Angel of Mercy

Big Dicks

I am sitting on the edge of your bed, I came as soon as I got your e-mail that you didn’t feel well. So I decide to make arrangements for you to get the day off with your manager. I made time to nurse you back to good health. Right now, I am dressed in a nurse’s uniform with a stethoscope around my neck, fiddling with it absent-mindedly.

What I am really watching is you. You are sleeping before me, hmmm the wonderful length of you and I watch it appreciatively. I do not want to wake you up yet–you need your sleep. You mumble something about your job and turn over so you are face up. I almost cry as your morning wood shows wonderfully. I cannot stop myself as I reach under the covers, not disturbing you. I lay silently between your spread legs, stroking him gently with my soft hands. He gets even harder and you mumble something above me, I smile. When he is real instead of a natural response, I take him in my mouth.

Circling the tip with my tongue–knowing how you love it. I suck on him gently, licking and sucking his length the whole time. I am so into it–I do not hear your breathing change. I do feel you raise your head, looking at the bump under the covers that is me and surrender to the feeling and happiness I am creating, thumping your head back down on the pillow. I smile around you, knowing you are awake now. I feel your hands on my blanketed head, pushing me further onto him, making me take him deeper and faster. I take you from my mouth, licking him again, all along the length, spreading out my tongue, making you feel every inch. Rize Escort You shudder when my tongue leaves his velvety softness, so I put him in my warm wet mouth and start my sweet rhythm for you. I work him into my throat; harder and faster, just wanting to taste your come as the first thing this morning. You hold me tighter, pushing me further, crying happily as the orgasm rips through you as your first feeling of the morning. I suck him dry, pushing the come from him with my tongue, wanting every glorious drop for my own. You breath hard up above me and begin to normalize. I notice this is a good thing; you do not seem to have any breathing problems that would indicate sickness.

I am still sucking him softly, making your orgasm keep you twitching. You pull back the sheets and reveal me with a gasp; I was not expecting that. You see me laying between your legs, my short skirt hitched up, revealing white nylons, garters and the very bottom of the roundness of my ass. My hair is tousled from the sheet’s movement and my efforts. I stare up at you: caught. You smile down at me, planning on how to punish the Cock-Sucking Angel in your bed.

I sit up quickly, smoothing down my skirt and you see a tiny wet spot where I was laying. Smiling, you know where to start.

I tell you that I got the day off for you and that I am here to help in your relaxation and betterment. You smile and think to yourself, I bet you are. I would not get any rest today, but its better that way.

You take me in your arms, kissing me deeply. Rize Escort Bayan Your hand squeezes my breast and you pulled back, slightly confused. It feels like, you think as you unbutton the top of my uniform. You smile again, loving my surprises. I am wearing the barest of bras for you. Not even a cup and my breasts are only clothed a tiny bit, the rest is bare and so inviting to you. You bend your head down and nuzzle one, admiring the soft brownish pink color and its resulting hardness. You softly, gently put it in your mouth. You have been wanting this–ever since you saw me sprawled between your legs. You suck it wantoning, making me cry as you take in as much as your mouth can take, which is only about a quarter of it. I push more to you, wanting more. You smile around my excited nipple, teasing me more, not wanting to give it to me all at once. I am being punished here.

I cannot take much more as I pull my nipple away from you and push you back in bed, mumbling something about your needing your bed rest. I climb on top of you, shimming up to your chest and sitting there lightly. Noting you can take the pressure, I figure your lungs must be very healthy. Before I can stop you, you raise my skirt up to admire my hosiery and garters, oh how you smile! I am laid bare for you to see, tempting wetness and everything. You move quickly under my legs and smother yourself in my pussy. I am so wet and turned on–I cannot stop you as you thrust your tongue in me. I cry hard in surprise. You flick my clit back and forth endlessly, Escort Rize tasting my river. As I am coming, for I was really almost there anyway, you dive deep into me, wanting my cream. You wriggle your tongue inside of me, just as I come onto it, crying for you.

Pulling out and cleaning up, you sit me back on your chest.

You smile a false apology as you say you could not help yourself. I lean over and kiss you passionately. Your hand snakes to my breast and toys there. I pull away and move down your torso, meeting his hardness and taking time to rub my wetness all over him. I do not put him in, just drown him in me. I love it and have him rub my clit, making me shiver. When your eyes are pleading for me to please, oh god, please woman!! I slam myself on him, making us both cry in surprise. You take over by grabbing my hips and guiding my movements, you want my tight warmth so badly….

Pulling him out, only to push him in again at full throttle. I cry every damned time in reaction. You are loving it, you grab my ass and spread the cheeks apart–allowing yourself more access to me. I love each wonderful stroke! You continue until you have no earthly choice but to come inside of me, arching my back, making my head tilt back, scream your name HARD. I come seconds after you; our juices mingling and overflowing making their way outside of me. As I am still coming, you pull out and quickly snake under me, lifting my skirt and sucking me all clean, prolonging my orgasm until I beg you to stop, you don’t but you do five seconds later.

I crash next to you in your bed, you smile at me; a sweating, shiny angel of mercy, you think. You reach your hand to stroke my long hair, lovingly. This relaxes me and soon I am asleep. You get up and make breakfast, knowing exactly how to wake me up. 😉

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