Alicia’s Mother: Early Years Ch. 02


(Author’s note: In Alicia’s Mother – Early Years, Hung Wa was privileged to have his future mother-in-law, Nan, giving him the first lesson in French kissing. In Chapter 2, Nan expressed her longings for a long-term sexual involvement with her prospective son-in-law and taught him the joys of fellatio.)

Even though I might have been endowed physically with a well-developed muscular body and could think and act like any young adult, in matters of sex, I was still an eighteen-year-old green horn. From the day I took first notice of and had felt attracted to my girl friend, Rose, I had been fantasizing about the joys of intimate contact with her female body. Not a night passed without me jerking myself off as I imagined hugging, kissing and copulating with her. But given my introverted nature, I never even had the guts to even touch her hands, not to mention the other more private areas of her body.

Rose’s mother, Auntie Nan, could sense my ignorance about the female sex. I was ever grateful to her for the few opportunities she gave me for furtively looking at the smallish boobs and the bare pubes of her daughter when Rose was asleep. But never in my wildest dreams had I imagined that I could one day have my first experience of intimate bodily contact with my girl friend’s own mother.

I was truly delighted that Nan, my prospective future mother-in-law was willing to take on the task of tutoring me on what to do sexually with a woman. It simply was not believable to my own simple childish mind that I could be so lucky that within the space of two hours, I was given the opportunity firstly to ogle at the naked form of Rose’s elder sister, Alicia, when the latter was dressing up in her own bedroom with open doors and then to receive an unsolicited offer from Auntie Nan to teach me about sex. It was like being in heaven here on earth.

For my first lesson, Nan taught me how to kiss a woman the sexy way. I found myself naked below the waist supporting the fully dressed body of my tutor as we locked our mouths together in mutual oral exploration. My first sensual kiss with her, a mature woman, was so new, and so very enjoyable. The intimate contact of our mouths, and the eroticism of my first physical contact with her fully clad body during that first lesson left me breathless. My blood pulse rate soared to the high danger point as my heart pulsed in response to the new sexual excitation of my body.

I discovered strange feelings I had never felt before. I felt extremely naughty for engaging in such a level of intimacy with a woman who could be my mother. For never in my short earthly life have I ever known that the physical contact of the lips and tongues between a man and a woman could be so romantic. It was also so pleasurable, so wonderful and so intoxicating to me. My juvenile fears of oral hygiene, of diseases, of pain from contact with the teeth quickly dissipated.

As we remained locked in embrace, mutually exploring the other’s oral cavity, Nan was dishing out mouthful loads of her oral honey and urging me to reciprocate. I found the richness of Nan’s saliva and the sensuality of battling with her delicate lips and tongue so over powering that I lost all sense of self-consciousness. At that moment, my mind was taken over by a new sense of horniness. As my innate shyness evaporated, I held her closer and unashamedly began to grind my naked pubes against her well-concealed crotch. Driven by an unseen force that I had no control over, my lusty desires powered by unseen male hormones swamped my mind and body.

Nan’s slithering tongue, itself tutored by years of doing oral combat with her husband, probed deeper and deeper as it explored newer territories within the virginal mouth of her lust. I responded in kind, brushing, burnishing and wiping her teeth, her gums and inner linings of her mouth. Her sweet liquid flowed profusely as I followed her example in milking every delicious drop that she could offer. After fifteen minutes, she was becoming breathless with the vigor of our mutual tongue dance and tried to withdraw oral contact. But I was fearful of losing her at that moment. I wanted our bodily contact to remain forever. I held her closer as the sensuality of having her body on top of me drove me on and on to deeper cravings for her intimacy. I felt that desperate need for closer contact with her body, her naked skin and her panty covered crotch.

Nan could sense that the twitching of my exposed manhood trapped within the valley of her well-covered upper thighs. She was breathing harder with her eyes closed as she stuttered, “Let’s take it easy the first time. We must not rush things. There are plenty of opportunities in the future. I know how you are feeling now.”

She moved my arms away, raising her body to sit up near my hips. My randy cock, freed from the confines of her thigh valley immediately sprang upwards, saluting her at ninety degrees with its full naked crown.

