Amanda, Friends Helping Friends Ch. 08


I wanted to do something special with Amanda so I called my cousin to see if he had any connections. He told me he went to college with a girl friend who works are a very nice hotel outside of Chicago and he might be able to get me a nice room within an E3’s budget for Friday and Saturday night. The deal went through and he was able to get the room for free as long as we got there before his friend’s shift ended at 10 P.M.

With the hotel ready, I reserved a rental car so we would not have to worry about taking the train and a bus. Everything was a go. That week, I did really well on our testing so I was feeling great but early in the week, the chief in charge of my special detail said we had to work on Saturday. That means I had to have my dress blue uniform ready and have my crew ready for the detail. We practiced every night during the week after school to get the ceremony down so Saturday would go without a hiccup. This did mean I would have to drive to the base early Saturday morning though, but duty had to come first.

I took a bus to the rental car agency, picked up an Oldsmobile Cutlass, and went by pass and ID on the base to get a temporary sticker since I would have to be back on base so early on Saturday morning. I went by my barracks and got my bag with some clothes and toiletries in it, then to Amanda’s barracks and the roving watch went and got her. She had packed a small overnight bag as well and had it over her shoulder. One of her classmates saw her and me with my bag and said, “Damn, wish I was getting the hell out of here.”

Amanda replied, “See you late Sunday!”

We all laughed and headed out the door. We walked to the car and put the bags in the trunk. I unlocked her door and held it open for her to get in. After I shut her door, she reached over and unlocked mine. The car has a bench seat so she moved over next to me on the bench. We buckled up and headed to the hotel.

On the way to the hotel, she told me her boyfriend called her again earlier. During the week, he had called every afternoon, wanting to know if she still loved him and if they could get back together. I feel bad for the guy but Amanda’s heart is not in it. It would be better for him if he could just let her go. She said he would probably call over the weekend but of course, she won’t be there. I am not the best at telling her what to say. I have had my heart broken a few times so I can relate to the guy, but everyone is different, too.

On the way to the hotel, we stopped at a nice Italian restaurant and had supper. After that, we grabbed some beer and snacks for the next couple of days.

As I pulled into the hotel parking lot, there was a couple getting out of their Jaguar. Other than that, the parking lot was nearly empty. We were maybe 15 or 20 miles from Chicago and I don’t know the area well enough to know why this nice of a hotel would be here. I was used to something like a Holiday Inn! When I walked into the lobby, it was all cherry wood and marble. Beautiful plants, high ceilings, a big curved staircase going to another level, and a lounge area.

We proceeded to the counter with our bags, hers a cheap K-Mart special, and mine just a mostly empty Navy issue seabag. We looked a little out of place.

The couple with the Jag was checking in. The woman turned and looked at us and smiled nicely. She had on a nice knee length black skirt. He was dressed in a suit and tie. She looked us up and down and said, “Good evening. Looks like we have the place to ourselves tonight. Must not be anything going on this weekend.”

Amanda replied, “What is there to do around here?”

The woman replied, “Plenty of shopping, a lot of restaurants, and bars, too, if you’re old enough to get into bars.”

Amanda replied, “Ok, thanks!”

The woman replied, “You’re a cute couple, if you don’t mind me saying so.”

Amanda blushed, hugged me tight, and replied, “Thank you so much! You are so sweet! What’s your name?”

She replied, “Olivia, but call me Liv. And you?”

“I’m Amanda, and this is David.”

Liv added, “Really, we both have Davids! This is my David, “as she grabbed her guy by the arm.

David had turned to us during the conversation and was holding his room keys in his hand. He smiled and said, “That’s too funny. Nice to meet you both.”

I said, “Just call me Dave. I had a great friend in school named David so we always called him David and me Dave, so it stuck.”

David said, “Must be a great name to have so many of us!”

We all laughed and David added, “We’re going to get settled. Maybe we’ll see you guys later.”

Amanda added, “It was a pleasure to meet you both. Have a great night!”

I proceeded to the counter and recognized the name tag as my point of contact. I told her who I was and she said, “Hank’s cousin! Sorry about that!”

We laughed and she got the room entered us into the system and handed us our keys and told us how to get to our room. She added, “If anyone asks, you are from Johnson and Dwyer law Kastamonu Escort firm from Milwaukee and have been comp’d the room.”

