Anjali: Party Time


It was a warm evening and the party was on full swing. A one man band played old Beatle tunes and seventies music on an electronic keyboard and synthesizer. People danced swaying their bodies to the music as the alcohol influenced and loosened their senses. The scent of freshly roasted hashish rented the air as joints were passed around. Arjuna was the son of a wealthy mill owner of years gone by. Twice married and divorced he now dated an ageing beauty queen of yesteryear. The crowd at the party was a strange mixture of people in their mid 40’s and 50’s and a much younger crowd in their early 20’s. The young girls, their body’s fresh and gleaming with youth, in their skimpy clothes had almost every dick stirring uncomfortably in their respective loins. The young men with their fine muscular tone had the older women in a tizzy and I bet there must been a few panties that were wet that evening.

I recently met Arjuna a couple of years ago and had become quite friendly with him. I had also been hired by his son as a consultant to their software company. Arjuna owned the building in which he lived and occupied a large six bedroom duplex flat with a large terrace attached to the upper floor. Only one of the six bedrooms was attached to the terrace. Hari, was Arjuna’s trusted valet of many years was tending to the bar serving drinks. I made my way to freshen my vodka tonic with lots of ice. Hari recognized me and immediately tended to my need. As I awaited the cocktail, a mutual friend came up to me and slipped me a large vial saying, “Pure organic Columbian.” Now Arjuna did not mind the smoking and the drinking but he frowned on anything chemical. He himself drank Grey Goose vodka with tonic and puffed on smelly beedis (a local tobacco product which is made from hand rolled tobacco leaves. They aren’t cigars but like small tapered cigarettes and are usually tied with a little red thread at the tapered end. A poor mans cigarette.) In spite of the heat Arjuna was dressed in slacks and a cotton shirt and jacket with a silk scarf tucked in around his neck.

I slipped the vial into my pocket and collected my drink and headed for the bedroom. I entered the bed room which was empty of people and often used as a guest room. The attached bathroom was usually not used as there was another guest bathroom adjacent to a living room. I was anxious to try the coke and took out the vial and checked the quantity visually. Opening the bathroom door I was greeted unexpectedly to the sight of a beautiful young woman sitting on the pot at the far end her legs wide open with her skirt around her ankles. She appeared to be cleaning her self having peed or so I thought. I apologized and closed the door but as I shut the bathroom door the vial fell out of my hand inside the bathroom and I pulled the door shut. I stood besides the door trembling wondering what to do. Moments later after what seemed like an eternity, the door swung open and this beautiful woman emerged holding the vial in her hand. Smilingly she introduced herself as Anjali whilst handing me the vial.

“Mind if I join its excellent coke, I couldn’t resist?” she asked her hand outstretched holding the vial.

“Hi, I’m Manu…. you’re welcome.” I replied and proceeded to open the bathroom door. I held the door for Anjali to enter which she did. I locked the door and spilled some coke on the granite table top. She handed me her platinum American express credit card to cut some lines. As I chopped the coke into fine powdered lines, she rolled a hundred dollar bill into a tube. As she sniffed her line, I noticed her manicured slim body, the outline of her small taut breasts with their perky and stiff nipples. Her short hair was jet black and perfectly trim and styled. She wore a backless pastel white blouse made of some expensive sheer material with a collared plunging neckline revealing a sexy midriff, was wrapped above her navel. The bra cups were visible. Her mini skirt made of beautiful natural linen, hugged her waist line, exposing her belly button, her light onyx bare thighs and shapely legs were an invitation to an even more sumptuous delight. A white thong barely covered her pussy. Her height was compensated by the Italian stilettos. She looked like one of those classy Indian models working in the European fashion houses except that she was too short. As she sniffed in the coke, she removed a packet of slim cigarettes from her Prada evening bag and proceeded to lick the sides of the cigarette after which she gently rolled the cigarette over one of the remaining lines and lit it inhaling deeply. She continued to smoke the cigarette as I sipped my drink and proceeded to sniff a line in each nostril. She handed me the cigarette. As we both felt the rush of the coke, we eyed each other, breathless and sweating. She smiled and took a sip from my drink. “Shall we do another?” she asked.

