Angela , Mindy


Mindy Cooper was a very happy camper.

In the waning days of her junior year in high school, the pretty little eighteen year old had ended up in bed with her own mother. It had been an intense and incredible experience for them both and so they had naturally been hoping to start doing it just as often as humanly possible. That nice little fantasy died a quick death when they realized how little time they had to spend together without her father underfoot, not to mention how much time Mindy would have to spend cramming for her final exams.

It had been torture for the two women to have to settle for just an occasional kiss and grope when nobody was looking when what they really wanted to do was spend whole days and nights in bed bringing each other to heights of ecstacy neither had ever imagined possible, but they soldiered through and persevered.

School was out for the summer now though and that meant that Mindy and her mother would be able to fool around all day! Or at least from when her father left to go to work until he came home late in the afternoon. Still, that was a solid eight or nine hours a day, five days a week that they would be able to spend together doing whatever they liked without anybody knowing anything about it.

It would just be downright greedy to ask for more and, considering some of the more strenuous things she had planned for the older woman, one or both of them would probably end up being hospitalized for exhaustion if they had any more time to devote to each other.

Mindy went to bed very early the night before that first day she was going to get to spend alone with her mother, expecting the next day to be very long but exquisitely pleasurable. She had been a little concerned that the anticipation that had been steadily building up inside her over the last few days might keep her from getting a good night’s sleep, but she slept soundly and deeply with a sweet little smile on her face as she dreamed of making love to her own mother.

Mindy had carefully set her alarm and woke up before dawn the next morning so that she wouldn’t lose a single precious second of her time with Mom. Having been able to watch it for almost her entire life, the teenager was very familiar with her parent’s morning routine and she timed it precisely so that she would be ready to jump into the other woman’s arms just as soon as her father walked out the door.

That morning she perfectly carried out the schedule she had so painstakingly devised and almost skipped with playful glee as she hurried into the kitchen. Experience told her that this was when her father should be leaving for the factory he worked at and she wanted the chance to say goodbye to him and maybe give him a quick hug or a little kiss on the cheek before she spent most of the day having sex with his wife.

She skidded to a stop however when she entered the kitchen and found her mother there all alone, standing at the stove and cooking what looked like some kind of soup. Even worse, she found a scowl on the other woman’s face that looked equal parts frustrated and annoyed.

Mindy was very worried indeed now. Where was her father and why on earth was her mother looking so upset?

“Mom?” Mindy was unable to hide the nervous quavering in her voice.

The older woman glanced at her, then heaved a long-suffering sigh and returned her attention to the stove. With a sad shake of her head, she informed her little girl in a soft, defeated voice, “Your father isn’t going to work today, honey.”

Mindy gave her a surprised and confused look. How could he not be going to work? This was the day the two women had been looking forward to for a couple of months now so he absolutely had to go to work today.

“It looks like he’s caught that bug that’s going around,” her mother explained quietly. “He’s already called in sick today.”

The teenager just stared as she tried to understand what her mother was telling her.

Dad wasn’t going to work today . . . He was going to be staying home . . . He would be there all day . . . He would be underfoot and in the way all day . . . She and her Mom weren’t going to be able to get naked and sweaty . . .

Mindy groaned and said a few choice words under her breath, but obviously loud enough for her mother to hear. “Mindy! You know I don’t want you using that sort of language! And you certainly may not call your father such names.”

The older woman sighed and looked her daughter in the eye. “Look, I’m just as upset about this as you are, but it’s not like he’s messing up our plans on purpose.” A rueful smile touched her lips then as she reflected on what they two women had hoped to spend the day doing. Had her husband known that his wife and daughter were plotting to launch themselves into a frenzy of lesbian lovemaking the moment he was out the door, he most certainly would have gone out of his way to try to stop them from violating the incest taboo. “It’s not like he asked to get sick.”

“No, but guys are such wimps,” Mindy complained in a harsh voice, unmoved by her mother’s Hatay Escort defense of her father. “He’s probably got a little case of the sniffles, right? And yet he’ll be in there moaning and complaining like he’s got a severe case of pneumonia! One little cough and he thinks he’s at death’s door!”

