An Afternoon to Remember


This is an adult sex story.

All the characters are of the age of consent or far over it!

Any children named or mentioned are not involved in anything sexual.

This is story number sixty three (63).

I suggest you read story 62 first so you know the background.

Enjoy and thanks for the views and votes.


Out by the adult pool, at the Las Vegas hotel I was staying at, it quickly became an afternoon to remember.

My air conditioned cabana was at the back end of the enclosed pool area, fairly secluded, and the canvas sides could be open or closed on all sides as needed.

In other words, the cabana could be quite private when the need arose.

I saw her coming as she entered the pool area: she was tall, maybe 5’10” tall, with long blonde, flowing hair, curled. She was slender, lithe if you will.

Even from a distance it was clear she was a stunner.

She had a nice golden tan.

I found out a little bit later it was an all over tan.

Her big beautiful blue eyes were hidden behind large sunglasses.

She was wearing a white sleeveless sundress.

The shoulder straps were spaghetti thin; the front of the dress had a deep v neck that was open almost to the bottom of her breasts.

As for her breasts; she had them strapped in well so they weren’t moving much but they were big.

And she was certainly showing them off to me (and everyone else that was looking).

Certainly far more than a handful; and I have big hands.


She greeted me with a huge smile, a firm handshake and then, leaning in so much that those tits brushed my chest, moved in close to me and she kissed me on the cheek.

I wasn’t expecting that move, but my hands quickly got around her and we hugged for more than a few seconds, Stacy whispering into my ear “I needed that!”

“How was your flight?” I asked her and she replied “It was fine but I am really happy to finally meet you in person!”

As she sat down to my right, she bent over and I could see all the way down the front of her dress to the front of her lacy white panties.

There were no tan lines – at all (!) – and looking at her left hand I saw that she wasn’t wearing a wedding ring and had no marks to indicate she’d had one on recently.

As she got settled in, I opened one of the two bottles of French champagne that were on ice and I asked her if she wanted some.

Looking up at me, she smiled at me and said “Why not, I’m on the pill!”

That took me by surprise and we both laughed; Stacy reached out to touch my arm, which was a very good start for what turned into one of the more fun afternoons I’ve ever had.

Some college professors are sticks in the mud, boring and it takes a pair of pliers to get anything out of them.

That wasn’t Stacy.

It was if she hadn’t spoken to anyone in weeks and she started talking, almost non-stop.

She was fun, and funny, loved to laugh, told me jokes at her own expense and was a charming, and gorgeous lunch guest.

My eyes devoured her. And she knew it.

Stacy never mentioned a husband, current or past, or a boyfriend and I had two thoughts run through my mind at the same time: How come she isn’t taken and why isn’t she taken?

Was there a ten pin under her dress? Any sign of an Adam’s apple?

Assuring myself she was all woman I let my brain run loose with all the fantasies a man could have while I was falling quickly in lust.

My balls, recently drained several times at the yoga studio, started to fill up again at the prospect of making an initial deposit into this beautiful creature and my sleeping penis was quickly growing beyond engorged, ready to go where nature intended it to.

Thank God for the table to hide my rock hard cock.


There was an attraction, both of us knew it.

Stacy was constantly touching my forearm, rubbing my upper arm.

When she wasn’t touching me she was pushing her hair flowing back, with both hands, which caused her already prominent breasts to jut out.

I tried really hard to keep my eyes on hers, but to be truthful she was so fucking gorgeous that my eyes were roving all over her.

Her hair was long, flowing, curled and sexy as hell. I just knew it would be heaven to bury my nose into those golden locks.

Her eyebrows were to die for … lush but trimmed … they were the same color as her hair which led me to believe that the drapes matched the carpet, assuming there was any carpet.

Her face was nothing short of beautiful; if she wore makeup I couldn’t see it.

There was an exception: her lips. She had some sort of light pink balm which only emphasized the sexiness of her mouth.

Oh and that mouth, Oh My God!

