Another,Rich, Handsome Ex-Seal Story


Jack Murphy entered the luxurious office and walked to the receptionist’s desk. The lovely young girl behind the desk smiled brightly and asked, “How may I help you Sir?”

Jack looked at a paper in his hand, “I am Jack Murphy and I have an appointment to see L.B. Ryan at 10:00.”

“Please be seated Mr. Murphy.”

He saw a seating arraignment off to one side and picked an upright chair and sat without even glancing at the array of magazines on the table before him. He watched the receptionist perform her duties. He could see that she was very competent and efficient in her tasks. He couldn’t hear what she was saying, but whatever she said was crisp and short.

Jack looked at his watch; it read 9:58 when a door to the right opened and a very attractive young lady walked over to him. “Mr. Murphy, please come with me, Sir.” She turned and walked toward the door. Jack smiled to himself, L.B. Ryan sure had a good eye for women, the one he was following was beautiful and a delight to observe as she strode ahead of him. The girl opened a large door and motioned him in. She smiled and pointed to a chair in front of a large desk. She left and he observed the desk. This was a functional desk with dual computer monitors and several phones. Papers and folders were carefully arraigned in several rows. One folder sat directly in front of the empty chair behind the desk. There were no framed photos on the desk. He noticed several mounted fish adorning the walls. All were salt water fish and looked to be large specimens of several verities of game fish. L.B. was evidently a sportsman.

The door to the left of the desk opened and an absolutely stunning and gorgeous woman entered and smiled. “Good morning Mr. Murphy, I am Laura Ryan; I hope I haven’t kept you waiting too long.”

Jack jumped to his feet, “No Ma’am, not at all.”

She grinned, “I suppose you are curious about what you are doing here?”

“Yes, Ma’am I am very curious.” He couldn’t take his eyes off of this vision of beauty. She was tall with long blond hair and looked like a runway model showing the very latest in business attire.

“Perhaps you remember Commander Tom Ryan. He is my brother.”

“Yes, of course I remember him. He was in command of the Seal Team I was assigned to when I resigned my commission.”

“Right, I called Tom a few weeks ago and told him what I was looking for, a good man, young, single, attractive, intelligent, with good manners and still a tough man to act as my bodyguard. He also had to be capable of acting as my chief of Security and be able to handle cars, boats and aircraft, and above all be a super bodyguard. He laughed at me and said I was looking for ‘Superman’. Then he said he knew a man who fit the description perfectly if I could find you. He gave me what he knew about you and my people found you for me.”

“Ma’am, I really appreciate your brother’s confidence in me, but I am not really looking for work right now. I just got out of the Navy after six years and I just want to kick back and relax, go fishing and travel a bit. See some new places.”

“Jack, if that is what you want this job will be perfect for you. You will be my fishing partner, and I dearly love to fish. I am a fly fishing addict. Let me get my present chief of security to brief you. Incidentally, he said I would never find a man to fill all of my requirements.” She pressed a button and said, “Send Frank in please.”

An older man entered and looked at Jack, his eyes popped wide open, “Jack Murphy!” He looked at Laura, “Damn girl, you did find the perfect guy. I never thought he would be available, I thought he was a career Navy man.” Frank extended his hand and Jack grinned and they shook hands then embraced each other.

Jack smiled, “Frank, you old reprobate, I thought you had retired and were just sittin’ and rockin’.”

“Well, this is a great job but I am not able to fulfill all of this sweet lady’s needs. She is the best boss in the world and she really does need you. Her business requires she go to some really rough places. She also needs a bodyguard that looks like a boy friend and can fit right in when she goes to elegant parties and other functions and be to able to converse with high class people. You are perfect for the job; it won’t be work for you. It’ll be a long vacation.”

Jack looked at Laura, “Ma’am have you ever fished the flats around the Keys west of Key West, Man Key, Mule Key or Woman Key, for tarpon or permit?”

The smile on Laura’s face grew to a grin, “Oh! No I haven’t fished them, are they good?”

“Ma’am, they are spectacular. You need to try them, I know some top guides who can put us on fish.”

“Do you ever fish with flies?”

“Yes. That is my weapon of choice. My best fish on the fly is a 210 pound tarpon.”

“Holy Cow! I have been wanting a 100 pounder so bad! You must be damned good.”

“Ma’am, any fish you catch on the fly has a big dose of luck involved in it.”

