Another Day at the Office

Alexis Ren

So do you ever get that feeling that your subconscious is more intact with the real world than you are? Ok, weird question. Say you were a guy like me, right? And you know, things are going well for you, finally. You have a great job as lead technician for this firm, we’ll call it XYZ firm — just because it sounds cool, not because I can think of anything that’d fit well for that acronym. Say, for sake of example, of course, that there is this girl — there’s always this girl. Always there, always looking So amazing. Yeah, one of those types. The ones that make a guy like me think he’s sweating buckets when he’s not, or think he’s speaking to fast when he is not. But she’s Always There! Like she.. looks for me, maybe? That brings me back to that first question: something deep inside me is saying, “Ok guy, this chick wants your balls,” but there’s really no way in Hell I’m going to believe that mess. Does that happen to you?

So that’s where I am now. Her name is April, and I have got to say — she is simply the most striking woman in this building — hell, this planet. I can’t bring myself to believe that she wants me.. I’m that kind of guy. I don’t think I look bad.. I think I look handsome, some days – debonair, even. But it doesn’t help when the only other person that’s said anything to you about it is your mom. I have to call her today. I have a lot to offer, but beautiful women like her don’t pick up on that, do they? That’s the only lesson I’ve learned over and over again.

“Kevin?” That satiny smooth voice calls. My heart falls into my stomach just in time for it to tighten and freeze up on me. Shit.

“Um.. Yeah, April, what’s going on?” Response. Sounded normal, right? She’s looking at me funny… So I guess not.

“Hey.. Um, yeah — I’m having this problem.. with my computer, again. Do you think you could help me? Please?” She smiles. So smooth, so easy. Calm. Meanwhile I’m feeling that invisible sweat again. I always think that she sees this — she doesn’t.

“Yeah, sure, but, you know, you don’t have to come all the way down here for my help.” It is Wednesday, and this is the third time there had been a problem in her office thus far. “There’s a technician on every floor..” And right after I let that all come out of my mouth, Mr. Subconscious says to me, “Stupid.”

“Well.. I’m sorry if I bothered you…” Stupid, stupid, stupid… “I just figured..”

“Oh no, you aren’t bothering me at all!” Blurted.. shit. Calm down. “I just didn’t want you come down here if you didn’t want to, I actually enjoy helping you!” FUCK! Wasn’t supposed to have said that, I don’t think. But it was a patch-up that worked nonetheless — she smiled.. and, maybe, turned a little red? Nah. God is she beautiful.. those eyes.. those lips..

“I don’t mind, Kevin, really. You’re just so good.. at fixing my computer. It’s like you have the right touch.. You know just how to make it work.” Another smile — you know, up until her, I’ve Always been annoyed with glistening lips.. now… Oh man, she’s going to need to walk ahead so she doesn’t see my ‘situation’ over here..

Something saying to me, “Man, she knows what she’s Doing!” and of course, I ignore because that something is re-goddamn-tarded.

“Well.. I’ll definitely take a look, and see what I can do…” Gulp. Ever swallow sand? If so, you’re a moron. If not, then it feels Just like I feel right now. There’s absolutely No liquid in my throat right now. I feel about ready to cough up Egypt. But here’s the thing — it’s not because I’m nervous, but because of her reaction to what I said. You see, I’m a computer person. Computer people know how to test, program, and debug — we apply this to all our lives. That, right there, ‘see what I can do..’ — that was a test. After I said it, she Just slightly licked her full.. luscious… succulent.. sexy.. dick-sucking – her lips.. Oh yeah – she passed.

So finally after what felt like an eternity of her staring at me from across the room, she turns away and starts walking out the door. So I finally get up (my lower brain was Already up — I told you I’d have to follow her) and start walking after. I get into the hall, and she’s looking over her shoulder. She sees me, smiles, and then continues walking. I am So glad she isn’t trying to talk to me right now, I have some things to work out.