Without looking at me, Nan moved her hand forward to grip the salivating monster and was surprised by the rigidity, as she exclaimed, “Oh, my god,” when she saw my full 7″ sticking straight out at her. Unconsciously Gaziantep Escort bringing her fingers to her gaping mouth and sucking on them she added, ” Hung, you’re incredible, I’ve never seen a cock that big before. It’s beautiful. It feels so hard, so hot and so stiff. Oh, son, you have something which can send many women to heaven.”

“Auntie, I am so young. Maybe uncle’s cock is bigger.” I replied, secretly pleased with her compliments.

“No, Hung. His is only 5” and is only two thirds as fat as yours. Yours can fill even my big pussy hole that has been stretched by five children passing through it. Oh, I really love you son and I wish I can have the luck to feel this things inside me one day.” Nan answered me without looking back. Her eyes were open wide and she was licking her lips as if she was preparing to eat the meat tool. I could see that her full concentration was focused on the object in her hand. She could see the outer vein clearly as she used a finger to trace its length. Slowly she began to move her palm across the full penile shaft to savor the smoothness of my penile skin.

“Auntie, you are so nice to me. I felt so shy having another person looking at my cock. But I am so comfortable with you. Can you teach me how to enjoy myself with a woman? I have strange nice feelings when you are touching and holding my cock. It feels much better than myself holding it.”

“Yes, I want to teach you, but it is not right for me to have sex with you. I am married and also an old woman, Hung. It’s not fair to you because you deserve to have younger and sweeter pussies to give your cock pleasure. I like you from the first time I saw you with Rose. I could sense your masculine character when we spoke the first time and I really want you to be part of my family. I also feel nice inside when I look at you and I often fantasize about you because you are so handsome, and so muscular. But I never imagined that you have such a handsome and large cock even though I knew from seeing the bulge inside your shorts that your cock is not small. But it is so incredibly beautiful, so smooth and so straight and so hard.”

“I like you very much too because you are so kind to me. I know your body can also give me the greatest enjoyment, but I never dare to imagine that we can be so intimate as now. I really do not mind you touching me and I enjoy so much the kiss we had and the close contact when our bodies were pressed together just now. My cock just becomes so hard and I cannot control it. Is my cock too big for playing with a younger woman?”

“Hung, you cannot marry an old woman like me. Also I must think about my daughters because if you marry one of them, then it may be awkward for you and her if she should know that her mother had had sex with you before. I wish I am now at their age and could be with you always.” She replied in a soft whisper as she continued to smooch my crotch. I could feel her other hand moving to size up my big balls. She gently gripped them trying to contain the testicular bags within her palm, but the total volume was too much for her to enclose them within her hand.

“Yes, Hung. I know now your balls are as big as two chicken eggs. My husband has only two pigeon eggs that I can hold them fully within my hand. Your balls can hold so much sperm that you can make many women pregnant at the same time. I am sure any woman would feel high just to feel your balls, and she would really want you to fuck her and ejaculate your load of sperm inside her cunt. I know my pussy will die to be fed by a cock like yours.” She said dreamily as she continued playing with my scrotum.

Her smooching increased my randy feelings and I was hoping that she would bebin to masturbate me. My highly pressurized balls were making my crotch uncomfortable as the mixture of prostate juice and sperms inside screamed for release.

“Auntie, I like you and I have also strange longings to be near you. I can keep secrets, so other people will not know about what we do. I wish now that you will allow my body to be joined to yours.”

“Hung, I also want to have your body linked to mine forever. I have erotic thoughts and dreams about you all the time. But it is not right for a mother and daughter to have sex with the same person. If you were to marry one of them one day, she would not forgive me if she should know that I am having sex with you.”

“Why not? It is also my choice.”

“But it is not possible for us to get married, so it can only be a secret we share. I can only give you pleasure until the day when you are married to my daughter. Then I must stop and it will hurt me and perhaps you also.”

“But if a man can have a wife and a mistress, then since we are not related by blood, I see why a daughter or mother cannot also be the mistress.”

“It’s not right for a married woman to have two husbands. Maybe she can secretly have sex with a lover. But it must be also so secret.”

“Auntie, I wish you will masturbate for me now. My balls are hurting and I must get the sperm out.”