That tongue of hers darted out Kayseri Escort from time to time and I imagined it wrapped around my cock and those perfect pearly whites showed every time she smiled.

My cock got hard as granite just thinking about her oral assets being put to excellent use on my member.

Stacy caught me gazing at her breasts more than a few times, and she smiled and then squeezed my right arm with her left hand … which made me wonder if she wasn’t signaling to me she wanted my hands squeezing those heavenly mounds.

She got up to use the ladies room and I saw her backside as she walked away.

My first thought was “I hate you have you leave but I love it seeing your ass when you do!”

Smiling, I confirmed that her ass was just perfect for her lithe frame.

No Kim K ass for this professor!


When she walked back to the cabana, I took in the whole picture again and decided it was one of the wonders of the world.

The question was: was I just going to be a sightseer of this natural beauty or was I going to be allowed to be an active participant?


I had stood up to stretch my legs and with my eyes all over her, Stacy returned to the cabana but didn’t sit down, allowing me to continue to enjoy the view.

She said “Jack, I’d like to get in the water but I didn’t bring a suit. What can we do about that?”

I replied, grinning “If I can get you a swimsuit, will you go for a swim with me?”

Now, at this point we’d damn near polished off two bottles of nicely bubbly, so she was getting giddy.

I was horny and had the hard on to prove it.

Which Stacy noticed.

“Did I cause that?” she giggled at me and I smiled and nodded.

She came over to where I was standing and put her hands up to my head; her breasts crushed into my chest and with a smile and a look of lust in her eyes, pulled me into her and kissed me.


It was a nice kiss, Stacy had soft lips and she immediately started grinding her crotch into my hardness as our tongues dueled.

My hands roved too, over her back, down to her backside, where I discretely rubbed her very fine, very taut ass.

I say discretely because even though we were in a secluded part of the pool area, the sides of the cabana were up and so people could see partially see us through the plants and shrubs between us and the water.

Stacy kissed me like she hadn’t been kissed in a very long time and the way she reacted to my hands she hungered for my touch.

When our lips separated we were nose to nose and she whispered to me “That was worth flying to see you!” and then she kissed me again.

If the sides of the cabana were down I would have pulled up the hem of her sundress and fondled her ass, panties on or not.

But I quickly realized I could get to my goal an easier way, and breaking our kiss, I grabbed my phone and then took Stacy’s hand to the daybed that was at the back of the cabana.

Laying her down on the bed, she got comfortable while I texted my closest CYNSUITS customer service gal, who I knew was not more than 10 minutes away. I sent her Stacy’s measurements and asked her to bring some suits for my lady friend to chose from.

Getting comfortable with Stacy on the daybed, I had her lay with her back against the cushions away from the opening to the cabana, essentially giving her cover while we made out.

We got back to sucking face and of course, my right hand wandered south to that ass, and after a brief surveillance over the dress, I started pulling up her sun dress so I could get to her butt unfettered.

Breaking our kiss Stacy whispered to me “Mister Colton are you trying to get fresh with me?”

To which I responded “Absolutely.”

And with that she pulled up her sundress up over her hips and smiling at me said “That should make it easier for you.”


I was surprised that she didn’t have a thong on and I was hoping that she had taken her panties off when she visited the restroom.

But despite her wanton behavior with me, I was betting that Stacy was really a “good girl” so dressing the part is her MO.

Full back or thong, the cut of her panties didn’t matter to me as long as I was able to separate them from her.

Her ass was beyond fine: smooth, hairless and soft where it should be. Stacy groaned as I massaged it, rubbed it; lightly spanked it a few times which got her laughing and it got interesting when I started to move my hands under her panties.

Using only my right hand I probed, gently and gentlemanly, her crack, her Grand Canyon, in search of her rosebud. I pushed my right middle finger until I found what I was looking for and as I gently pushed on her rosebud, she groaned into my mouth in approval. Kayseri Escort Bayan

The more intimate I became with her, the tighter she held me, the stronger she kissed me and the more she humped her pussy against my large hard on.

