Afternoon Delight

Group Sex

The flames from the scented candles flutter in the slight breeze from the slatted windows which send shadow bars across the bed.

Carrie and I enter from the pool, having swum the heat of the day from our bodies. We were swimming nude. We turn to look at each other and I become tumescent at the sight of her.

We embrace, and I feel her breasts against my chest, cool from the water and we kiss gently, tongues flickering. We smell of chlorine from the pool, but on Carrie, it smells good.

We sit together on the bed in one motion, never breaking the kiss, which lasts forever. Breaking finally, I gently roll Carrie on to her stomach, and admire the lines of her back, her buttocks, and her legs.

I stroke her back gently with my finger tips, slowly downwards, caressing her ass, down her thighs, her calves to her feet several times, enjoying the feel of her pool-cleansed skin.

I lean forward, upwards and place a single kiss on the back of her neck, a feather-light touch of the lips. My cock has nestled in the crack of her ass. Slowly, with time between each one, I kiss each vertebra as I gently move down her back to her ass. Carrie parts her legs slightly but I reverse the process, moving up with the same careful deliberation to her neck. I whisper in her ear “I love you.” and breathe into it gently.

My tongue lip marks four inch spaces down her back, touch, touch, touch, until I again reach her ass. My tongue does not stop. Touch, touch, touch, to her anus, touch.

Carrie’s legs open wider and the chlorine has disappeared and I smell woman. I continue down to her cunt, licking slowly, parting the lips gently.

Next I kiss the backs of Carrie’s thighs, left then right and the ticklish backs of her knees. I kiss Konya Escort her ankles and finally the soles of her feet.

I slide back up Carrie’s body, allowing my cock to kiss all the places that my lips had touched. Finally it nestled against her anus. I pushed a little, not hard and allowed just the slightest part of the tip to penetrate – not much -no pain, no force, and shifted slightly from side to side. Very slowly and gently I continue this motion while kissing Carrie’s neck and nibbling an earlobe between my teeth, but with only slight pressure.

I retreat slightly, allowing my cock to pull back. I bend down and gently insert my tongue into her anus, just a little, and slide it up and down the crack of her ass. She moans and trembles and it is time to roll over.

As Carrie turns I see her nipples are highly extended and rock hard. I nuzzle each one tenderly and take them into my mouth and suck on them. I nip them playfully with my teeth. Carrie jumps with each nip.

I part her legs and kneel between them and slowly slide up the entire length of her body kissing as I go, feeling her diamond hard nipples scrape the hair on my chest. As my glans reaches her pussy entrance, I kiss Carrie’s lips and my tongue glides into her welcoming mouth where her tongue lies in ambush. We fence, thrust -parry-thrust while laughing out loud. Saliva is everywhere. Finally we conclude a truce and we lave eave others’ tongues as our desire mounts.

I lick Carrie’s throat and the secret spot beneath her ear. I kiss each breast. I lick around the entire breast in ever shrinking circles until I reach the aureole, and then lick and suckle at each nipple. Carrie’s breathing turns to a soft feral humming as each breast is loved.

I Konya Escort Bayan continue down the centre of her belly to her navel, where I probe with tongue tip, reaching for the earliest entrance to her. I circle the navel and suddenly dart inside, then out again. I gently nip the skin of her belly and back to her navel in a lightning strike.

Carrie’s hips are beginning to thrust at this point, craving attention. I move to the side where the upper corner of her pubic hair meets her hip and slowly trace the line down into her pubis – but not touching her cunt. I repeat on the other side. Carrie’s hips are demanding more.

I trace the line of her now engorged, partly opened cunt with a fingertip, feeling the increasing wetness of her. I probe the entrance slowly with my finger and it yields easily to me.

I slide down so that my face is level with her cunt. What a beautiful vision! The labia are swollen and red, open for me, and exuding a perfume that cannot be bottled and sold. It is pure Carrie, available only here between her legs.

Gingerly I reach out with my tongue to touch the top of her hooded clit which thrusts joyfully upwards to greet me and Carrie’s groan means, “At last!” I slide my tongue around the hood, and then under it, circling the little nub clockwise and then in reverse. Carrie’s moans become louder and her thrusting more insistent against my mouth. I suck a little on the tender little bud and feel it grow between my lips.

I slide my tongue lower, to the slope past the urethra to her entrance and probe as deeply as I can. I fuck her with my tongue, in out in out in out. Carrie’s thrusts increase wildly. I return to her clit and insert two fingers into her cunt and time Escort Konya my thrusts to my sucking to her thrusts. Carrie is now beginning to grunt with arousal.

“Fuck me!” she cries, “Oh please fuck me!” She reaches down for my head and pulls my face to hers where she kisses my Carrie-drenched mouth and beard wildly. She raises her hips to my cock, reaches down to my ass and pulls me into her, bucking wildly.

I am engulfed in her heat, her passion and I plunge into her deeply. My cock rules and I helpless to do anything but drive desperately into her, withdraw and plunge again even harder. My cock bounces off Carrie’s cervix and strikes again and again. I raise myself so that my shaft rubs against her clit and our two pubic mounds slam together again and again in pure mindless lust.

As I feel my orgasm build, I hear Carrie gasp, “I’m coming, oh God I’m coming. Stay with me please!”

Desperately I control my reflex, but know it could be a losing battle. I am beyond conscious control. This is my universe, this mindless fuckdrive of the cosmos, driven by forces beyond consciousness. I slam harder faster, feeling the tension build to its white-hot pinnacle.

I cannot hold back any longer and the deep spasms begin as my sphincters clamp and propel my molten semen into her. Carrie screams “I’m coming, oh shit I’m coming oh God!” and her pelvis slams into me with the ferocity of a train wreck. We rock together endlessly, groaning, beyond words until, after an eternity, we can finally look into each other’s eyes. Carrie’s are black with pleasure, her lips full, and her face flushed. We lay in each other’s arms, exhausted while the little aftershocks fade away, and sanity returns.

We smile and kiss, depleted but loving the continued contact of cock and cunt, relaxing and loving each other. Finally, inevitably, my cock shrinks and slips out, a thoroughly contented little appendage, wet with semen and Carrie. The room is redolent with the smell of our sex.

We doze off in each other’s arms.

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