Anytime, Anywhere, Anyhow Ch. 05


The vibration in my pocket and the signature calling tune announced the arrival of a text from Lucy: “Train delayed 30 minutes, should arrive by 6.30pm. Please pick me up at the station. Don’t be late I need your cock in me NOW.”

It was Friday night and the weekdays since we parted on Monday had passed all too slowly. The memories of our carnal explorations and intimacies of the last weekend had been a continuing distraction in my mind. The lingering promise of her parting words had left me drooling at the prospects for this upcoming weekend and I had taken the liberty of making sure that we did not have to leave the condo for anything and could concentrate on the matter at hand – exploring our boundaries and fucking each other’s brains out.

I rushed to the car and headed to the station in the vain hope that my early arrival would magically enable Lucy to arrive earlier than the train would allow. I sat in the cell ‘phone lot awaiting the “I’m here, come and get me” signal and reflected on the previous weekend hoping that Lucy had not had a change of heart, that the pleasure I believed we had shared was mutual and that we could further test the boundaries of our desires through joint exploration and experimentation. My mind wandered through the timeline of past activities and absently mindedly my hand dropped to my crotch where I began to squeeze my cock in eager anticipation of what I hoped would happen in the next few days.

My fantasy was interrupted by another text from Lucy: “Train has arrived, hurry. NOW means NOW.”

Despite the traffic at the station I had no problem finding my dark haired temptress, her beauty shone brightly amidst the grey overtones of the evening and her strong purposeful stride broke into a jog once she saw the car – Aphrodite was back. The flow of her supple legs ate up the intervening ground and in a flash she opened the door, tumbled her bag onto the back seat and threw herself into my embrace. Our lips mashed together in our eagerness and our tongues explored each other with a desire reminiscent of our first kiss. The immediacy of our embrace gave way to a softer, more intimate greeting in which eager eyes stared at each other before darting over each other’s face; lust and desire were evident in every glance, each of us seeking acceptance and reciprocity.

In the first moment of silence I whispered “Hello, lover.”

“Hello to you too sweety. Now get me out of here and take me somewhere we can be alone.”

Before I could act on her command, our intimate display of lust and desire was interrupted by a sharp tap on the window. I turned and saw the face of the transport police glaring directly at me ordering me to move or get a ticket. Of the two instructions I had received it was Lucy’s that was the most enticing even though they achieved the same objective.

Although the drive back to the apartment is supposed to be no more than 15 minutes, the time of day, the day of the week and the falling rain slowed traffic to a crawl. An accident on the short section of the Interstate further slowed traffic on both it and the side streets, and no amount of local knowledge took us closer to the condo as fast as we wanted. Lucy was getting increasingly frustrated with our progress, and suddenly chose to take things, quite literally, into her own hands. Despite the proximity of other drivers, passengers and bystanders she reached over, unzipped my fly and plunged her hand deep into my crotch. My protestations were rebuffed and the half-hearted nature in which they were uttered made them pointless anyway. She cupped my balls in the palm of her hand and gently rolled them in her fingers while looking me straight in the eye waiting for any tell-tale reaction, and it wasn’t long before she got what she was expecting. My cock immediately started to thicken, straighten and pulse under her gentle touch.

“That’s more like the Mike I know and love. Now what else in here needs Kuşadası Escort some tender love and care?”

In response to her own question she shifted her hand to the tip of my now engorged cock even though it remained confined and therefore invisible to any onlookers. Gently she ran her hand up and down my shaft, massaged my balls and paid particular attention to spreading the fluid that was leaking from the end of my cock.

During normal times this attention was enough to drive me crazy, but after a week of abstinence and with a potential audience so close, the intensity was magnified. “Can’t you please just wait 5 more minutes,” I remonstrated.

“No,” came the instantaneous reply.

So we continued to straddle the fine line between exposure to unsuspecting passersby, the joy of her loving touch and the need to concentrate on driving.

As we pulled into the parking lot Lucy opened the door before the car came to a stop and raced for the condo. I grabbed her bag and strategically placed it over my groin to hide the results of her ministration during our travel. The door swung shut behind us and she grabbed my hand, pulling me immediately towards the bedroom. Reaching behind her head she undid one button and let her dress fall to the floor revealing the glorious site of her naked body: firm pert breasts topped by hard, erect nipples, her tapered waist sitting next to that flat, toned stomach that leads to the stripe of pubic hair shaped into an arrow the tip of which pointed directly to the top of her bald pussy. Even in the soft light her arousal was obvious: swollen outer labia were slightly parted allowing a glimpse of the petal shape of her inner lips that glistened with wet slickness. The aroma was intoxicating: a mixture of perfume, body heat and the wanton lust emanating from her slick, wet pussy that was openly lubricated by juices flowing between her inner lips.