Nan nodded her concurrence and bent her head downwards until the exposed cock-head was right Gaziantep Escort Bayan in front of her nose. As she sniffed, she tried to bend the meat rod but it maintained its full rigidity and quickly sprung back to hit her face. Dipping her head sideways, she gently kissed my blown up balls licking downwards until her lips brushed by my pucker hole. She reversed and moved her lips upwards along the penile shaft feeling and not missing a single square millimeter of prick skin. When she reached the mushroom crown, she pushed out her tongue and gently licked off some of the pre-cum. She moaned softly, “It’s so delicious, so nice. I can’t believe how clear and sweet your juice is. And how good it tasted.”

Looking backwards, she added, “I know how tensed inside this thing is. I must release the sperm or else you will feel a nasty pain in your balls when you go home.” She lifted her buttock slightly and stretched her left leg fully placing it alongside my body. “Hung, you may touch my leg. It will make you feel more sexy and you can come more easily.”

I could never refuse this invite at that most critical of moments and hurriedly leaned upwards to rest on my left arm as my right hand reached for the leg. I moved my fingers deliberately exploring every square inch of her slightly hairy skin from toe to knee. Seeing that her attention was totally focused on masturbating my cock, I tried to grope her higher up the thigh. She lifted her bottom and pulled up the helm of her skirt to her waist, exposing her full thigh and white panty to my view.

I could find no resistance as I probed higher and higher until I reach her panty. Using my palm to feel her, I knew she had a big pussy because of the distance separating the two edges of her panty. I was surprised to find the crotch area fairly hard and bulging so much forward. She looked and smiled at me, licking her lips slowly with her tongue. Nan’s stroking of my prick soon became faster and I felt the tension rising fast. I knew that I could no long control myself from spurting out my sperm. I was driven by a strange need to reach for her most private area and without asking her I dug my finger under her panty helm to reach her pussy area. Immediately I felt her free hand holding me back.

I looked up and saw her looking intensely at me, ‘Not now, Hung, it’s not clean for you to touch me there. My period has just finished this morning, so it may still be smelly there. Next time.’

At that moment, I felt myself heaving my buttock upwards to fuck her hand and as the pleasurable feelings surged into my loins, my cock began to twitch harder. Nan quickly brought her free hand to cover the crown as the first jet of cum shot out of my ejaculating cock. Then the next spurt came. And a third followed thereafter. Her whole hand was flooded by my white liquid and some dripped down onto my belly. My eyes closed at that moment of crisis as I gritted my teeth in response to the intense pleasurable sensations surging through my mind and body. I was so overcome by the sense of lewdness that I could not resist whispering to her, ‘It’s so nice to fuck your hand, let me fuck your dirty cunt the next time.’

I reopened my eyes and saw Nan lifting the cum-filled hand to her mouth. She swallowed the main bulk and began to lick her fingers to extract every last drop. Her other hand was busy scooping up the remnants from my belly and the wilting cock shaft. This she similarly fed it to her lips. She bent downwards and took my peewee into her mouth and tried to suck out whatever sperm juice there was remaining inside. Her mouth closed around the highly sensitive head of my cock that gave me a very ticklish feeling that I tried to move it away. But she simply moved her head forward and her lips wrapped around the shaft as she sucked hard, swallowing any cum as she could found from my rapidly softening tool. She let her tongue played over the head of my cock, making me groan as she sucked every last bit of spermatic juice before releasing her oral grip. Raising her head, her face shining, and some bits of cum dribbling from her chin, she whispered, “Oh, Hung, that was so wonderful. It’s the first time for me sucking a cock. Did you like it?”

“Yes, auntie, it was the best orgasm I have ever felt. Thank you so much.” I answered as I lay back still gasping for air.

At last she sat upright and straightened her dress before facing me, ’Hung, your precious liquid is so tasty, like raw egg white. It’s the first time for me tasting sperm, but I am so happy you can give me the sperm to eat.’

I whispered shyly, “I felt like dying from the pleasurable feelings when you were sucking my cock. I long so much to fuck you Auntie. It’s is so much better than masturbating myself.’

‘I am so sorry I cannot let you see and feel my ‘nonok’ (local word for pussy) today. It’s not clean just after my menses. I will let you see and feel it the next time. I love you Hung. I want you to be part of my life and always be by my side. I hope you will decide to marry one of my daughters soon.’

“I love you too Nan. You are so good and kind to me. I want always to share Escort Gaziantep secrets with you and have my body joining with you.”

