Anna’s Needs Pt. 02


Ben glanced at the clock and sighed. It was a quarter past one. The minutes seemed to be dragging even slower than usual. It was Friday and he planned to leave early to have a little quiet time to himself. Things with his wife, Janine, had been a little cold lately and he desperately needed to rub one out. She had left that morning for a girls’ weekend in Sedona and Anna, his stepdaughter, wouldn’t get out of school until a quarter past three. If he left at two, he’d have plenty of time to get home, log onto his favorite porn site, and be cleaned up before Anna came home.

As the clock ticked away, he clicked around on his computer. He had some data to analyze and a report to write, but he could work on that over the weekend. At 1:57, he grabbed his keys and cell phone off the desk and headed out. “See you Monday,” he called out to the receptionist, as he headed to his car.

After a two-minute drive, he pulled into the driveway at his new home. It was a nice place. Janine had great taste. Janine’s daughter Anna lived with them, but she’d be graduating and heading off to college soon. Ben was looking forward to having the house to themselves. As newlyweds, they’d organized their sex life around Anna’s activities. At first, it was great. Anna was an active and social teen, so they had plenty of opportunities to strip down and Hatay Escort let loose.

Things started to taper off as Janine started to take on more responsibilities at her job. She was rarely home when Anna was out. Janine was very self-conscious of the noise they made and didn’t want to make Anna uncomfortable, so lately Ben had had to settle for hand jobs and the occasional blowie. A few times, they’d gotten a room in a local hotel, but that just made Ben crave sex more. He’d resorted to porn and jacking off on multiple occasions. He hoped that with Anna out of the house, there’d be one fewer obstacle to contend with.

Ben unlocked the door and walked into the foyer, hanging up his suit jacket and setting his keys and phone on the small table in the entry. As he walked past the stairs, on his way to the kitchen, he heard some noise overhead. Huh, he thought, that’s odd. He started to walk up the stairs. The noise seemed to be coming from Anna’s room. As he approached the door, he heard a buzzing and then a groan. He reached for the door, turning the knob slowly. The door opened, just a crack, and he peeked in. He couldn’t believe what he saw.

Anna was lying on her bed, completely naked. She was on her stomach, facing the head of her bed, which thankfully was on the wall opposite the door. She was Hatay Escort Bayan grinding against the bed and when she lifted her hips the buzzing sound got louder. She must have a vibrator, Ben thought. His cock twitched, involuntarily, in his slacks. He could feel himself stiffening and adjusted himself to try and relieve the pressure.

He was about to close the door and walk away, when Anna cried out “Oohh…fuck!” He watched as she reached behind her, a slim glass dildo in her hand. She arched her back lifting her gorgeous ass up off the bed. Oh shit, Ben thought, I really need to leave. I shouldn’t be seeing this. But his cock had other plans. It strained uncomfortably against the zipper of his slacks. Ben reached to adjust it again and started to rub up and down the length over the fabric. Anna pressed the dildo against her opening and groaned as she slid it inside.

Ben was conflicted. This was is stepdaughter after all. But, the darker, hornier side of him beckoned, it’s not like you watched her grow up…you only married her mom a year ago. And she’s 18. Ben knew the right thing to do was walk away; he should settle for the porn on his computer. But how could he say no to this beautiful sight? He watched as Anna removed the dildo, slick with her juices, and massaged it against her tight Escort Hatay little opening. It’s not like you’re going to fuck her, he thought And every porn star is some one’s daughter…this isn’t that much worse.

Ben couldn’t take it anymore. He undid his belt and carefully slid it out of the loops, setting it on the floor. He didn’t want to risk the jingle giving him away. He unzipped his pants and released his throbbing cock. Precum was already oozing out of the tip and he smeared it around with his fingers, lubing himself up.

Anna was twisting the dildo inside herself, her hips still grinding furiously against the vibe beneath her. As she settled into a rhythm, Ben stroked his cock, matching her pace with the dildo. He wanted to snatch the toy out of her and replace it with his aching cock. “Oh, fuck…please, please,” Anna moaned. Oh yeah, baby Ben thought, Beg for my cock. His hand sped up. “Oohhh yes, baby…right there!” Anna shrieked. Oh, you like that? he thought, god…I really want to fuck her. Her words were sending him over the edge.

Oh fuck, I’m going to cum. Ben glanced around looking for something to absorb the blast. He didn’t want to move, but he knew he’d be in deep shit if he left a puddle of cum outside his stepdaughter’s door. He ducked into the bathroom and grabbed a hand towel with seconds to spare. Cum spurted out of him, and he heard Anna let out a scream…it sounded like she had found her release too. Ben leaned against the bathroom door, panting. Fuck that was hot. Tossing the hand towel in the hamper, he grabbed his belt and he headed to his room to recover.

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