All in the Family


I was sitting with my mates, draining the last of my pint, when suddenly a loud noise rang in my head. Startled, I put my hands to my ears, covering them.

Opening my eyes, I realized that I had been dreaming; the racket was actually my alarm clock. Reaching out, wanting to choke some silence into it, I missed and it fell from the nightstand.

“Ah, Friday,” I thought to myself as I watched it kiss the floor good morning.

Sitting up, I rubbed my eyes before turning to look at my wife. She was sleeping silently, slow breaths moving slowly through her body, caressing her. Memories of making love to her last night came flooding back bringing a smile to my face.

Retrieving the clock from the floor, I padded my way to the kitchen, filled the teapot and placed it on the stove. It would be ready by the time I finished my shower.

Working for the man, that Friday was the usual drudgery. Picking up my check, I read the stub, pissed at the amount of quid deducted to keep the Queen happy. “Have to keep those coffers full,” I said to myself, shoving the check into my pocket with a frown.

Driving through the streets to our home in Oxford, I thought about the coming weekend. It would feel good to relax. Lost in my day dream, I had to slam on my brakes in order to avoid hitting a lorry waiting at a stoplight. Glancing to my right, in an alley between two pubs, I saw a man and a woman pressed together against a wall made of stone. Looking twice, I had to make sure my eyes weren’t betraying me. The woman could have doubled for my wife.

As the man slipped his hand between her legs, seeking her holy mound, the sound of a blaring horn snapped me back to my senses. Glancing in my rear view mirror, an elderly gentleman was giving me the one finger salute.


The house was quiet as I walked through our front door. Calling out to my wife, I was greeted by a hollow echo.

“She may be out running errands,” I thought to myself, mounting the stairs to our bedroom.

Changing out of my work clothes, I peered through the window of our bedroom and saw my wife. She was home after all, lying in the sun catching a few rays. Although she is quite modest in public, at home she likes to let her inhibitions down. Today she was wearing only a bra. I smiled to myself, maybe she was up for a little afternoon play.

Turning from the window, out of the corner of my eye, I saw movement. I froze. There was a man standing beside our house. Unzipping his pants, I watched as a large thick cock flopped from his shorts. Looking in the direction of my wife, her eyes were closed; she was oblivious of the man. Staring back at the stranger, I watched as he began stroking himself to an erection, a broad smile on his face.

Spooked by this intrusion, although curious, my mind conjured up a thousand images. I have always wondered what it would be like to watch another man fuck my wife. Suddenly I realized who the man was. It was Darren, was my wife’s brother!

“Darren,” I thought descending the stairs to the bottom floor of our house. “What in the hell is he doing here, and what the fuck is he doing masturbating while staring at my wife? He is as gay as they come.”

“Hi honey,” I waved walking into the yard through the back door of our kitchen. Approaching my wife, I turned towards the direction Darren had been standing. There was no sign of him.

“Hi love, have a good day?” I smiled bending down to kiss my wife.

“It was relaxing,” she smiled. “And yours?”

“Hey! What are you two up to,” Darren smiled walking towards us, a visible bulge in his pants.

I stood, shacking Darren’s hand, mindful of his firm grip. Instantly a thought occurred to me. I just shook the hand that had been wanking a penis no less than five minutes ago.

“Listen,” Darren smiled. “Mum and Dad are on my case again. Can I stay with you guys this weekend?”

I turned smiling at my wife, shrugging my shoulders. “Ok by me.”

“Whatever,” my wife snorted, giving Darren a dirty look, getting out of her chair, walking towards the house.

“She never changes John,” Darren smiled, placing his penis hand on my shoulder. “She has been that way ever since she was little.”

“Ah, maybe she’ll grow out of it someday,” I smiled, still thinking about his wank session. Something told me their never ending bickering would not bode well for a relaxing weekend.

“Shall we have a pint?” I asked as we walked towards the house.

“Sounds good mate.” Darren’s eyes sparkled.

Rummaging around in the icebox, it appeared we were out of beer. “Listen, I need to go to the market, care to join me, Darren?”

“Actually I brought along a bag of gear for the weekend. Do you mind if I unpack while you’re gone?”

“Not at all,” I replied, walking from the kitchen in search of my car keys.


The sun had made its graceful exit as I drove home from the market. I had a case of Guinness, a passenger in the car beside me. Stepping Gaziantep Escort through the front door, I heard loud voices in the kitchen.

