Ann: A Love Story Ch. 76


Ann was standing in the door of her hotel room, dressed in a sexy, elegant evening gown. I was standing in the hallway, stunned that she was actually standing there. I’d gotten two messages from her, both telling me that her trip to come out and be with me for the week was going to be delayed, and as a result, I was disappointed when I knocked on the hotel door.

I wasn’t depressed about it. In fact, I wasn’t even angry. I was just disappointed, because I missed her, and I was so looking forward to spending the week with her. Sure, I’d be working a lot of the time, but just to be able to, well…to come home to her…I was looking forward to those evenings. I knew we’d have some things we’d need to take care of…things that we had to do to start our life together as husband and wife. But, I also knew we’d have some time to have fun. Ann would make sure of that.

So, when Heather had told me the day before that Ann’s trip would be delayed because of some snags that had cropped up in the wedding plans, I was upset…but I understood. That was a higher priority, and things happen. Still, as a result I kind of shut down internally; in a sense, I pouted. And part of my pouting was a temporary end to the game Ann had started…the joint sex account we’d both been playing. I’d told both Heather and Carol that as enticing as it was to have one or the other of them give me a blowjob, I just wasn’t in the mood to do anything sexually.

I’d put my libido on hold, wanting to hold out for Ann. But that had been put to the test when I got off work Friday night. I was drained when I walked into the hotel after another long week. Add to that the mental stress caused by the events involving the earthquake in California earlier the week, not knowing at first about the safety and well being of our friends and family that lived there; well, let’s just say I wasn’t ready for Heather’s latest message.

Heather said that Ann was going to be delayed yet again. Not only would she not be coming that night, as originally planned, Heather told me that now Ann wasn’t coming on Saturday either. And, she didn’t give a date as to when she’d have things resolved, or when she’d be coming out. Instead, Heather said that Ann did what she thought I’d want, making arrangements for me to get laid. Not by Carol…or even by Heather…that would have ruined the game we were playing. Ann had actually hired an escort to take care of what she felt she needed to take care of. Heather said that Ann had her make the arrangements with Barbara, whom she described as a redheaded beauty with brains to match.

Reluctantly, I went to Barbara’s room, intent on just taking her to dinner, because that was part of the deal. Ann had already spent five hundred dollars just to set the night up…but oddly, dinner was not included, and that was part of what Ann agreed to; I had to at least take this Barbara to dinner. If I didn’t want to be with her after that, I didn’t have to. As I walked down the hall to the room…the same exact room that I’d gotten for Claudia so that she could sleep off the wine she’d had the night of the launch party, all I was thinking about was how quickly I could get this evening over with. I just wanted to go eat, and then return to the pity party that I’d been giving myself for the last 24 hours.

It took a minute or two to work up the nerve to actually knock on the door. When it slowly opened, my jaw fell as I realized it was Ann standing there, wearing a beautiful red haired wig.

She said hello, and introduced herself as Barbara. At that moment, I had a million questions running through my mind all at once, overwhelming my brain. All I could do was look at her, and smile. Finally, I realized Ann had done all of this for a reason, and that reason was both for me…and for her.

Ann had made a comment a few days before about getting me an escort. She’d said that everyone should get fucked on their birthday, and she was upset that she couldn’t be there personally to do it. But, she also didn’t want to have to ask Carol or Heather. Ann was adamant that she wasn’t going to change the rules of the game. But at the same time, she felt bad that I wasn’t going to get laid. So bad, that she considered the ludicrous idea of hiring an escort. Instead, she came up with different birthday plans; plans that ended up being incredible.

But now I remembered another comment Ann had made that night. She’d said that she had always wondered what it would be like to be a high class escort…paid to be with powerful men, and how she’d have the ultimate power, because they’d have to pay top dollar for her services. She’d even said it was kind of a fantasy of hers. And that’s what this had to be all about. With Ann standing there, pretending to be Barbara, I knew she wanted to live out that fantasy, while giving me what I needed. She’d set it up perfectly, making me horny, and finding a way for me to actually knock on that door when it was against my better judgment…I’d reasoned I needed Isparta Escort to eat anyway, and I was going to be in the company of a beautiful woman. As I stood there, I realized that Ann had set ME up perfectly.