“Of course” I replied and proceeded to repeat the exercise of crushing more coke. She held the cigarette to my mouth and I inhaled deeply bursting out into a cough. I had to be careful not to Kıbrıs Escort blow away the coke which she tried to protect with her hand. Her breast accidentally brushed my arm. We laughed at the situation and she proceeded to wipe a small amount of coke onto her finger and rub it in her gums. She then took another small swipe and offered me her finger. I rubbed her finger on my gums and sucked her whole finger. I could feel my cock getting hard and nudged myself against her. She responded by drawing me closer to her. Our loins pressed against each other and her breath was hot.

I held her close and kissed her lips, my tongue explored her mouth and her tongue weaved in and out of my mouth like a hungry snake. Parting the centre of her blouse, I licked and kissed her nipples as they stiffened in response to my tongue. My mouth was numb and all my senses were absorbed by her scent, her sexuality, her form, the sound of her heavy breathing and the rising and falling of her breasts with every breath. The numbness caused by the coke seemed to contradict my senses by heightening the sexual pleasure. I swiped a little coke of the table and coated her nipples as I inserted my hand into her blouse I moved aside the bra cup exposing her small firm breast. I gently squeezed and massaged her breasts. I repeated the same with her other breast and her perky nipples stiffened like ripened beads. I continued to massage her breasts, licking and sucking her pert nipples. I flicked my tongue over her erect studs twirling them between my fingers, milking her buds. She moaned, “Ah…huh Manu that’s lovely. Keep doing that.” She exclaimed, “Ah, ah h-huh… oh mm, keep doing that.” She whispered in my ear. Her hot breath blowing into my ear as her tongue flowed over my ear lobe. She gently nibbled the tip of my ear I felt a shudder ripple through me from head to toe. I put as much of her firm breast into my mouth playing her teat with my tongue.

My cock was now hard underneath my trousers bursting to get free. She felt and stroked it through my soft cotton trousers. After a few strokes she unzipped me pulling my cock free from the confines of my pants and underwear. She licked her finger and wiped some coke of the table and gently massaged the coke onto the tip of my cock, licking the tip and head. My cock stiff and hard stretched itself tight as I lost sensation momentarily all over my body. I burst into a pleasurable spasm that rippled through my whole body. I felt a warm glow over take me as she continued to lick and suck my penis like an ice cream cone. Her tongue, lips and mouth performed a variety of licking, touching and sucking sequences all over my balls and cock. She then extended her action to my chest sucking my nipples and biting them sending me into shivers. Her hand held onto my stiff cock and rubbed my shaft up and down slowly, rubbing her nipples over my cock whilst she licked the tip after adding some more coke. She sucked me hard, her tongue licking the tip of my penis she devoured my precum that had oozed out.

I removed her skirt and raised her legs and hips onto the table top. Her pubic hair was neatly trimmed exposing her succulent pussy lips. I let my trousers and underwear fall between my legs and my stiff cock sensed its way to the entrance of her vagina nudging itself against her clitoris and the entrance to her passage of joy. I massaged her clitoris with the tip of cock. I rubbed her clit with some coke powder and then rubbed my cock over her clit our two organs of pleasure rubbed each other with snow in to a numbing sensation. I then bent down to lick her pussy and she squirmed with delight pressing my face into her vagina as I licked her clit. She then sucked my cock licking my balls, then the tip of my cock as it oozed some pre cum into a bubble which she flicked off with her tongue. She enveloped my cock in her mouth.

She applied her saliva to the area and rubbed my cock with her wet pussy lips. My cock’s head slipped into the entrance of her warm moist vagina. Her pussy lips spread ever so slightly just enough to accommodate the head of my cock half way into her entrance. I just lay their as she anticipated my next move thrusting her hips towards me. As she thrust herself towards me, my cock slid into her warm wet passage. My cock felt like it had been wrapped tightly by a moist glove. She let out a gasp of air as I gripped her hips and pulled her towards me. “Harder Manu, huh hah mm ah mm ooh ah-ha,” she moaned. We thrust at each other in a, frenzy and as I burst into her, she screamed out her orgasms. We collapsed into each others arms panting for breath. I hugged her tight and kissed her hot mouth our tongues in play. I held onto her breasts as I slowly withdrew still quite hard. I turned her over and thrust into her vagina from the rear gripping her arse, I rode her to another orgasm before collapsing on her, I squirted another load in her and lay in her till my hard on slackened. After I washed my cock in the basin and she washed herself clean and slipped her clothes back on.