“Oh shit, they’re already at it,” I thought to myself, “This is going to be a long weekend.”

Approaching the kitchen, the voices grew louder.

“Ouch Darren, you know how I hate it when you pull my hair like that! And don’t slap so damn hard, John will see the bruises!”

A sudden silence followed, Paula’s outburst spurring me on.

Stopping with a clear view of the kitchen between the hinges of the door, I saw my wife on her knees. Her soft pink lips were wrapped around her brother’s thick cock. He was shirtless, sparse blond hair decorating his chest. Gripping the back of her head, I could see wisps of blond hair between his fingers. Slurping sounds broke the silence as he pulled her head back and forth on the shaft of his thick cock. Instantly I grew hard watching his tight balls swung with each thrust of his gyrating hips.

“Slap, slap,” Darren’s free hand smacked my wife’s tits as they hung from her chest.

“You like it when I slap your saggy tits don’t you sis? You are such a good little slut. Tell me how much you enjoy it,” Darren smiled pulling his cock from my wife’s mouth.

Looking into his eyes, from her position on the floor my wife replied, “I love the feel of your hands when you slap my saggy tits, brother. Make them sting.”

“That’s a good girl,” my brother in law grunted, shoving his cock deep into her warmth slapping her sagging tits again, his hips gyrating.

Grabbing my crotch, I could feel my erection beginning to grow. As I watched Darren’s glistening cock disappear, reappear and then disappear back into my wife’s mouth, I recalled how warm her mouth is.

“Are you ready sis?” he smiled, pulling his glistening cock from my wife’s lips. Grabbing her around the throat, he held her in place. “Stuck out your tongue you nasty little bitch.”

I watched as my wife’s tongue appeared, receiving the creamy white liquid flying in an arch, squirting from the bulbous head of her brother’s penis. The kitchen echoed with Darren’s guttural moan, head tilted back towards the ceiling, eyes closed. My wife, on her knees, began to gag. I could see a look of disgust in her eyes.

“Swallow sister,” Darren smiled his hand firmly grasping her throat. “You remember our bargain, eat my cum and I don’t tell your husband what we have been up to.”

Obediently my wife complied, closing her eyes she swallowed, the muscles in her throat working his seed into her stomach.

“I trained you well, Paula. You are a good little bitch; you’ve always known how to make me cum.”

“I’m headed out for a smoke,” Darren said, pulling his shorts up. “Tell John I’m in the backyard when he gets home.”

I’m not sure what excited me about what I had just seen. Maybe it was the fact that I had just seen my wife servicing another man. Maybe it was because it was her brother and I had a hidden incestuous fantasy. Possibly, I was amazed that she had swallowed his cum because she would never swallow for me.

I watched as my wife silently got to her feet, and walked to the kitchen sink. Taking a drink, she rinsed her mouth and spit, gagging and choking in the process. Smiling to myself, I retraced my steps to the front door, opened it silently and shut it with a loud bang.

“Paula, I’m home,” I shouted from the entryway.

“I’m in the kitchen,” I heard her voice; flat, showing no emotion of what had just occurred.

“Where is Darren,” I asked, kissing my wife on the neck.

“Out back having a fag… no pun intended,” she said staring down into the hollow, empty sink.

“You ok love,” I asked, the image of what had just occurred playing like movie reels in my head.

“I’m fine love, just a little tired, that’s all,” she smiled brushing my cheek with a soft hand.

Squeezing my wife’s rear end, I grabbed a couple of beers before joining Darren in the backyard. I thought to myself, “her tits may be saggy, but for her age she still has a tight little arse.”


Paula and I lay in bed that night, making small talk about our day. She was completing homework for a night class, and I was trying hard to finish a novel. The words on the pages messed together as I kept replaying images of her and my brother in law over in my mind. I wanted so badly to ask her about it, but couldn’t seem to find the right words.

“I forgot to brush my teeth,” she said, no emotion in her voice, climbing from our bed.

Rolling over, I set my novel on the nightstand next to me. I lay back and closed my eyes; I was tired after a long week. I don’t remember dozing off, but soon I woke to sounds of thumping and muffled moans coming from down the hall. Paula hadn’t made it back to bed yet. Worried, I got out of bed to make sure she was ok.

“God sis, you have a sloppy loose cunt. I wonder how John ever gets off, fucking your useless twat?”

My Gaziantep Escort Bayan heart jumped into my throat as I continued to walk. “What the fuck!” I thought to myself.

