Another Successful Inroad


I felt I was here where I was because I was stupid, too stupid to realise what he was up to, and what he had intended. I had stood and watched him tie two ropes to the table legs in the centre of my kitchen. I had said to him with a silly woman’s blind trust.

“Tom what are you doing, what are you up to?”

“Hang on Maddie, I’ll show you,” he said, “just be patient, and all will be revealed.” he had said. So I did, I hung on and watched.

Then just as stupidly I had watched him tie two more ropes to the other two legs at the end of my elongated oak table. He was doing it all with a flourish, and when he had walked around checking them, he had said in a very pleased voice.


That was when he grabbed me, and almost threw me onto my back on the table, grabbed two of the ropes, made me put my arms above my head and he tied them off.

It was then that I found my voice, the one I should have had five minutes ago. I screamed out, or rather, I tried to. Before my voice gained any sort of octave, he shoved some cloth into my open mouth, tucked it and set about tying my ankles before I could spit it out. I had just about worked the bit of cloth out, when he wrapped some more around my face which kept it in place. I was now bound and gagged to my own kitchen table.

Can anyone imagine being in my place, I couldn’t, it had all happened so quickly. I trusted him, so I had stood by while he did what he wanted to do what he had done. He smiled at me in that very enigmatic way he had that I loved so much, that half smile. It was so innocent, and beguiling. Well, it had worked right here this day and so so easily.

Me? I’m Madeline Wilson, Maddie to my friends and family, I am quite good looking, but my biggest attribute, if that’s what you want to call it, is my sexuality. I know what I have, I walk great, I know how to kill a man with my eyes, my pout, a turn of the head, hooded eyes, a flick of my long blond hair. I look great, and any failings in what could be described as the beauty department, were far out done by my years of long self training of my own elocution.

I never dressed badly, even at home, it was my persona, make up, hair done, ready for life’s challenges. HAH, I hadn’t been ready for this had I? All this sounds like I was thinking this while I was now trapped, tied up and gagged on my own table, helpless and defenceless, my husband was at work. I was completely at the mercy of Tom, he had me done up like a kipper, and I was wondering why, what for?

I should have known, I wasn’t stupid, but I had been stupid, the proof was here on the table, me! I am 5ft 7″ tall, I am twenty five years old, married for the last two. I was now looking up at Tom, not able to ask what he was up to because of the gag. I tried to mumble, instead I should have been trying to scream my head off. I should have known, there could only be one reason why I was like this.

Had I subconsciously allowed it, gone along with it, was I so innocent? There was no way Tom would hurt me, physically or otherwise. Flirty Tom, naughty Tom, we played little games, covertly, secretly if you like. That was how I had viewed them, no intent, no follow up, no connection. Had I led him on this much, which he had decided, in or out, no half way. It started to fall into place when without taking his eyes from mine he pinched both nipples through my dress.

This caused me to leave the table apart from my tied limbs, my eyes bugged, my heart stopped, and my nipples, damn them, popped loudly. Still looking into my bugged eyes, he never spoke, but his right hand now rested lightly over my pussy.

“No,” I gruffed, huffed and puffed, behind my very effective gag.

Pressure! I felt pressure from his hand, then a very definite press with a finger, my head shot up to look, or tried to. I couldn’t see past his hand but the press was there and it was getting harder. I tried wiggling my hips, this resulted in more pressing. Tom’s other hand, or fingers, reconnected with one nipple. This then resulted in more shaking from me, more head lifting, more head banging when it dropped back down. There was more popping from my traitorous nipple.

I had never felt more helpless in my life than I felt right now. I was completely open to him. There was nothing I could do to stop this or him. It had been less than a minute. My wrists were burning from the ropes but there was no relief. I was pleading for him to stop, but all I emitted were mumbles and grumbles. Tom went to work on me then, no words, just insistent tweaking of both nipples. One by one, none stop. And pressing, with sideways, and up and down movements from that bloody increasingly aggravating finger, on my getting wetter by the second pussy.