She Kıbrıs Escort Bayan straightened herself out as I dressed and then unlocked the door opening it gently; fortunately nobody was in the room. The party had continued not noticing our absence. I asked her, “Have you come with somebody?”

“Yes.” She smiled nodding and replied. “But he is just a friend.”

“Anjali, I really would like to see you again?”

“Manu, would you take me home?”

“Sure.” I replied.

She held my hand and led me to the crowd to a young man who was dancing with another older woman. “Vivek” she yelled at him, “I have got a lift home so I am going home with Manu. Thanks a lot for bringing me, I’ll call you later.”

We left the party to take the elevator down. The elevator was an old Stigler lift which was very popular in the 1950’s. They had a wood paneled art deco cage with collapsible sliding doors. The elevator descended down slowly and jerkily. She looked beautiful in the glare of the naked light bulb. The yellow light and the surrounding teak wood panels gave her a beautiful glow. The desire to have her again was immense. She caught me looking at her and smiled. “Why are you staring at me?” she asked.

“You look beautiful.” I replied. “When will I see you again?” I asked.

“You are with me now aren’t you was her reply?”

“Yes, but….”

Before I could finish she interrupted me saying, “So?”

“But now I am dropping you home.” I said disdainfully.

“That’s what you think, my place or yours?” she asked.

Instantly a smile lit up my face. “Mine” I replied. “We would be alone.”

“Fine by me but I got a better idea lets go to my place in Alibaug, you will enjoy it and of course you must meet Rupali, you will like her.” she said.

“Who is Rupali?” I asked.

She never replied but instead explained how to get there. “It’s now close to eleven thirty we should be there by two if you hurry.”

The elevator jerked to a halt as we reached the ground floor. I walked her to my car and the doors to my Mercedes SLK sports coupe opened remotely. “Fancy” she said as I held the door open for her. She slid into the front seat and I got into the drivers seat and we drove off. As I made a U turn past the Oberoi Hotel to head towards the north, I sped down Marine Drive and then headed out of the city. An hour later I had cleared the city and driving south towards Alibaug on a deserted stretch of the road.

I felt her hand on my crotch. She rubbed my dick through my trousers. As my cock hardened, I unzipped my self and she slid her hand under my underwear and took my cock in her hand cupping and playing with my balls with the other. She stroked the shaft up and down rubbing the tip of cock with her thumb. She then buried her head in my lap as she licked the head of my cock tasting my pre cum that had oozed its way off the tip. She sucked on the head of my cock her tongue winding its way all over the tip whilst her hand ran up and down my shaft. She repeated the motion as I slowed down keeping a watch, the roads were fortunately deserted. She concentrated all her attention on my cock as I slid my left hand over her buttocks and found my way to her thong which I slid aside. Her pudenda, was wet and wanting and my finger slid easily into her. I managed to swipe some of her juice onto my finger and removed to lick it as she continued sucking swallowing my shaft down her throat fully.

She continued to suck me vigorously as I finger fucked her whilst driving the car. Squeezing her clitoris, she squealed for more as she fully reclined her seat and then spread her legs as much as she could all the while, sucking on my cock. Her hand was masturbating me when I felt a surge ripple through me. I slammed her head down onto my cock as I spurted into the back of her throat. For a moment I thought she was going to choke before I let her go but she continued to suck me dry swallowing my entire load. A moment later as my fingers manipulated her vagina, massaging her clitoris and finger fucking she came in throes of an orgasm that seem to rip through her body. She zipped me up and straightened herself up smiling all the while.

After an hour of driving we had left the city behind, the air had become distinctly clearer and cooler we turned off the highway down some narrow lanes, it was very late at night. After half an hour of winding roads we heard the rush of the sea and cool breezes wafted the air. I switched off the air conditioning and let down the hood the enjoy night air. Finally we came to her shack tucked behind a grove of coconut palms. We opened the wicket gate and drove down a sandy road to the house.

The sound of the car awakened the servants of the house as a light came on. The door was opened by a very young tall girl with dark olive brown skin, slim body and dressed in a choli (blouse) and gagra (skirt). The shirt was flowing but the blouse was tight round her bosom making her breasts seem bigger than they were. She greeted Escort Kıbrıs Anjali and flashed me a smile before welcoming me in. Anjali hugged her, “How are you Rupali? Where are your Mum and Dad?”

Rupali replied, “Mother has a chest infection and had to go to hospital and Dad is with her. They should be back after 2-3 days.” Rupali said with tears in her eyes.