“Mr. Murphy, my name is Laura, OK?”

“Only if my name Konya Escort is Jack.”

“Deal! Will you take the job?”

“Yes, I would always wonder about it if I didn’t take it.”

“You didn’t even ask about the money.”

Jack grinned, “You mean I get paid too!”

“Yes, Jack, will $100,000 to start be OK?”

“Plus expenses?”

“Of course.”

“Fine, what do I do now?”

“Frank will get you checked in with the HR people, then brief you on the security assets we have in place. You will live in a company owned apartment next door to me. Frank will have someone check you out on my cars, boats and planes. I’ll give you a week to get up to speed. I want a progress report from you every day over lunch. Right?”

“Yes, Ma.. .Laura.”

Laura smiled as Jack left with Frank. She pressed a button and said, “See if you can get my brother on the phone, please.”

A few minutes later her intercom buzzed and a voice said, “Commander Ryan is on line 3.”

Laura picked up the phone, “Hi Tom, you were right, he is perfect. I think I am falling for him already. You were right about the fishing, I think that is what sealed the deal. How can I ever thank you Tom. I believe you have found me a husband who is exactly what I have always dreamed of. It is up to me to land him now. I love you Tom.”

“You know I love you too, Sis, good luck. He is the finest man I have ever met.”

“I have to agree with you. He smiles at me and I tingle all over.”

They said their goodbyes and Laura hung up, swiveled her chair around and looked out the window. She pictured Jack in her mind, she knew he was very intelligent, she had to play this cool or she could run him off. She pressed the intercom again, “Please contact Mr. Murphy, he is with Frank, tell them I unexpectedly have to go to New York for a week and I am leaving in a few minutes. Tell Mr. Murphy I will let him know when I am available again.”

Jack spent the week learning the in and outs of the business. Laura had inherited the business from her father. It was an import/export operation with millions of dollars changing hands. Laura was actually the sole owner of the business and did not have a need to have hands on control of every aspect of the business. She was the chief negotiator and dealt with the principals in any deal. In some cases with certain countries or cultures large sums of cash changed hands, often referred to as ‘baksheesh’, sometimes she received the payment, other times she paid the cash to sweeten the deal.

Her best protection was that no one knew exactly when or where the exchange was to be made. She had her own small jet and could appear suddenly with no advanced notice, she would usually depart the meeting place in another way. Sometimes by car or boat, to another airfield, where her plane would land and depart within minutes. The people she dealt with would be notified of the place the meeting would take place and a time frame of a week. There had been several attempted hijackings of the meetings by they were foiled by good intelligence. The exchange of monies electronically left a trail that was unhealthy for some customers.

Frank would handle the intelligence aspects while Jack would be Laura’s constant companion. This was her idea and how it would be handled was largely up to Jack. Jack was given a company credit card and told to improve his wardrobe to include expensive suits, sports clothes, and everything a wealthy young man would wear. He also purchased everything he needed in the way of arms and ammo. He spent some time on a shooting range perfecting drawing a concealed weapon and hitting multiple targets. He was already very good, he had his clothes retailored to conceal his weapons. Physically he toned up his already very fit body.

A week later, Jack was instructed to meet Laura at her apartment next door at 7:00 PM. He put on gray slacks and a white turtle neck sweater, boat shoes, and a blue blazer. He rang the bell at 6:57 PM. There was a short delay before a black maid opened the door. “Mr. Murphy I presume!” She said.

Jack smiled, “Absolutely correct! Is Miss Laura in please?”

“Yes Sir, she is expecting you, please follow me to the family room.” Jack followed her and the maid showed him to the family room. It was a large room with a spectacular view of the city below. The maid disappeared so he walked to the window and looked out across the city.

He felt a light touch on his shoulder and turned to find Laura smiling at him. “Hey, Jack, you look very nice tonight. How are things going on your training?”

“Pretty good. I’m ready to go when you need me.”

“Well I’m glad to hear that, I need you tomorrow night, I am invited to a formal dinner with my date, you, at 8:00 PM. We need to leave here at 7:30. I assume you bought a tux and are all ready.”

“Yes Ma’am, I can even put a white towel over my arm and fill in for a waiter.”

She looked at him, then burst out in a hardy laugh. “You sound like you are as happy Konya Escort Bayan as I am about formal wear. I don’t mind the heels but I hate long low cut dresses. I have to keep pulling them up all the time.”

