Alex Ch. 02

Big Tits

Chris ends his day and goes home, finding Alex playing video games on the couch. Chris drops a kiss on her head, not meaning anything by it. But she immediately saves and closes the game, turning off the console with the controller. “Daddy.”

“You’re needy today,” he remarks, eyes dropping to her hands, which have drifted to her thighs.

“Is Daddy going to leave me hanging,” she asks. He knows she’s teasing, but the idea still rubs him the wrong way.

“Never, baby. Just let me wash up.” He goes to the bathroom and washes his hands; not needed, he stayed in his office at the garage, but he still likes to. He returns to the living room to find Alex rocking on the couch, impatient. He sits next to her and she climbs into his lap. “Now,” he says. “Tell Daddy about you and Alejo.”

“He was so good, Daddy,” Alex moans.


“Yeah. He laid me in my special spot. He was so gentle.” Chris smiles. He likes to hear that. “We started kissing. He’s such a good kisser, Daddy, I got wet just from that.”

“Then what?”

“He went to finger me but I stopped him. I thought if he felt you inside me he wouldn’t lick me out. But I asked and he did. At first, he was confused. But when I asked if he minded that I let someone else fuck me, he moaned.”

“Did you tell him it was me?”

“He asked if it was you,” she corrects him. “And when I said that my Daddy fucked me, he licked every drop of your cum out of me. He wants you, Daddy.”

“He just wanted you.”

“He said you were hot.” Chris raises his eyebrows. That’s surprising. He never figured Alejo was into guys. He never showed any interest. “He asked if he could watch.”

“I’ll think about it.”

Alex kisses him sweetly and he smiles. “Thanks, Daddy.” She smirks. “Do you remember what I said about him before I left your office?”

“That you wanted him to suck me off after I fucked you.”

Alex rocks on him and moans. “Yeah. He had to palm himself. He liked that a lot. And then I wanted to ride his face.”

“I know you like that,” Chris says, fond.

“He asked if I would touch myself when I watched you two. I said I would, maybe even use one of those pretty toys you got me,” she purrs, and he remembers that vividly. “Fuck myself on one of them and wish it were one of you.”

“Me first though, right,” Chris asks, smug.

“Of course, Daddy. But Alejo is just so shiny and new. I wanna break him in.”

“Then what?”

Alex shudders. “You know how in Spanish, you roll your ‘r’s,” she asks. He nods. He’s never been able to get the hang of it, but Alex does it perfectly. He looked it up once- something about how the muscles in your mouth and tongue form when you speak one language, and it’s harder to learn the syllables of another one. “He did that inside of me.” Chris is begrudgingly Gaziantep Escort impressed. “Then he curled his tongue and I came.”


“He asked if I’d like another one.” Chris smiles. Alejo seems to be considerate at least. “I said I wanted to come on his cock.”

“And did you?”

“Wait,” Alex giggles, shuffling on his lap. He strokes her back, settling in. “He was big, Daddy. Probably around seven inches and thick,” she moans. He hums encouragingly. “He let me adjust, trying to hold himself back. But he couldn’t help his cock twitching inside of me.” Chris growls lightly. “I rode him, Daddy,” she sighs happily. “He has a filthy mouth, you know.” That Chris does know- Alejo curses more than anyone else he knows. Not when he’s around Chris, though. Then he’s perfectly professional. “Kept asking if I fucked you this well, if you liked seeing me on top of you.”


“Yeah. I teased him, said I would only come on his cock if he was good. He rolled me over and started fucking me so good, Daddy. Hard.”

“Good. What else?”

“Wanted me to take off my shirt and bra,” she moans. “Got his mouth on me. Told him about sometimes you’d fuck them. Told him that my favorite was when you’d fuck me before school, make me feel you dripping out of me all day. And it is, Daddy,” she assures him. “Sometimes have to sneak off to the bathroom and fuck myself on my fingers, wishing it was you.”

Chris growls and rocks up into her- she’s never told him that. Alex laughs breathlessly.

“He really liked that. Lost his rhythm. Reminded him that I wanted to see him suck you off, and he let go of my tits and started fucking me harder. Told him I would tell him exactly what to do to make you feel good while I touched myself. Do you like that, Daddy?”

“Yes, baby,” he gasps, kissing her. Alex squirms in delight and sucks his tongue. He pulls away, nearly desperate for the rest.

“I put his fingers next to his dick so I was stuffed even fuller and I came. He did, too. And I made sure to get every. Last. Drop,” she growls. Then she smiles wickedly. “He couldn’t even speak English. Kept telling me how beautiful I was, how good I fucked him, how badly he wanted to suck your cock.” Alex rocks on him, panting. “I took a chance and asked if he’d like to be held down over your desk as you fucked him. Daddy, he wants it. Bad. So bad he twitched inside of me.” She pouts. “Then he pulled out and his cum started to slip out of me. But I took care of that; dug it out and ate it all up.”

“Fuck, Alex,” Chris says, rocking up into her.

“He told me to get dressed. Teased him by saying that I’d maybe just wait for someone else to come along and fuck me.” Chris tightens his hands on her waist. “Kidding, Daddy.” His hands relax. “Then I said maybe I should Gaziantep Escort Bayan find a playmate my own age.”