I wasn’t mad…I was more amazed than anything else. Once again, Ann had found a way to surprise me with her ingenuity and sense of sexual adventure. “What’s she going to be like once we’re married?” I said to myself, smiling stupidly at her.

I didn’t need an answer to that question…or any of those other million that I had on my mind. Not right then…I’d have plenty of time to ask them, and if I knew Ann, she’d be more than happy to answer them, all in due time. For the moment, I had a decision to make, and a fairly easy one at that.

“Hi Barbara. I’m Neil Thomas,” I said as I held out my hand. Ann placed her left hand in mine, and I kissed the back of it, noticing immediately that she’d taken off her engagement ring. Taking a quick glance as I let go of her hand, I saw that she’d placed it on her right hand instead. Just that little move let me know the level of detail that she’d put into this, and my heart quickened.

“I’m very pleased to meet you, Neil. Shall I get my purse?” she responded not wasting any time.

“Sure…I hope you’re hungry,” I said, not sure how to make conversation and not cave and start asking the questions in my head. I figured I’d just follow Ann’s lead for a while, and hope to just fall into the role-playing like I had the times we’d done it before.

Ann had turned and walked back into the hotel room, making her hips sway seductively. She disappeared from my view into the darkness…darkness I hadn’t remembered the time before with Claudia. I shrugged that off as she returned with her clutch, saying “I can be. Do you have reservations for us somewhere?”

“Uh…no. This was a little spur of the moment,” I responded, a little unsure if that was the right thing to say or not.

Ann flashed a smile and said, “Of course. I forgot…you didn’t know anything about this. Your fiancée set this up for you, right?”

“That’s what I’ve been told. I haven’t talked to her in the last day or two. She’s been busy with the wedding plans.” I held out my arm for Ann, and she grinned again. Putting her room key in her clutch, she closed the door and took my arm, letting me lead the way down the hallway.

“Hmm…sounds like she’s been busy with a LOT of plans. What’s her name again?”

“Uh…it’s Ann. Ann Franklin. Do you mind if I ask yours?”

“No, I don’t mind. But I’m not going to tell you,” she winked. “I keep my personal life out of my professional life…I hope you understand.”

“Oh…sure. Sorry to intrude.”

“You didn’t. I’m just letting you know there ARE some boundaries. We can go over the rest later…if you decide you’d like to spend some more time with me. Heather said that you may not want to…and that’s totally understandable.”


“Neil, don’t make any rush decisions. I wouldn’t want that. I am surprised though.”

“About?” I asked.

“Your fiancée…Ann. She seems…well, let’s just say this is a new one for me. I’ve never had a wife, or a wife to be, set up an arrangement like this. Of course, that’s assuming that Heather was telling me the truth about this evening. But she has no reason to lie about it that I’m aware of.”

We were just passing Heather at the front desk, and I gave her a little wave. She was practically jumping up and down with excitement as she saw us together. And that made me more excited, my heart jumping up and down on the inside as I felt Ann’s hand clutching my arm. We walked out into the evening together, towards my car.

“Mmm…very nice,” Ann said as she looked at my car. “Your car compliments you Neil.”

“How’s that?” I said to Ann as I opened the door for her.

“It’s powerful, and sexy…just like you are,” she said with a sexy smile as she got in.

Closing her door, I laughed. “Oh brother…Ann is really into this,” I said as I walked to the driver’s side and climbed in.

Backing out, I slammed the car into gear and pulled away, screeching the tires a little as I let out on the clutch and pressed the gas, showing her the power she was talking about.

“So…what are you in the mood for, Barbara?”

“Pardon me?” she asked.

“Do you have a particular kind of restaurant in mind?”

“Not really…I prefer to let the man choose for me,” she said politely.

“Hmm…how about Italian then? I’ve heard there’s a nice little place downtown,” I said as I steered the car in that direction.

“That would be wonderful.”


Actually, it was better than just wonderful. It was a quaint little place just down from the main street in town. Housed in an old brick building that used to be some kind of a storefront, the owners had transformed it into an Italian bistro, and the cuisine was outstanding. Ann and I had each Isparta Escort Bayan had a bowl of minestrone that was magnificent, along with an unbelievable garden salad. And the main course was just as mouth watering.