“Mindy . . .”

The girl turned away quickly, hugging herself. She suspected that she was overreacting just a little and blowing this situation all out of proportion, but wasn’t that the prerogative of a teenager? They had spent so long denying themselves, fighting with all their will power to keep from saying or doing anything that might reveal their secret new relationship, looking forward to the day when they would finally be able to let loose, only to have her father unknowingly flush all those plans right down the toilet.

One part of Mindy kept trying to tell her that this just meant that it would be one or two more days of waiting, that they would end up in bed and making all of their dreams and fantasies come true soon enough. Unfortunately though, the rest of her kept pointing out what a torture all that waiting had been and that if she didn’t find her way into her mother’s arms very soon she would surely suffer a catastrophic meltdown.

The two women were distracted from their drama by the sound of a ringing bell coming from the master bedroom.

Turning a startled and disbelieving look on her mother, Mindy demanded, “You let him have the bell?!”

The other woman just shrugged helplessly. “He asked for it, honey. He said he needed some way to get my attention if he needed something and I was somewhere else in the house. I just couldn’t come up with a good reason not to let him have it.”

Mindy groaned and turned away again even as her mother hurried off to see what her husband wanted.

That little bell had made it’s first appearance back when Mindy herself was just a little girl and had come down with a case of the chicken pox. Her mother had spent most of the time she was sick hovering over her in any case, but she had also given her a little silver bell and told her to ring it if she needed something on those occasions when her mother wasn’t with her. Mindy couldn’t remember having ever actually used the bell, but it had become traditional for ir to appear by her bedside whenever she got sick.

As a reminder of how much her mother loved and cared for her, how hard she was working to make her feel better, it had always been sort of comforting for her to be able to see that bell sitting there when she was sick and feeling miserable. She had never before heard of either of her parents using it when they got sick and so she had come to accept it as something that was unique to her.

Mindy was feeling a little disillusioned by the thought that just anybody could have her bell.

She stopped then as something new occurred to her.


After rushing out of the kitchen, hurrying across the house, and taking the stairs two at a time, Angela Cooper burst breathlessly into the master bedroom.

Sitting up in the bed against a mound of pillows with the sheets pulled up close around him, the wastebasket she had positioned nearby earlier already overflowing with used Kleenex, David Cooper was the very picture of misery. He had been just about to ring the bell again when his wife arrived and so it was only now that he set it back down.

“Angela? Is that you?”

He spoke in what sounded to his wife like a pathetic, needy whine that she knew was going to get irritating very quickly. Men could be such babies when they got sick and, considering how she had been expecting to spend this day, she really didn’t think she’d be able to summon up much patience for it this time.

“Of course, it is, dear. What do you need?”

“I thought you were going to make me some chicken soup,” he wheezed hopelessly. “You didn’t forget, did you?”

“I just left to make it a couple of minutes ago, dear,” she reminded him. “I can’t just wave a magic wand and make it appear out of thin air. It’ll be done soon and I’ll bring it right up to you.”

“All right, honey,” he nodded with a pathetic little cough, appeased. “It’s just that I’m feeling really sick this morning . . .”

“I know, dear.”

“. . . but I’m sure some of your famous homemade chicken soup will make me feel much better.”

“Actually it’s going to be condensed soup out of a can.”

He just stared at her for a long moment, uncertain if he had heard her right, not even noticing that his nose was running. “You’re not making me some of your famous homemade chicken soup?”

“Not unless you want to wait all day for this soup while I defrost some chicken and run to the store for half of the ingredients.”

He sagged back disappointedly into the pile of pillows, wiping his nose on the sleeve of his pajama top.

“Condensed soup will be fine, dear,” she reassured him.

“Homemade would be better,” he countered, coughing again as he sulked.

“Yes, dear,” answered Hatay Escort Bayan his long suffering wife. “I’ll bring it right up just as soon as it’s ready.”

