And Here We Are Ch. 05

Anal Toy

Shayna was completely naked, and she scrambled to pull the blanket up to cover her chubby little body. Sadly, this was the first ever attempt at modesty I had ever seen from her. I may have made her mine on Friday night, but that was alone. Her friends were now going to see me demonstrate that Shayna is an example of how not to be. I was frank with her, but not yet showing how badly she was about to be humiliated.

“It’s my own fault. I trusted you and thought you had grown up a little after Friday night. You’re lucky I don’t give up on things. You’re unlucky you live under my roof.”

Shayna remained quiet. Even after I buttfucked her on Friday night, she was still able to speak. She kept choking on her words, and after a few attempts just stopped trying. Her façade may have been broken on Friday night. But as long as she could maintain the illusion of control and power in front of the other girls, she would keep pushing my boundaries. In fact, I think she might have wanted to be caught. She just was too stupid to realize what that meant.

As the girls re-entered the room, they had the same trouble articulating anything that Shayna experienced. But unlike Shayna, they seemed to grasp the situation and recognize that Shayna needed to shape up. It wasn’t like I was making up arbitrary rules on the fly. I told them yesterday what I expected, and I laid out what their responsibilities and obligations would be. They were wising up pretty quickly. The same could not be said for their amoral little friend.

I told the girls to sit on the bed, and they quietly obeyed. There would be no questions, and the looks on their faces suggested that they may have agreed with the way I was about to take action. I grabbed a small chair from the room and told Shayna to come over to me as I placed my foot up on top of it.

Shayna looked completely shell-shocked while at the same time frantically thinking about what she could do. She went to the dresser as if to get some clothes to cover herself and protect her from the humiliation. Not today.

“No. You come here right now young lady. She stopped in her tracks and gingerly marched towards me. When she got in front of me, her posture shrank and she wouldn’t make eye contact with me. I let the uneasiness and dread fill the room before I gently guided my hand under her chin to lift her head so she was face to face with me. There was genuine fear in her eyes, maybe even more so than when she realized I was going to bugger her. I let the theatricality build before I quickly hoisted her up and onto my knee.

When her belly landed on my leg it knocked the wind out of her slightly. I let her catch her breath before I began her session. I was going to demonstrate my power over her with both words and actions.

“Shayna, can you tell your friends why you are over my knee?” I needed to break her down in front of the people that fueled her, and mind games were my only way to do that effectively. She fumbled her words and stuttered through her response.

“Um uhhh I’ve been a bad girl Mr. Braxton.” I started rubbing her large rump before continuing. She flinched and began to shiver a little.

“What have you done that makes you a bad girl?” She quickly answered.

“I skipped church sir.” She wanted this to be over and she thought leaving details out what help her cause.

“What else?” I knew how to dish it right back.

“Please don’t make me say it sir…” This was big. I found out how I could shame this girl and spark some reform. Maybe then Shayna would start to grow.

“… um I uhhhh, was pleasuring myself sir.” She began to sniff and choke up, and I could feel her heart rate increase. The water works were about to follow.

I decided to use the same technique I used on Jasmine. That is, when I landed a blow, I would roughly squeeze the cheek I struck. That would really drive the point home. I glanced up to see how the girls were reacting. They looked stressed, but not horrified. I don’t think they had ever seen Shayna in such a submissive and compromising position.

Before I began, I decided to study Shayna’s behind. She had that large, round butt like Jasmine. Her cheeks were the lightest shade of pink, the last remaining physical reminder of her punishment from Friday. Her bruises had healed enough to make her tan lines much more noticeable. She had the same jiggle when it brushed with anything, and it was meaty but less tight than Jasmine’s. And unlike my stepdaughter, she didn’t even pretend to keep herself in any kind of shape. She was more thickly built, but she had the tiniest bits of cellulite manifesting on the back of her thighs. I used my thumb and index finger to slightly spread her cheeks to get a look at her rectum. She hiccupped and I could tell she was mortified. As she dangled over my knee, she began to shiver from the open window. It was November after all.