Ann selected a dish that was shrimp over pasta with a creamy sauce, while I had chicken parmesan, served over a huge plate of spaghetti. It was more food that I could eat if I stayed there all day, and Ann…well, Barbara, was saying the same thing.

“I’m so glad you brought me here, Neil. This place is amazing. But it’s so much food.”

“I know…I’m not going to be able to eat all of this,” I said with a groan.

“Me either. It seems like such a waste…I don’t know how much to eat.”

I laughed and said, “How much to eat…I usually stop when I’m full. You don’t?”

“Well, it really all depends on what I’m going to be doing the rest of my evening,” she said with a wink.

We’d actually avoided talking about what her ‘profession’ was supposed to be. Ann had done a marvelous job of acting like she didn’t know me, inquiring about my work, and asking relevant questions about it. It reminded me of a conversation we’d had before, where I’d told Ann about the production line at the plant and what I had learned though my training session with Ivan, and from the operator’s manuals he’d given me. Ann made a comment about it all being Greek to her, because she really didn’t understand what I did…and the terminology that went along with it.

As Barbara, Ann used the opportunity to ask questions, and learn a little about my work. And she did it in a way that not only made it seem more interesting, she actually started to understand. Heather’s statement that ‘Barbara’ was smart, and could carry a conversation rang true…that was one of Ann’s talents. I just never thought of how that would be a skill that an escort would need. I only thought of that job as involving sex…and Ann was, in her own way, proving me wrong. I’m not sure that wasn’t really her goal…but she was certainly opening my eyes a little.

Yet Ann’s comment about how much she should eat was her way of bringing what she was pretending to be back to the forefront. It was a subtle reminder that she was ‘on the job’, and she was wondering where the evening might end up. When she said she didn’t know how much she should eat because she didn’t know what she’d be doing later…that meant she didn’t know what I was going to do.

Actually, Ann knew. It was part of the role-playing. There was no chance I was going to pass up the opportunity to have sex with her, or to just BE with her…and in a way that made the roles we were playing all more exciting to me. So, I went along, knowing it was only going to lead to an amazing night.

I nodded and said, “Of course, Barbara. I can understand that.”

“I hope you don’t mind, Neil. I usually don’t have to be that direct with a client. Most of the time, the arrangements are made up front with my agency. I’m kind of free-lancing this evening. Heather called me directly, to see if I was free. And since I had nothing scheduled…well, my time is my time, so I can do what I want. I like to free lance when I can, because I don’t have to give a cut to the agency. And since Ann agreed to pay me half the money up front, no matter what you decide, it’s fine.”

“So…this is really going to be a thousand dollars?” I asked.

Ann made a cute little laugh, almost embarrassed, and said, “Actually, it’s usually more than that.”

“MORE?” I said, my brow narrowing.

“Yes. There’s not a flat rate. They vary, depending on the circumstances. Like how many consecutive days I’m asked to work, and what I’m being asked to do. You know…is it just a dinner party, or is it a weeklong conference…that kind of thing. I never have to pay for my travel expenses. Part of my fee tonight is my gas and the hotel room. Sometimes there are discounts if I’m working a lot of days in a row, like a conference or a vacation. But, there are also premiums that go into effect on the sexual side of my job. Like if I’m asked for…kinkier services. I’ve made as much as three grand in one night before…but that’s more an exception. I’d say an average night for me is a little over fifteen hundred…and that’s what I take home. Thirty percent of what I earn goes back to the agency.”

“What’s a ‘night’…24 hours?”

“Yes…pretty much. I’m on the clock as soon as I get to my destination, whether I’m with the person or not.”

“So why are you only charging me a thousand?”

“Because that’s what I agreed to. Heather said you wouldn’t be getting off work until late this afternoon, so I told her I’d only charge you for part of a day. I left my place at one, and I got here at three and started getting ready. So, I guess you could say my clock started when I checked in.”

“Do you…free lance very often?” I asked.

“Goodness no…my line of work is a lot safer when the agency is involved. Escort Isparta They know the clients, they screen them to make sure they are legitimate…and they make sure everything is scheduled and paid for ahead of time. I get my travel arrangements, my itinerary of who I’m supposed to be and what I’m supposed to do, and I just follow it to the letter. It takes a lot of the worry out of it. Not to mention having to deal with cops…with an agency, there’s almost no fear of getting busted. But when I free lance, while I suppose it’s a little more dangerous. But it’s also a lot more fun.”