I was forced into a real quandary, I was trying to free myself, worthless. I was trying Isparta Escort to ignore what he was doing, useless. I was pleading for mercy, endless. And ranged against me was my body, I knew my nether regions, and treated the right way I had no defence against it. Tom was winning the battle with the more than considerable help from yours truly.

I was also wearing the exact right, or should I say wrong, type of dress for my submission, which I was still trying to avoid. It was a one piece dress, made for summer. It was short and flared, snug at the top, a collar, and short sleeves. It was also button down from top to bottom. Or as I was about to find out in a few seconds, bottom to top.

Tom kept up the onslaught on my nipples, and still hadn’t taken his eyes off mine, which was driving me mad. Even though, I still kept up my near silent struggle against what I now knew to be my seduction, if I couldn’t prevent it. His other hand, his right, was undoing the buttons on the way up. Then he stopped, he looked down, and beamed.

“Wow,” he said as if to himself, “it’s all so much better, you are so much more beautiful than I ever imagined.”

I looked down and my dress was wide open, all laid back and apart. All you could see between the mounds of my boobs were my panties, flimsy at that. I wasn’t wearing a bra. I never do in the house. And for some crazy inexplicable reason, I beamed too at his comment. I do so love compliments, and it seemed to matter that he was happy with me, stupid again or what?

Tom stood slightly to one side, and took both nipples, I had to gasp into the gag, I could see the look of pleasure on his face. I wondered if I was getting one. Then Tom bent his head, and his mouth closed over the nipple furthest from him. I felt a tug and knew my panties were off, just split at the sides, ripped away. This did cause me great sexual excitement, no one had ever done that to me before, it was a first, not even my husband had thought of this when we play fought.

Fingers sought, and found me, a long one sank right in, my clit was getting rubbed, unintentional or not, and my hips left the table once more. I was getting past the initial fear, rejection, dislike, not in on it. Now my pussy was beginning to leak. I have always had soft spots for strong men, dominant, not nasty, but assured power. Tom was exhibiting it a lot. I knew he was, but I was finding out first hand now how strong a personality he really was. I wasn’t getting time to collect myself. Every time it looked like I might gather myself, he did something else and negated me.

I never realised my eyes were closed, because suddenly he stopped, when I opened them he was gone. But he wasn’t gone, I immediately felt that luscious soft feeling of tongue, then it was in me lapping me up. If there was anything needed to cause my complete downfall this was it. Hot breath and deep searching soft tongue, I came, My stomach seemed to drain away. I tried to close my thighs but that was useless too.

Tom’s lips took over, backed up by sucking and licking, I swear I could feel him in my chest cavity he seemed to be so deep. I climaxed again. This was when he must have decided that further protest from me would not be forthcoming, because he went crazy in me, and I went crazy for him. I came again, how many times I don’t know but I do know it incapacitated me, I had been beheaded by Toms long thick tongue.

Now my mind turned to what he had obviously intended for me, which was to screw me, fuck me, make love to me, and in any order that materialised. I saw him rise up, and I also saw he was naked from the waist down. He was going to fuck me. And I, for my sins, peered at him, I tried to see his cock and I was rewarded with a glimpse, my heart lurched, he was good to go, and I was ready to go for the ride too.

Tom plunged into me, I was as full in a heartbeat as I ever had, he had a hold of my thighs, and he went like a racing car from the get go. I was fucked, fucked, and fucked again. It was like I wasn’t there. I knew it was wrong, that I had been captured. That I was now, in reality, legally being raped, but against that, it was the best sex I had ever had, and I couldn’t deny the climax that smashed me into total agreement with it.

This was a part of my psyche, I loved consensual bondage and my husband and I played the game. With me being the target every time, there is nothing like being screwed while in the grip of a strong man. I was often tied spread eagled to our bed. It was just a bit of my brain and sexual desire that I loved. No one knew about it, it was our secret, until now. Tom had found out, he had got me, I couldn’t reject it, I had tried, but now my mind and body overruled me completely.