You see, you just don’t understand. You don’t get it. So let me draw you this picture. You know those women that are so beautiful that No guy talks to them because they seem (read: are) out of reach? The ones that other women despise because they Couldn’t be that? Yeah? That’s exactly what she is. I’m following her down this hallway, all the while watching her ass sway with such grace that the walls around us just sway along with it. Her legs are nice and long — strong, as though there Kayseri Escort was a weight to the raw Sex that they carry. And yeah, those air done bimbos on magazines like, hell, whatever you read — you know, artificially flawless? Well her legs look like that, her arms and face, too. I can’t see her airbrushing herself up every morning before work. And goddamn that ass.. I’m an ass man, you see — but even if you weren’t, if you couldn’t see reason to just dive into that masterpiece of cellulite-free, hand-crafted, pillow-softness, then you’re pretty much gay beyond God’s salvation. Now I’m not really a tit man, though – “You have ’em, nice, you don’t, fine” has been my motto. But these look so soft, and warm, and inviting. I can’t see anyone Not wanting to unhinge his jaw to fit one in there. How to describe them? Hmm.. think your favorite porn star’s tits — not the super ugly, big, giant, fake ones, but the more realistic, usable, not evolving the lady into a hunchback-type fake tits — then imagine them being real. Yeah, that nice.

She wears this fragrance that lingers in my office and hers. The smell speeds up my heart, blood rushes to my penis and it stands taller than I do — Every single Time. I’m sure you get the picture now, right? For her face, it’s angelic — I won’t even entertain the idea of describing such beauty. Just think of the most beautiful person in your world, and realize she looks better than her — don’t feel bad, just get over it. So that’s my conundrum. I can’t see how she could possibly want Me, you know? Sure, the signs are there, but how many things in history have been screwed up because of some jackass taking things the wrong way? I’m sure there are a lot — I can’t give you any good examples, though, because just like most techies out there, I smoke my balls off to level myself out and act normal.

Thoughts cut short by reaching her office. Entering the room a waft of that perfume hits me, hard. My dick is throbbing so much right this very second that the feeling blots out the sound of my heart banging in my ear. Skin mocha brown. No, a little darker, but not. Like, you know that room that you’ve always wanted to design for your master suite? You Know, hard wood floors with a nice mixed-brown palette rug, French vanilla wall paint, satin dark brown sheets — candles smelling of cookies and chocolate and cinnamon and coffees. Cherry wood pieces in the room. You know that room? The one that you designed for every bit of passionate, sensual, deep, deep love making you’d ever have ever again in your life? Yeah, her skin tone was That kind of sweet, passionate, sensual, smooth chocolate. I need to get my head back on — I go towards her computer to try to find this problem.

“It’s not really anything major, really,” Says April. I hear her close and lock her office door behind me, “It’s just that the fan on this thing goes at full speed at all time — it’s hard to concentrate with it making so much noise.”

It was probably just running a little hot because of dust, but I decided to open the tower up anyway — needed time to recoup. She locked the door! This hard-on isn’t going to go away until I’m disappointed or embarrassed enough to quit, it seems. But God, do I want her. It aches not to say it every time I see her — it aches more now, for obvious limited-space reasons in the crotch-al region. As expected its dust. I hear the heels finding there way over to me, bent over this computer. The smell — a lot stronger now.. She bends over to get a better look at what I am doing, and I can feel her breathing against my ear..

“So… do you know what to do to fix my little problem?” spoken in tongue so soft and sensual that it sounded foreign. Every uttered syllable I felt as I heard it — she breathed every word into me, and my dick perked up just a little more, as to offer its full attention.

“Um, yeah.. it’s no big problem, really.. All you have to do is blow onto this.. I mean into here, and.. it will be all fixed..” Really big slip up in there, somewhere, but I don’t even remember what I said.

She kneeled down to look where I was, placing her hand on the inside of my thigh, “Right in here? I can definitely blow on that for you…” Every neuron in my head shot off at the same time for a brief second, another few seconds when she moved her hand even further up my thigh, and again when as she looked (somewhat desperately?) into my eyes, tightened her grasp on my thigh. Somewhere within that five-second blank out, I felt her getting ready to push off and try to stand up, and something else took over me as I grabbed her arm and pulled her back into a kiss.