Jack chuckled, “I can’t believe that. But if it is a problem, I can fix that for you, I have a roll of double–faced carpet tape in my tool box, that should do the trick. No, forget it, it will be a much more interesting evening watching you struggle with your dress, I promise to help when I can.”

“I’ll bet you would love that, wouldn’t you?”

Jack looked at her, “Laura’ I will always be a perfect gentleman for you. Don’t worry about a thing, I even know which knives and forks to use, I only get confused when there are fish knives and forks in the place setting.”

“I have never heard of that. What are they?”

“Girl, if there are knives and forks above the plate horizontally they are the fish utensils. They will only be there if a ‘fish’ course is being served. In that case just watch me. OK? Oh! Mom had formal dinners twice a month when we were kids. You don’t forget.”

Laura smiled at Jack, “What else do I need to know about you?”

“My brother and I had to dance with Mom and my sister after dinner. Mom said I was barely adequate in the waltz and foxtrot. I haven’t improved much since then.”

“We don’t have to dance, but it is a way to rescue me if I need it. If you see me dancing with my pinky finger extended, come and cut in as soon as possible, before I hurt someone. Some men think that because you agree to dance with them that they have permission to put their hands all over you. The stiletto heels I wear are very effective but they can ruin an evening.”

“What is our relationship supposed to be?”

“You are my fiancée, I have a nice engagement ring I will wear. Don’t act surprised if I kiss you or hold your hand. They will be suspicious if there is not some display of affection. We have known each other for years but were apart much of the time because you were in the Navy. Now we are together and very much in love.”

“Don’t get me too excited, I am only human you know.”

“Jack, I am only human too! Now, Sweetheart, give me a sweet kiss goodnight, I have to be at work tomorrow morning.”

Jack took her in his arms and gave her a long gentle kiss that left her breathless. He stepped back, lifted her hand and kissed the back with a slight brush of his lips. “Good night Princess, sleep tight.” He walked out the door and didn’t look back.

Laura walked to her bed. She wished Jack had stayed, but she knew she would have to give him a very strong message if he was to go beyond the agreement to appear to be engaged only in public. She went to her bathroom and stripped, she reached in a drawer and retrieved a vibrator that slipped over her finger. Under the warm shower she thought of Jack.

Not twenty feet away Jack stood in his hot shower, stroking his hard cock as he thought of Laura and her sweet lips.

Jack rang the door to Laura’s apartment at 7:24 and the maid greeted him by name, “Good evening Mr. Murphy, Miss Laura will be ready in two or three minutes. She won a dollar from me, she bet me you would be 5 or 6 minutes early.” Laura smiled over the maid’s shoulder. She was very beautiful, Jack thought his heart missed a couple of beats. She wore a long gold metallic dress that clung to her body like a second skin. Her nipples were clearly visible and appeared to be erect. There was no way she could be wearing any underwear. The lines would show.

“Jack, you look just perfect, tall, handsome, and charming.” She looked him over carefully, “Are you armed?”

“yes, Ma’am, I sure am, would you like to check my back?” He turned around slowly and when he faced her again he had a pistol in his right hand.

She laughed, “Is that all?”

“No, Dear girl, I have other weapons on my person too.”

She giggled, “I’ll try and find them before the evening is over.” Laura turned to the maid, “Tasha, you may have the rest of the night off, and all day tomorrow and Sunday too. OK?”

“Yes Ma’am, thank you very much.”

Laura handed Jack a shawl and turned so he could place it over her shoulders, while she lifted her golden hair. “Thank you Sweetie, the limo will be waiting at the front door.”

When they arrived at the party Laura introduced him as her future husband and best friend. She clung possessively to his left arm, with her right arm around his back. She smiled up lovingly when she was talking. Jack wished with all his heart it was not all just an act. She almost had him believing her. She was damned good.

They were seated across from each other at dinner. Jack enjoyed the dinner until the desert course. As the waitress placed a Crème Brule in front of him, a foot slipped up his left leg and in to his crotch then slid down his right leg. He looked quickly at Laura, she was looking down, her face expressionless except for a quiver in the corner of her mouth. She glanced Escort Konya up at him and smiled, “Are you having fun Dear?”

“Yes, Darling, I enjoyed that very much.”