I got to work. As I pounded her ass, she did an admirable job keeping quiet, Hatay Escort but I could feel and hear her weeping quietly. As I approached 40 swats, I started see to see my hand imprinted on both of her cheeks. I was striking the same exact spots, so I continued because I wanted her to be reminded of who owned her ass in this house.

I passed 60 and that’s when she finally started squealing. Tiny, cute little shrieks that were clearly not what she wanted to let out. I got to 90, and she broke down sobbing. I patted her rump and told her that she was almost done with her first portion of her punishment. She started kicking and panicking but I shushed her and tightened her up so she was calmer. As I continued that process, I looked up to see how the other four were seeing it. They were HOT. AND. BOTHERED. I could tell that they were trying their hardest to not show any emotion, but they were not fooling anyone.

“Jasmine, can you bring me the paddle?” Jasmine quickly retrieved the wooden board and Shayna was resigned to her fate. At this point how much worse could it get for her? I then gave her a few taps so she could get an idea of what she was dealing with. I couldn’t tell if she was flinching or hiccupping, but it wasn’t really important.

Shayna continued to scream as I made the last 10 smacks. Once I finished, she almost fell off my leg. I repositioned her as she blubbered and sobbed. I stuck my hand between her legs and spread her legs a little, to which she slightly resisted ineffectively. I then purposely brushed her labia, and she trembled in shame. I heard her whisper, “please no, please no.” I’m not sure if she was talking to herself or to me, but it proved my hypothesis true.

On a primal level, I knew Shayna wanted this feeling, this submission to my authority. She already had her fluids dripping down her legs and onto my knee. She was the most promiscuous of the girls and her bodily response to her last punishment proved she was easy to turn on. But if there was anything that superceded her sexual appetite, it was her self-image and desire to always have control or the upper hand. There was no more obvious example of her complete and udder loss of those things then being manually stimulated by her friend’s stepfather (I may as well have been her de facto stepfather by this point too) while the people she spent the most time with watched.

If this was the way that Shayna was going to fall in line, so be it. Manipulating the manipulator using their own habits against them was extremely effective in my past experiences. So I knew what I was going to do, but first I was going to address the audience. Robin and Leah were watching intently, almost as if they couldn’t believe it but still wanted to see it. Jasmine was fidgeting all over the place trying to avoid eye contact with anyone in the room. And even Heidi had a look of curiosity that came from the understanding that her friend had to pay the price for her actions.

“Ladies, I know how uncomfortable this is for all of you. I know how wrong you must think this all is. Maybe you’re right to think that. But I have done things to bail you out of trouble too many times, and I have a simple set of demands for living under this roof when I’m paying the bills and taking responsibility for your actions. Shayna still doesn’t respect that. If she did she would have made sure to get up for church, and she never would have gone into my room and taken something out of there. I really thought she had grown up a little after Friday night, but it’s obvious that isn’t the case. So I’m going to do what I think is most effective to control the behavior of one of my dependents.”

As I gave my little speech, Shayna continued to quietly sob while over my knee. I think she had an idea of what was going to happen, but she was too afraid to even try anything funny in fear of making it worse. So I continued, addressing her directly.

“Shayna, I laid out simple rules for what I expected from you if you were going to live here. These rules are not hard to follow, you knew exactly what they were, and you understood that if you didn’t want to follow them you could leave without consequence. You decided to stay, and you decided to break my rules even after I rewarded you with an invitation to my office party. You took something that belonged to my wife from my room and pleasured yourself with it after skipping church when I told you yesterday it was mandatory in this house. You’ve brought this on yourself and I hope after this you’ll start to follow the rules.”

In between sniffs and sobs she managed a meek “forgive me sir”. I told her that I would forgive her when I saw a real change in her behavior, and with that I slowly began to tickle her clit. As she began to moan quietly, I plunged my middle finger into her vagina. She started to kick like she was swimming, and then she gasped for air like she was drowning. She was trying her hardest to stop her body from Hatay Escort Bayan responding or revealing it to her friends, so to drive the point home I whispered to her, “if you cum so help me…”. I didn’t actually have a consequence to that, but taking her power was what these girls needed to see.