“Okay.” He no longer seemed especially eager to get this meal, but at least he remembered his manners. “Thank you, honey.”

“You’re welcome.”

His nose was running again and he caught the way his wife cringed when he raised his arm to wipe his nose on his sleeve again. “What?”

‘Kleenex!” she pointed towards the freshly opened box that sat on the bed right next to him.

He looked dumbly at the box and then at his sleeve and then smiled sheepishly as understanding finally set in. “Oh, yeah. Sorry.”

She groaned and turned to leave, knowing she had to get back to the kitchen to tend to the soup she was preparing.


Mindy was just standing at the stove and innocently stirring the soup when her mother returned, but the older woman was worried nonetheless when she saw the proverbial ‘cat who ate the canary’ sort of smile on her face.

Crossing her arms, Angela considered her suspiciously. “All right,” she said at length. “What’s going through that head of yours?”

Mindy didn’t look up from the soup she was tending to. “Well, something just occurred too me . . .”

“Yes?” her mother prompted.

“. . . that if Dad not only has the bell, but is even using it . . .”


“. . . then he must be feeling so bad that he’s not planning on getting out of bed or moving around the house.”

Angela nodded. She had gotten that impression herself. “So?”

Mindy turned her head at last to look at her mother then and the look in her eyes was enough to leave the woman breathless. “So,” she told her in a throaty purr that never failed to go straight to the older woman’s twat and set it to churning, “that means we can still have that day of fun we had planned.”

“Mindy . . .”

The teenager completely ignored the note of warning in the other woman’s voice. “Oh, we’ll have to scale back a few of the activities I had in mind for us, we’ll have to keep the noise level down so that he doesn’t hear us, and we’ll have to keep a sharp lookout in case he does decide to get up for some reason,” she conceded, “but I don’t see any reason why we should have to completely cancel our plans.”

It was a risky, if not foolhardy plan and the girl knew it, but Mindy would be damned if she was going to let anyone in the world steal away at the last minute something that she had been waiting so very long for.

Angela was very conscious of how spectacularly bad this situation could get in very short order if her husband ever found out that she was having sex with their only child and an immediate divorce was probably the very least that she could expect. It would just be foolish to risk everything by playing with her young lover while her husband was in bed just upstairs, but she was just as desperate for some lesbian loving as Mindy was and so there was really one answer she could possibly give her.

“Okay, then,” she said, stepping forward to kiss the girl’s lips lightly, one hand coming to rest on the girl’s tight little butt, “that’s what we’ll do. Just let me take him up a bowl of soup first though. I think it should be just about done now and having a bowl of chicken soup to eat will help keep in that bed.”

“Great!” Mindy gave her a longer, firmer kiss then, though her mother prudently pulled back quickly so that there wouldn’t be any evidence of her adultery when she took her husband his soup.

Mindy wanted so much more and pouted adorably at the retreat.


Angela was halfway up the stairs, precariously balancing a piping hot bowl of soup and something to drink on a bed tray and trying very hard not to spill either, when that little bell started ringing again.

She just groaned in exasperation and continued on her way, not trying to speed up her pace at all no matter how impatient David might be as she knew her risk of spilling would dramatically increase if she tried to rush. She honestly did love this man – no matter what the fact that she was cheating on him might suggest – but she also knew from long experience that he could be a difficult and exhausting patient.

David was reaching for the bell again when she finally walked into the bedroom, shooting him a scowl.

“There you are! I was beginning to think you’d forgotten about me again.”

Angela’s scowl deepened. “I told you before, David. I did not forget about you.”

Her husband had not noticed the expression on her face or was just plain ignoring it. Likewise, he didn’t seem to catch the warning edge that was now making an appearance in her voice. “It sure feels like you did,” he groused, coughing some more. “You’ve been gone forever!”

“I’ve been gone for five or six minutes at the very most.” Keeping a tight rein on her annoyance, Angela just kept reminding herself that she had a luscious teen beauty waiting for her downstairs and refused to be Escort Hatay baited. Walking over to the bed, she carefully set the tray down across his lap. “Now you eat every drop of this soup. There’s more on the stove if you want some more. I’ll be back up in just a little while.”

