All Good Things…


I’d been in love with Sara ever since my best friend started dating her. The fall of our seventh grade year Sara transferred to our school from somewhere in Maine. Even at that age, she was unbelievably gorgeous. With her long blond hair the texture of silk, big hazel eyes and smooth fair skin, she immediately became the object of desire for every male in our school. Lucky for him, she moved in right down the street from my best friend Rob.

We had been friends ever since I moved into town two years previous to Sara. Rob was the kind of guy that never met a stranger. Charming, outgoing and attractive, he was never lacking for friends. Which was all the more reason for my appreciation and loyalty towards him. I had been new in town, and even though Rob had more friends than he knew what to do with, he took me in, showed my around and gave me a smooth start at my new school. Looking back, I suppose Rob and I had remained such good friends due to the fact that while we were both popular, we both knew at a very early age how trivial life at that age can be, and we tried to separate ourselves from the pointless popularity wars and cliques that always form in school. Like I said, we were both popular, but we never closed ourselves off with one group of friends. I also think that was the reason Sara became such a good friend to both me and Rob.

Sara knew she was attractive, but she never let it go to her head. She worked tirelessly in school, and was one of the top students in our class, purposely keeping out of the cliques in the same way Rob and I did. Rob took Sara in much the same way he had with me. While other guys were fawning over her in school, Rob treated her just like any other person, which Sara appreciated. It was no surprise to anyone that the two of them went to the Eighth grade dance together year later. The three of us were best friends, but Rob had an outgoing charm that I lacked, so he naturally “got the girl”, so to speak.

All throughout High School, little changed. We all grew a little older and more mature, but we remained close friends, with Rob and Sara dating the entire time. Our interests also diverged, Rob’s main interest in school was government, Sara’s was math and chemistry, and mine was writing and art. You really couldn’t get three people who appeared more different on the outside, but our personalities were always closely tied. By the end of High School, Rob had become a handsome 5’11”, with light brown hair, Student Body President, captain of the Debate Team, and one of the top runners on the Track Team (the other being myself).

I was a little taller at 6’2″, black hair, and having won a scholarship to Art School at the University of Michigan. Sara was of course unbelievable. Her height hadn’t changed much since we had first met her, but she seemed to get better looking every year. At 5’5″, she had a natural slim build with an ample chest that she tried to hide in baggy sweatshirts and blue jeans. She tried very hard to prevent people from seeing her as a sex object. She had become the girl of my dreams, all the while dating my best friend.

I remember the exact day that Rob told me they had finally had sex. February 18th of our sophomore year in school. Rob was dying to talk to me about it, but when he starting getting into the details, I said, “Rob, congratulations, that’s great, blah blah, blah. But I DON’T want to hear about it. Sara and I are friends, and the last thing I want to do is think of her in bed!” Of course, thinking of her in bed was one of my favorite past times, just not with him. I had lost my virginity on April 5th of that same year to a girl named Liz. She was very attractive, with short brown hair, a tight waist, curvy hips and nice C cup tits that fit perfectly in my hands. She was a senior at the time and I was her third lay, according to her. We had only been dating about a two weeks before we had sex. We did it in her parent’s lake house about an hour north of town. It was still pretty cool, so they hadn’t re-opened it yet. We made our way into the master bedroom kissing and groping the entire way. She laid me down on the bed and unbuttoned the flannel shirt she was wearing, kneeling over me.

“Seeing as how this is your first time, i’ll try and be gentle,” she said in a sarcastic way. “Now lets see that pet of yours you keep hidden away in your pants.” I found out later on from a friend of hers that one of the reasons she wanted to get into bed so fast was to see the size of my cock. The first time we had been making out, she had felt it through my pants. Apparently, she had told her friends that she just “had to get a look at it. It feels huge!” I already knew I had a pretty big dick from the showers in gym class. It was noticeably larger than most of the guys in the locker room, but i’ll never forget Liz’s reaction when she finally saw it that night.