I’ll say one more thing: Stacy wasn’t shy. Was it the champagne? Or was it something my UNLV professor Natalie had told Stacy? Or was it the money? Or was it me? Or was she just a beautiful woman in heat?

What I discovered when I went to remove her damp panties was that Stacy wasn’t wearing a traditional cut of cloth.

Stacy’s panties were just like a bathing suit with ties on both sides.

So, instead of fighting to get them down, all I had to do was pull on one of the strings and presto (!) there I was, my hand on her cunt.

She laughed and asked “Wasn’t that the fastest pair of panties you every removed from a lady?” and I laughed in agreement.

Just another kiss to seal the deal and her panties were on the floor of the cabana and my hands were roving not just all over her now bare ass, but I was starting to tease her hairless pussy.

“My God you’re big Jack” she giggled as her bare pussy rubbed all over my crotch as our tongues dueled and her hands ran through my hair.

Still blocking her from any prying eyes, I pushed her onto her back and kept kissing her while she spread her legs so I could finger fuck her.


Now, if you’ve read my stories, you know I love to eat pussy. And all the ladies I know loved to have their pussies kissed, licked, teased and pleasurably tortured before I allow them to cum.

But I couldn’t do that given where we were. So I did the next best thing before promising myself that I would dine at her Y as soon as the circumstances changed that afternoon.

I love it when women submit to me and on her back Stacy couldn’t spread her legs wide enough for my probing fingers.

With a knowing smile she aided her cause by pulling her dress up over her waist, allowing me access to my objective.

I’ll say one more thing: Stacy wasn’t shy.

I think she was so worked up she would have taken the entire dress off if she could have and believe me, I would have loved to have had her naked just then so I could enjoy the entire package, including that set of world class tits that had been rubbing up against my chest for the last little while.

I made a second silent promise to get those tits free to play with before the sun went down.

My hands roved over her smooth womb as we kissed, and her passion grew the closer my fingers got to her wet pussy.

I cupped her bare pussy to start things out and her hips lifted in response to my touch.

She was beyond moist; she was wet with anticipation of an orgasm or two.

And her aroma, it was a heavenly to smell. Stacy smelled clean, and I knew that I would love drinking her juices when I had the opportunity to. I just hoped it wouldn’t be a long delay.

Our fooling around was almost interrupted by the young lady from CYNSUITS, who saw what was happening as she entered the cabana and she wisely backed out, waiting quietly at one of the pool bars until we finished.

Stacy was very worked up and she loved it when I touched her slit, and her clit, and if we’d had those side flaps of the cabana down and as I said I would have eaten her for lunch right then and there.

She responded to my touch and my probing digits well.

Her hips rose to insure that I would maintain constant contact with her pussy and her right hand found its way to my left hand and she held it firmly to make sure I did my task well.

She was tight but she was wet and warm, and after some gentle rubbing I was able to get the middle finger of my left hand between those now engorged lower lips of hers and when I got into the promised land, slowly, oh so slowly, she couldn’t kiss me hard enough as her tongue slid deep into my mouth.

My left thumb, meanwhile, found her love bump and as I teased it, running my digit all around the base, very slowly and deliberately, so as not to set her rocket off too fast, she pulled her face away from mine and we stared into each other’s eyes like lovers do and Stacy came for the first time.

Her face was filled with love and joy; ecstasy and fulfillment.

After that first blast, she came again, two more times, quite rapidly, on my fingers and I cupped her pussy as she came down from her sexual highs.

“That was lovely Jack, thank you” and she kissed me like a lover, with care, and tenderness and passion, something that I had been missing for awhile from my wife.


I still had my own rocket in my pants and thank God, even though there had been a few moments when I thought I would shoot my load, I had quickly reverted back Escort Kayseri to talking baseball statistics and my man fuel, my baby batter, stayed in the tanks.