I have never had a kiss do so much to me — I felt empowered with strength and confidence never known to me. I lifted her on to her desk, waiving everything off of it (including Kayseri Escort Bayan the monitor — Shit). Before I even knew it, she had already kicked off her heels and was undoing her jacket. I broke the kiss and went to her cheek, then earlobe. Why women like that so much, I don’t know, but it always worked, and it wasn’t failing me now; as the tip of my tongue trailed up and down the ridge of her ear, her own scurrying slowed, her eyes closed tight, and her back arched just a little as she gasped for air. A slight nibble on the earlobe later, and her back arched a little more. It is so hard to breathe, in the midst of passion like this. The air is hot and thick — not of sex yet, but the impending event. I am sucking on her neck now, a lot of heavy breathing and light whimpers.

I massage her breast through her blouse — time isn’t on our sides right now, so no chance to undress her, but they still feel so Soft! Her nipples are hard; sensitive. I barely graze one with my thumb and she reacts. That slight gasp — I love it. I flick them both a little, and she stops moving completely. Her head leans into the nape of my neck, breathing heavily, trying to recompose herself as I work at her breasts. She’s shaking a little, and I have more to do before she gets there, yet (ever the tease, even in short time), so I release her, and move further down.

As soon as I let go, though, April pulls me back up into a kiss and starts undoing my belt. I know where this is going, and I don’t want to waste time with it, so as my pants fall, I lay down on the desk (slipping a little on the last couple pens resting upon the desk), and invite her to join me. She climbs on top of me, and through gasps and lost attempts at inhaling pure, cool air, I say, “April, turn around.” She looked at me weird at first, like she didn’t understand, but then it hit, and she obeys and flips around, her legs on either side of my shoulders. First I look and notice that there weren’t any panties under her skirt, and I’m more than surprised that didn’t glaze her eyeballs then. What I was looking at was purely immaculate. It was the most beautiful flower the dawn after a Very rainy night. It lived — it breathed, it pulsed, it opened to me — and I wanted to nurture it. As it came closer to my face, I notice the fragrance — the same one I’ve loved for a very long time, now — I guess it wasn’t perfume, after all. Now I know this part. I know that if those lips touch the head of my cock before my tongue touches her, I’m doomed to failure. I know that I may buy some time if my tongue is first to bat. So just as her mouth is about to touch my dick, I pull her pussy down onto my face.

I’ve never dreamed that even Heaven could taste this good. This has got to be better than heaven. I heard her sharp intake of air as my tongue (and nose) hit. I put my soul into it, this time. I flicked her clit once (sharp jolt) with my tongue, then moved all over, getting up every single last bit of wetness that my tongue could reach. I couldn’t really move my arms as freely as I’d like, so I had to be extra precise. If there was a crevice, my tongue had been there. The more juice she let out onto my face, the more I enjoyed lapping up. Hell, I barely notice her sucking my dick until.. now, until I thought about it right now.. Fuck.

I need to do something quick — she’s getting her rhythm, and she’s going to drain me. April can suck a Dick! There is this rhythm to it that most women don’t quite get. You see, there’s more to sucking dick than just putting your mouth on the shaft and acting like a vacuum. No, getting your dick sucked should feel like fucking in a more controlled environment. She bobs and turns her head so that I feel the head of my dick rub against the back of her throat. Her lips hold on tight — pulling everything up the shaft, and releasing slightly on the way back down. She moans and hums on my dick, like she’s never tasted a sweeter, more delectable straw that ALSO acts as the gateway to the only H2O in the middle of the Sahara. She doesn’t choke, she doesn’t pause, her hands are in complete motion… Shit! I’m going to cum (read: lose) if I don’t do something.

So I struggle and release my arm. I get April expecting me to finger her, and instead I start sucking on her clit, flicking it with my tongue while my lips wrap around it. That messed up her pattern and bought me some extra time. I hear her say, “Oh my God, Kevin!” It’s amazing how quickly you learn things in times of passion — I don’t know exactly how I knew what she said — she was speaking DickSuckinese, so it was only garbled mumbles and grunts. Paying this no further mind, however, I move on, hoping not to pass up this opportunity to recompose. I suck her clit with the care and compassion she needs (it does hurt if not done right Escort Kayseri — think girls not careful with teeth), but with vigor enough to get her to stop sucking.