Standing at the foot of the bed in nothing but her panties, her tits jutting out proudly from her chest, she grabbed the legs of my pants and yanked them down as if she Kuşadası Escort were pulling away a vale for some trick in a magic show. Her eyes bulged out and she put her hand to her mouth, yelping, “Holy shit! Its huge!” I was laying there naked as the day I was born on her parents bed, with my dick pointing towards my chin, throbbing against my belly. At nearly eight 1/2 inches, it reaches up to my belly button, and at 6 1/2 inches around, is almost as wide as my wrist. “It looks like YOU’LL be the one that needs to be gentle,” she said as she bent down and took my cock in both hands watching in amazement as it slide through them. “I can’t close my fingers around it!”

As excited as she had been before, she was nearly frantic now, and I hadn’t even touched her. Starting off slow, she quirky began to furiously jerk me off, just staring at the thing in her hands like she didn’t believe it was there. Unable to close her mouth around it, she then began licking it from base to tip nearly as frantically as she was stroking it. Wet with her saliva, it now slid smoothly between her fingers as she pumped it with both hands. She was moaning out and panting in anticipation of what was to come as she kept moving her eyes from mine to my cock.

When she finally stopped jerking me off, she climbed up onto the bed with all fours and gave me the most smoldering look I’ve ever seen in my life. “I better be on top this time- I don’t think I want you pumping that thing into me.” She was being totally serious, but it was the most erotic thing anyone had ever said to me. We slowly began kissing each other again, her fevered pace now having abated without my cock in her hands. Within minutes, however, our tongues were battling inside our mouths, and she was grinding herself against my huge dick. She quickly sat up and taking my dick in one hand, positioned herself above it. She casually moved it back and forth working it inside her pussy lips, and very slowly started to ease down onto me. She looked me straight in the eyes with her mouth wide open as if in shock as she impaled herself onto my lap.

When she was about halfway down, she turned her head to the side, clenched her eyes shut, and let out a moan that sounded like immense pleasure bordering on unbearable. Having finally eased herself down as far as she could go, she placed her hands on my chest and began to rock back and forth. She felt like a warm, wet glove fitting tightly around me as she eased herself back and forth, sliding my cock almost completely out of her, before slowly lowering herself back down- each time letting out a choppy, breathy gasp.

After a few minutes, Liz was getting frantic again. She sat up and put her hands on top of her head, moaning and panting, “Ohmygod, ohmygod… Jesus, Mike… Ohmygod,” I reached up with my hands and began massaging her tits, her nipples taught with pleasure already. I rubbed my hands over them, gently pulling on them with my fingers, eliciting an even louder response from Liz as she began to pick up the pace. She was now bouncing rhythmically on my lap, plunging herself onto my cock over and over again, her moans becoming one long sustained gasp of pleasure interrupted only by sharp intakes of breath. When I leaned up and took a nipple into my mouth, rolling it with my tongue, she cried out and began to spasm on my lap. Her hands clenched tight around my neck, holding my head against her chest, bucking herself against me as her orgasm washed over her. At this point I grabbed her waist and swung her over onto her back, never letting my dick slide out of her. She looked up at me in surprise, drunk with pleasure.

“I think you’ll be OK,” I said with a smirk on my face as I slowly began moving above her. She began moaning again as I slowly slid all 8 1/2 inches into her over and over again.

“Jesus, Mike… I can’t… I can’t… Take it…” She was whimpering in pleasure against my cheek. I grunted loudly as I could feel the beginning of my own release building within me. Wrapping her legs around my waist, she began clawing at my back as I quickly picked up the pace. Ramming as fast and hard as I could, Liz screamed out as another orgasm exploded inside her. I kept up the pace of my thrusting as Liz rode out her orgasm. After a couple more minutes, I unloaded in her.

Things didn’t change too much for any of us through those years. Rob and Sara dated, and I had a few girlfriends- none of whom I really cared that deeply for. Graduation rolled around, and all three of us ended up at Michigan. Rob and I roomed together our Freshman year in Bursley. Even though the dorm was on North Campus, Rob agreed to live there because it was closer to my art classes and the rooms were larger. Sara lived on Central Campus and ended up rooming with a girl from New York City named Anna. In her infinite wisdom, Sara of course immediately set me up with Anna, since both of us were single at the time. She was very attractive with shoulder length black hair, and a very petite 5’2″.