Stacy knew of my condition and after we both calmed down a bit, meaning for me, my redwood tree got smaller so it wasn’t visible in my slacks, Stacy got up, got straightened up, and said that she was going to visit the young lady from CYNSUITS at the bar and that maybe I could get into my swim suit while she was gone.

We kissed, Stacy left and I discretely changed into my swim wear and got in the pool, paddling over to the bar and getting an ice cold Bud Light.

Stacy and the young lady headed into the cabana, and in a few seconds, the cabana sides came down, giving them privacy.

About five minutes later the CYNSUITS girl left, smiling and waving at me as she headed back to the hotel.

Less than a minute later a very topless, tanned all over Stacy emerged from the cabana and quickly found her way to me in the pool. Her flowing blonde locks were piled on her head and the bottoms she had on were tiny, barely covering her pussy. Every eye, male and female, had their eyes on Stacy. Mine were devouring her.


“The tops she had were all too small, so I decided to go topless Jack. I hope you don’t mind” she laughed as her hands went around my neck and for the first time my bare chest enjoyed her long hard pink nipples stabbing my hairy chest.

We each had a beer while we talked, kissed, laughed and had our hands all over each other. My wandering hands soon found out that Stacy’s suit was a very tiny thong and I shared with her that my preferred swim suit on any female was one that exposed as much skin below the belly without being illegal.

“Let’s get a beer for the road” she whispered to me and then hand in hand, we made our way to the other end of the shallow pool and up the steps to the love shack.


Back in the cabana, Stacy closed the front flap giving us privacy but at the same time signaling to everyone who was around the pool what we were going to be doing.

But we didn’t fuck in the cabana that day. Stacy got naked, and then got me naked, and proceeded to give me a blow job that I will always remember because she told me a story as she made love to my cock with her tongue, her lips, her mouth, her throat, her fingers, her hands, her tits, the crack of her ass and her toes.


“I know you were curious about my love life Jack” Stacy shared as she allowed me to peel off that thong she had on.

I nodded, it was all I could to was nod, her fucking body was mouth watering and I wanted my hands all over it.

If it were legal to buy someone, I would have bought her. I actually wanted to own that body and the woman that was in it.

I was beyond smitten. I was fucking in love with her.

Then she undressed me and when she was done she said to me “I’m going to take my time lover and tell you my story. I’m going to tease you and please you and it will be worth the wait. But we can’t fuck in here Jack, because, well, you’re better than that and so am I. People like us to don’t rut out by the pool just because we’re horny.”

I nodded as she reached for my now turgid cock and began to slowly stroke me.

“And I’ve heard you don’t like hand jobs Jack. But it’s all part of the package and if you want this (she kissed the tip of my cock and I moaned) then you just have to understand that I use my hands when I pleasure a man. Not all the time, only part of the time. As you will find out lover.”

“Can you handle a little bit of stroking Jack as I bring you to a mind blowing orgasm or two out in our cabana?”

Our eyes met and she smiled and I nodded.

“Cat got your tongue Jack?” and she laughed as my cock jumped in anticipation of the pleasure I was about to receive settled into my brain.

Stacy lowered her mouth over the tip of my cock and I closed my eyes and started silently reciting baseball statistics.

Stacy was right, it was worth waiting for. She gave me the best blow job I had ever received. Not a top ten. NUMBER ONE.


Later that afternoon we made love for the first time up in my suite.

It was a fuck fest, two energizer bunnies going at it for hours without a care in the world but to bring the other pleasure.

Stacy loved me to cum in her pussy; I ended up dropping three loads into her wet snatch and as you can imagine, we fucked in every position we could think of, in every room, on all the pieces of furniture and the carpet too.

I didn’t think much of it at the time, but when I came, Stacy wanted me to be taking her from behind, doggy style.

She claimed that she loved it that way, my sperm would be planted deep inside of her and that she’d remember our love making because I’d be dripping out of her for days to come.

But there was far more to the story than just those stained panties Stacy would be wearing, as you shall soon read in my next couple of stories.


Jack Colton will return shortly.

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