A Pint of Blood Ch. 02


Chapter Two – Busy In the Basement

When someone tells you to stay out of their basement you expect to see some pretty bizarre stuff when you get down there. Looking around Mrs. Eggleston’s basement, I didn’t really see what I expected. No chains, no dead bodies, no heaps of teddy bears or stacks of gold bricks.

Candy and I found ourselves in a large furnished living room with plush carpeting, soft leather couches, and an enormous plasma screen TV dominating one corner.

“Niiiiiice,” Candy murmured as she surveyed the room. She turned to me, a wicked smile growing on her lips. “Well, big boy, it looks like we’re all alone and we’ve got some great accommodations. You wouldn’t leave a woman in this state, would you?”

She backed against the leather sofa and sat down, leaning back on the soft cushions that made that rubber balloon noise. She tilted her hips upwards and spread her legs, pointing the wet middle of her bikini bottom at my face. My heart began to hammer urgently.

Drawn like a hapless puppet I crawled to the sofa, merging my face slowly with her soft left thigh. I reached out with my tongue, tantalizingly flicking the sensitive flesh between her knees. I deliberately licked her thigh, making sure to move higher with each lick, yet always maintaining the same slow, steady pace. I wanted her to predict how long it would take to get my tongue to her pussy, to drive her wild with the thought that it was definitely coming, albeit excruciatingly slowly.

Candy whimpered and twisted her hips and thighs with anxious desire. Her small hands fumbled at her hip and then she pulled the bikini bottom away to one side without my lips ever leaving her skin. Her pussy was bared to me now and I gazed at it, so close to my face that I could feel the pulsing warmth of her building need. I was entranced by the soft curly hair all around her swollen pink lips. I wanted to lap up all the clear glistening juices I saw beading from between those delicious-looking lips. I forced myself to hold back and was satisfied to hear her whimper again in delighted frustration.

I licked a little bit higher. Now I could taste her pussy juice mixed with her sweat. Her pussy was very close now. I could feel the first tendrils of wet hair touching my cheek and she shuddered at the connection. Kastamonu Escort Finally, I looked up at her, seeing her enraptured eyes locked on mine as I stretched out my tongue all the way and gently touched the very tip to her clit.

“Ohhhh, God, Donovan!” Candy’s head fell back and she closed her eyes. Wetness seeped from her pussy onto my tongue and I tasted her, feeling the juice slide over the tip of my tongue and into my mouth. There was so much juice running from her pussy that her lips practically opened themselves as I pushed my tongue forward. I moved my face upward and felt my tongue jump over the solid little bump of her clit. The result was spectacular. Her thighs twitched violently and her breath oscillated rapidly.

“Yes!” She said excitedly. “Right there!”

Malevolently, I licked all around that hard spot, swirling her silken wet lips over and under my tongue. There was an undercurrent of frustration in her moans and she chased my tongue with her hips, trying to land her heated clitoris on my dancing tongue.

Succumbing to my own boiling desire, I clamped my lips on her clitoris and sucked. She went perfectly still except for the trembling in her thighs. Still sucking, I flicked my tongue over her clit. My sucking drew it further out of its hood of flesh, allowing more surface area of sensitive nerve endings to be stroked by my rapidly flicking tongue.

I felt Candy’s fingers in my hair as she locked my face to her pussy and her thighs shook in the storm peaking in her body. She bit her bottom lip and moaned a long incoherent syllable as wave after wave of juice gushed from her pussy and down her ass crack. She took in three quick, sharp breaths as her whole pelvis twitched violently.

Finally her legs drooped until her feet touched the floor and she slouched on the sofa, humming softly, completely limp and smiling.

But I couldn’t stop there. My huge tool had finally finished reinflating and I clambered to my feet. My cock waved from side to side like a wrecking ball, hunting for her lubricated tunnel. Her eyes went wide.

“Woa, big boy,” she said, “just what do you think you’re going to do with that thing?”