Stopping in front of the open bathroom door, I felt my jaw drop. Darren was standing behind my wife, her nightgown pulled up into the small of her back. He had his hand on the back of her neck, forcing her face into the basin. I watched her loose tits swing, sagging from side to side as his hips pounded her, driving his long thick cock deep into her gaping pussy.

“Tell me you like it,” Darren grunted, smacking her arse with a big hand as he thrust.

“Fuck me, Darren,” I heard my wife’s muffled voice flow out of the basin. “Fuck my loose sloppy cunt.”

“That’s my girl; where else do you like to be fucked?” Darren smiled, turning in my direction, giving me a wink.

“In my bum brother, fuck my bum.”

“And how are you supposed to ask?” Darren replied, pulling hard on my wife’s hair.

“Please fuck my bum big brother,” my wife cried. “I want you to fuck me in the bum.”

Turning in my direction, he smiled winking again before withdrawing his thick cock from my wife’s pussy. She tried to raise her head, only to have him shove it back into the basin.

“Don’t fight me, sis, be a good little lass. Do you remember how good I fucked your tight little arse on your wedding day?”

“Yes Darren.”

“Did you like it?”

“Yes,” an anguished cry erupted from her lips.

“What do you think John would say knowing I fucked you good while wearing your pretty white dress?”

“Darren, right now I really don’t care what John would think. Just do what you want and get it over with. He thinks I’m brushing my teeth. If he is still awake he is probably wondering where I am.”

I watched as Darren spit into his hand, then grabbed a bar of soap beside the basin. Rubbing it with long fingers, bubbles began to foam. Stroking his cock, he lathered it white.

“Go slow,” she gasped as Darren eased his thick head into her. “It hurts when you suddenly shove it all the way in.”

“I thought that you liked it rough,” my brother in law smiled sliding his cock deep inside my wife, burying it to the hilt.

“Yes I like it rough,” I could hear the lie in my wife’s muffled voice.

Reaching up, Darren took my wife’s tits in both hands, squeezing hard, pulling them back towards her stomach.

“Ouch, you’re pulling too hard,” my wife cried her voice hollow in the basin, her cries reverberating off of the bathroom walls.

As I watched Darren fuck my wife’s tight little arse, I felt my cock grow stiff. My fantasy was coming true right before my eyes.

“Does this feel good sis?” Darren chuckled, looking in my direction, still grasping my wife’s tits, his hips slamming my wife into the basin with each thrust.

“Yes,” she groaned, her fingertips growing white as she gripped the basin. “Fuck my bum Darren, fuck it good and deep!”

As Darren came, I felt a wet spot form in the front of my underwear. I left quickly knowing Paula would soon be returning to bed. Pulling the covers up around my neck, I closed my eyes, pretending to sleep. I wanted to touch myself so badly in search of relief. A few moments later, Paula walked silently into the room, turning out the light, rolling away from me as she got into bed.

The rest of the weekend passed quietly. Paula was her normal self, masking her feelings. We had always talked about me watching another man make love to her, but I knew that this was way beyond the pale. Darren had asked if he could stay for a few more days. He wanted to let his parents cool down before returning home. Paula wasn’t thrilled about the idea, but I didn’t mind. I was curious to see if I could catch them fucking again. As I drove to work Monday morning, the images of Darren’s cock in her arse played in my head like a broken record. Little did I know what would occur later that evening.


Paula had dinner ready when I arrived home Monday evening. The three of us ate making smalll talk. When finished, Paula gathered her books headed out for her night class. Darren and I retired to my study for a beer.

“So John,” he began, “How did you feel the other night when you caught me fucking Paula?”

Looking into Darren’s eyes, words stuck in my throat. I wasn’t sure how to respond.

“Hmm… well… to be quite honest with you, I have always had a fantasy of watching another man fuck my wife. Honestly I was shocked when I caught the two of you. I have heard of incest within families, but I never thought it was happening between the two of you. I’m not going to deny the fact that I was aroused as I watched you fuck her.”

Darren smiled, “Well, you know that she was a virgin when you two married right?”

“Yes, I knew. I have always thought that I was her first, but now I can see that I was wrong. Was it true what you said about fucking her arse on our wedding day?”

“Yes,” Escort Gaziantep Darren smiled, “Does it turn you on knowing she may have had my cum sliding down her thighs while you two were at the altar?”

“A little,” I replied, images of our wedding day flashing in my mind.

