Appreciating a Woman


I was eighteen by the time I finished my freshman year at college. I had grown up in many ways over the course of the year. I have reached the peak of my physical strength, and my looks have grown from boy-like to mature; my mindset making the transition from boy to man, in every conceivable way. It had been a long year away from home and I was glad to get away from the bustle of city life and back to the country style with my family and our casual, unpretentious home life.

As I pulled my ’55 Dodge up into the driveway, Mom and sis came out of the front door to welcome me home. Sis looked great albeit married and 6 months with child. She appeared to glow and beam. Her hug and greeting was warm as ever and very comforting. Almost as soon as I arrived though, she regretfully told me she had to leave for the 40 or so mile trip back to her home. Being in the country, she did not wish to drive after dark in her condition. We hugged again and reassured each other that it would not be another year until we see each other. And she headed out.

Mom and I had grasped one another around the waist as we said our goodbyes to Sis. My mother was still a stunning woman, even though almost twenty years my senior. She had her hair trimmed into a bob style just above the shoulders, which greatly contributed to her youthful look. With just a hint of blush on and some medium shade of lipstick, her presence was appealing.

She was only 5’2″ in stocking feet, but I never realized it since she almost always wore high heels, even doing most housework. Her frame was stunning at only 105 pounds, which made her 34 C breasts appear much larger. Her legs, whether in or out of stockings would make any man do a double take while looking her over.

Each of us grabbed one of my suitcases and we headed into the family’s typical split-level suburban home. She told me to sit down and headed right for the kitchen. There was always a pot of coffee on and she poured us both a cup then came back into the living room to chat with me.

Our conversation went through the usual…grades, sports, ladies I was seeing…but not a word of my Dad who had passed on in the middle of the year. Seems he had a heart attack while pleasing a young lady in her 20’s. If I may be so bold as to say, it was the best thing that ever happened to all of us. He was a cruel, womanizing, deceitful bastard! In spite of it all, he left Mom and both of us children well off.

Mom and I had always been extremely close. We were quite used to having long and in-depth conversations; most of which would have embarrassed any teen my age, no less his mom in discussing such matters…at least at that point in time—during the mid-60’s. In actuality, it was my mother who had verbally taught me all that I knew about all the things a man should know about a woman, including techniques and feelings. We stayed up most of the night chatting, bantering and jesting.

The next morning I slept in. It was so nice…no classes or chores, no roommates to stir me, none of the city noises. Uncannily, it was the smell of bacon and eggs and coffee that stirred me.

I went downstairs to the kitchen clad only in my skivvies, which sort of Isparta Escort broke up mom at the sight of me. Hell, it was just my mom. She was wearing a skimpy silk housecoat, which left very little for a man to wonder about what was beneath it. Neither of us really realized, at that point, that I was actually a grown man.

Seeing her in the housecoat made my mind instantly bring thoughts to mind of what lie beneath it, and I tried like hell to stifle my thoughts. Damn, this was my mom. The woman who raised me, comforted and supported me, taught me everything I ever wanted to know. In spite of my efforts, my rapidly erecting tower gave my thoughts away.

She took notice of me and then made sure she was appropriately covered.

“Do you have to go to the bathroom before breakfast, young man?” she jokingly quipped.

“No mom. i… er…it…it’s just that you look so beautiful and so damned sexy like that! I’m sorry if I embarrassed you.”

“Honey,” she retorted, “You…it doesn’t embarrass me. It’s just that I didn’t realize that I would have that sort of reaction on you.”

I tried to pass it off and deep down inside tried to convince myself that even thoughts of such things were strictly taboo; but, she was the most beautiful thing I had seen in months…even coming from the big city.

While we were eating I tried to get of the subject. “Say mom, what say we go into town early, I have some things to pick up and then I can buy us a late brunch?”

“Great,” she replied, “I need to get some things for the house, and now that you’re here for a couple of months, I’m going to need a lot more groceries!”

We finished our breakfast in quiet, without our eyes never meeting. But deep inside I could not quell the thoughts my mind had earlier thought of. When mom got up to clean off the table, I could not take my eyes of her beauty. As she walked towards the sink with our dishes I happened to notice about a 3″ wet spot in the back of her housecoat, which was right about the bottom of her ass as she sat. “God, mom was creaming as she was sitting there.” I thought to myself, never realizing that I might ever be the reason she was wet.

I had taken a speed shower and stroked my cock into a frenzy. What was I thinking about. OH MY GOD, I squirted my wad thinking about my mom. I took my time getting dressed while mom was in the shower and then doing her make up, not that she needed any…it was just a woman’s thing to do in those days.

We both seemed to arrive in the kitchen about the same time. A few casual comments passed between us, then into the car to go into town. On the ride, we made small talk and chit-chatted. During the conversation, mom turned side saddle, showing me most of her right bared leg, and took my free hand into hers. Since we had been so close, this was not an unusual thing for us, to hold hands while talking, or walking about for that matter; but this time it had a very strange effect on me.

Before she could finish her sentence, my cock went to its full length. It was reaching down the left leg of my jeans and hurting as it tried to free itself from the tautness of my skivvies. I kind of Isparta Escort Bayan shook my leg like I was getting pins and needles, unfortunately, this led mom’s stare right to it. She seemed to gasp, yet smile. She released my hand and sat around straight, and fixed her skirt around her legs.