After Kuşadası Escort Bayan a couple of double dates with Sara and Rob, Anna and I began spending time on our own. We got along fantastically. Anna was planning on going into journalism while I was hopefully going to be doing a double major with literature and art, so we had plenty to talk about. After about a month of steady dating, Anna and I had done pretty much everything but have sex. Her initial reaction upon seeing my member was a little different from that of Liz- Anna seemed downright scared. So much in fact that she was hesitant to actually let me fuck her.

One evening while we were at Anna’s dorm room (Rob and Sara were at mine), I decided to go down on her. Things had never really progressed past me fingering her and her jerking me off with her hands. I was sucking on one her of B cup tits, the nipple standing out like a pencil eraser, quickly sliding two fingers into her hot, wet pussy. While pressing her nipple against the roof of my mouth with my tongue, I moved my fingers out and began massaging her clit. Her already light, panting moans immediately became choppy and higher pitched as her orgasm built. She let out a loud sigh and grabbed me to her in a tight hug as the waves of orgasm washed over her, my throbbing cock pressed against her leg. She kissed me deeply and said, “Ok- now its your turn.”

“Uh uh. Not yet.” I kissed her again sliding my tongue into her mouth swirling it around hers. I moved my way down to her neck, lightly kissing her delicate jaw before descending onto her collar bone. She let out a soft moan of pleasure as I worked my way down to her breasts. Her nipples still rock hard, I took the left one in my mouth, while using my fingers to toy with the right one. First I flicked it lightly with my tongue before pulling it into my mouth with a light suction, her moaning becoming deeper and more pronounced. I moved my left hand off her breast and slid it slowly down her body to her wet crotch, and slid two fingers inside her. A wide, intoxicated smile spread across Anna’s face as my fingers began to work their magic once again.

She was so caught up in the action of my hand that she hadn’t noticed that my mouth had left her nipple, and when I pulled out my fingers and replaced them with my tongue she cried out in a mixture of surprise and pleasure. I sucked on her labia one at a time before burying my face into her pussy, sticking my long tongue into her vagina, licking and probing furiously while my nose nuzzled her clit. She draped her legs over my shoulders, and I moved my hands up to massage her breasts while my tongue began building her towards another orgasm.

When I moved my tongue out and began licking her clit, she grabbed my head and pulled it into her, moaning with pleasure. “Mmmmm.. Mike. Please don’t stop… Don’t stop… Mmmm….” Anna, who was usually fairly quiet in bed, was unable to control herself. As her orgasm hit, she yelled out in the most guttural sound I’d ever heard from her. I kept my face planted where it was and began licking even faster as her orgasm surged through her. The yell bellowed into a scream as another orgasm hit her before the first had even left her system. She was bucking into the air while her legs spasmed, still draped over my shoulders. “Mike, please stop! I can’t take it anymore! Please!!” I finally let up at those words and crawled up to kiss her. She hungrily kissed me back, tasting herself on my lips before collapsing back on the bed completely spent.

After a few minutes, she regained her composure. “Lay down,” she commanded. Happily I obliged. I laid on my back with her propping herself up by her elbow right next to me. She casually took my then flaccid dick in her hand and began playing with it as though it were a new toy that she wasn’t quite sure what to do with. Within a minute, I was rock hard, bulging well beyond the capacity of her little fingers to hold. Getting as much of her free hand around me as she could, she began jerking me off. After a few minutes, she suddenly sat up and threw her left leg over my lap and was straddling me, holding my cock against her belly while stroking it. I had never pressured Anna into sex because of her size. From fingering her I could tell that she was incredibly tight and I didn’t know if she would be able to take me in. Anna, of course, had the same concerns. For some reason, she now felt like trying and moved herself forward so my cock was pressing against her tight, wet pussy. “I don’t know if i’ll be able to do this, Mike.” Her eyes were pleading with mine.

“I know, Anna. Don’t worry about it. I don’t want you to feel like you have to.”

“I know I don’t have to. I want to.” With that, she began to ease herself back onto my cock, taking deep breaths. With only the head in, she began moaning in a mix of pleasure and pain. Inch by inch, she lowered herself onto me. I had never felt a pussy so tight in my life. It was like a hot, wet hand squeezing my dick. With Escort Kuşadası seven inches in, Anna’s eyes were closed tight with pain. ” I can’t go any more. I’m sorry, Mike.”

“Its OK. You don’t have to.”