I looked up to see what they were doing before I got back to work. They looked like they had that same struggle Shayna was having, that their bodies were responding to a position their mind would find terrifying and humiliating. I think it was safe to say that sexuality was predominant aspect of these girls’ perceptions, values, desires and fears. The fact that they haven’t gone to school with the opposite sex for years I’m sure fostered that curiosity. Regardless, they seemed very aware of what was happening and even if they didn’t understand it, they respected that in my house you follow my (completely reasonable) set of rules.

I began to stroke her pussy lips with my index finger while I massaged her clit with my middle. She thrashed and convulsed in both pleasure and pain, and she was lucky I was able to get a firm grip on her love handles because if she could’ve seriously hurt herself if she had fallen to the floor. She moaned and she gasped and she cried all at the same time, and I after about 3 minutes I could tell she was getting close to climaxing. But she was so terrified of defying my orders that she finally started to crack.

“AH! AH! AH! AH! AH! SIR! SIR! P-PLEASE MAY I CUM SIR?! PLEASE! I NEED TO! I CAN’T!” There was no way this was an act. She had been stripped down, both figuratively and literally, and her whole aura of invincibility and defiance had been destroyed. I knew it was only a matter of time before she super soaked the room, but I wanted to squeeze every last ounce of stress and panic out of Shayna.

“Don’t you dare!” I continued to feverishly manipulate her sex. I wasn’t particularly worried that this was ever going to be an issue with any of the other four girls, but if there was even a small chance of that happening I was willing to bet it was gone now. As she got closer to bursting, the desperation was more than apparent.

“PLEASE SIR PLEASE, UHHHH UHHHHH, PLEASE LET ME CUM! I’M SORRY! I’M SORRY! JUST MAKE IT STOP! JUST LET ME FINISH! AH AH AHHHHHH!” Like a pot of tea, she screamed at the top of her lungs as the pressure became too great. I used my thumb to press down on her asshole, but I knew I wouldn’t need to penetrate it.

“EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE AHHHHHH!!” She combined moaning, wailing, begging and shrieking all into one powerful noise that I had never heard before. She sprayed hot thick cum all over my hand. I could tell that the other girls didn’t know about this little feature Shayna possessed, and were about 90% mortified and probably 10% hot and bothered. As Shayna furiously tried to catch her breath, I readjusted her one final time over my knee so she could breathe easier. No easy task given how much work Shayna needed getting fit. But once she was finally as composed as she could make herself, her crying had reached truly embarrassing levels. Her face was puffy, she was in pain, her own libido had been used against her, and a part of her was elated at the feeling she had just experienced.

As she tried to get out an apology, I addressed the room. “I can give you whatever you ask of me if you work hard on yourselves and improve. Respect is earned, but you’ll have mine if you do your part around here. Shayna’s behavior is unacceptable, but I’m hoping now that she’s learned how to act like a lady and respect the man who has given her a home.” I gently patted Shayna’s hand imprinted bottom and she grimaced and squeaked. I asked the other girls to leave the room. They obediently shuffled out as Jasmine told them that they were going downstairs to watch TV. As I observed the looks on their faces, I noticed some perplexed faces that also had a real level of understanding. It was totally oxymoronic, but it’s just what I saw. Jasmine was last and we exchanged another look of semi-telepathy. She knew how to manage her group, and she was learning how to be a leader. She shot me the smallest smirk. Maybe Shayna was that friend that you love but who you also can’t stand a lot of the time. It was certainly a reasonable theory.

As she shut the door behind her, I laid down the law.

“If anything like this ever happens again, I’m not going to punish you. I’m not going to humiliate. I’m not going to CARE about you. I’m going to kick you out. You may have a huge house, but you and I know both know you don’t think that’s your home. You drive me nuts. You’re disrespectful, dishonest, and destructive. But you need me, they want you here, and I know kicking you out is not the right thing to do for you. But I’m done. I bought your load of shit Friday night. It’s over. So you have to decide right now if you think you are ever going to do this again. If you think you can’t respect Escort Hatay me, I’ll drive you home and make sure someone is there to stay with you. I know you’re going to screw up again, but if you stay I’m going to MAKE you improve. This is your last chance. Your clever and confident and you can be successful at whatever you want if you set your mind to it. But you have to grow up right now. So what’s it going to be?”