We did our shopping and settled in at Woolworth’s for a burger and fries. We talked about school and grades and sports. Then the subject turned to women. She asked me about the cute little redhead I date from time to time. I assured her that it was not a serious thing, just a date for the movies and dances and such. Then she bought up the “S” subject.

“Have you been intimate with a girl? Are you still a virgin? Do you “fool around”? Like I said earlier, my mom and I talk about everything.

Jezzus, is this the inquisition? I answered all of her questions. Not that she believed that I was still a virgin. I told her that Debbie and I had experimented with oral sex, that I enjoyed giving and getting, that I was good with my hands…but no penetration as of yet. She just nodded and we finished our lunch.

It was late in the afternoon before we had finished our shopping and the ride home was in almost total silence. The soft music on the radio was basically the only sounds that were made.

After a very enjoyable spaghetti dinner and a few glasses of wine, we went to our rooms to change into something more comfortable to watch dinner. I came down in a pair of baggy blue nylon sleep shorts and mom appeared in a lacy black nightgown. I could quickly tell she was naked beneath it, as her nipples protruded a full half inch through the lace and the roundness of her ass showed no panty line.

As the movie started I parked myself at the arm of the couch and stretched my legs out in front of it. Mom took her position on the far end, pulled up her near leg, still completely covered, and let out a long sigh. The movie, I can’t remember the name, was an intense thriller which kept you on the edge of your seat. About mid-way through the movie, I happened to notice she had been inching over towards me at every intense part.

Now came a real scary part and mom practically jumped onto my lap. She was right next to me with one arm across my chest and the other slid partially behind me. Trying to give her comfort, I slid an arm across her shoulders and nestled her to my chest. She let out a huge sigh and nestled her head to my chest. I was rubbing my hand across the expanse of her shoulder and her upper arm and with the consumption of the wine, I guess I just feel asleep.

I woke to the soft feminine oral teasing on my penis. “Debbie, let it go, I just want to sleep for awhile.” I said in my sleep delirium. I felt the mouthing on my member stop. I suddenly realized I was not back at school, but in my mother’s house. I felt her hot breath on my neck, then her lips, moist from the saliva, pressed against my ear.

“Timmy, I haven’t been with a man for over two years. Even though your father and I were married, since he met that little slut he wouldn’t touch me. I know I’m your mother and I shouldn’t even think of things like this, let alone Escort Isparta want to do them. Timmy baby, please, please, pretty please…let me suck that big dick of yours?”

I was dumbfounded. My mind whirled thoughts through it. I need to get my nut, but this was my mother. This was the woman who nurtured me and coddled me as a baby. How I could I possibly let this go on? But the sound of her pleading…her moaning…the huskiness of her sultry voice got to me.

“OK, mom. Just this once, but after this there will be no more!”

She almost started to cry with joy. She wasted not a second. She licked and bit and sucked her way down, all the way from my ear down to my crotch. After she removed my shorts, she started to lick up and down the underside of my cock, occasionally sliding down to the perineum, that little stretch of flesh between my scrotum and anus. She was making me wild with pleasures Debbie never even thought of.

As I was looking down at her she licked her lips. I had never seen my mother so sexual…so sensual. She took the purple swollen head into her mouth and sucked it in and out of her sweet lips for at least two minutes. I was going mad with ecstasy. She began to suck in the rest of my blood engorged throbbing prick.

She lingered at the halfway point and I thought I was going to bust a nut. That’s about as far as Debbie ever got. But mom pushed on further taking about 6 of my 9 inches into her mouth. I felt myself start to stiffen, and I guess mom did too, because she pulled her mouth back slightly and clasped my cock at the base until I calmed down some.

When she finally released I knew what she had done. She brought me down enough so both of us could enjoy the sensations even more.

She stated again. I felt myself prod the back of her throat at about 7 inches. She swallowed and started to alternately breathe through her nose and plunge down on me. Slowly she wended her way down the rest of my engorged prick, forcing it past her gag reflex and into her throat. The feeling was totally out of this world.

She simultaneously massaged my balls and alternated between massaging them and scratching the flesh between my balls and my ass ever so lightly with her fingertips. My hands were entwined in her hair, gently holder her to me—like she really needed that impetus.

I felt that rush up my legs and into my balls. Mom felt my already hard cock tense up her throat. I think I shouted, “Mom…I…I’m gonna cum!” All I heard was, “UmmmHummm.” The humming on my cock brought me over the edge and I erupted my semen down her throat. She gagged slightly, then pulled back a little to take the rest of the reservoir of hot gooey man seed down her throat. She wasted not a drop of my fluid.

After she had completely sucked me dry, she licked my cock clean, and come up to my face. I could smell the fragrance of my cum on her breath. She kissed me. Hard and deep, probing my mouth with her tongue, allowing me to taste my seminal fluids on her tongue and in her mouth. We kissed for awhile and then snuggled, falling asleep in each other’s arms.

I awoke around 6 and went to the bathroom to pee and wash up. My mind was boggled. I was totally and completely confused. Do I stay and wind up becoming my mothers lover—not that it was such a bad alternative? Or do I sever the tie now and risk loosing my mother?

I went to the kitchen and poured a glass of orange juice. I went back into the living room and nuzzled up close to mom!

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