“Let me just sit here for a minute, OK?”

“Anna, you can sit there as long as you like,” I said with a big grin on my face. She gave me a nasty little look at that and teasingly hit me in the chest.

“Ha ha. Ha. You big meany.” She bent down and kissed me, moaning against my mouth and running her fingers through my hair. Instinctively, her hips began to move. She slowly rocked back and forth, only moving an inch or two in either direction. With her hands on my shoulders, I could watch the reaction in her face as she cautiously began to ride me. Pleasure started winning out over the pain as her moaning increased. I rubbed her nipples with my hands as she rocked back and forth on my rock hard dick. I glanced between my legs and watched as my thick cock moved in and out of her.

I could hardly believe she was doing it- her pussy was so tight I could hardly take it- I had to concentrate not to let myself go right then and there. She increased her speed as she became accustom to the enormous girth of my dick. I watched her face as she closed her eyes and threw her head back, panting like an animal as she rocked back and forth on me. Although she never took in all eight 1/2 inches, she had found a good steady rhythm and was quickly building toward a mind blowing orgasm. Quickly bucking against me, she looked down into me eyes as though she couldn’t believe what was happening to her. Her arms began to quiver, barely holding her up. “ARRRGHHHH!!” She screamed out as she came, triggering my own release into her tight pussy.

Things progressed like that for most of our time during college, and after graduation Rob and I began drifting apart. His career took him to Washington, while I moved to Chicago. Three years had past since I had seen either of them. I talked to Rob and Sara every couple of months- the two of them had gotten married soon after graduation, and Sara had found a job teaching high school chemistry in D.C. I had always envied the relationship the two of them had. While I had been in relationship after relationship, the two of them had been been together for as long as anyone could remember. They seemed to fit together like two pieces of a puzzle. I think part of my problem was that I was always comparing every girl I dated to Sara, and none of them could measure up.

One Saturday afternoon in early October, I was trying to complete a painting I had started when I heard a knock at my apartment door. Cursing under my breath at being interrupted, I walked over to the door and impatiently opened it. Standing there in the entryway was Sara. I had never seen her look so uncertain and scared in all my life. “Sara! What on earth are you doing here!?!” My anger and frustration melted away as I saw her, and pulled her inside for a long hug. While still holding each other, I continued, “Its great to see you, but this is unexpected, so say the least.”

“I know, I’m sorry Mike. I should have called and told you I was coming.”

“Don’t worry about it.” We finally pulled away from each other. “Come on in. So what brings you here?” I walked her into my apartment, guiding her towards the couch with my hand at the small of her back.

“Have you talked with Rob recently?” She asked as she sat down.

“I don’t think i’ve talked to Rob since June. Is everything OK?”

“Well, not exactly. Mike, I’m not sure how to even begin to tell you this, so i’ll just say it. Rob and I are getting a divorce.”

“WHAT!?!” I could hardly believe my ears. Every time I had talked to Rob or Sara, both of them seemed to be doing fine and more in love with each other every day. “What are you talking about? I thought you guys were doing fine?”

“We were. I’m sure Rob hasn’t told you that he lost his job.”

“No, he didn’t.” Sara was just dropping these huge bombs on me now. I was completely stunned. Rob had gotten a very good job with an environmental lobby in DC, and had been doing very well the last time we talked.

“He was let go almost three months ago. They caught him accepting bribes from some Oil company to ease off on the restrictions they were fighting for in this particular bill his lobby was trying to push through congress.”

“Yeah, I know the bill you’re talking about. I just can’t see Rob doing that. “

“Neither could I.”

“So you’re leaving him because of that?”

“No! Of course not.” Sara was nearly in tears as she poured the whole story out for me right there on my living room couch. Apparently, after he was fired, no one else in town would hire Rob. Before too long, he had begun drinking. And it had gotten to the point that Sara couldn’t take it anymore. Rob would stumble home around 3 in the morning most days and promptly pass out. Sara tried to live with it for two months, and finally confronted Rob. “I told him if he didn’t sober up and straighten himself out, I was going to leave him. He said ‘go ahead and leave, you stupid bitch! I could get any woman in town I wanted!’ So I packed a bag, told my school that my mother had fallen seriously ill, and that I was going to have to leave for a little while.”

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