Anjali caressed her face and assured her family of whatever help they may need. Neither of us had any luggage which she obviously assumed and was surprised by the lack of baggage. “Shall I prepare the rooms?” Rupali asked.

Anjali replied, “Yes, only one the main bedroom and draw me a bath and give me a hot oil massage I am very tired. You can unpack the bags later. By the way this is Manu he will be spending the night.”

Whilst the room was being prepared we sat in the living room which stretched onto a porch with high wooden ceilings, the freshness of the sea air, the soothing sound of the waves, all blended nicely as we downed glasses of vodka and tonic water with ice and smoked freshly dried and rolled marijuana. We chatted for a bit and I admired the beach house complementing her on her taste. She informed me that her father had built it 25 years ago but the family used it less often than before.

Anjali disappeared and after a while I could hear her moans and sighs of ecstasy and relaxation, come from one of the bedrooms. I got up and walked towards the bedroom to find the door ajar. I pushed it open after a gentle knock to find Anjali lying naked on a chatai on the floor with a topless Rupali massaging her back with heated olive oil. As I walked in Anjali turned over and suggested I should go next as no one could massage like Rupali. She turned and looked at Rupali and asked if she would mind doing me next. Rupali smiled and said she would do whatever Anjali said. She continued to massage Anjali, under her breasts, rubbing the oil into her skin, kneading her hands into Anjali’s rib cage. Rupali then concentrated on Anjali’s small breasts and pert nipples squeezing them between her fingers, she gave Anjali’s nipples a good tweak and they hardened to her touch. She brushed lightly over Anjali’s vagina and clitoris before moving to her thighs and calves. She ran her hands gently over Anjali’s body giving short and soft caresses. Anjali moaned as she enjoyed the massage giving in to the relaxation. She encouraged Rupali to use her fingers on her clitoral area rubbing Anjali’s pudenda she kissed Anjali on her breasts playing with Anjali’s nipples using her mouth and tongue to caress them. Anjali grabbed Rupali’s breasts and sucked on them, squeezing them. Rupali’s perky nipples stiffened as Anjali sucked them vigorously. I so much wanted to touch them both and feel their heated bodies, rub my self against them and make love to both of them together. But I decided just to watch and not participate yet.

Anjali shifted her pelvis thrusting it towards Rupali’s mouth. Rupali kissed and licked Anjali’s clit and started inserting a finger then two into her causing her to squirm in delight. Anjali raised her hips to meet with Rupali’s mouth and caressing tongue. Rupali buried her self to satisfy her mistresses’ needs and brought her to an orgasm. Anjali got up only to collapse on the bed and fell asleep. Rupali said she would be back and returned from the bathroom with a warm, damp towel and cleaned her mistress. She put on her skirt but her bosom remained bare and her pert nipples swayed as she walked over to Anjali and wiped her mistress’ pudenda clean. Using another towel she dried of the oil and then sprinkled some sandalwood powder on Anjali’s body lightly rubbing it into her skin. Rupali then covered Anjali with a razai or a cotton blanket. Anjali curled up and slept soundly, a slight snore escaping her lips.

Rupali returned with a replenished bowl of hot oil and beckoned me to lie down on the chatai or straw mat on the floor next to her as she squatted on her heels close to the chatai. Rupali smiled and asked me to remove my trouser and tee shirt before doing so. I lay down in my underwear, the bulge in my groin straining against the thin cotton underwear. I was not enormously built but my cock could sure get hard. I lay on my back and closed my eyes. Rupali poured some hot oil over my chest and massaged it into my skin in gentle swaying motions with her palm. Her soft hands ran over my breasts and she gently squeezed my nipples before doing my neck and face. She used her thumbs to relax my facial muscles including the eyes and forehead. She was almost like a professional masseuse. Pouring some more oil, this time over my stomach she crisscrossed her hands over the width of my belly, her hands plying with some pressure. I could feel the hardness in my cock extend against the underwear and she noticed it too. She joked that my younger brother was getting active. She spoke in Gujarati, a language I understood. She moved down to my thighs strenuously stroking them to my calves and ankles, applying pressure to certain points that made me welch with pain. Moving down to my calves she then attended to my feet and toes pulling at them till they made a cracking sound. She bent both my knees to one side and pressed on my outer thigh and then repeated the procedure on the other side. I lay back relaxed and spread my legs.

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