“Yes, Hung, I have always fantasized about having ‘konkek’ (local term for sexual intercourse) with you. I love you so much and cannot sleep sometimes because I keep on thinking of you. I have not fucked for the last two years. I can only use my hand and some toys to make my pussy happy. I need you, but I cannot marry you. If you marry Alicia or Sue, I think we can also share our bodies because I know they love me so much and will not be happy to see me deprived of sex. Yes, please also consider Sue and Alicia.”

She got off the bed to fetch a wet towel and she wiped away the cum stains from my body before replacing my brief and shorts. Thereafter she lay back on the bed next to me and held my body in a bear hug. She moved closer and began kissing me again before resuming our conversation.

“Hung, every older woman knows that virgin male sperm is good for them and is precious. I am one of a thousand who has the luck to be able to eat virgin sperm. Thank you so much. I know you need to get rid of your sperm sometimes, please don’t waste it. I will always be happy to receive it with my hand or mouth and please give me your sperm whenever you can before your marriage. I love you. Let this be our secret.”

“Yes, I love you too. Auntie, I will give you my sperm whenever you want. You have been married so long, tell me how you first learnt about sex.”

“It’s a long story. My mother was very conservative, but she also taught me from a young age that the female body, especially the private parts, must be kept very clean because no man would like a smelly woman. Hence I was very aware of the area and my mother always wash our panties and she would smell them sometimes. If she thought that there was a problem, she would usually want to see the ‘nonok’. I used to wash the area very thoroughly and when I was older discovered the nice feelings. So I secretly played with myself using my fingers and soon began to long for sex with a man. I am also very fussy about the personal cleanliness of my daughters.”

“You also smell their panties all the time?”

“I personally wash their panties and do check on them. Until they were about ten, I would check and smell their nonok once a week to make sure that they are properly washing the area. Now they are young adults, so I do not want to see them, but I still give them advice if I notice stains or unusual smell on their panties.”

“How often do you have sex?”

“Very often until Uncle’s health became bad. In total, we must have fucked more than two thousand times during our marriage. More than what most local woman would have in their whole lifetime. I must tell you a secret. I was Uncle’s second wife. Rose’s real mother was his first wife, Lin. She was a pretty woman around Uncle’s age and fifteen years older than me. I was Uncle’s colleague and he was a senior manager. We used to have lunch and dinner together and I learnt that Lin had a weak heart condition. He was having sex with her only about once a fortnight and even then she must not get too excited. I felt attracted to Joe and when I met Lin, she also encouraged me to marry him because she loved him dearly and was sorry she could not satisfy him sexually as a wife. I married Uncle when I was eighteen with Lin’s blessings and she allowed him to sleep with me most of the time. I was sexually starved and we made love many times each night during the first few months. Later it was nightly and then three times per week until about two years ago when we stopped because he was not able to have an erection. I have not had sex since even though we sleep on the same bed. He loves me, but he is old fashion and other than intercourse, we never have oral sex. He has tried to masturbate me, but he cannot really satisfy me that way because he knows little about how to make a woman hot.”

“I never knew that Uncle had a first wife before.”

“The older children know now. But I was pregnant with Alicia during the first week of marriage. Eighteen months after Alicia’s birth, Lin was pregnant with Rose while I became pregnant with Sue about six months later. Unfortunately when Rose was born, her mother had a heart attack and passed away. I took Rose as my own daughter and when Sue was born, I fed the two of them from my breasts.”

“How did you learnt about oral sex and other things, then?”

“My younger sister is married and living overseas. When we met, I learnt a lot about how she and other couples enjoy sex in a more liberated society. Uncle also bought me some erotic photos when I was young. I realized then that there are other ways to enjoy sex more fully. But I never fantasize about other men until recently when I felt that strange longing for you and your body. I think I in love with you. Uncle loves me a lot and he knows I am sexually frustrated. He has hinted to me that if I can find someone I like, I could have sex secretly at some places where no one can find out. I have never looked at another man because I believe that as a married woman, I must be faithful until I leave this world. Now, I am having strange longings for you.” She moved her lips towards my mouth and we began another session of deep kissing as she moved her hand inside my brief to feel my stiff prick. After two hours in her bed, Nan said that Sue would be home soon and we got up to freshen ourselves.

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