After the Party


It had been a series of long and difficult weeks leading up to the Christmas party. We had both sat through endless meetings and checked and rechecked to ensure that all of the details were accounted for. Finally, the day had come. But that didn’t mean our work was done—we still had to meet and greet the arriving employees, check to make sure everything was running smoothly, and troubleshoot the inevitable last-minute problems. Being on the Events Committee was a lot of work!

As the party wound down, We saw each other across the room. My heart skipped a beat—the physical and mental rush from making eye contact was exhilarating! No words were spoken—the looks we gave one another said it all. So many thoughts conveyed in a simple look: pride and relief regarding the successful party, longing and desire regarding each other. Knowing that we could survive the last minutes of the party and the wrap-up, all because of the shot of adrenaline we both got from the other’s piercing gaze.

As the party ended, I moved toward her. All of the employees had left the bar. We were alone together, despite the crowded room of strangers quickly filling the establishment. I discerned the sight and sound of her alone, despite the crowded room and deafening noise. We silently drew toward one another, clasped hands, and slowly began walking out of the building. Once on the street, I put my arm around her waist, and Linda leaned in, to be as close as possible to me. We were too tired and drained to speak. We walked until we reached the stairs to the train. We slowly descended the stairs, but once at the bottom, I yanked on her hand and pulled her into me. We quickly wrapped our arms around each other. We gazed at each other, seeing the love and longing we were experiencing reflected in each other’s eyes.

I slowly lowered my head toward hers and began to kiss her. She warmly responded, lightly running her tongue over my lips and into my mouth. The kisses grew in passion as our bodies began to meld into one. The silence, and the moment, was pierced by the sound of approaching footsteps on the stairs. We smiled at one another, knowing there was more Kocaeli Escort to come.

As we walked toward the turnstiles, our thoughts centered on the brief embrace we had just shared. Our pace quickened in anticipation of adding to that memory.

Descending the stairs to the most remote area of the platform, we were again alone. In silence, we slowly drew toward one another, again into each other’s arms. Our hands roamed over one another’s backs, our kisses growing in passion and urgency. The softness of her body, even through her winter clothes, aroused me. My gentle yet insistent touch entranced her. My hands slid below her coat and then back up to her ample butt. I squeezed and rubbed her soft ass, and Linda responded by pressing her body into mine.

Her hands then did the same, sliding down until grasping my tight buns. Again though, our solitude was interrupted, this time by the approaching train.

As the train pulled to a stop, we boarded the last car. Fortune smiled on us, as there was no one sitting in the car we entered. Linda slid into the seat first, and I quickly followed.

Wasting little time, we quickly began making out, our tongues rolling together. Our kisses moved from mouths to cheeks to necks, each area touched inflaming the recipient that much more. Our hands became blurs, moving over each other’s bodies, quickly unzipping coats to provide access to more intimate areas.

As her hands moved inward, I was sure Linda could feel the heat of my body. My chest, my back, my legs—they all provided a warmth that was both reassuring and exciting! Meanwhile, my hands traveled up to the two familiar round globes I had often fondled: her lovely breasts. As my palms and fingers kneaded the firm flesh, her nipples hardened at my sensuous touch, causing her to moan. We continued on, hands getting freer to explore as our arousal mounted. I slid my hands under her sweater, and then quickly inside her bra, to lightly stimulate her rock-hard nipples. Her hands moved to my thighs, and as her strokes lengthened, I spread my legs, eager to give her even more access. Linda eagerly reached further Kocaeli Escort Bayan up my leg, touching my growing member. Oh how she enjoyed stroking it, feeling it harden to her touch! I responded by lowering a hand in between her legs, feeling the incredible heat being generated by her most intimate region. We sighed simultaneously. And then, yet another interruption: the conductor announced her stop was next.

Linda reluctantly rose from her seat, trying to tidy herself up before exiting the train. We looked at one another and, as if scripted for a romantic movie, Linda motioned for me to join her as I was getting up to do just that! We smiled knowingly at one another, yet again experiencing the unscientific yet very real phenomenon of thinking the same thoughts simultaneously.

We quickly made our way out of the train station, eager to be alone once more. We headed to the parking lot, where her car awaited. We settled into the car, and Linda drove to a secluded spot in the lot and parked. We quickly embraced. Finally free from interruption, we began again to explore one another’s bodies. Though the winter weather was near freezing, the inside of the car rapidly warmed. Coats were unzipped, then removed. My hands became much freer and more determined, gliding over her breasts, legs, and ass. Her arms held me close; Linda wanted me to engulf her. As the heat continued to rise in the car, more zippers were unzipped and buttons were unbuttoned. She slid her hand into my shorts, grasping for my dick. Her fingers wrapped around my growing erection, while I busied myself with her now-bare breasts. I rubbed her tits, pinching the nipples, and then licked them, all the while feeling her hand stroking my rock-hard cock. Her 36C tits felt so nice—round and quite firm, especially considering that she, as well as I, was in her early forties.

While one of my hands and my mouth were busy with her tits, my other hand slid down her smooth stomach, slowly unbuttoning her pants. My hand then pulled down her zipper and, now unencumbered, slid under her waistband and inside her panties. I could feel the heat as Escort Kocaeli my fingers moved through her soft, luxuriant muff. My fingers stopped as I reached her lips. Her audible moan urged me onward, and I quickly slipped two fingers into her saturated honey pot. I have never met a woman who gets as wet as quickly as Linda does. It certainly turns me on every time I touch her.

I felt her hand tighten on my prick as she responded to my urgent fingering of her pussy. Linda began to twist in her seat, and soon she was bucking her hips and digging her nails into my thigh. Her passionate moans stirred me to delve deeper, causing her to burst forth in orgasm. I slowed my touch, allowing her to catch her breath.

Eager to return the favor of the pleasure I had brought her, Linda pushed me back onto my seat, leaned over me on her knees, and struggled to pull my pants down. My boner rapidly popped into the air, awaiting the warmth of her mouth. Linda did not disappoint, eagerly sucking my cock and rubbing my balls. Her tongue twirled around my hard dick. The feeling was exquisite! My hand crept up her leg, grasping her pants and slowly inching them down her ass and legs. Her panties were next, easily sliding down to reveal her naked butt. My hand again crept up her now bare leg, moving slowly toward her pussy.

As my hand began to rub her cunt anew, she stroked me while licking my nuts. My fingers re-entered her pussy, and I slid one finger into her asshole, causing her to gasp. Linda groaned her acceptance, and I responded by pushing my finger deeper into her butt. The stimulation was too much for her—she lifted up from blowing me and relished in the sensations I brought to her. She shuddered and came again.

Wanting her more than anything, I laid her back down on the seat, pulled my pants and underwear off, and crawled on top of her. Linda pulled her pants and panties off of one leg and then spread her legs, begging me to fuck her. I readily complied, driving my raging hard-on deep into her cunt. The feeling was incredible! She was sopping wet, and I was as hard as I’ve ever been. I began to pump in and out of her as she wrapped her legs around my hips and back. I fucked her as hard as I ever had. Our passion and lust grew until I erupted deep in her snatch as she screamed my name and came at the same time.

I slumped on top of her and gently kissed her as we laid there in post-coital bliss. Merry Christmas!

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