There can be no denying the wetness, or the slippy thick juice running down Isparta Escort Bayan my thighs, try as I might, there was no stopping that, or the bursting of my nipples. And behind the gag I couldn’t complain, moan, shout for help, cry out, berate him, nothing. He was smiling now, he knew, the bastard knew, he made me cum again. I hated him, but I loved what he was doing to me, and I couldn’t stop it. It was that that was making it so exciting, how did he know, how had he known?

Confession time now, I don’t know if there are surveys out there, that will tell how many married women have had affairs, are having affairs, one offs, and two offs, long term ongoing affairs, whatever. The ‘experts’ can’t possibly know can they? Women, most of them, would never admit to it would they. Here’s the thing, I will bet good money on the fact that there are a damn sight more than could ever be predicted and a huge shock would be had. How many men would look at their wives and think, ‘I wonder if you are, have had, or are going to?’

Well, I have had two, one a one off, and the other a four off, opportunistic, and solely due to me fancying the pants off the guys. Though the one off was a disaster, he was hopeless. The four off was pure danger, if I had let it go on it would have ruined my marriage, and I didn’t want that. Now Tom had got me I was back in the danger zone. I had a brief thought of it being more than a one off too, this was going to be a many of, I knew it, and another orgasm confirmed it.

I was now laid prone, taking what he was giving me, helpless to stop him giving me what he wanted to give me. My nipples came under renewed attacks and my complete submission was assumed. Then he was whispering in my ear that if I promised not to scream and shout, he would remove the gag.

“Do you promise Maddie?” he said. I nodded my head.

“I will put it back if you do!” I shook my head vehemently. “I have a question for you,” he told me.

I raised my eyebrows, expressing ‘what?’

“Have you ever had anal sex?” he said, as I felt his finger pop into my open ass. I had to “Ooooh,” into the gag, I had had anal sex and I liked it, but only my husband had had the pleasure, apart from me that is.

“Good,” he smiled, “because we will be having it too,” was his off handed reply. I felt the finger find its way deeper into me and oh it did feel good. This was a first for me, there had been no requests in his voice, no demands, only assured utterances from a man who knew how to go about getting what he wanted. And what he wanted was me! I was into light bondage, which was obvious. I still hadn’t worked out how he knew, how he had found out about me, this. There was also one other thing, he had to have been 100% certain he would get me, that I would give in totally. Tom was using me for his own. And despite myself, my initial reticence, it was turning out to be a huge massive turn on too.

He untied the gag slowly, then he lifted it off, then he pulled the bit of cloth from my mouth. I was just about to speak, or try to, when he kissed me. I didn’t try to turn away, what good would that have done? Anyway, his finger in my ass had my full attention. He broke away and grinned at me.

“Maddie,” he said, “I didn’t really know which way this would go, although I was fairly confident you would go this way.” Then he laughed. “Now I do know, it bodes well for the future doesn’t it, why? You may ask, well,” he said, “I know what you like don’t I, how to ‘get’ you going,” he arched his fingers in the air, “if I need to, and you won’t b able to say no to it will you?”

I was lost for words, and while I was still lost, he went back between my legs and began to screw me again. I was where I loved to be, tied up, helpless and being made love to. It was me, it was who I was, who I am, end of. He had a hold of my upper thighs, this gave him more physical power to do me, and believe me, he did. I stared into his face as he banged me. He stared back into mine, and I could tell as the seconds ticked by that he was going to cum. I tried my hardest to tell him not to cum in me. We were intending to start a family and I was about in the frame to start conceiving.

I just could not form the words, they were on my tongue, “Don’t cum in me Tom please.” I remained totally silent, my eyes bugged, my face contorted, I knew it was, it always is when I’m like this. Gasping, growling, a look of almost pure hatred, my husband says, on my face. Tom was building to it and I was going along, my body desperate for the luscious feeling of hot steaming cum flooding me, knowing where it was ging spurred me on to spur him on.

He bent over me, he was red in the face, a bit of that manic look a man has when he is about to shoot his load and knows he can’t stop. Then his last thumping bang Escort Isparta into me and I flt the heat, the extra fullness, it made me come again. God only knows how many times this had been today, but I must have beaten some sort of record. He lovingly flopped on to me, his extra weight adding fuel to my fire.