Now I introduce my finger, sliding it Very slowing into her pulsing hole. Just the moan I was waiting for comes then. She stops sucking my dick and begins clenching her teeth. She grabs on to the edges of the desk and I feel her clench tight. Her head lays right on my dick, and she’s shaking, already. Already moaning in that jumpy kind of way (think of how a regular moan would sound, except, maybe through a fan). You see, I know this part, I Love this part. Watching a female cum. Tasting it, nurturing her flexing pussy right after the storm hits, mopping away at all there is for me to thirst for. Now the finishing touch: I run my finger along the edges of April’s hole in circles — she moans a little loader — I twirl a little faster, but not too fast. I just want her to know the fingers there. And that was enough — she stopped moving completely, still holding oh so very tight to the corners of that desk, teeth still clenched, and muscles so tight throughout her body that she can’t even breath, let alone move an appendage… then the beautiful collapse.

Now it is different with different types of women. I remember a friend of mine who could only cum once and need to stop (she would tell me anyone who says they could do otherwise are lying whores) — everyone Else, however, could have at least two orgasms. Thank the Heavens for April being the latter. She got up from her rigor mortis-like state with unexpected verve, lifts herself off of my face, then sits onto my now-throbbing penis. She sits up straight and slides more into herself, and I’m trying not to move anymore than I have to. Instead, I’m watching her ass move and jiggle right over my dick and under her lifted skirt. She looks so perfect here — she knows she has a marvelous ass, so she Doesn’t lean back; instead, she sits straight up and squats onto and off of my dick. Then she would arch her back, as to change the direction of the upwards direction. Hands on knees, with no other support beyond my penis and her feet, she starts dancing on my dick. Dancing, you heard me — dancing. Gyrating her hips, still moving up and down on my dick, twirling — this, people, is what ecstasy is.

I feel it coming, but I know how I want to end this. I grab April by the hips and pull all the way down onto my dick. The shock brings her to moan too loudly, but I pushed through, anyway. I grab her chest and pull her from behind onto me, and push my dick in again — another great moan. I feel her getting really wet again, meaning that if I time this just right, she’ll be cumming on my dick this time. I push deep into her, again, rubbing her nipples this time with my thumbs, nibbling on her neck, harshly whispering to her, “are you gonna cum with me April? Huh? Are you going to cum on this dick, baby? HUH?!” and April, not speak anything in English, mumbled and moan sounds that sounded like ‘yes’ to me, I guess, and I pushed in again, her all the while holding my hands to her breast.

Now this is the difficult part. More technical. I’ll earn a lot of cool points if I pull it off, though. So here goes; with her laying stomach up on top of me, I turn us so that our legs are hanging off the edge of the desk. She giggles between gasps, trying to figure out why I’m squirming around inside of her like that, and moving around on the desk. Then, from where we are, I roll us so that her stomach is against the desk, our feet are on the floor, and I’m on top of April, now. Excellent. Sure, maybe my side feels like a serrated blade has run across it, but it’s cool — she’s amazed, I look like the greatest lover in the universe — win win, baby. So I sit up and grab hold of her waist, and continue pushing my dick into April. I lean in getting my dick in as far as her ass permits, then grab her shoulder to get a better push. I feel it coming, and I know it’s going to be Huge. Push and push, and I feel her tightening around my dick. I’m right there. So is she. And I come up with the perfect idea: I lean in to her ear, touch it with my tongue, then tell her, “I’m going to cum April — cum with Daddy.” Then I exploded deep inside of her pussy just as she squeezed the rest of the life out of my dick with convulsions.

The world still spinning 15 minutes later, we start cleaning up everything — she starts with her clothes as I take on the desk, trying to put everything wherever I remember it. I get the monitor fragments off the floor and into a corner of the office. We didn’t say anything during that entire time.

Yeah, so things are sort of awkward right now, I’m thinking. I’m thinking that I fucked up, Really bad. Thinking that I wish this was planned a little better. Thinking that maybe… that maybe I’m thinking too damn much. So I finally turn to her and say, “April I’ve always really liked you. I’m amazed that this happened..”

She turned toward me and smiled brightly, as if relieved. “I like you, too Kevin. This is the day I’ve been waiting months for.”

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