Amy Comes Over


I’ll start off by saying that I love receiving oral sex. I can’t get enough of it. My girlfriend never really gave it to me, but that’s in the past now. We recently broke up and since then my life has had some unexpected good luck. Let me explain.

There’s a girl who my ex used to be friends with and they still talk and whatever. Anyway, the other day this girl called me up and asked me if she could borrow a new mix CD I had recently bought. Now, I don’t particularly like this girl, her name is Amy by the way. I base my dislike of her on her snooty attitude and her holier-than-thou persona. Sometimes I just want to run her down. But for some reason I was feeling nice that day and I said yes. She told me that she’d be over in a little bit to pick it up. I told her that the door would be unlocked and she could come in and I would be in my room and I’d have the CD. (I don’t like getting up to answer the door, so I usually leave it unlocked.)

After hanging up the phone I started drifting into sleep. I woke up a little confused about what time it was. I figured that I was only asleep for a moment or so. So I turned on the TV and started flipping through the channels. I got to the porn channel and my favorite scene was being acted out on television. There was a blond girl kneeling in front of some guy, sucking him off and begging him to cum on her face. I couldn’t believe my luck. Looking around, I figured that I had Kastamonu Escort a little time before Amy showed up, so I pulled out my monster and started jacking off to the scene in front of me.

I was totally into the scene and the guy was getting as close to cumming as I was, when suddenly I heard a voice from behind me.

“Hmm, that’s a pretty interesting show you have on.” It was Amy.

I stood there, cock in hand, not knowing what to say. She simply walked closer to me and looked down at my raging hard dick.

“Wow, so that’s why Mindy was always so happy when she was dating you. Look at the size of that thing.” She commented.

“Thank you,” were the first words out of my mouth, “but I’m sure you’re happy with your boyfriend’s dick.”

“My boyfriend is a dick.” She blurted out.

Suddenly, the guy on television let out a moan and we both turned around to see him shooting his huge load all over the blond’s face and tits.

“I guess I caught you at a bad time, huh?” She said looking down at my hardness.

“Well…” I started.

“I’m sorry I interrupted, I didn’t mean to stop your process. Maybe I can make it up to you.” She hinted.

“How?” I asked in a knowing voice.

“You can do to me what that guy did to that girl.” I was amazed at this offer.

Before I could say anything, she grabbed the hem of her shirt and pulled it over her head Kastamonu Escort Bayan exposing her petite, but lovely breasts. She moved closer to me and kissed me. Her tongue wasted no time finding mine and I could feel her nipples getting hard against my chest. Instinctively, my hands went up and grasped her tits and began to massage them. They weren’t huge, but they felt good. She stopped me and sank to her knees in front of me. She looked at my hard cock in amazement. Her hand encircled it and began to stroke it. Her eyes were transfixed on my cock and I was in heaven.

“Have you ever done this before?” I asked her.

“Well, I rubbed my boyfriend’s dick through his jeans, but I’ve never actually touched one like this. It feels warm and hard. I love it.” She smiled.

“So, you’ve never sucked dick either, huh?” I teased.

“No, but I just saw how it was done, and now that I’m face to face with this monster, I want to give it a try.”

No complaint was heard from me. She began kissing the head of my penis and licking the precum on the tip. She said it was tasty. Boy was she in for a surprise. My hands went to the sides of her head to help guide her through the process. She was very willing during the whole process. She opened her mouth slightly as I eased my cock between her sweet lips. When she started to gag I stopped pushing it in and told her to be comfortable with it.

She Escort Kastamonu got about 3 or 4 inches of the 8 into her mouth. Not bad for a first-timer. I told her to jack me off while she sucked and I would come sooner and it would be better. She did as she was told. Her head bobbed up and down on my hard shaft as her hand slid up and down it. The skin was slippery from her saliva and it felt wonderful. I was definitely looking forward to shooting my load in this girl’s mouth and on her face. As she sucked away, I played with her tits some more. Every time I pinched a nipple she would moan and suck harder. Soon I felt it boiling in my balls.

“I’m going to cum, where do you want it?” I asked her.

“I want to taste it.” She murmured around my dick.

One, two, three…. And WOOOSSHHH…..

My cock became extra thick in her mouth and my balls tensed up. I could feel the semen flowing up my shaft and exploding into her mouth. I know the first shot went down her throat and she began to gag a little. This caused the next two spurts to flood her mouth and dribble out onto her tits. I pulled my cock from her mouth and began jacking the last couple of shots directly onto her cheeks and down her neck. One shot streaked through her hair. She was completely covered in my cum. She was the perfect little cum-slut.

I told her to go into the bathroom and clean up. When she returned, I handed her the CD and told her that today’s lesson went well. She asked if she was good at it, and I replied that she had a natural talent. She smiled and walked out the door. Before she got into her car I yelled out to her.

“Whenever you want to borrow a CD come on over, the door will be unlocked…”

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