Taking up his spoon, David scooped up a little of the soup and gave it a precautionary sniff before sampling it. He put on a sour expression at the taste but did not look up at her as he commented, “It’s not as good as homemade would have been.”

“It’s perfectly fine, dear. I’ll be back in a few minutes.”

The only answer she got was a disgruntled snort, but he did start digging into his soup and so she turned and walked back out of the bedroom. She had walked back down the hall and was halfway down the stairs when she heard the bell ringing again. Groaning, she turned on her heel and marched straight back up the stairs and returned to the bedroom.

He was wiping his nose on his sleeve again when she arrived.

“Yes, dear?”

“Have you seen the remote control for the TV?” he asked, motioning across the room towards where the little television sat atop a chest of drawers.

“It’s where it always is, David,” she told him as she walked over to his side of the bed and picked up the remote from the little table there. Pushing it into his hand, she turned and marched straight back out of the room.

Her husband barely noticed as he switched the set on and tuned into one of the morning news shows. “Thank you, honey.”


After turning down the fire under the soup so that it wouldn’t burn or boil away, Mindy retired to the living room to wait for her mother to come back downstairs.

The teenager paused for a long moment, trying to decide where she wanted to be and exactly how she wanted to be posed when the older woman returned. Hearing her mother’s footsteps as she came down the stairs, the girl realized that she was taking much too long with this and simply settled herself at one end of the couch, arraying herself and the short skirt she wore so that she could show off her long legs without revealing that she wasn’t wearing any panties.

She had barely finished getting herself arranged just so before her mother appeared, pausing at the bottom of the stairs for a long moment to take a few deep breaths and calm down. Mindy could hear her mother muttering to herself under her breath and, even though she couldn’t quite make out what was being said, she could easily guess the content.

While he might be the sweetest and kindest man she had ever met under normal circumstances, it was no secret that David Cooper did not handle illness very well and tended to morph into the world’s most difficult patient.

Men could be such babies sometimes.

Soon enough Angela felt like she could face her daughter without taking out any of her frustration and annoyance on her and so she turned and started to go into the kitchen, only to stop in mid-step. Certain that she was being watched, she turned slowly and found herself looking into the living room where her daughter was waiting for her.

Mindy was more than a little pleased to see how the other woman reacted to the sight of her relaxing on the couch like that. She watched with a pleased smile as her mother’s eyes were drawn down to her long, smooth legs, drifting endlessly up and down their full length from bare foot to the very slightly hiked hem of her oh, so short skirt. The moment grew longer and longer as her mother was seemingly frozen to the spot and unable to do anything more than stare, so the teenager eventually decided it was up to her to get things moving again.

“I guess you like what you see,” she giggled, delighting in her own mother’s very obvious desire for her. “Why don’t you come over here now so that we can get started?”

It took Angela a while to even realize that the girl had spoken to her, then even longer to shake off her stupor and comprehend exactly what had been said, and finally even longer yet to find her own voice and offer some sort of response.

“Oh, God, yes,” she breathed hoarsely, her eyes still on those legs. “Do I ever like what I see.”

Angela was really beginning to wish that she could get the little surprise that she had acquired for this special day with her daughter, but it was hidden away in her closet in the master bedroom and she would not be able to get it without him seeing. Besides, it might not be a very good idea to use it with her husband lurking in the house.

When Angela afterwards was finally able to drag her eyes up to find her daughter’s, she seemed to finally be able to regain some of her composure and so she cleared her throat so that she would be able to speak a little more normally. “You do realize that I’m going to have to go back up there in just a few minutes to get his bowl and see if he wants any more of that soup, don’t you?”

Mindy just nodded and smiled, raising one hand to beckon the older woman closer.

Angela responded to the summons without any conscious thought, slowly entering the living room and drifting closer and closer to where the teenager was waiting for her. As soon as she had strayed to within arms reach, Mindy caught her by the hand and gently pulled her down onto the couch beside her.

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