“So how long have you two been shagging behind my back?” I asked, thinking back to an incident a couple of years ago when I had caught them in the bathroom at their parents house.

“Oh, about twenty years.”

“What, twenty years!”

“Hey you know I’m gay. When I can’t find a good man, any tight arse will do,” Darren chuckled taking a swig from his beer.

“So how did it begin between you two?”

Darren took another pull from his beer, removed it from his lips, and began to pick at the label.

“Do you remember Elizabeth, Paula’s school friend?”

“Elizabeth. Oh ya, Elizabeth, the girl with the long red hair, big tits, and wide hips. Didn’t she get married and move to London when she graduated?”

“Yes. Has Paula ever told you any details about their friendship?”

“No, she never has.”

“Well John, they were more than just friends. They were actually lovers.”

I was beginning to grow curious as I took a drink from my beer.

“I came home from school one day. Mum was out and Dad was still at work. It was common to find Elizabeth over at the house studying with Paula. As I walked towards my bedroom down the hall from Paula’s, I heard giggling. I looked into her room to see what they were laughing about.” Darren had a shit eating grin on his face knowing he was about to divulge a big secret.

“Elizabeth was lying on Paula’s bed; her legs spread wide. Paula was lapping away at her cunt like a starved kitten drinking milk. I watched for a few minutes before Elizabeth opened her eyes and saw me. Paula has always been Mum and Dad’s favorite child. She is deathly afraid of them finding out so she swore me to secrecy. In exchange, whenever I am not dating someone, she allows me to do whatever I want to her.”

As I listened to Darren’s story, I was filled with mixed emotions. Not only was my brother in law fucking my wife, she also had a lesbian lover when she was younger. I wondered what else I didn’t know about my wife.

“Darren, can I ask you a favor?” I broke the silence.

“Sure John, name it.”

“I have always wanted to watch another man fuck my wife, but with her knowledge. I don’t think that she knows that I saw you two in the bathroom.”

“No I don’t think she does either. I had her face pushed almost to the bottom of the basin.”

“Darren, Paula will not swallow for me or let me fuck her in the arse. I have always wanted to. I have an idea. Will you help me?”

“Sure, what do you have in mind?”

I sat and laid out the rest of my plan. Darren drank his beer, eyes sparkling as I spoke.

When I had finished Darren replied, “John, I like your plan. I’ll tell you what. I will help you, but on one condition. There may be a time when Mum and Dad kick me out for good. I have been having trouble finding a job and I can’t afford a place by myself. If there ever comes a time when I need a place to stay, can I live with you and Paula for a while?”

I thought about what he had just said, “I’m empty, want another?” I replied standing.

“Sure,” my brother in law replied.

On my way to the kitchen, I thought about my desire to see my wife with another man. I also wondered what it would feel like to experience the sensation of fucking my wife in the arse. Although I wasn’t too thrilled about the idea of having Darren in the house on a fulltime basis, I saw this as my chance to fulfill my fantasy.

“Ok, mate, it’s a deal.” I said, returning with the beer. Glancing at the clock on the wall, I handed Darren his beer. “Paula will not be home for another hour, let’s plan our strategy.”

“Hi honey,” Paula smiled poking her head into the study. What are you two up to?”

“Oh just drinking some beer,” I replied as I looked at Darren. “Love, we are out of beer,” I lied. “I am going to run to the market. Do we need anything?”

“No I don’t think so, be safe.”

Giving my wife a quick peek on the cheek, I walked past her towards the hall. Turning briefly, I looked back at Darren and smiled. Paula did not see our exchange. Walking towards the front door, I could feel the butterflies growing in my stomach. When I returned, I knew what I would find.


Arriving home from the market, the bottom half of our house was dark. Upstairs, I could see a light in the bedroom where Darren had been staying. I smiled to myself unlocking the front door. Putting the beer in the icebox, I grabbed a couple for me and Darren and made a drink for Paula.

Walking on silent feet, I approached Darren’s bedroom, the door was slightly ajar. Peeking inside, I felt my erection beginning to grow. During our planning stages, we had done some preliminary work. In the ceiling, Darren and I had fastened two hooks. Paula was trussed up with her hands tied to the headboard. Hey legs were spread wide, ankles suspended by ropes from the hooks. Quickly stripping, I silently walked into the bedroom.

“Comfortable sis?” Darren asked smiling at me, looking back at a blindfolded Paula.

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