She looked at him innocently, “What was so good Dear?”

“Why, the Crème Brule of course, my love.” A brandy was served and Laura was asked to dance several times, she refused saying she had all her dances reserved for Jack. Jack stood and offered his hand, “May I have the pleasure of this dance my Lady?”

“Oh! Yes, I need to dance with you.” Laura was not surprised to find that Jack was a very graceful and talented dancer. She felt that his whole purpose during the dance was to show her off. He gracefully twisted and turned her to display her lovely dress clinging to her lush body. He would periodically pull her close to his body, she could feel his erection. She smiled to herself. The dress was working. The number ended and Jack stayed behind her with his hands gently on her hips until they reached their chairs. They sat side by side and she leaned to his ear and whispered, “You are a very adequate dancer, I love dancing with you. I can’t wait for a nice romantic slow song.” She saw sweat beads pop out across his forehead. She kissed his cheek and whispered again, “We have fulfilled our duty and I am very tired. Take me by the host and hostess’s table and I will make our excuses.”

When they reached Laura’s apartment she pulled him in the door with her. “We need to talk some, Jack, we have to get our background stories melded together so that we are always comfortable no matter what the question.”

“Sounds good to me! I think the best thing is to stay with the truth as much as possible.”

Laura smiled, “You are right, but before we start I am going to change into something more comfortable. Why don’t you do the same. Let me show you something, This used to be Daddy’s home.” She showed him to the den. “Watch that wall over there.” She pressed a button and a section of the wall slid back showing the living room next door in Jack’s apartment. “Daddy let his girl friends live here. You are one of the few people who has ever seen this.”

Jack grinned, “I’ll be right back, are shorts and a T-shirt OK?”

She smiled, “Fine, I know that bowtie and collar are about to choke you.”

Jack returned through the secret door and went to the well stocked wet bar. He yelled, “I’m back, can I fix you a drink?”

“Yes, please, something light and refreshing would be nice.”

Jack found some Captain Morgan Rum in the wet bar and a few lemons in the small bar refrigerator. He found a bottle labeled ‘Simple Syrup’. He poured a shot of rum in each glass on top of the ice, added a dash of syrup, the juice of half a lemon and filled the glass with soda water. He found a bottle of Maraschino cherries, placed a few drops of the juice in each drink and topped them with a cherry. He gave each glass a quick stir and turned with a glass in each hand to see Laura enter the room.

She had her long hair in a ponytail and wore a T-shirt and shorts too. Jack almost dropped the drinks. She looked about eighteen years old, gone was the sophisticated woman he had brought home, in her place was the cutest young girl he had ever seen.

The dramatic makeup she wore earlier was replaced by a tiny touch of color over her eyes and pale pink lipstick. She sat on the couch and patted the seat beside her. “Sit here Jack and tell me about your childhood. Then I will tell you about mine and we will see if we can find something in common where we could have met.” She sipped from the pale pink drink and smiled. “Mmmm! This is just right.”

Jack grinned, “I come from a very wealthy family, old money. We lived in Arlington, Virginia in a huge old house. We spent the summers in Newport, Rhode Island, in another huge house we called the ‘Cottage’. It overlooked the ocean from atop a cliff.

“I applied for and was accepted at the Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland. On graduation I went in the Seals and served until I resigned my commission because I refused to send my men into a dangerous situation with a ‘Rules of Engagement’ that was ridiculous. If we were fired upon we had to positively identify the shooters as terrorists before returning fire. That little amateur idea got a lot of good men killed. The area commander on the ground should determine those rules, not some civilian asshole back in Washington who never dodged a bullet in his life.”

Laura looked at him, “Baby, you did the right thing. I am very proud of you.”

“Well I cited the reason for my resignation when I resigned, I doubt it did any good. Politicians always think they are much smarter that the stupid men in battle and try to direct the war from a cozy office in Washington. It didn’t work in Viet Nam and it lost us that war. Oh! Please forgive me Honey, I go crazy sometimes thinking about it. I’m sorry.”

Laura moved closer to Jack and pulled him down for a sweet kiss. “Jack, please let me hold you and take some of your anger from your heart.” She twisted around until her body faced his, then moved against him. His arms enclosed her, he buried his face in her hair. He felt the anger and hate fade away. He lifted his head and found her sweet lips with his. It was a long, long, and very sweet kiss.

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