I asked jokingly, “Am I Johnson or Dwyer?”

She added, “Hell, I don’t know. Probably no one will ask anyway.”

She then went on to tell us about that other couple.

“David is some big real estate tycoon in Chicago, “she said, “worth quite a bit of money from what I understand. The woman is his mistress. I was told she used to be an escort. But they are always super nice and tip well!”

“Oh, “I said, “They did seem really nice. I would have never thought they were not a couple.”

Amanda added, “Other than the fact he is like 20 years older.”

We went to our room and I opened the door. It was a very nice room, one king size bed, a desk with an executive chair, a big TV, a stocked bar, and a nice, big bathroom that had a garden tub.

After we hung our coats in the closet and put our bags down by a nightstand, Amanda fell onto the bed. I climbed onto the bed beside her and looked into her eyes while she stared back at mine.

Amanda asked, “What do you want to do?”

I replied, “Anything, as long as it’s with you.”

We both moved our faces closer and kissed each other. This kiss was soft and long, but our mouths remained closed. As we pulled away to look at each other, I licked my lips and noticed she tasted like cherry Chapstick. We kissed again, this time longer. I turned my head further to one side and our mouths opened. Our tongues slid back and forth over each other’s and our breathing soon deepened. I pushed my body against hers as my hand made its way up and down her back. I started to get more passionate as I grabbed her ass and squeezed her cheek down where her ass met her leg. She moaned and reached into my shirt to rub my back. We kissed for a few minutes, by this time, my erection pushing through layer of clothes into her lower abdomen.

I moved to her neck, kissing her earlobe and neck as I moved her hair out of the way. She said softly, “Let’s get a bath first.”

I replied, “Okay.”

I kept kissing her neck for a few more seconds, then pulled myself slowly off of the bed. I reached down both arms to help her up. She reached out her arms and I pulled her to her feet. I led her to the bathroom and I noticed the bath had jets in it. It was not just a garden tub; it was a small jacuzzi.

I started the water as Amanda started stripping off her clothes. Once I had the water at a good temperature, I helped Amanda take the rest of her clothes off. Her bouncing breasts were right in my face as I unbuckled her belt and slid it out of the belt loops. Then she pulled my shirt off of me. I unbuttoned her pants and unzipped her zipper. She swayed her hipped from side to side as I slid her pants down slowly. While down on my knees pushing her pants past her feet, I kissed her on her belly.

Next, I grabbed her panties and slowly pulled them down. I looked up at her and she looked down and smiled at me. I stood up and she unbuttoned and unzipped my pants. Then she pulled my pants down and my semi hard cock pushed my underwear out. She pushed the pants down then grabbed my underwear and moved them down to my ankles. I lifted one foot, then the other, leaving the pants and underwear on the floor next to hers.

I grabbed her hand as she made her way into the tub. I climbed in after and we sat at opposite ends. The tub was about half full at this point so I reached over and turned the jets on. The tub filled with bubbles as the jets pushed air and water into the pool. Amanda said, “that feels good.”

We sat in the tub just relaxing for a few minutes. I was rubbing one of her feet under the water. She asked, “Can you do that all night?”

I said, “Sure, but eventually we’ll need to go to bed.”

I smiled and put my foot over a jet that was right beside her. It felt so good on my foot. She put one of her feet over a jet by me. I grabbed her ankle and slowly move my hand up her leg, massaging the meaty parts of her upper leg and thigh as I scooted towards her. I bent my knees and sat on my legs as I closed in on her. I grabbed her beasts and began squeezing and caressing them while looking into her eyes. Her lips fell slightly open and her eyes looked entranced in the moment.

She ran her hand up my leg under the water and grabbed my hard cock and slowly began stroking it. She reached further down and slowly rubbed my balls, then went back to stroking my shaft. After a bit of this, I leaned into her body, grabbing her legs and putting them over mine. I pulled her body onto mine and could feel her bush under the water rub the tip of my head as I began kissing her. She grabbed me and pulled me against her tightly as we kissed.

The tub was still filling so I stopped kissing her long enough to turn the water off. The jets were massaging various parts of our bodies while we explored each other’s tongues. I pushed my lower body into hers and my cock went underneath Kastamonu Escort Bayan her, scraping across her pussy and asshole. She reached down and guided my cock into her pussy. I then reached down and started massaging her clit under the water as she slid up and down my shaft. My other hand was holding me steady against the tub behind her and her hands were on my shoulders as she moved up and down.