The effort of standing with a fully inflated cock had me breathing a bit heavily, fighting Kastamonu Escort Bayan the dizziness. Her supple, youthful body lay ready below me, beckoning me with her spread legs. The trim little patch of dark hair just on top of her slit was matted with my spit and her cum. Her thighs and swollen pussy lips glistened with her copious pussy juices. I sank my knees onto the couch and my cock flopped onto her belly with a loud slap.

“Donovan, please, I don’t think that can – Oooh!”

She reached her small hands to my thighs to try and slow my push toward her pussy, but my tapered cockhead was already in her well-slickened pussy. I pushed forward just a little bit.

Candy grunted and reflexively opened her legs as wide as possible. She opened her mouth but stared soundlessly at our bridged loins, her face twisted into an astonished rictus. As I pushed another two inches into her she sucked in a deep breath and curled her lower lip between her teeth.

I stared between our legs, mesmerized as her little pussy stretched fully open. Her once swollen pussy lips now were flattened taught against my thick pole. Her clitoris was being pulled hard against the top of my cock and the hood was pulled all the way open which shoved the bare bud against my hard member.

I was almost halfway inside her and I could feel her pussy walls trembling.

“Oh, fuck! Donovan! Shit!” Candy’s head fell back onto the couch and her pussy went into overdrive, rippling all along the top of my cock. Her pussy lips slobbered new juice all down my shaft and I felt it drip off my balls.

Candy’s stomach heaved as she finally pulled in air. Shudders wracked her body every few seconds as she uttered one continuous whimper.

Magically, her pussy slackened a bit and I pushed in another three inches. Her eyes flew open and she sat up, her hands gripping the couch cushions hard and her belly tightening into a flat plain of rigid muscles. Her whole body tensed and I felt her pussy clamp on my cock. Just as quickly, her eyes rolled back and she dropped down onto the cushions again. Fresh juice rolled down my cock.

“Jesus, Donovan! I can’t….”

She never finished her sentence. Deciding that nine inches was about as much as I was going to cram into her, Escort Kastamonu I began to really fuck her. I pulled out so only my cock head was inside her and then fed my gleaming meat back into her. She moaned and held onto my arms as my cock wedged into her small pussy over and over again.

Sweat rolled down her chest and coated her sleek ribs and thighs. The sexiness of her flushed skin, senseless moaning and hellishly tight pussy made my balls start to rumble very quickly. My cock flexed with the beginnings of cumming.

I pulled myself completely free. My cock slurped out of her pussy and I looked down to see a trail of thick pussy cream stringed between my red cock head and her gaping hole.

Her little hands grabbed my cock, slipping on the thick juices. Seeing her tiny fingers trying to wrap around my heavy cock and feeling them clench around me like her stretched pussy set me off.

My cum spurted over her neck and her tits, it shot over her belly and dribbled over her pussyhair and thighs. I came and came, trying to hold myself steady on the couch as my cock fired wildly into the air.

With the last twitch and shudder I fell back onto the couch. Candy giggled and used her bathing suit bottom to try and corral the cum sliding down her chest to join the pool on her belly.

“I didn’t think I could take that much of that monster,” Candy said proudly. “I’ve never cum that many times!” She eased herself forward, wiping the cum off her body as best she could.

We found toilet paper and some cleaning supplies in the cabinet of a bathroom in the basement and spent several minutes wiping down every nook and cranny of the leather couch.

“There,” Candy said at last, “let’s get out of here. People must be wondering where we are!”

We climbed the basement stairs, listening for sounds of the party above. The house was oddly silent. I checked my watch. Five o’clock. People should still be there, getting some dinner ordered in. I reached for the door handle.

“What is it?” Candy asked.

I rattled the door handle and then knocked on the door. “Some jerk’s locked us in!” I said, annoyed. “Hello?” I called out, banging on the door again.

Then I heard a voice that sent a chill right through my spine. From a panel on the wall that I hadn’t seen earlier in my panicked dash down the stairs I heard the muffled, electronic, but unmistakable voice of Mrs. Eggleston.

“Donovan, I asked you not to go into the basement but of course I just knew you would have to go down and see. Well, my big-dicked little man, you belong to me now!”

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