It seemed an age before he lifted up, a look of huge happy satisfaction on his handsome face, and also a little embarrassment. He slid back and I felt him fall out, he came to my side to kiss me, hold me, and caress me which I did really appreciate. I knew then that this just wasn’t a fuck, a wham bam thank you maam, he had meant it. I also realised that my life as I knew it, or had known it, might have changed irrevocably.

“I can untie you or keep you there for further use,” he told me. The way he said it let me know that he was the boss here. “But to be honest,” he continued. “I would much rather take this upstairs where I can use you in more privacy. I would hate someone to walk in, or knock on the door when I have you like this. What’s it to be?” It was a statement, not a request, or for discussion.

“I think upstairs might be the right thing to do for the moment Tom,” I told him.

“That’s fine by me,” he said, “but if you get naughty, not only will I tie you up again, but I will spank your lovely ass, and hard!”

Believe it or not, I giggled,” Okay Tom, I will be a good girl.” I was condoning my position to him. I still wasn’t thinking straight, what had taken place had shifted my sense of equilibrium, knocked me out of kilter, dislodged my centre of brain gravity.

Tom undid the ropes, took them off, then pulled my dress from me, that was the easy bit as it was already wide open and hanging from my shoulders. He held all of them, bent down and I was up off my feet, thrown over his shoulder, and being carted up to my bedroom. By the time we got to the top I was beginning to gather myself. “Tom, how did you know,” I said gushingly, “what gave me, it away?” “Maddie, you really are gullible aren’t you,” he laughed as we entered my bedroom, the one I share with my husband.

“When I was decorating for you last week, I dripped some paint on your wardrobe door, and as I cleaned it off. I saw some books at the bottom.” My jaw dropped open. “I couldn’t help but see that they were bondage stories, pictures, tales, and guess what?” He told me as he was tying me to my bed. I truly was helpless now and not just because of the ropes he was using. “They were all about young wives in bondage. Then I saw the videos, when I saw them, they were the same, young wives in bondage being royally fucked and loving it.”

He yanked the rest of his clothes off, and I saw quite plainly that he was sporting a brand new and very impressive erection. Without waiting a moment he was on me, in me, and I was being fucked again, and this time I mean FUCKED! He battered me, there was no mercy, and I didn’t want any, there is nothing I love more than having my pussy twatted into oblivion. Tom hammered me, each crunching thud was met from me with grateful thanks.

We kissed passionately, each one with a mounting love, a love I knew now he had carried for me. He got my neck, I bit his and his shoulders, I was marking him. He had me, but I was claiming my territory too. Eventually he started his rise to that unstoppable moment men have when they come, they cannot deny it, that have to keep going until they spout their seed in his woman.

Again I tried to tell him not to come in me, and again I couldn’t speak, and again he shot hot steaming sperm all the way into my unprotected womb. I was spread eagled, a wanton hussy begging silently to be used, used, and used again, and then again. I opened my eyes to the feeling of being suckled, he was on my nipples, he was nursing, I was coming, again!

“Tom,” I whispered, “what are we going to do, you know about me now. And I know that after today you are going to have me whenever you want, even I know that. I won’t be able to say no to you, and you know that too don’t you?”

“Maddie,” said, “your secret will be ever safe with me, no one will ever know what I know. And yes, I will use you whenever I want to use you, and that’s because you will want me to, won’t you?”

I hadn’t expected that, but in retrospect he was right. “I, we Tom, me and Tony, my husband, are trying for a baby though.”

“Yes well,” he said, then he floored me with his remark. “We will have to see who gets there first then won’t we, your children, depending on how many you have Maddie, will be all mine, all his, or a mixture.”

I just nodded my head, he was right, I was his to use as he wanted, and honestly, I was already looking forward to being the slut for him that my husband calls says I am. And it’s something we agree upon, my future had just been sealed and I was looking forward to it immensely, why? It is because I trusted Tom completely. I am a slut, but only for, up until now, my husband. And now I would be forever the faithful submissive slut, whore, whatever he wanted me to be for his dad, my husband’s father, my loving father in law.

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