“If you want,” he mutters. “But I warn you- boys are stupid. They have no idea how to fuck girls. And my pretty little girl deserves to get fucked into the ground at every opportunity by someone who knows how to do it.”

Alex moans and rocks on him. “He said the same thing,” she gasps. “Pinned me down and put his fingers in me. Didn’t even move them Daddy, just shoved three fingers inside and stuffed me so good.” She smirks. “He licked them clean after. He looked disappointed- I think he wanted to taste you again.”

“And after all that, you still want to fuck me again,” Chris asks.

“I’ll always want to fuck you, Daddy.”

Chris picks her up and she wraps her legs around his waist. He carries her to her room. Most of the time, they fuck in his bed since there’s more space, but he wants her to smell them on her sheets after. Maybe even touch herself when he’s asleep. Chris puts a pillow down and lays her out, making sure she’s comfortable. She grabs his shirt. “Daddy, I want it hard.” Chris smiles. It’s not often he gets to really pound his daughter through the mattress. So Chris obliges her- yanks her panties down her legs and leaves her skirt on, pulling her close and making her grind her pussy against his jeans.

“Poor little Alex,” he mocks. “Too horny to be satisfied by two big cocks. Maybe I should just tie you up so I can have you any way I want. Leave you red and wanting while I fuck you, not letting you come.”

“Daddy, no,” Alex pouts. He smacks her thigh enough to hurt, making her squirm in both pain and (he hopes) delight.

“Of course I won’t, Alex. Daddy will always take care of you.” He pulls off the rest of her clothes, trying not to rip them; he likes this outfit. She’s naked and shivering on the bed, just ready and waiting for him. He pins her down by her hips. “Where do you want Daddy’s cock first? Do you want me to shove it in your cunt or down your throat?”

Alex moans and squirms. “Both, Daddy, both.”

“You gotta pick which one first,” he laughs. “Personally, I want to fuck you in your cunt first that way you can slurp up all your juices,” he pants, getting impossibly harder. Shit, he could probably hammer nails.

“Yes, Daddy, that.” Chris sits back on his heels, pulling his shirt off over his head. He stands, kicking off his shoes and shoving off his pants. Alex reaches for him, but he flips her onto her front. She immediately starts humping her bed, anything to relieve the emptiness she must feel.

Chris shoves three fingers into her just like Alejo did to remedy that. She moans, but he’s slightly disappointed to learn Alex was right- she ate every drop. Chris tilts Alex’s hips back and Escort Gaziantep up and slams home, and she cries out. She grinds back on him though, and he knows she’s ok. He holds onto her hips and pulls back until only his head is inside and then thrusts in, grinding against her. She pants.

“Daddy, Daddy, Daddy,” she chants.

“You’re never this needy,” he says, lowering himself over her. He holds himself still and she whines, hips twitching against him. “Alejo really got you worked up, huh? Are you lying to me? Did he not make you come?”

“No, he did Daddy,” she says, still rocking against him. “But I just feel so empty.”

“I’m inside you.”

“Yes, and I need to be fucked hard.” He pulls out. “Daddy, Daddy, no,” she cries. He just flips her onto her back and sinks in again. She sighs in relief.

From this angle, it’s better for her. And for him. He loves to see his daughter’s face as he fucks her, how her mouth drops open and that wanton expression crosses it. He gets his knees under him, pulling her hips up with him and fucking her in earnest. She cries out. She’s so soft and wet inside, and he’s reminded of when he goes twice in one night. The second time, she’s so open and ready for him, and he’s already fucked a hole for himself and he glides in easy as could be. Alex wraps her legs around his hips and he slams in, grinding once he’s seated and rubbing her clit with his thumb. She comes around him and he shudders, feeling her flutter. He pulls out regretfully, ignoring her whine. He stands and goes to her closet, taking out her favorite toy. He eases it inside and she settles, sighing.

“Come here, baby,” he says, and Alex clenches her thighs together and sits up. She moans softly, distracted and rocking back on the toy. He offers his cock and she takes it in her hand, curling her tongue. She carefully bathes him, licking him clean. He threads a hand through her hair and she sighs. She runs the flat of her tongue up his cock and takes the head in her mouth. He groans and his hips twitch. She pulls off, leaving a strand connecting his cock to her lips.

“Fuck my face, Daddy.”

He groans through his teeth and gathers her hair in his fist, slowly pushing forward. She swallows him down easily, and then he’s in her throat. He sighs and she puts her hands on his hip, coaxing him to move. He pulls back and she pulls off. “Not exactly fucking my face.”

Chris growls and slams his cock in. She moans, muffled, around him. She drops one hand and plays with herself. He reaches down and pulls the dildo out, slamming it back in. She sobs. He alternates shoving his cock down her throat and slamming the dildo into her pussy, and she gushes when she comes. At the sight, he slams in one more time and comes. He pants and slowly pulls away. “You squirted,” he says, awed. Alex whimpers. He gently pulls the dildo out and admires the wet spot under her. “Come here,” he says, picking her up. He puts her in his bed and cleans up her bed, changing the sheets. When he goes back to get her, she’s asleep, exhausted. He curls around her, nosing into her hair, and goes to sleep himself.

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