My eagerness to join her in a state of undress was hampered by the difficulty in getting my trousers past my now fully hard and erect member. While I stood on one leg Lucy reached forward and pulled me down on top of her, skillfully catching me between her open thighs so that my cock lay at the entrance to her open and vulnerable pussy. “That’s better; now get that cock inside me before I go crazy.” I pushed forward and was easily admitted into the sanctum of her inner being, the warmth and wetness providing a welcome home for a missing friend.

We instantly found a mutual rhythm; my thrusts forward being met by the rotation of her hips to allow me deeper penetration, my withdrawal greeted by the clenching of her muscles around my cock trying to restrict my exit and milk all fluid from the swollen invader. Just as I was released from the clamp of Lucy’s pussy the pressure relaxed, her pussy once more opened and my course reversed. With each thrust I was pushed closer to the edge of orgasm, with each entrance Lucy uttered moans of encouragement and each time pulled me deeper, each of us getting closer to the point of no return. The cadence of our rhythm increased until I heard the soft sigh of Lucy climaxing while simultaneously the muscles of her pussy clamped around my cock and pulsed with each wave that passed through her body. The extra pressure pushed me further to my own climax and caused me to increase the frequency of my thrusts, each pounding forcing air out Lucy’s lungs as her orgasm hit new heights with every motion. Her legs wrapped tightly around my hips, her heels digging into my butt forcing me to move quicker and deeper than before. The pressure in my balls rose with each thrust until that delicious moment where release took over and I could do no more than thrust deep into Lucy and empty myself into her receptive pussy.

As the spasms of mutual orgasm subsided we savored every feeling of released need, expressed desire and mutual satisfaction. While rolling off Lucy’s sated body I pulled her towards Kuşadası Escort Bayan me and held her in a close embrace not wanting to let anything separate the touching of our skin and the intertwining of limbs.

After the exertions of our love making we lay silently in each other’s arms, letting hands wander gently over naked flesh, lightly skimming tender parts, gently massaging previously tense muscles. Lucy’s hand strayed down to my now flaccid cock and taking it in her hand she began to gently massage it with the combined sensitivity of someone caring for a fallen hero and the attention of a demanding lover. “What are we going to do about this then?” she whispered into my ear.

“That’s up to you dear, what did you have in mind?”

“Oh I’m sure I can think of something” she replied before allowing her tongue to gently skim over my skin as her mouth travelled along my chest. As it reached my right nipple her tongue swirled around it causing it to stiffen and stand proud of my chest. When firm she placed her lips around it and gave a gentle kiss before sucking it into her mouth as hard as she could. The blood rushed to the tip of my nipple causing it to swell and become more sensitive. The continued pulsing of her sucking ceased as she placed her teeth on the top of my now engorged tit and lightly pressed them together, pinching the tip of my nipple between her teeth and causing the simultaneous eruption of sharp pain and delicious pleasure in my deepest senses.

The direct connection formed to my deep pleasure sense caused an instantaneous flow of blood to my cock and I felt it begin to respond to the stimulus despite having only just been drained of life. Now aware of my sensitivity Lucy began to massage my tit with her tongue, reveling in the increased response and unconscious reactions of my body. Simultaneously her hand reached my left nipple which she took between thumb and forefinger, squeezing, pulling and rolling it into an attentive state. Once fully responsive she gently nipped the end of my left tit between the nails of her thumb and forefinger sending another jolt of pain and pleasure coursing through my body, and another injection of blood into my now eagerly attentive and alert cock.

With my body now once again on edge Lucy’s exploration continued and she gently squeezed both nipples between the fingers of each hand while allowing her hair to gently skim over my body as her head moved towards my groin. Her fingers continued their gentle massage and suddenly I felt the soft touch of lips on the end of my cock. “See I told you I would think of something” she proudly announced.

