after what just happened. You just close your eyes and hold her.

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