I felt myself getting too close so I pulled out and kept rubbing her clit. I then grabbed her by the arms and moved her ass onto the side of the tub. She leaned her back onto the wall behind her and grabbed a towel and put it under her ass. I dove my face into her wet pussy. I was so worked up at this point, I just went all the way in past her lips with my tongue. I tongue fucked her for a minute, then moved my mouth up over her clit. I circled and rubbed her clit with my tongue, then sucked her pussy. I licked the lips up and down then went back to her clit. As I was licking her clit, I slowly inserted a finger into her folds. I massaged the lips, pushing them aside, as my finger made its way past the entrance. Once my finger was in, I curve it up and ran the tip along the roof of her canal. Her pussy clamped down on my finger and her lower body raised up off of the edge of the tub.

I continued to lick her massage her clit with my tongue as I pulled my finger out and inserted another finger. I massaged the roof of her pussy with both fingers and within a minute, she announced, “Oh yes! I am coming!”

I kept the pace of licking her and massaging her pussy until her body relaxed, letting go its grip on my finger and her ass back down on the tub. I slowed my licking but wanted to give her more pleasure. At that point, she wanted to fuck as she ordered me, “Fuck my pussy! Fuck me now!”

I rose up out of the water, dripping everywhere, and got into position between her legs I moved my cock into position, running the head up and down her opening. I stopped right at her entrance and slowly pushed in every inch until my body was against hers. My face was leaned into hers. As my cock rested in the depths of her pussy, I kissed her mouth with my tongue wrestling hers. As we kissed, I slowly began to pull my cock out until just the tip was inside of her. I could feel her pussy grip my cock as it moved out. I pushed again until I could give her no more and stopped. I continued to kiss her passionately while I moved my shaft back out. This time I did not stop with just the tip in. I shoved my cock deep into her hard and fast. She broke our kiss to take a deep breathe. I stopped and whispered, “Are you okay?”

She replied, “Yes. I just wasn’t ready for that. Do it again now!”

I pulled back and gave her a quick, deep stroke. She bit my shoulder and clawed my sides with her fingernails. I did it again and she screamed, “Fuck!”

I began fucking her hard and fast. She clawed into my sides again as my cock grew inside of her. I was so hard it was almost painful. I felt her canal grab me as my shaft worked in and out of her wet pussy. She said, “Oh my God!” Fuck my pussy! Fuck it hard! Mother fucker!”

As her pussy gripped my cock, I felt the familiar itch on my skin when I am about to come. I pushed deep as I barreled in and out of her body. Her breasts were moving up and down. Her skin was rippling with every stroke. I finally said, “I’m gonna cum!”

She said, “Yes! Cum in my pussy!”

I felt rope after rope let go inside of her pussy. She was coming with me, taking me cum deep inside of her. I came so hard I felt a little light headed. It might have been a combination of the heat from the jacuzzi but I was light headed. When we finished, I stayed there for a minute inside of her, the jets massaging my lower legs.

I finally pulled out slowly. I stood up very slowly and helped Amanda move from the sitting position back into the jacuzzi. We sat back down in the water and let the jets massage us. Amanda moved her lower body to one of the jets and said, “I wonder what this feels like?”

She moved her pussy over one of the jets. She got a surprised look on her face and said, “Oh! Wow!”

She stayed there for another few seconds and said, “Oh my God! This feels really good!”

I watched as she got this look of pleasure on her face. I rubbed her shoulders and breast as she continued to enjoy the jet of water swooshing around on her mound. I wasn’t long until her body started stiffening up and she bit her lip as eyes closed tightly and her head tilted back in pleasure. She pulled open her pussy and stretched the skin above her clit where the jet was directly hitting it as she held a big breath of air. She let that breath out and sucked in another to hold. I squeezed her breasts, watched and thought how jealous I was that women can just have one orgasm after another.

Once she finished, she said, “That was amazing, not as good as dick, but still good.”

I replied, “It turned me on to see you do that. Do it again.”

She Escort Kastamonu said, “No, we might get waterlogged.”