I felt the warmth of her mouth around me, the gentle pressure of her sucking on my cock and the stimulus of her fingers on my nipples. As her head started a slow bobbing motion, each upward movement was combined with an attempt to suck all the juices from my rapidly swelling cock and a gentle pinch of my nipples to send a jolt of painful pleasure designed to stimulate flow of fluid from deep inside me. With each passing sensation my cock became harder and more eager for attention.

“Now let’s take a look at what we’ve got” I heard as Lucy released my nipples from their exquisite torture and raised her head from my now fully hard cock. “Now that’s more like it but I think we still have some work to do.”

The pressure on my cock stopped and was supplanted by the delicate tracing of a tongue along its underside. On reaching the base Lucy started licking my balls while simultaneously stroking my erect and hard cock. Suddenly the pressure returned as one of my balls was slowly sucked into her warm and wet mouth where it was gently rolled around and caressed by the circling motion of her tongue. “Now we need to make sure that we don’t single one out for more attention that the other” she said as she sucked my other testicle deep into her mouth and gave my cock a quick and firm pull Escort Kuşadası causing me to raise my hips to follow the direction I was given.

My head rolled back as I uttered “Please stop, put me inside you.”

“But I haven’t finished enjoying myself yet,” she replied as my testicle was released from its warm and safe sanctuary. Her tongue continued its path below my cock and lightly circled that delicate area between the edge of my sack and my crinkled rear hole. Simultaneously her hand moved to the top of my cock and she proceeded to rub her thumb around the slit to spread the fluid before pushing her nail into the now fully lubricated opening.

“Agghhh” I shouted and arched my back in response to the combined pain and pleasure, but despite the pain I also felt the stimulus that pushed me closer to the edge as fluid poured from the end of my cock and flowed down its length.

“Now that’s better,” Lucy teased as she raised herself up and placed her knees on either side of my thighs.

While staring straight into my eyes her hands circle my ball sack and picked up the loose flesh before squeezing my balls to the bottom of their sack. Gently but firmly she pulled them towards her, simultaneously stretching my sack and compressing my balls against their flexible pouch. The pain and the pleasure flooded my senses, my cock standing proud of my body, seeking attention, begging for touch, screaming for friction. Lucy’s other hand grabbed the top of my cock before slowly stroking down the full length to spread the copious fluid that was seeping from my slit. At the base of my cock she strengthened her grip and firmly pulled it towards her while bending it down as if trying to pull it from its roots; fluid poured from the tip and Lucy stooped forward to take full sustenance from my latest offering to my goddess.

“I’m impressed that you have kept things trimmed down here after last weekend, but it looks like you have missed a few spots, we will have to come back and revisit those later. We can’t have anything getting in between me and what I want,” she whispered.

With her hands firmly wrapped around my cock Lucy positioned her pussy directly above the highest point on my body before lowering herself onto me in one slow, delicate and sensuous movement. As each millimeter of me disappeared into her I felt every ridge and valley, every nook and cranny, every delicious, sensitive spot. Her muscles clamped around me, she raised herself up to suck the fluid from me before lowering herself and forcing me deeper into her with every thrust. Her breasts bounced in response to her motion; I reached up and stabilized their movement by pinching her nipples between my thumb and forefinger. Pulling my hands away from her body her nipples follow and her areola stretch to maintain connection between nipple and breast. As we thrust and counterthrust her breasts bounce between the two connections of her body and my hands.

Lucy’s eyes close and she rocks her hips back and forth, forcing me deeper inside her; the pressure inside me continues to rise and I fight the desire to climax wanting to delay release as long as possible to maximize the intensity.

“Oh fuck, I am cumming,” she cried as I feel the pulsating contraction of her muscles wrap around my cock. I pinch each of her nipples between the nails of my thumb and forefinger sending a sharp reminder of her climax.

“Aaaaggghhhh” she shouts and the muscles in her pussy contract strongly again and again, this time pushing me over the edge, forcing me to release my seed deep into her. Every spasm of her pussy matched by the flow of fluid from my cock; every contraction matched by the pumping of my cum deep into her receptive and demanding pussy.

Exhausted, she falls forward onto me, her hot breasts come to rest on my chest, her head lies next to mine, her mouth close to my ear as she whispers “That wasn’t a bad start to the weekend now was it? And Mike, please remember this weekend I get to fuck you anytime, anywhere and anyhow I like.”

Whatever it was that had come over Lucy in the last two weeks I wanted it to continue and was glad that we were finding common ground and delighting in exploring each other’s desires and limits.

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