“More dangerous…how?”

“Well, the cops for one. And because the guys aren’t screened, I don’t know who they really are. That’s really risky. And I have to get the money on my own…but that’s okay, because I like the cash. With the agency, it’s all done through them with credit cards, and I actually get a paycheck…it looks more legit than it is, I suppose. But the biggest reason this is more dangerous is there’s always a chance that the person that sets up the event could be wrong.”

“You mean people like Heather?”

“Yes… I’m trusting her judgment. And if Heather had misread you somehow, then that would make this a lot more dangerous. Because of that, I asked her a lot of questions, so I can try to make an educated assessment of what I’m getting myself into. And I always use a go between. Someone I trust, like Heather. But like I said, she could be wrong. That’s why I usually get the cash up front, so I can bail if I need to…just disappear. I made an exception for you, because Heather was honest and said you may not want anything more than dinner. Hard to think of you as dangerous if you didn’t know Ann was going to do this, and you may not even want to be with me.”

“So…are you thinking of bailing on me?” I smiled.

Ann grinned and said, “No, Neil. I’m wondering if it’s going to be the other way around tonight. Like I said, this is really unusual for me not to know how the evening’s going to go, and to have all the money up front. But it’s exciting, and believe it or not, I’m having a good time.”

“I am too, Barbara. It’s still a little hard to believe that I’m here…with you. But that’s the way it is with Ann.”

Ann had finished eating what she was going to eat. So had I, and when the waitress came by, I asked for something to put both of the leftover meals in. Ann was sipping her wine, and said, “Isn’t that a bit presumptuous?”

“What do you mean?”

“Having my dinner boxed up. That must mean you’re planning on me eating that later tonight. We haven’t even discussed the evening’s plans. I’m not even sure if there ARE any.”

“That’s true…we haven’t. But I paid for the meal either way, and it’s a lot to waste. I guess I can always eat it myself if I have to.”

Ann leaned forward, her elbows resting on the small intimate table in the dark room. Her eyes sparkled, and she smiled. “Tell me, Neil…will you have to? What are your plans for me the rest of the evening?”

I sighed and said, “That would depend, Barbara. I need to know what I’m getting MYSELF into.”

“That’s fair enough. What would you like to know?”

“Well, I know it’s a thousand. But right now, Ann’s paid you five hundred, and I’ve had the privilege of buying you dinner, and being in your company while you ate it. Don’t get me wrong…because I’m having a great time. But right now, this is currently just the most expensive date I’ve ever been on. What is the other five hundred going to…you know.”

“What does it buy you?” she laughed.

“To put it bluntly, yes.”

“I suppose if I just said ‘ME’, that would be a little too vague, wouldn’t it?”

I grinned and said, “I’m afraid it would.”

“Well you see, this is another thing the service does…they actually ask the client what they want, and then they match them with a girl that’s willing to fulfill those requirements. And that’s not just for sex. Sometimes they need a girl that can speak a foreign language, or that actually has secretarial skills…all kinds of things. But when it comes to the intimate part of the job, I always have a listing on the itinerary of what I’m going to be asked to do. And it’s not negotiable. I have to do it, but the client can’t ask for more than that.”

“Well, that’s fine, but what about now…when you’re free lancing?”

“That’s when I tell you what I’m willing to do. It’s not as efficient as just ordering off the menu and getting the girl of your dreams. But it can be sexier. And that’s what makes free lancing more fun. There are a lot more possibilities for both of us.”

What followed next was like the scene in ‘Body Double’, where the porn actress character played by Melanie Griffith is sitting in the bar, smoking a cigarette. And she’s telling the Craig Wasson character, who’s pretending to be a porn director, what sex acts she’s willing to do on screen. Ann looked at me, and as she spoke, it was like it was real…like she’d told actual clients what her personal services were. And as I listened, I smiled.

“What you get, Mr. Thomas, is a night you’ll never forget. There are limits, because you haven’t been screened, but we should be able to find something that interests you.”

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