I agreed. We turned off the jets and took regular baths. I lathered her up as she did me. We rinsed and drained the tub. There was a sign that said we are not supposed to put soap and suds through the jets and to turn them off while using soap products.

While I was lathering up Amanda’s back, she said, “So what did you think of David and Liv?”

I replied, “They seemed really nice.”

She replied, “Olivia was cute.”

I agreed. I said, “She was a looker, that’s for sure.”

Amanda went on, “She gave me a weird vibe. I felt like she was undressing me with her eyes.”

I said, “I didn’t get that feeling, but I was not really the one talking to her like you were. Maybe she was. You are very cute.”

“Thanks, “she said, “She was very pretty, too. If I liked women, she’d do it for me!”

I asked her, “Have you ever been with a woman?”

She replied, “Promise you won’t tell?”

Of course, I promised not to tell so she told me, “When I first got to “A” school, I only had one roommate. We went out and got drunk one night and she made a move on me when we got back. I let her do whatever she wanted and she went down on me. If I hadn’t been so drunk, I might have enjoyed it more. I pissed her off though because I did not return the favor. I fingered her but did not go all the way down. I kind of wish I had, just to see what it was like and all.”

She went on, “Shortly after, we got two more roommates so I was afraid someone would walk in on us if I tried anything. I wanted to, just never had an opportunity again. I get excited just thinking about it.”

“Wow, “I replied, “Thanks for sharing.”

I was hard again from rubbing her back and thinking about her in such a situation. She felt my cock against her lower back and said, “We will take care of that later.”

I replied, “Better not get too drunk then!”

She said, “I won’t.”

After our bath, we decided to go out for a bit and just window shop if anything. We drove around the area a bit, checked out some stores, then headed back. It was nice, just walking around holding hands, sneaking a kiss every now and then, and just enjoying it being us two with no real aim for the evening.

Once we got back, we ran into David and Liv again. Liv was very flirtatious with Amanda. Even I could tell it this time. David invited us to his room to hang out. He told me the room number and said to call if we wanted to.

We got back to our room and I asked Amanda if she wanted to go up there. She replied, “If we feel uncomfortable, we can go at any time.”

I agreed and I called his room number. David said to come on up and bring our swim trunks if we wanted. I did not bring them though because it just felt awkward.

When we got to their room, David let me in. His room was the penthouse! What an amazing room! It was more like a wealthy couple’s apartment! It even had a grand piano in the living area! The jacuzzi seated probably 15 people.

David asked us if we wanted a drink. I decided on a Jack and Coke, Amanda just wanted a beer. I asked David what he did and he said real estate. Amanda asked Olivia and she said she worked for David as an agent.

David said, “It’s cold outside. Why didn’t you bring your swimsuits so we could relax and warm up in the hot tub?”

I replied, “we already sat in our for a bit today.”

Liv added, “I have an extra bikini and you boys can just skinny dip.”

I was surprised when Amanda added, “We could all just skinny dip.”

I figured if she was not nervous about this, then I should be okay. I simply responded, “Okay.”

David walked over to the tub and took off his robe. He had a nice body for a man in his 40’s. He then removed his underwear and I got a glance at his cock. It was pretty big soft, bigger than mine. I felt a little nervous now.

The girls both took off their clothes. Liv took hers off like it was no big deal. Amanda had turned away where only her bare ass was really on display. She got in quickly and hid her body up to her neck with the water and bubbles. I pretty much did the same thing, dropped my pants and underwear and jumped in real quick right up against Amanda, brushing my naked body against hers.

Liv moved slowly, almost deliberately that way as to put on a show. Even though I was embarrassed, I was still half hard at this point. Liv finally got in and moved next to David.

David broke the ice by asking, “What brings you here?”

I replied, “We are here from Johnson and Dwyer out of Milwaukee.”

“So, you’re lawyers?”

“Not exactly, “I replied, “We do other work for them. They were nice enough to book us here for the weekend while we are doing some research on a local potential partner.”

Amanda looked at me and smiled. It was the best thing I could come up with at the moment. I was hoping we were not going to get busted!

David talked about some of the firms who have been leasing one of his buildings downtown for 10 years.

Amanda changed the subject, “I love this hot tub.”

“It’s always nice to relax after a long day at work, “said Liv.

She added, “We usually sit in it naked so this feels natural for us.”

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