As Shayna continued to breathe heavily, she thought of what to say. She looked as far over her shoulder as she could and decided.

“P-Please don’t kick me out Mr. Braxton. I’ll listen. I’ll obey you now.”

I had heard this before. “Why should I believe you?”

I’m not sure she had an adequate rebuttal, and she continued to lightly sob. Like I said, I could be a pushover. I think that something has changed. If this didn’t motivate her to adjust, nothing would. I’d give her one more chance and cut bait if it came to it. Many people would condemn my actions but I had done more than enough for this girl and stuck my neck out with no gratitude. I gave the ultimatum to the naked girl suspended over my knee.

“When we walk out of this room, you obey every word I say. You will make more mistakes, and I guarantee you will be in this exact same position again. It’s going to take time before you meet my expectations. If you had just missed church, I would not have fingered you into submission and humiliated you like that. But it’s time to grow up. You will get dressed, we will go downstairs, and we will start your next chapter. Every day after school you will complete your chores exactly as I want them. You will let me know how you’re doing in school, we will chart out a plan for your future, and we will instill in you proper values. And you’ll have a home.”

Shayna had finally stopped crying and answered honestly.



She spoke up with a balance of her confidence and some newly found conscientiousness. “I want a home Mr. Braxton. I’ll do whatever it takes.” I responded with one more playful pat on the ass before I lifted her off my knee and back on to the ground.

“Thank you sir. Just never do that to me again.” She chuckled during her proclamation, but I needed to learn from my own mistakes. I bought this last time. So I kept my steely resolve as I stared down at her. She took the hint and adjusted her stance.

“What I mean is I’ll behave now sir.” Now that was more like it. I tossed her one of her bags and told her dinner was in an hour. The old Shayna probably would have told me what she wanted, at least downstairs in front of her friends. But her body language and expression was at least convincing enough. We’ll see if her demeanor matches up downstairs with the way it is now. But there was still one matter to settle.

“Before I forget, you aren’t going to school tomorrow.”

Shayna was shocked. “May I ask why sir?”

I explained what was going to happen. “Your lit professor has been abusing Heidi for almost a year. She’s extremely scared and I had to basically pry this out of her. I’m going to the police tomorrow, and then I’m going to the school. Jasmine, Robin and Leah are going to go to the school as to not tip him off. You are going to recover from your spanking tonight, and you are going to stick with Heidi tomorrow like white on rice. She needs help and to know that her support system can overcome this evil man. Do you think you can do exactly what I’m asking?”

Shayna seemed to have to fight her urge to say the first thing that came into her head. She worked hard to get her next thought out.

“I’ll do whatever you ask of me. I want to help. He smacks my ass in the hall sometimes. I guess I need to work on self-discipline because I always laugh when he does it. I know I can be a little slutty. I’ll work on it for you sir. But if I had known what he was doing I would have told the police myself.”

As unserious as Shayna could be with just about everything, she could take herself very seriously at times, so to hear any level of self-deprecation and introspection was welcome. I then remembered what Jasmine had told me about the locked room in the professor’s house.

“Have you seen anything odd at Heidi’s? Because Jasmine said we’d need tangible evidence to get him and she said there was a creepy room that was always locked.”

“Now that you mention it, I know what she’s talking about. I don’t know what’s in it though. Before we go tomorrow to the police let me try and get Heidi to tell me. It might sound hard to believe but she trusts me.”

I halfheartedly laughed and told her to just tread lightly. During our talk she had changed into a hoodie and pajama pants. She winced at the pain of brushing anything against big round bottom. She did something I didn’t want to see, but I gave her a pass given the circumstances and under the condition she was helpful to me tomorrow.

“You forgot panties young lady.” She got that ‘deer in the headlights’ look and rifled through her bag looking for something that would pass for underwear. I laughed and told her to relax. She must’ve thought it was a trick because she kept searching frantically.

“You get a pass tonight Shayna.”

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